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This post shares the most powerful Alumni Network in the World. These range from men of Influence to men in various sectors of the economy that studied under one roof. Enjoy this educative content on Top 21 Universities with the powerful Alumni Network 2022.

An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students in the United Kingdom and the United States, alumni of universities, colleges, schools (especially independent schools ), fraternities, and sororities often form groups with alumni from the same organization.

These associations often organize social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the organization.

Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. In the US, most associations do not require its members to be alumni of a university to enjoy membership and privileges. Below we shall be listing the top 21 universities with a powerful alumni network.

#1. The University of Georgia Alumni Association

From monthly webinars, online job boards, and networking events in Atlanta and beyond, the University of Georgia has a strong alumni networking system.

The seeds are planted before graduation when the university hosts an alumni career fair for current students to connect with possible future employers from around 100 companies as diverse as State Farm to Dish Network and Morgan Stanley.


Kyle Chandler (Actor) 17 September 1965 American
Ryan Seacrest (Television Show Host & Radio Personality) 24 December 1974 American
Michael Stipe (Singer-lyricist) 04 January 1960 American
Alton Brown (TV Personality, Celebrity Chef, Author) 30 July 1962 American
Sally Yates (Lawyer) 20 August 1960 American
Lyman Hall (Signer of United States Declaration of Independence) 12 April 1724 American

#2. The University of Florida Alumni Association

Across the globe, University of Florida alumni stay in touch across the world via the school’s Gator Clubs in all 50 states and spread across 135 different countries. These regional alumni clubs organize host speakers, cultural and academic activities and offer local networking opportunities.

The UF alumni association also helps young graduates find jobs via the usual social media and website networking channels, and alums are usually eager to help each other out.


Mónica Spear (Model, Actress) 01 October 1984 Venezuelan
Megan Bowen (YouTuber, Actress) 16 May 1989 American
Adam LZ (YouTuber) 05 May 1995 American
Brandon Marshall (American football player) 23 March 1984 American
Francesca Battistelli (Singer, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter) 18 May 1985 American
Aric Almirola (Racecar driver) 14 March 1984 American

#3. The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Before graduation, Ohio State university students can log-into the Buckeye Careers Network to start looking for internship opportunities and post-graduation job postings from alumni.

After earning a degree, young alums can count on the school’s alumni association to help with everything from crafting a resume to connecting them with other Buckeyes in the position to hire.


Jeffrey Dahmer (Serial Killer, Sex Offender) 21 May 1960 American
Will Smith (Actor) 25 September 1968 American
Harlan Ellison (Writer) 27 May 1934 American
Jesse Owens 12 September 1913 American
Jack Nicklaus (Golfer) 21 January 1940 American
L. Stine 08 October 1943 American

#4. The Pennsylvania State University Alumni Association

Pennsylvania State University has one of the largest alumni networks in the U.S. with a base that includes more than 645,000 people across the world. As such, students say when seeking jobs they often have an edge because alums will seek out Penn State grads for jobs at their companies.

Alums can also take advantage of virtual networking events, career fairs, regional happy hours, and much more.


Laurene Powell Jobs (Businesswoman, Widow of Steve Jobs) 06 November 1963 American
Ross Ulbricht (Drug Trafficker) 27 March 1984 American
Immortal Technique (Hip Hop Singer) 19 February 1978 American
David Bohm (Scientist) 20 December 1917 American
Jerry Greenfield (Entrepreneur) 14 March 1951 American
Tom Ridge (Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives) 26 August 1945 American
David Morrell (Writer, Screenwriter, University teacher) 24 April 1943 American
Iris Marion Young (Political scientist, Philosopher, University teacher) 02 January 1949 American
Diane Ackerman (Poet, Author, Writer) 07 October 1948 American
Julius J. Epstein (Screenwriter) 22 August 1909 American
Roland G. Fryer, Jr. 04 June 1977 America

#5. The University of Virginia Alumni Association

At the University of Virginia, recent grads can meet other alums in their city at networking parties organized by the Young Alumni Council, as well as school-sponsored reunions.

UVA, which counts Katie Couric and Tina Fey among its most famous alums, really puts an emphasis on curating connections that lead to job opportunities for its newest alumni.


