Top 15 Best College For Military Credit Transfer | Ranking

If you have served your country, wouldn’t it be great if some of that experience could be easily applied to a college degree? A degree can help you get a better job in the civilian world or even advance in the military if you choose to stay.

Using your military experience to earn credits toward your degree can help you get your diploma faster, cheaper, and easier. You’ve put in the effort, and your knowledge and training should help you advance academically as well.

But before that, you will need to know the best college for military credit transfer, and that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you today. 

What Should I Know About Military Credit Transfer to a College or University?

The number of military credits that a student can transfer is mostly determined by both the college or university that the student attends and the program that the student enrolls in.

Someone with military experience and credit for working with technology will have more credits available to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in technology than someone with history experience and credit.

Faculty will examine a military member’s prior experience to see if it corresponds to the learning objectives of any courses offered at the institution.

Military credits transferred to a college or university are typically not used in calculating a student’s GPA at that institution.

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How to Choose The Best College For Military Credit Transfer

The best college for you might not be the same as the best college for the person sitting next to you in the mess hall.

Perhaps you want to get your degree as soon as possible so that you can apply for a specific job, in which case you should look for programs that give you the most transfer credit and where you already know a lot of the material.

On the other hand, if you want to learn a new field thoroughly, you’ll want the best program for that profession, with a schedule and pace that allows you to get a great education.

Most military-friendly schools are extremely accommodating, allowing you to change your schedule or take a leave of absence if deployed or have other obligations. These schools work with veterans, active-duty, reserve, and family members to find the best assistance and the best way through the programs of their respective schools.

Some allow you to speed up your learning when you have time and slow it down when pressed for time. Because these programs are online, you can often complete them while deployed overseas.

Some schools also allow you to take some courses in person while taking others online, transforming your program into a hybrid learning environment.

What Are The Admission Requirements For The Best Colleges For Military Credit Transfer?

Students must have completed high school or have a GED to get admitted to an undergraduate school that accepts military credits.

Potential students must also send official transcripts to the college or university to which they are applying. Students may also need to take the SAT or ACT and have their results submitted to their school of choice.

The SAT or ACT must have been within the previous five years for the scores to be valid. Depending on the school, veterans and military members may be exempt from the application fee.

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Top 15 Best Colleges For Military Credit Transfer

Here are the best colleges for military credit transfer in 2022;

#1. University of New England

Military students at the University of New England, a Maine-based school with many online programs, receive substantial military tuition assistance. The school can assist you in applying for veteran education benefits or other educational opportunities.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for active duty, GI Bill, and other financial assistance for online learning. Applied Nutrition, Social Work, Public Health, Health Informatics, and Education are among the online programs offered by UNE.

The majority of programs are Master’s level, with some offering certificates. UNE participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program and offers a variety of tuition assistance programs for veterans.

Transfer credit is usually granted for military training, experience, prior coursework, and AP or CLEP exams, though certain types of transfer credits are also restricted.

The application fee is usually waived by the school, veterans, or military members. The University of New England is one of the best colleges for military credit transfer.

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#2. Arizona State University

ASU is one of the Best Colleges for Military Credit Transfer, with a 60% graduation rate. ASU has a large number of campus-based degrees, as well as over 80 online bachelor’s degree programs and nearly as many master’s degree programs.

ASU provides the same high-quality curriculum and instruction on campus and online. ASU consistently receives top national honors, such as

  • The Best Value College in America (Forbes)
  • Best Online Master’s in Business Programs, No. 3 (US News)
  • #6 on the list of Best Online Bachelor’s Programs (US News)
  • Best Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Programs (US News)
  • #2 in Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Psychology (US News)
  • Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs, ranked seventh (US News)
  • Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs (#10) (US News)
  • Top Online Master’s Degree in Educational Administration Programs (US News)

ASU accepts the GI Bill, participates in the Yellow Ribbon program, and gives credit for both the DSST and the CLEP exams. ASU is also proud to offer college credit for military service.

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#3. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is one of the best colleges for military credit transfer. It is a private university located in New Hampshire between Manchester and Hooksett.

Southern New Hampshire University has a generous transfer policy, allowing up to 45 transfer credits for an associate’s degree and 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree, with students required to complete the final 30 credits for a bachelor’s degree and 15 credits for an associate’s degree at SNHU.

Applicants to online programs are usually assigned an admissions counselor, and online degrees ranging from business and information technology to history and game programming are available.

