Study in Germany: Timeline for September Intake 

Want to study in Germany? Then, you need a timeline for the 2022 September intake to help you in your study in Germany’s decision.

In other to make your dream of going to Germany for either undergraduate or postgraduate studies come to pass, you need adequate planning. Here is an application timeline to give you an idea about what to do in which month.

Study in Germany: Timeline for September Intake


  • Start investigating the German universities offering the course you want to follow. Collect as much information as possible from the website to attend training sessions and webinars.
  • Search for and begin applying for DAAD scholarships (if applicable). Apply before the deadline!
  • After a comprehensive analysis, pick a range of universities that serve your academic and professional objectives. We suggest brief lists of at least 10-12 colleges – and then check out their official websites to read more about their submission eligibility requirements, dates and time limits, length of the course, and financial help on offer.
  • Contact the universities to find out more about the evaluation process and paperwork in December, register for standardized exams, such as GMAT, GRE, based on the criteria of your course and university. 
  • Also, register for language tests – English (TOEFL/IELTS) or German (TestDaF/DSH), depending upon the language in which the course is taught.


  • Begin assembling the application kit, which contains a letter of recommendation (at least two), resume, mission declaration (or letter of motivation), essay, and standardized test scores. 
  • Please email your professor or boss for a letter of recommendation. 
  • Start working on the draft of your SOP, resume, and essay. 
  • Spend a fair amount of time on these papers since they are used to determining your goals, interests, expectations, and prospects. Have a valid passport.


  • Do some homework on funding opportunities and DAAD scholarships, as well as find out about the best student accommodation choices near the universities you have chosen. 
  • Apply for an education loan depending on your exam score and know the eligibility of your loan. 
  • Take the standardized tests in April (if your result is not decent, you will take the test again in June).


  • Making the last tweaks and edits for your SOP, resume, and thesis. It is strongly recommended to re-read these documents at least two or three times to avoid having some kind of mistake, grammatical or factual. 
  • Assemble the submission kit and send it back to the university or the Uni-assist team. Check them carefully if they meet the university’s eligibility requirements and send them to the corresponding member universities.


  • Universities that have approved your application will issue a confirmation letter of entry. Review the offer and compare it with others and then make a final decision on them ASAP. Please notify the corresponding institution of your decision before the deadline. And if you do not wish to attend the university from which you got the letter of acceptance, remind them of the same.
  • Paying the premium for proof of your entry 
  • Until applying for a visa, have your locked Account and Health Care as both are mandatory conditions for securing a student visa for Germany. 
  • Apply for a student visa, and the procedure lasts between 2 and 3 weeks. 
  • Submit to the DAAD scholarship before the deadline.
  • Arrange for your lodging. You should contact the Foreign Office of the University to hear about on-campus or off-campus housing opportunities and other similar stuff.


  • Start arrangements for departure, which include booking flights.
  • Documents and take photocopies of all relevant documents.
  • Get to Germany a few days before the start of the session. 


Get your citizenship permit within three months of your arrival in Germany. Travel to the Registry Office of the Foreigner for the same.


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