Robert F. Kennedy (Brother of President John F. Kennedy) 20 November 1925 American
Tina Fey (American actress) 18 May 1970 American
Laura Ingraham (Radio Host, Author and Political Commentator) 19 June 1964 American
Woodrow Wilson (Father of the League of Nations) 28 December 1856 American
William Faulkner (Writer, Nobel Laureate) 25 September 1897 American
Georgia O’Keeffe (Artist) 15 November 1887 American
John W. Snow (Former United States Secretary of the Treasury) 02 August 1939 American
Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian legislator) 08 October 1946 Palestinian
Gesine Bullock-Prado (Chef, Lawyer) 06 March 1970 American
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy (Lawyer) 27 February 1958 American
Richard E. Byrd (Explorer, Officer, Oceanographer, Aviator) 25 October 1888 American
Max Kennedy (Lawyer) 11 January 1965 America

#7. The Southern Methodist University Alumni Association

From former first lady, Laura Bush to Academy Award-winning actress Kathy Bates and the founder of Toms Shoes Blake Mycoskie, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas has a diverse and distinguished alumni pool for graduates to network with.

The school hosts a career and internship fair each spring that is open to current students and young alumni and aims to match them with top companies from Oracle to AT&T.

Post-graduation, students can network through the SMU’s web portal and also via their strong social media presence, including on LinkedIn, which is considered the most valuable of the professional networks, and regional club events across the country and back on campus.

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Kourtney Kardashian (Model, Reality Star) 18 April 1979 American
Jayne Mansfield 19 April 1933 American
Lauren Graham. 16 March 1967 America
Kathy Bates (Actress and film director) 28 June 1948 American
Hope Hicks (PR Consultant) 21 October 1988 American
Rick Scott (45th Governor of Florida) 01 December 1952 American
Laura Bush (Former First Lady) 04 November 1946 American
Dorothy Malone (Actress) 29 January 1924 American
Aaron Spelling (Film and television producer) 22 April 1923 American
Bill Fagerbakke (Actor, Voice Actor) 04 October 1957 American
L. Hunt (Businessman) 17 February 1889 American
James Cronin (Physicist) 29 September 1931 American
Payne Stewart (Golfer) 30 January 1957 American
Josh McCown (American football player) 04 July 1979 American
Jay McGraw (Television director, Taekwondo athlete) 12 September 1979 American
Trammell Crow (Art collector, Rancher) 10 June 1914 American

#8. The Claremont Mckenna College Alumni Association

Claremont McKenna gives current students a running start when it comes to navigating the post-graduation job world through its Mentor Connect program. The formal 10-week program hooks undergrads up with alumni working in a field that interests them.

Internships also can play an integral part in getting a job in the real world, and Claremont McKenna also maintains a large internship database for students to apply to.

Post-graduation, the alumni association organizes more than 200 events around the world each year.

These happen through regional clubs, homecoming weekends back on campus, and the alumni travel program The latter is a cool concept that not all

schools offer, but allows alums to connect through an organized, educationally focused (usually led by a Claremont professor) and themed trip to a foreign destination – recent adventures included studying WWII in England and France and cruises to the Galapagos Islands.


Robin Williams Screenwriter, Actor
Randy Steven Kraft Randy Steven Kraft is an American serial killer known as the “Scorecard Killer” and the “Freeway Killer”
Benjamin Cruz Politician, Lawyer
Michael Arrington Editor, Journalist
Thomas Pritzker Businessperson
George R. Roberts Businessperson, Entrepreneur
David Dreier Politician
Francisco Vázquez Scholar
Chuck DeVore Businessperson, Politician

#9. The Princeton University Alumni Association

Michelle Obama is one of Princeton’s superstar alumni, and the Ivy League school has an active network of former students eager to help out new grads in a diverse range of fields, from tech to teaching.

The school runs a TigerNet website that requires log-in and lets graduates search for information on other alums as well as post and directly apply for jobs.

Princeton’s Alumni Association also runs the usual regional clubs and events back at the school like class reunions, homecoming weekends, and even career conferences.

Princeton alumni are also known for donating more than time back to their alma mater. According to the US News, more than 62 percent of Princeton alums also give money, in some of around $400 million collectively, to the school each year.


Jeff Bezos (Founder of 12 January 1964 American
John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States) 29 May 1917 American
Alan Turing (Computer Scientist) 23 June 1912 British
Robert Mueller (Former Director of FBI, Attorney) 07 August 1944 American
Brooke Shields (Actress and Model) 31 May 1965 American
Michelle Obama (First Lady of the United States) 17 January 1964 American
Woodrow Wilson (Father of the League of Nations) 28 December 1856 American
John Forbes Nash Jr. (Mathematician) 13 June 1928 American
Wentworth Miller (Actor) 02 June 1972 British, American
Sonia Sotomayor (Judge) 25 June 1954 American
Richard Feynman (Physicist) 11 May 1918 American
James Stewart 20 May 1908 American
David Duchovny 07 August 1960 American

#10. The St. Lawrence University Alumni Association

A small liberal arts school in New York, St. Lawrence has a very enthusiastic alumni network, with graduates actively participating in programs with current students and young alums.

