$60,000 TBF Burning Questions Fellowship Awards 2023

The Tiny Beam Fund Fellowship is seeking applications for the TBF Burning Questions Fellowship 2023 Awards from Academic researchers wishing to combat the adverse effects of Global Industrial Food Animal Production in 2023.

This program aims to support academic researchers interested in:

  • Helping front-line persons fighting the negative effects of global industrial food animal production (particularly in low- and middle-income countries) deepen their understanding of the many complex issues.
  • Examine these effects and problems for the scientific needs of researchers.

More About the TBF Burning Questions Fellowship 2023 Awards

There are academic researchers interested in the negative effects of global industrial food animal production – from Ph.D. students to high-level scholars – and want their research to be useful to the practice and benefit the real world.

They want to select topics that are important to the people involved in order to increase the chances of their research being used by those who will benefit the most.

However, they face challenges:

  • It is not always easy to know these needs of the real world. And it’s not easy to discover.
  • Disseminating their research results and make them accessible to those who need them pose as another puzzle. (The traditional approach is for researchers to choose what they want to study and inform their colleagues of the results, and it is up to others to examine how these results are disseminated and applied outside academia.)
  • In addition, scientific researchers are often not encouraged to undertake work that primarily meets the needs of society.

The Tiny Beam Fund Fellowship offers scientists the opportunity to create short, clear-text documents that better understanding the burning questions posed by prominent figures.

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The program also submits these documents to front-line persons on behalf of the researchers. Fellows may also use the funding period to do work that encourages their own research but is related (or unrelated) to the services required by the program.

Level/Field of Study

TBF Burning Questions Fellowship 2023 is open to researchers who are Ph.D./Doctoral holders or are enrolled for a Ph.D./Doctoral program in Animal Science or related courses.

Host Nationality

The Tiny Beam Fund, USA offer the TBF Burning Questions Fellowship Awards.

Eligible Nationality  

There is no restriction to applicants of the TBF Burning Questions Fellowship 2023. In other words, the application is open to interested international students and researchers from various countries.

Scholarship Worth

There are three prizes in total for each round, one in each category:

  • 1st Category: A prize of US$15,000 for a person enrolled in a PhD/doctoral university program.
  • 2nd Category: A US$20,000 prize for a person with a PhD/doctoral degree.
  • 3rd Category: A US$25,000 award to a team of two to four researchers with at least one PhD?doctoral degree holder.


  • The TBF Burning Questions Fellowship Awards are aimed primarily at academic researchers (including independent scientists/scholars) who wish to contribute to the fight against the negative impacts of global industrial food animal production (especially in low- and middle-income countries). People from major research organizations can also apply.
  • All applicants must have a PhD or doctoral degree or be enrolled in a PhD/doctoral program.
  • An early career, as well as senior academics, are also welcome for the application.
  • There are no restrictions on location, citizenship, or residence of applicants.
  • The award period is four months.
  • Only one person or a team of 2 to 4 researchers can apply for a scholarship.
  • The fellowships are awarded twice a year: spring/summer and autumn/winter.
  • The main task of a fellow during the award period consists mainly of preparing a Guidance Memo (from 4,000 to 6,000 words) in plain language:
  • Guidance Memos are documents designed specifically to help front-line end-users from the point of view of academics.
  • The topics covered in the Guidance Memos should directly relate to the “burning questions”.
  • The main purpose of the Guidance Memos: To provide informed information and clear explanations that improve the understanding of front-line people on the issues addressed; to highlight important aspects that you may not be aware of; to provide practical advice to help them make decisions and work.

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Supporting Documents

A fellow must also bring the following:

  • An annotated bibliography of 3 to 15 publications relevant to the content of the guidance document.
  • A brief personal narrative about the experience with the orientation memorandum

How to Apply

Applicants for the TBF Burning Questions Fellowship Awards should ensure that they are familiar with the preparation of Guidance Memos before applying.

  • An application consists of three different parts:

Part 1: General information about the applicant

  • Name and contact details of the applicant.
  • Name and full address of the applicant’s institution.
  • Short CV of the candidate.

Part 2. Topics to be covered in the Guidance Memo

  • What are the topics in your Guidance Memo?
  • Which “burning questions” are relevant for the chosen topics?
  • Why do you think the explanations and tips in your Guidance Memo will help the front groups to better understand the issues and help them in their endeavours?
  • How do you do your work in the Guidance Memo?
  • What specific evidence can you provide to prove that the essence and content of your Guidance Memo have been and/or will be reviewed by your academic colleagues?

Part 3: Personal statement

  • Why do you want to help frontline people? Why is the work related to the fellowship important to you personally?
  • How will the work done during this fellowship fit in with your academic research interests and career goals in the next 1 to 3 years? How do you plan to develop this work for your own research?
  • Would you like the fellowship to know something that is very important for your application?
  • Complete this sentence in 50 words or less: “In short, I am/we are applying for this fellowship mainly because …”

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All inquiries and applications must be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

Application Deadline

The deadline for application is from March 23 to May 14, 2023 [18:00 US. EDT].

By June 14, 2023, all applicants will know if the fellowship was offered to them.

For more details on the Tiny Beam Fund Fellowship and the TBF Burning Questions Fellowship 2023, interested applicants should click on the link below:



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