Criminal justice, creative writing, nursing, psychology, operations, and political science are among the many other online courses available.

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#4. Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University has been a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges for many years. It provides numerous types of support and is one of the best colleges for military credit transfer.

They have their military scholarship program, as well as a financial shopping comparison tool to assist students in determining which school is best for their degree program. Classes can be entirely online, begin every month, and provide maximum flexibility.

They provide a certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs in a variety of in-demand subjects, including electronics, engineering, nursing, liberal arts, information technology, criminal justice, and business, among many others. Active-duty military students pay half the price of standard out-of-state tuition.

This school’s very liberal transfer credit policies make it very appealing, allowing up to 80 credits to transfer from a two-year institution and up to 117 credits to transfer from a four-year institution.

Military students are only required to take 12 credit hours toward an associate’s degree or 24 hours toward a bachelor’s degree at TESU to complete their degrees.

Thomas Edison will give you the maximum credit for your military training, and the school has a dedicated Military Veteran Portal where prospective students can estimate how many credits they could get for their military service.

With a long history of educating active-duty military students, veterans, and family members, TESU can assist students in navigating the system and obtaining the best tuition assistance programs as well as the shortest and least expensive path to a college degree. 

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#5. University of Florida

UF has a graduation rate of 60%, making it one of the best colleges for military credit transfer. UF is consistently ranked as one of the best public universities, and it frequently appears on “Best of” lists such as

  • Florida’s Top Colleges (Niche)
  • Top 6 Public Schools (US News)
  • Best Online Bachelor’s Programs, No. 3 (US News)
  • #2 on the list of the best online bachelor’s programs for veterans (US News)
  • Best Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Programs (US News)
  • #2 in Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Psychology (US News)
  • Number 30 in National Universities (US News)

UF accepts the GI Bill, participates in the Yellow Ribbon program, and gives credit for CLEP exams. The University of Florida is also proud to offer college credit for military service.

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#6. Ohio University

Ohio University is a public research university in Athens, Ohio. The first university to get authorized by an Act of Congress, chartered in 1787 by the Congress of the Confederation and later recognized for the territory in 1802 and the state in 1804, with classes beginning in 1809.

Ohio University offers a unique 3-credit course that needs completion to create a portfolio to request credit for a specific course—over 90% of credits sought are usually approved. Training, education, and the completion of tests such as AP, CLEP, and DANTES can all lead to transfer credits.

By supporting, advocating for, and guiding military students through the process, a specific veteran and military student services center can help military students gain educational advantages and transition back into civilian life.

The online programs have eight start dates per year and a diverse program offering. Psychology, management, communications, RN-BSN, criminal justice, customer service leadership, and technical operations management are among the bachelor’s degree courses available.

Coaching, reading, instructional design, and early childhood education are all options for graduate education degrees. Ohio University is one of the best colleges for military credit transfer. 

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#7. Saint Joseph’s University

St. Joseph’s is a Jesuit Catholic university that offers well-regarded online education programs such as educational leadership and many special education concentrations.

They also offer a variety of business programs online, ranging from associate degrees to MBAs with specializations. Many subjects related to the degrees, including autism studies, have certificate programs.

SJU is also one of the best colleges for military credit transfer. It has a veteran services office that assists student veterans in accessing educational benefits, fosters entrepreneurship programs for vets, and develops a network of veteran-friendly organizations and businesses.

Military children can also receive financial aid and benefits, and they have a special emphasis on working with disabled veterans. SJU is a Yellow Ribbon program participant.

Adult learners with transcripts from previous coursework can transfer up to 75 credits to bachelor’s programs. There is a processing fee for transferring experiential credits, but the emphasis is on transferring educational credits.

SJU participates in a variety of military tuition assistance programs, including the GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon, and VA vocational rehabilitation. There is no program for active duty military members to pursue a degree, but family members may be eligible for financial aid.

Veterans are welcome to participate in their co-op program, which allows business students to work full-time for corporate partners, making the transition from military to corporate life easier.

Accepted veterans can attend a free entrepreneurship Bootcamp for veterans, which includes lodging and food. Tailor-made suits and financial planning are two other free services for transitioning servicemembers.