The school runs a Shadow a Saint program that matches undergraduates with an alumni mentor in their desired field of study to shadow for up to a week.

After graduation, the alumni association helps recent grads connect through regional clubs and virtual networking.


Kirk Douglas Businessperson, Soldier
Viggo Mortensen Painter, Poet
Olympia Brown
Owen D. Young Businessperson, Politician
Susan Collins Businessperson, Politician
Eleanor Mondale Radio personality, Actor
Edwin J. Taylor Educator
Gerald B. H. Solomon Businessperson, Politician
Gina Kingsbury Ice Hockey Player

#11. The Harvard University Alumni Association

Speaking of wealth, the school that has the country’s wealthiest alumni overall is Harvard University, which is also the oldest university in the U.S. founded back in 1636.

The school’s wealthiest alums are worth a combined $622 billion, and the school counts 52 billionaires among its graduates, the highest number of all the universities,

according to ABC News. They also give back to the school with alumni giving at 37%.

Along with all this money, connections made at Harvard go deeper than nearly any other school, and graduates often feel like members of a very exclusive club.

The Harvard Alumni Association maintains its own web portal, as well as a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and encourages other upcoming students.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Associate Justice of US Supreme Court) 15 March 1933 American
John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States) 29 May 1917 American
Natalie Portman (Actress, Producer, Director) 09 June 1981 Israeli, American
Mark Zuckerberg (Co-founder of Facebook, Computer Programmer) 14 May 1984 American
Ted Kaczynski (Terrorist, Anarchist) 22 May 1942 American
Robert F. Kennedy (Brother of President John F. Kennedy) 20 November 1925 American
Theodore Roosevelt (26th U.S. President) 27 October 1858 American
Matt Damon (Actor) 08 October 1970 American
Amy Poehler (American actress) 16 September 1971 American
Henry Kissinger (Diplomat, National Security Advisor (America)) 27 May 1923. American
Leonard Bernstein (Conductor (New York Philharmonic)) 25 August 1918 American

#12. The Northwestern University Alumni Association

When it comes to earning really big money, Northwestern University graduates rake in a lot of cash. In fact, the 451 wealthiest Northwestern grads are worth a collective $46 billion, according to ABC News. After they start earning, Northwestern grads remember their undergraduate roots and tend to give back with 31 percent of alumni financially contributing to the school.

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Alumni financial contributions can be a good indicator of a strong alumni network – the theory being that those who give monetarily will also be invested in helping future students network and find jobs. And at Northwestern this rings true.

The esteemed university just outside of Chicago has an active alumni association that hosts networking, mentoring, and ongoing education courses. It also keeps graduates virtually connected through its web portal and via social media groups.

Real-life events are also planned throughout the year, both on campus and through the regional alumni club.


Meghan Markle. (Actress) 04 August 1981. American
Zooey Deschanel. (Actress). 17 January 1980. American
David Schwimmer (Actor. 02 November 1966. American
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Actress) 13 January 1961. American
Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy Magazine). 09 April 1926. American
Stephen Colbert (American comedian) 13 May 1964 American
Ann-Margret (Actress) 28 April 1941 Swedish, American
Warren Beatty (Actor) 30 March 1937 American
Cindy Crawford 20 February 1966 American
Dermot Mulroney (Actor) 31 October 1963

#13. The University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association

Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740 the University of Pennsylvania counts 25 living billionaires among the graduates from its various schools, including the prestigious Wharton School of Business.

From annual alumni awards to an online book club, the Penn Alumni Association is creative in its networking, which is what you would expect from a school that counts eight Declaration of Independence signers among its most distinguished graduates.

The school’s alumni associate runs QuakerNet, a log-in-required networking site that allows graduates to search for each other and also to post and apply for jobs.


Donald Trump. (45th U.S. President), 14 June 1946. American
Elon Musk (Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor). 28 June 1971. Canadian, American, South African
Warren Buffett. (Business Magnate, Investor, Philanthropist). 30 August 1930. American
Elizabeth Banks. (Actress, Producer, and Director). 10 February 1974. American
Noam Chomsky (Linguist) 07 December 1928 American
Tiffany Trump (Daughter of Donald Trump) 13 October 1993 American
Sharon Stone, Sharon Stone, 10 March 1958, American
Laurene Powell Jobs, (Businesswoman, Widow of Steve Jobs), 06 November 1963, American
William Henry Harrison 09 February 1773 American
Abby Huntsman (Journalist, TV Presenter) 01 May 1986 American
Ezra Pound (Poet) 30 October 1885 American
Beau Biden (son of Joe Biden) 03 February 1969 American

#14. The Lehigh University Alumni Association

Lehigh really goes out of its way to foster relationships with former students long after graduation.

