15 Best Math Software For College Students | 2023 Ranking

The pace of math class can be pretty quick. During a school year, there’s a lot to learn. You can quickly fall behind if you don’t understand a new math concept right away.

If you always having trouble with simple math problems, that doesn’t mean you will always be bad at math. Some students need more time to learn how to solve the kinds of problems that math needs.

Some people may need to go over old ideas again before moving on. Due to how math is set up, it’s best to take each year step by step, lesson by lesson. Even the hardest math problems turn into fun ways to learn with the best math software for college in 2023.

The best math software for college in 2023 makes it more likely that you’ll get the right answer. They also help you solve quadratic equations, algebraic expressions, and other math problems faster. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here are some of the best math software for college students in 2023 that you should try if you are a student. Keep reading.

Why Should You Use The Best Math Apps For College In 2023?

Math is a subject that gets better as you learn more. To get ready for the next lesson, you need to have a good grasp of what you’ve already learned.

Because of this, math can be hard if you have to move on before you’re ready. Either you get stuck trying to catch up, or you fall further behind.

With the best math software for college students in 2023, you can-

  • Solve problems easily and fast
  • Get a grasp of what you were doing wrong
  • Trust yourself with your assignments and tests
  • Enjoy solving math problems

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How To Use The Best Math Software For College Students In 2023 and Still Get Better at Math?

To use the best math apps for college in 2023 and also help yourself while you are at it, you should-

#1. Make sure you understand the ideas

Repetition and practice are good ways to learn, but if you don’t understand the idea, it will be hard to move on. There are a lot of great ways to break math ideas down. The trick is to find the one that helps you the most.

If you find a way to understand the ideas, you can use the best math software for college in 2023 efficiently. It would also help you to learn that the solution to the problem is easy.

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#2. Use games to help you learn.

Repetition is important when practicing math, but it can get old fast. No one likes writing out their multiplication tables over and over again. If math is no longer fun to learn, it’s time to make it fun again.

Learning through games is a great way to practice new ideas and remember what you’ve already learned. It can even make boring tasks fun and interesting.

Game-based learning can look like playing a board game with your family on Friday night or using an app like Prodigy Math to learn.

#3. Use math in everyday life

Every day, you use simple math. Try to see the math all around you as you go about your day. Math doesn’t have to be hard or hard to understand.

Use math instead to race monster trucks or set up tea parties. Break it down and make it less scary, and your interest in math will grow.

#4. Implement daily practice

It’s important to work on math. Once you get the idea, you have to figure out how it works.

And often, it’s the practice that helps the idea finally make sense. Math is more than just reading formulas on a page, no matter what.

#5. Draw out problems with words

There’s nothing worse than getting caught off guard by a word problem. When numbers and words are usually put together, something in the brain of a person who has trouble with math can shut down. But things don’t have to be like that.

Many word problems get solved by taking them apart step by step. Drawing it out is a great way to do this. Doug has 5 apples and 4 oranges.

If he eats 2 of each, how many does he still have? Draw it, talk about it, cross off the answers, and then count.

#6. Get help from a math tutor.

You can use the best math software for college in 2023 and still get a math tutor. Find a math tutor that would help you understand the big picture.

With a math tutor, you can become confident in math, and who knows, maybe they’ll even start to like it.

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15 Best Math Software For College In 2023

#1. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver can help you solve complex math problems in algebra, statistics, calculus, arithmetic, and other areas. iOS and Android users can get the app for free.

To use it, you have to tap on a picture of the number. So, the software will show the answer in graphs, fractions, or whole numbers. Microsoft Math Solver also gives a step-by-step guide and an audio explanation for each problem it solves.

In general, the app acts like a personal tutor. You can also use it in more than one language. Microsoft Math Solver is a great way to not only learn math but also study for tests. It also gives a simple way to solve quadratic equations by factoring.

Even better, the app is very reliable when it comes to adding new features and fixing bugs. All you have to do is use the camera on your phone to take a picture of a math problem and post it in the app. Microsoft Math Solver is one of the best math software for college in 2023.

Download Software Here

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#2. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha aims at people with more education. This tool is very helpful for people who have trouble with calculus and differential equations.

Wolfram Alpha is well-known among students because it accepts many different languages.

This app gives precise math solutions step by step. Simply put, this app is easy enough for a non-expert to understand. The fact that the app can do complicated math makes it stand out.

Also, Wolfram Alpha lets you do pure math with the numbers or formulas you put in. Also, the data in its Wolfram Alpha repositories are automatically computed when used.