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#8. Virginia University

The University of Virginia has an astonishing graduation rate of 85%. It is consistently ranked high on national “Best of” lists such as

  • #10 on the list of Best Colleges for Veterans (US News)
  • #10 in Graduate Online Programs (US News)
  • #3 Best Public Universities in the United States (Niche)
  • Number 26 in National Universities (US News)
  • #32 on the list of Best Value Schools (US News)
  • Top Public Schools, No. 4 (US News)
  • Number 7 in Business Schools (US News)

The University of Virginia is a Yellow Ribbon program participant and a GI Bill-approved school. The University of Virginia is one of the best colleges for military credits transfer. 

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#9. University of South Dakota

Business, health sciences, general studies, and education are among the online programs offered by the University of South Dakota. Degrees in addiction studies, dental hygiene, kinesiology and sport management, technology for education, social work, and public administration are among the notable degree options.

They provide an MS in Administration with numerous specialization options. Within the registrar’s office, USD has a dedicated veteran’s services division that assists military, veteran, and military family members in receiving benefits.

Tutoring, a military transitioning course, veteran’s clubs, peer monitoring, and counseling services are available for military and veteran students, including online/distance students.

SD children of veterans who die in service receive free tuition, and SDU collaborates with all tuition assistance programs from every branch of the military for families.

SD National Guard members receive approximately one-third off undergraduate and graduate tuition rates. Tuition for undergraduate qualified veterans is less than one-third of the regular tuition cost.

Transfer credits are for equivalent coursework but may not exceed half of the total credits required for the degree. Experiential credits are rarely granted.

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#10. University of California Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles is one of ten campuses that comprise the University of California system. UCLA is unique in that it does not provide part-time or evening enrollment for undergraduate degree programs.

Students must enroll full-time and attend classes during the day. As a result, you’ll have a high-quality degree from one of the country’s most prestigious universities in a short period.

UCLA has a remarkable graduation rate of 70%. UCLA is consistently ranked high on national “Best of” lists such as:

  • Number 20 in National Universities (US News)
  • 5th on the list of Best Colleges for Veterans (US News)
  • #30 on the list of Most Innovative Schools (US News)
  • #13 in Top Social Mobility Performers (US News)
  • Top 10 Public Schools (US News)
  • #19 in the list of Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (US News)

UCLA is a GI Bill-approved school that also participates in the Yellow Ribbon program and is eligible for Tuition Assistance. UCLA is one of the best colleges for military credit transfer. 

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#11. Capella University

Capella’s online programs are extremely flexible and self-paced, making them ideal for service members who must work around complex deployment schedules. Competency-based education connects learned skills to professional requirements, with an emphasis on individual career goals.

Capella University offers online degrees in business, education, health and nursing, public service, information technology, and psychology. The Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency both recognize excellent cyber defense programs.

Students can participate in a free week of classes to test out a program. Capella is a for-profit institution with extensive experience working with distance students.

Military students receive a 15% tuition reduction for bachelor’s degree programs and a 10% tuition reduction for master’s, doctoral, or certificate programs. Furthermore, Capella has a team of admissions counselors who can assist students in obtaining military education benefits.

Credits are always awarded for military training and education, and students may also be able to receive credit by demonstrating knowledge. Capella is part of the Yellow Ribbon Program and is one of the best colleges for military credit transfer. 

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#12. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

One of the Best Colleges for Military Credit Transfer is also one of the Best Historically Black College and universities. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Florida A&M or FAMU) offer undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional degrees on campus and online.

FAMU is a well-known HBCU that has received numerous honors, including

  • Top 20 Social Mobility Performers (US News)
  • #20 on the list of America’s Best Colleges for Criminal Justice (Niche)
  • #3 in America’s Best HBCU Schools (Niche)

Florida A&M is a GI Bill-approved school that gives CLEP and DSST exam credit. FAMU is also proud to offer college credit for military service.

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#13. Western Governors University

Western Governors University allows students to complete courses at their own pace, moving quickly through material they already know from work experience and taking their time with new material.

This ability to demonstrate what you already know through testing or writing means that you can go faster or slower within classes, rather than just the program as a whole. By filling in the gaps between what you already know, you save time.

There is a lot of flexibility in the program because programs start every month. WGU is a non-profit institution dedicated to high-quality, competency-based adult education.

They have a renowned teachers’ college, as well as business, information technology, and health professions colleges. For military students, WGU provides flat-rate or per-competency unit tuition assistance.

The VA has approved all programs, and students can receive all types of military and veteran assistance. Once accepted into the program, students get assistance from a special Military Support department.

