How to Make Paper in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Minecraft Crafting


Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game has no set goals, allowing players a great deal of freedom in how they choose to play it. Although a game, Minecraft shares lots of similarities with the real world.

While paper is an essential item in Minecraft, used for crafting books, maps, and other useful tools, sugar cane is the sole ingredient for crafting paper, reflecting the historical process of papermaking from sugarcane fibers.

This step-by-step tutorial on How to Make Paper in Minecraft will provide the details, materials, and procedure that get you started.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Paper is a crucial item in Minecraft, used for crafting books, maps, and other useful tools: To make one in Minecraft:

#1. Gather Necessary Materials

You need a crafting table and sugar cane to make papers in Minecraft. To make a crafting table, you’ll need four wood planks.

A crafting table is the cornerstone of Minecraft crafting, allowing you to combine various items into useful tools and materials. Collect three sugar canes. Sugar cane is a renewable resource that grows near water sources in various biomes.

#2. Set your crafting table

Place your Crafting Table on the ground. Right-click or interact with the crafting table to open its 3×3 crafting grid.

#3. Place three sugar cane

Place three sugar cane stalks horizontally in the middle row of the crafting grid. The exact arrangement doesn’t matter, as long as all three sugar canes are in the middle row. Drag the Paper into your inventory.

#4. Take your paper

Once the sugar cane is arranged correctly, three pieces of paper will appear in the slot to the right of the crafting grid. Drag and drop the paper into your inventory.

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Can you make paper without sugar cane in Minecraft?

No, you cannot make paper without sugar cane in Minecraft. Sugar cane is the sole ingredient required to craft paper in the game. There are currently no alternative materials or methods for producing paper in Minecraft.

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How do you make paper in Minecraft 2023?

The method for making paper in Minecraft has remained unchanged since the game’s release, so the process is the same for all versions, including Minecraft 2023. Place three sugar cane on your crafting table. Once they are arranged well, collect your papers and drag them to your inventory.

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How do you get a lot of paper fast in Minecraft?

Acquiring a large quantity of paper quickly in Minecraft requires efficient resource-gathering and crafting techniques. Here are some effective methods to obtain paper rapidly:

  1. Establish a Sugar Cane Farm
  2. Raid Structures
  3. Trade with Villagers
  4. Prioritize Sugar Cane Gathering
  5. Utilize Dispensers for Auto-Harvesting
  6. Seek Sugar Cane Outposts
  7. Explore Desert Temples

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How do you farm paper in Minecraft?

Setting up a sugar cane farm is a more efficient and sustainable way to obtain paper in bulk. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to farm paper in Minecraft by creating a basic sugar cane farm in Minecraft:

#1. Choose a Location

Select a suitable location near a water source, preferably a body of water with clear access on all sides. This will allow you to expand your farm easily as needed.

#2. Construct the Farmland

Place dirt or sand blocks to create the farmland where you’ll plant the sugar cane. Ensure the farmland is at least two blocks wide to allow sugar cane to grow fully.

#3. Plant the Sugar Cane

Plant sugar cane stalks by placing them on the farmland blocks. You can plant sugar cane in a single row or multiple rows depending on your desired farm size.

#4. Provide Water Access

Ensure that each sugar cane stalk has direct access to water. You can achieve this by placing water blocks adjacent to the farmland blocks.

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#5. Harvest and Replant

Once the sugar cane stalks reach their maximum height, break the bottom block to harvest the sugar cane. The remaining section will regrow, providing a continuous supply of sugar cane for paper crafting.

#6. Expand the Farm

As your sugar cane production needs increase, you can easily expand the farm by adding more farmland blocks and water access.

#7. Automate the Process (Optional)

For an automated sugar cane harvesting system, you can utilize dispensers, observers, and pistons. This setup will automatically harvest the mature sugar cane stalks and drop them into a collection chute.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sugar canes are needed to make one paper?

Three sugar canes are required to craft one piece of paper in Minecraft.

Can I find paper in ready-made form in Minecraft?

Yes, you can occasionally find paper in chests located in structures like villages, strongholds, and shipwrecks.

What other uses does paper have in Minecraft?

Apart from crafting maps and books, paper is also used in crafting fireworks and book and quill items.

Are there any alternatives to sugar cane for making paper in Minecraft?

There are no alternatives to sugar cane for crafting paper in Minecraft. Sugar cane is the sole ingredient for this particular crafting recipe.


Paper is an essential item in Minecraft, used for crafting various tools and items. It plays a crucial role in creating maps, books, fireworks, and more, making it a valuable resource for both exploration and crafting endeavors.

Follow this step-by-step guide on How to Make Paper in Minecraft to get started.



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