The alumni here are thought of like family on the university’s part, and the feeling is reciprocated as alumni go out of their way to work with students even before graduation.

The school hosts events like the Conference of Accounting Professionalism that allow undergrads to work directly with alumni executives from major firms during a weeklong program.

After graduation, young alums can network in a number of ways. One option is to join the Lehigh University Alumni Group on

LinkedIn, which has more than 10,000 members at this point. The school also hosts regional alumni clubs that at minimum host

annual networking events, known as career networking receptions, where alums have the chance to meet and talk shop in person

with others in their area. These are a great way to really interact with other alums in person.


Don Most. Actor, Voice acting, Businessperson
John Fitch. Racecar driver, Inventor
Lester Hogan. Physicist, Inventor
Jesse W. Reno. Inventor, Engineer
John-David F. Bartoe Astrophysicist, Astronomer
Terry Hart. Pilot, Astronaut
Thomas Duane. Politician
Roger Penske Businessperson, Race car driver
Kenneth French. Professor, Economist

#15. The Wellesley College Alumni Association

Hillary Clinton’s alma mater has a powerful alumni network that includes Diane Sawyer and Madeline Albright.

The private women’s liberal arts college is one of the most competitive in the country to attend, but after graduation these women stick together, helping each other network and get jobs, regardless of how many years have passed since graduation.

The school’s alumnae association offers the usual devoted alumni website and regional networking events but also lets alums

connect based on shared mutual interests. There are alumnae shared interest and discussion groups for nearly everyone: from

alumnae affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders to those in the Peace Corps or Wellesley alums in the military among others.


Hillary Clinton. Spokesperson, Politician
Diane Sawyer. Journalist, Newsreader
Elisabeth Shue. Actor
Ana Alicia. Actor
Pamela Melroy. Astronaut
Tammy Lynn Sytch. Wrestler, Actor
Erna Schneider Hoover. Inventor, Scientist
Barbara Babcock. Actor
Madeleine Albright. Politician, Diplomat
Paula Rosput Reynolds. Businessperson

#16. The Dartmouth College Alumni Association

After graduating from Dartmouth University, it’s easy to stay connected through the school’s robust alumni network.

Dartmouth not only maintains a strong social media presence and options for virtual networking, but alumni are active in nearly 100 geographical clubs across the world.

The school’s alumni association also focuses on affiliated and shared interest groups, like an alumni travel program, that offers less obvious networking options.

Alumni love to stay involved with the college and are often willing to talk to current students about careers — and many

have been known to give internships and jobs to Dartmouth students,” a student told the Princeton Review. Big-name Dartmouth graduates include private-equity billionaire Leon Black and screenwriter and actress Mindy Kaling.


Dr. Seuss. Illustrator, Poet
Meryl Streep. Spokesperson, Actor
Mindy Kaling. Television director, Comedian. Mindy Kaling is an American actress, comedian, writer, and producer.
Michael Moriarty. Musician, Actor
Aisha Tyler. Comedian, Screenwriter
Timothy Geithner. Politician, Economist
Robert Frost. Poet, Playwright
Keith Boykin. Editor, Novelist
Paul Gambaccini, Radio personality, Disc jockey
Daniel Webster, Statesman, Politician

#17. The Virginia Polytechnic & State University Alumni Association

Virginia Tech puts a lot of effort into its alumni networking. The school runs the Hokie Nation Network, a web portal for alumni interested in professional networking opportunities with fellow Hokies. They also have a large presence on LinkedIn with some 124,000 Hokies using the site, and the group pages the school has set up, to connect with each other.

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Additionally, you’ll find alumni clubs across the country, and impressive alumni travel clubs. Run by the Virginia Tech Alumni Associate, the travel tours across the globe and are open only to alumni and their family and friends.

This allows you not only to travel in an educational group capacity but the networking opportunities that can be leveraged from doing so

can be boundless.


Robert Coleman Richardson (Physicist), 26 June 1937. American
Michael Vick (American football player) 26 June 1980. American
Tyrod Taylor (American football player), 03 August 1989. American
Bruce Arians, (American football player), born 03 October 1952 in  American
Nidal Malik Hasan, (Psychiatrist, Soldier), born 08 September 1970 in American
Lewis Binford, (Anthropologist, Archaeologist, prehistorian, university teacher), born 11 November 1931 in American

#18. The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University

When it comes to displaying school pride post-graduation, few universities can compete with Texas A&M. Aggies are fiercely loyal to their alma mater and will go out of their way to help out other graduates.