Wolfram Alpha is a web service that runs on a large, centralized cluster of computers. This means that you can’t use the tool for free. You can instead sign up for one of Wolfram Alpha’s pricing plans to get access to more features.

A monthly subscription to Wolfram Pro costs only $5.49, and a pro premium subscription costs $9.99. It is one of the best math software for college in 2023.

Visit Wolfram Alpha

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#3. Symbolab Math Solver

Math problems can get solved quickly and easily with Symbolab Math Solver. You can study, practice, and learn about math concepts with this app.

You can also use Symbolab Math Solver to solve any kind of math problem. This includes Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Vectors, Matrix, Trigonometry, Functions, Statics, and Geometry. The fact that this app is free is very interesting and one of the best math apps for college in 2023.

When you use the app, you get a virtual credit card so you don’t have to give out your real card information. You can also sign up for free trials of the website and app.

If you want step-by-step solutions like those in Photomath, you can subscribe for $1.99 per week, $4.99 per month, or $29.99 per year.

Visit Symbolab Math Solver

#4. Rocket Math

Rocket Math is an addition to an existing educational program. It means to help students learn faster and answer questions more quickly.

The app is mostly based on the idea that students have the motivation to learn when they do well. So, it gives math answers in a more organized way instead of just randomly.

Rocket Math uses a method called “mastery” to teach students. This method works best for students in grades 1 through 12.

Rocket Math also makes math facts like subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, and other calculations easier to understand so that students can have fun learning them.

Any student who can’t answer questions like 7 + 9, 16 – 7, 7 x 6, or 54 / 6 right away needs Rocket Math. Also, the parent and teacher dashboards let you see how your child or a group of students is doing.

With the worksheet program, a teacher can print out different worksheets and give them to students. The students then practice saying the facts out loud while a partner corrects them.

Then, every day, the students take a one-minute test to see if they are ready for the next worksheet. Rocket Math is no doubt one of the best math software for college students in 2023.

Visit Rocket Math

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#5. Brilliant

Brilliant is a very interactive learning program for people of all ages, from 10 to 110. The app guarantees that there will always be learning materials and experts available.

In other words, it lets you keep learning different math ideas until you get good at them.

Also, this app gives you a test every week, and the questions are always different. Brilliant is proud not only of how well it trains students in a course but also of how well it helps students learn to solve problems. Brilliant is one of the best math apps for college in 2023.

It does this by giving detailed lessons on both science and math. Android users need 4.1 or higher to be able to get the Brilliant app.

But if you are a student, Brilliant gives you free access to six courses and challenges every day. If you have an Apple device, Brilliant costs $24.99 per month and $119.99 per year to subscribe.

Visit Brilliant

#6. Mathway

Mathway helps you with everything, from the hardest problems to the easiest ones. The app shows all of the steps that you should take to get to the final answer.

Trigonometry, vectors, math, and a lot of other problems are solved by Mathway. You can also scan images and solve problems with them.

Mathway is a homework app that students of all ages and grades can use. This software is easy to use and has a lot of features. It works the same way as other graphic calculators on your phone. Also, it works quickly and reliably, so it’s easy to figure out how to solve math problems.

To get the paid version, you have to pay either $19.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Mathway is one of the best math apps for college in 2023

Visit Mathway here

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#7. Socratic

Socratic is currently powered by Google AI, and it uses speech and text recognition to find the best learning resources for you.

You can take a picture of a question, and Socratic will find the best web resources for that question.

But there’s more. If you don’t understand what’s in your textbook, you can take a picture of the page. You can also find similar information on the web through videos, concepts, and resources. The app is also free. Socratic is one of the best math apps for college in 2023.

Google has made study guides for more than 1,000 high school and college courses to help students prepare for tests. You can also use your voice or camera to connect with online services and figure out what’s wrong.

Socratic works with teachers and experts to help you understand each subject through pictures. This lets you get a handle on the ideas behind every hard problem.

Download Socratic here

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#8. Cymath

Cymath is yet another app that helps you learn everything you need to know for math.

It is one of the ways to get help with homework. This app works on both Apple and Google devices.

You only have to type in a problem and tap the picture of the answer. The app will then show you how to solve the problem and how to do it. Also, Cymath has a wide range of topics in calculus, algebra, and graphics. Like other best math apps for college in 2023, it gives you answers for free.

Want even more details about how to solve a problem? For only $5 a month, you can join Cymath Plus, which shows how and why some steps in most math problems.

The program covers a wide range of topics. This includes algebra, division of polynomials, quadratic equations, and exponents.

