10 Good Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering In 2023

If you have recently completed high school, you might be weighing your options to pursue higher education. A degree in Business, social sciences, fine arts, IT, Engineering, medicine, or finance isn’t bad. But a degree in Electrical Engineering is the best choice.

This is because it provides solutions to real-life problems. You will never be in want of jobs as every building has electrical connections. Additionally, the salary is quite high.

So, if you are a young mind on the verge of choosing Electrical Engineering as a career, welcome on board! The good reasons to study Electrical Engineering in 2023, the best EE schools to study, and lots more have been carefully crafted for you.

Meanwhile, below is the list of all we will discuss in this post.

What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with heavy current, electric light, and power systems. Also, this branch of engineering covers a wide range of sub-disciplines like computer engineering, power engineering, telecommunications, radio-frequency engineering, and so many others.

Electrical engineers design, develop, and test different processes in the manufacturing of electrical equipment.

Engineering generally has many categories such as chemical, civil, petroleum, electrical, electronics, mechanical, software, and Biomedical Engineering.

Moving on, we will talk about what electrical engineers do.

What do Electrical Engineers do?

Electrical engineers basically design several electrical systems that work in automobiles and aircraft systems.

The role of Electrical Engineers are:

  • They help in the development and improvement of electrical products
  • Perform calculations to develop, manufacture, install, and construct different specifications of products
  • Supervise the installation, testing, and manufacturing of electrical equipment so that the products meet standards

Why Choose Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a vast and ever-expanding domain that interpolates a wide range of secondary and tertiary disciplines such as signal processing, control systems, robotics, communications, and microelectronics.

This variety offers the students a wide range of specialization areas as well as a diverse range of career choices.

Here, we will shed light on what makes electrical engineering the best option among other engineering disciplines. These are the reasons to study Electrical Engineering.

#1 Career Prospects

By opting for electrical engineering as a core academic discipline, you can be sure that you will have a lot of career options available upon graduation. This is the first and best reason to study Electrical Engineering.

Seeking your first electrical engineering job won’t be a hassle since many companies are always on the lookout to hire fresh talents to foster a fresh, advanced, and competitive workforce.

#2 Consistent Progress

Electrical engineering is a dynamic field that is incessantly expanding due to advancing technologies, and improvisations in design, techniques, and existing models.

This is a sure tell sign that the domain of electrical engineering will undergo further expansion in the future and will maintain its stature as a promising career field.

#3 Scope for Innovations

The consistent advancements and innovations happening in the domain of electrical engineering have paved the way for an immense opportunity for the engineers to exercise their academic and theoretical acumen, and experiment with their ideas to make significant innovations and improvisations.

You can also construct your own models and designs by improvising on the existing blueprint and circuitry of equipment.

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#4 Global Demand

There is an increasing demand for electrical engineers worldwide. Since the discipline is based on fundamental and universal laws and core concepts of maths, physics, and electricity, there is an immense scope for electrical engineers to seek better career opportunities across the globe. If there is ever a bad reason, global demand is a good reason to study Electrical Engineering.

#5 Electrical engineers benefit from high starting salaries

The average salary of an Electrical Engineer according to Indeed.com is $94,114 per year in the United States. This shows that graduates have such a degree and regardless of how much time or money they invest, they will pay a lifelong dividend after graduation. With the help of electrical engineering, you help society and get a living for it.

#6 Multidisciplinary Advantage

The domain of electrical engineering encompasses a variety of subsidiary fields and also correlates with other engineering disciplines. This provides electrical engineering a multidisciplinary advantage and also broadens its scope in other fields and professional arenas.

Electrical engineers make an integral part of the workforce in all manufacturing and processing industries. Their knowledge and command over signal processing, design, communication, as well and computer skills make them an essential and indispensable part of the organization.

#7 New Inventions Make Electrical Engineering Relevant for Life:

The electrical and electronic components are modified, invented, and reinvented every day so you never get bored! You will not use the same processor component for more than 10 years.

Exciting new things are always available and you have a lot of fun testing and assembling.

#8 You can Work in another Country after Graduation:

Being an electrical engineer means having many choices in many countries around the world. The laws of mathematics and physics are universal, and your acquired knowledge does not limit you to the country you studied in.

Many international companies need Electrical Engineers and are willing to hire people from other countries if they are successful enough. In addition, most of them work internationally, giving you extra opportunities to travel while you work. Besides, you are usually well paid for it!

Some countries offer a Master’s in Electrical Engineering:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Australia

#9 Many Affordable Learning options to choose from

Master’s degrees in electrical engineering are among the most popular worldwide after MBA; many can pay high tuition fees.

However, not all electrical engineering courses are cheap! You only need to know where to look to find the price and quality. Lower cost does not mean that you have less learning experience.

However, in countries such as Finland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, or Sweden, you can obtain a cost-effective electrical engineering degree. You also can not worry about learning a foreign language. Hundreds of electrical engineering courses are taught worldwide in English.

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Are you ready to pursue a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering? There are opportunities for Undergraduate, Masters’s, and Ph.D. Students. This will give you the reasons to Study Electrical Engineering.

#10. Electric power won’t be your only focus

Being an electrical and electronics engineer doesn’t mean you will work your whole life plugging and unplugging electronics, or just designing electronic circuits.

Electrical Engineering degrees have the immense advantage of covering tens of specializations, making the field very flexible and offering you a great chance of simply throwing a dart at a list and trying on areas like a nervous person tries clothes before a date: many, in a short period of time.

Some Electrical Engineering degree specializations you could find interesting are:

  • Radio-Frequency Engineering
  • Signal Processing
  • Microelectronics
  • Control Systems
  • Power Engineering
  • Telecommunications

What You Can Do with an Electrical Engineering Degree?

Graduates in Electrical Engineering can work as:

  • Acoustic consultants
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Broadcast engineers
  • CAD technicians
  • Control and instrumentation engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Electronics engineers
  • Nuclear engineers
  • Sound engineers
  • Special effects technicians

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Best Electrical Engineering Schools

There are many good schools that offer Electrical Engineering. The best schools in the world to study Electrical Engineering are:

  •  Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
  •  Stanford University
  •  Havard University
  •  Georgia Institute Of Technology
  •  California Institute of Technology 
  • Cornell University
  •  University of Illinois
  •  University of California-Berkeley
  • Duke University
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University
  • Virginia Polytechnic and State University


There must be a reason for everything including studying Electrical Engineering. The good reasons to study Electrical Engineering are numerous but we have listed just 10 of them. Interestingly, this discipline is offered in many of the best universities in the world. Enroll today for an enriching career.

FAQs On 10 Good Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering In 2023

Is Electrical Engineering relevant in 2023?

Indeed, electrical engineering is a good career choice. It will take a couple of years to complete, but, you will have great career opportunities. Basically, if you enjoy math and physics, you are on the right path.

What skills do I need to study electrical engineering?

The following are listed as essential skills an Electrical Engineer should possess.

Good technical ability
Teamwork ability
The ability to work well under pressure.
The motivation to work extra hours when necessary
The average salary of an Electrical Engineer according to Indeed.com is $94,114 per year in the United States.


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