This may be through formal networking set up by the school’s alumni association or, Texas-style, casually, after running into someone else wearing the famed Aggie graduation ring.

The Association of Former Students manages the official networking for young graduates, helping them create masterful resumes, nail job interviews, and learn how to effectively network in modern society.

They also help connect alumni living in the same cities by hosting happy hours or sporting event meet-ups.


Rick Perry
Johnny Manziel, American football player
Sammy Davis, American football player
Rip Torn, Actor, Voice acting
Lyle Lovett, Record producer, Songwriter
Cliff Pennington, Baseball player
Steven Swanson, Flight engineer, Astronaut
Boone Pickens, Jr. Businessperson, Investor

Jason Castro, Singer-songwriter, Drummer
Dahr Jamail, Journalist, Author

#19. The Gettysburg College Alumni Association

Within a year of graduating from these small liberal arts in Pennsylvania, 98% of students either obtain a job or go on to graduate school, according to the school’s website.

It’s an impressive statistic that can be traced, at least in part, to a strong alumni-networking program.

With clubs across the country, graduates get together for regional events from networking nights to happy hours and cultural performances.

Alumni also play an integral role in mentoring students before graduation by offering everything from summer internships to career advice and on-campus networking receptions to undergraduates.


Ron Paul, Stephanie Sellars, Writer
Ritch Shydner, Comedian, Television producer
Carol Bellamy, Businessperson, Lawyer
Michael Bishop, Virologist
Carson Kressley, Fashion designer, Author
George M. Leader, Businessperson, Politician
Jerry Spinelli, Author, Writer
Fred F. Fielding, Lawyer

#20. The Colgate University Alumni Association

The small liberal arts college in Hamilton, New York where Becky Bye graduated from has one of the strongest alumni networks in the country and counts many power players among its graduates, including Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen.

Colgate promotes the importance of forming relationships with classmates, faculty, and alumni from the moment a student accepts an admission offer.

“During my time as a student at Colgate, I felt that my education was enriched by the alumni network, and I witnessed firsthand the willingness of alumni to help students in various aspects,” says Bye. “My first experience with this was when I emailed the then-President of the Columbia University Children’s Hospital (and also a Colgate alum) about my interest in healthcare and pursuing an internship that summer in New York City.

Within days, I landed an internship with a world-renown heart surgeon at Columbia Hospital for this summer–who was a colleague of the Colgate alum.”

Bye says that throughout her time at Colgate it was apparent that alumni were loyal and eager to give back to the Colgate community:

“Throughout my time at Colgate, I had encounters with alumni, and the pride for Colgate was consistent… The passion for Colgate was contagious.”

Upon graduation, Colgate students are proud to continue the tradition of giving back to the school. Bye thinks one reason this is so strong, is the school cares less about financial donations than emotional investments from its alumni.

“Another thing to note is that I think many schools give off the impression that once you graduate, they no longer care about you unless you are a donor.

With Colgate, this is not the case,” she says. “It is clear that Colgate wants to remain a part of the lives and thoughts of alumni, even if they feel that they cannot financially give back to the school. Colgate makes it clear that its career services, library, networking, and other resources are always there for us.”


John Cassavetes, Television director, Film Producer
Charles Evans, Hughes Judge, Politician
Andy Rooney, Commentator, Journalist
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Politician
Cris Kobryn, Computer scientist
Kevin Heffernan, Comedian, Film Producer
John Dean, Author, Lawyer
Harry Emerson Fosdick, Preacher
Ben Cohen, Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Chase Carey, Businessperson

#21. University of Texas Alumni Association

UT’s Alumni Association is one of the largest alumni networks in the world at over 100,000 active members. Graduates benefit from the ability to network with other alumni, encourage support for the University, and extend their college community throughout the world.


Travis Scott (Rapper), Born on 30 April 1992 American
Janis Joplin (Singer), born on 19 January 1943. American
Matthew McConaughey (Actor, Producer) born 04 November 1969. American
Jon Hamm (Actor) born on 10 March 1971.  American
Farrah Fawcett (Actress) born 02 February 1947. From  American
Owen Wilson (American actor) born on 18 November 1968. From  American
Jayne Mansfield Born 19 April 1933. From American
Wes Anderson (Director, Producer, Actor), born 01 May 1969. From American
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