10 Highest Paid Engineering Majors In The World | UPDATED

The field of engineering is very broad. It is divided into diverse subfields: computer engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. That is why we have put down the ten highest-paid engineering majors in the world.

The best engineering institute with programs in various subfields allows you to specialize in a particular subfield and create a base to enhance career growth in the suitable stream.

Engineering has always been a lucrative career choice, with disciplines and salaries that may go up to $100k annually once the engineer gets substantial experience in the field.

The Engineering significant degree makes up the majority of the top 20 highest-paid degrees of all time. Out of 46% of college graduates, engineering majors receive the highest salary package with renowned companies.

Civil Engineering ( Annual Wage- $81,000)

The critical role of civil engineers is to deal with the construction, design patterns, and development of a wide range of projects built according to the environment. They are involved in projects related to waste management, highway construction, geotechnical engineering, and coastal development.

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Geological Engineering (Annual Wage- $85,000)

Graduates majoring in Geological Engineering play a significant role in identifying geological factors affecting various engineering work. The analysis of material on the earth and risk assessment of various geological hazards.

A larger pay scale is generally achieved in the private sector, in gas and oil industries, and employment in an offshore location; remote districts can offer a much higher pay scale.

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Computer Engineering (Annual Wage – $87,000)

Comparatively, computer engineering is a new field. The technical breakthrough comes from the area of software engineering and hardware.

Largest tech companies highly require computer engineers responsible for testing, developing, and designing hardware and computer system, board routers, printers, and computer chips; they supervise the computer system’s production, manufacturing, and installation.

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Mechanical Engineering (Annual Wage – $88,000)

Mechanical engineers play an essential role in the development process of products, from small designs to huge plants, vehicles, and machinery.

Their expertise includes all stages of development and research, manufacture, and product designs from installation to the final commissioning. The salary package with steady experience and hands-on project experience can quickly transfer from the median level to a powerful story.

Metallurgical Engineering (Annual Wage – $90,000)

Metallurgical Engineering deals with the extraction and processing of different metals. They examine and investigate the performance of other metals like iron, petroleum, nickel, copper, and steel. 

The salary package can be significantly higher for metallurgists and chartered engineer status.

 Electrical Engineering (Annual Wage – $93,000)

Electrical engineering is one of the broad fields which spread across many other fields like automobiles, telecommunications, computer science, and electrical systems.

The program helps explain power systems, electromagnetism, controller systems, and telecommunication units. Electrical engineers are needed in almost all fields; hence, the demand will keep rising with time and requirements.

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Mineral and Mining Engineering (Annual Wage – $97,000)

The major in mining engineering helps study the efficient development of mines and underground operations. The role of an engineer combines a complete understanding of the overall effects of structures and their environment.

The scope of higher salaries gets better with overseas projects. The projects at a remote location and the poor weather generally come with better wages. Some organizations provide performance-based pay schemes and other additional benefits.

Chemical Engineering (Annual Wage – $96,000)

The major in chemical engineering helps develop the process of manufacturing plastics, petroleum, and other goods. Engineers often work in laboratories or offices. They also spend time at refineries, industrial plants, and other places where their job is to monitor or solve onsite concerns.

Besides the salary, many chemical engineers also receive benefits like stock options and shared-profit awards.

Aerospace Engineering (Annual Wage – $110,000)

The job prospects for aerospace engineers specializing in the development, engine design, and production. They also use their advanced knowledge and experience of education in material, computer, and mechanical disciplines to construct and plan aircraft and spacecraft.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, aerospace engineers earned almost an average annual salary of $110,570 from 2015-2016.

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Petroleum Engineering ( Annual Wage- $136,000)

The energy demand has been increasing globally, and so needs petroleum engineers. The market is expected to grow and increase the number of engineers trained to fill the positions soon.

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Domestically and globally, the demand will also advance Petroleum engineers’ careers and expected salaries. To start, the major gives a good $74.240 but with mid-level to senior-level, the package increase from $136,320 to $186,520 annually.

The choice of major has a more significant impact on our future earnings. As per the above list and the growing trend of demands in the Petroleum sector and Aerospace engineering, the jobs also come with a high pay scale and additional incentives and perks.

Make your choices smartly with the current trend in the market and always consider your ability to excel in the same.

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