Students who have military training, experience, or knowledge, or who have taken CLEP or DANTES tests, may be able to waive required courses. Because the programs are competency-based, the credit transfer process may be more for competency than direct course equivalency, but WGU has trained admissions counselors to assist you. 

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#14. Oregon State University

Oregon State University provides a wide range of programs, including over 200 undergraduate degree programs and over 85 online programs. Oregon State consistently receives top national accolades as one of the Best Colleges for Military Credit Transfer, including

  • #3 Best Online Colleges in the United States (Niche)
  • Best Online Bachelor’s Programs, No. 4 (US News)
  • Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs, No. 3 (US News)
  • #2 in Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Psychology (US News)
  • Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs (#16) (US News)

Oregon State University accepts the GI Bill, participates in the Yellow Ribbon program, and offers CLEP exam credit. Oregon State University is also proud to offer college credit for military experience.

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#15. Northcentral University

Business, health sciences, psychology, marriage and family therapy, technology, and education are among their educational programs. Active-duty military students receive a 20% tuition discount, and some additional fees are usually waived. Veterans and spouses receive a 10% discount on tuition.

The Military Admissions department can assist you in obtaining financial aid, and this is a Yellow Ribbon program school. Military transfer credit is always limited to the bachelor’s program, and credit granted for training, military occupation specialties (MOS), and experience is usually used.

It must also get approved by the dean of the program in which you enroll. Undergraduate students can transfer up to 90 credits for prior study, exams, or experience, but they must complete at least 30 credits at Northcentral University.

Graduate students, subject to additional restrictions, may transfer up to 12 credits of graduate coursework. Northcentral University is one of the best colleges for military credit transfer. 

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Factors Affecting Military Credit on a College Degree?

  • Their desired field of study or program differs from their MOC (Military Occupation Code).
  • Duplicate military experience or training is usually determined and applied to the same transfer credit recommendation.
  • The majority of ACE credits are typically only applicable to lower-level, free elective coursework, such as associate degree level classes.
  • Typically, only a small number of credits apply to core requirements and upper-level coursework.
  • The transfer credit policies of the institution are opaque.
  • Finally, colleges decide which military college credits to accept and how to apply them to a specific degree.
  • Colleges do not always follow the ACE recommendations or interpret them differently from one another.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Military Service for College Credits

  • Examine your military transcript and ACE course and occupation recommendations.
  • Look for a degree that is closely related to your MOC.
  • Determine the school’s policy regarding the acceptance of military college credits. Typically, admissions counselors or college websites can provide this information.
  • Look for schools with strong veteran programs or consider how military-friendly your options are.
  • Speak with several schools. Colleges interpret military training credits differently and can apply credits for the same degree program and military experience in different ways. Decisions may differ greatly!
  • Any negative decisions on military transfer credits are usually appealed. Successful appeals do occur.
  • Do not enroll until your military transfer credits are first determined by the school.

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FAQs on Best College For Military Credit Transfer

What is the best degree for a military officer?

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree has numerous advantages for current and future military officers. A business administration degree prepares you to lead and operate various departments in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, whether you are in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard.

How many college credits does the military provide?

Military service could be worth up to 20 college credits on its own! For recruit training, most colleges grant four semester hours of physical fitness.

Is it better to join the army or become an officer?

One of the most significant distinctions between enlisted service members and officers is their pay. While every grade and rank has a step-based pay structure, enlisted salaries begin much lower than officer salaries, implying that officers will earn significantly more in salary over time than enlisted personnel.

In the army, how many college credits is an e3?

E-2 requires 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours of college credits; E-3 requires 48 semester hours or 72 quarter hours.

What exactly are ACE military credits?

ACE examines military training (courses) and experiences (occupations) to award equivalent college credits for those experiences. A military review conducted by ACE bridges the gap between professional military education and postsecondary education.

How many college credits does Army basic training provide?

Enlisted soldiers can expect to receive approximately 5 college credits for their arduous ordeal during basic combat training.


When it comes to earning a degree online, you have a lot of options, but you should carefully weigh them. Some will be more expensive, some will be less expensive, some will provide the training you seek, and still, others will give you a lot of credit for your prior experience.

Consider how much time you have to study, how quickly you want to graduate, and the financial realities of a college education. However, with the tuition assistance programs available to military and veteran students, you should be able to get a head start on your education and achieve your goals!



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