Visit Cymath here

#9. Khan Academy

Since Khan Academy covers more than just a few topics,  you think this app is very different. It also shows both indoor and outdoor activities that you can do outside of school.

Also, Khan Academy is a great place to test yourself and review. It is for anyone who wants to learn more about a wide range of topics in depth.

The Khan Academy app is free, just like other best math apps for college in 2023. It helps students solve different math problems by using text, videos, and other interactive features.

Since Khan, who runs the Khan Academy, is a mathematician, the academy has a lot of resources for math, economics, and money. It also has arts, sciences, engineering, and computer science.

Khan Academy also offers to learn outside of the Internet. This lets you learn without interruption from things like social media notifications, pop-up ads, and other things that come with being online.

Also, when you finish studying, the app tells you what you should study next. This way, you don’t have to think too hard about what to study next.

Visit Khan Academy Here

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#10. Toppr

Toppr is a virtual learning app called “one of the best apps for clearing up doubts.” So, the app clears up any questions you have about how to solve certain math problems right away.

There are a lot of helpful videos taught by pros on Toppr. It also helps you study for entrance exams by giving you access to old documents.

This app has a free version, just like other of the best math apps for college in 2023. Even though the free version of the app has some features, you can pay to get access to all of them.

The Toppr learning package has world-class modules and interactive ways to learn that make it easy for students to grasp ideas. You can also learn new things through short, fun video lessons that make it easy to connect with teachers and mentors.

This app also offers help with civics, general knowledge, physics, chemistry, geography, history, biology, math, chemistry, and English. Toppr Live is software from Toppr that lets you watch live lectures for exams like the JEE Advanced, JEE Mains, NDA, UPSEE, AIIMS, NEET, and others.

Visit Toppr Here

#11. Brainly

The Brainly Learning App aims to become a reliable source of homework help for kids while they do their math and other homework.

Students can also use the app to ask questions and wait for answers from other students who know the answers.

From these results, you can see what other people ask, and you might even find questions you didn’t know about. Also, experts answer the students’ questions, which gives them even more helpful information about how to solve math problems.

What’s the best? Moderators keep a close eye on how students answer. This makes sure that only the best and most useful answers stay on the app. You can ask questions and another user will answer them quickly and clearly. Then, you can use the answers to finish your homework and study for tests. It is one of the best math apps for college in 2023

Brainly is not only a complete resource for math, but you can also research history, biology, English, art, social studies, computers, chemistry, and languages from around the world. There is also a section full of questions for the SAT and PSAT. It includes school levels like elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Brainly is one of the best math apps for college in 2023

Students use the app to try to get to a certain rank, which hurts the app’s rank. There is a free version of the Brainly app, and there are also two paid plans you can choose from.

One is the Semi-Annual Subscription Plan, which costs $18 and automatically bills you every six months unless you cancel. Second, the $24-per-year subscription plan is charged once a year unless canceled. On average, this choice costs up to $2 per month.

Visit Brainly Here

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#12. Math Komodo

Math Komodo is one of the best math apps made by teachers to help kids and their families learn math. This math app is great and works on any device, whether it’s an Android or an iOS device.

But what makes Math Komodo one of the best math apps is that it lets you do things your way. The app’s skilled math teacher makes a learning plan for your child that is mostly based on his or her specific needs.

Also, it’s easy for a parent to keep track of how their child is doing in the app. Math Komodo surveyed more than 4,000 of its students and found that after six months of frequent use of Komodo, their mathematical fluency and accuracy had improved a lot.

Math Komodo gives self-paced, a targeted practice that goes along with what they teach in the classroom. You can use the free version of this app, or you can pay for a subscription. Math Komodo is one of the best math apps for college in 2023.

Visit Math Komodo

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#13. Photomath

With the Photomath app, which is free on both Android and iOS, you can easily solve math problems by using the camera on your phone or tablet.

You just have to point the camera at a math problem, and PhotoMath will give you the answers and step-by-step instructions right away. Photomath augments reality to find answers to math questions.

It works best for algebra and other simple math problems. By writing the answer on the app’s screen, the problem is easy to solve. The user can easily solve math problems that involve integers, decimals, algebraic expressions, graphs, and a lot more. This app can help a lot of people because it works in about 36 different languages.

Photomath shows the steps of a calculation in a beautiful animated way. Just like a teacher or tutor would do on a chalkboard. Photomath has helped students do better in math in many classrooms and schools around the world. It is one of the best math apps for college in 2023.

Download Photomath Here

#14. DoodleMath

DoodleMaths is a math program that your child can use at home and at school to help them learn math.

The app figures out where a child is weakest in school and changes a program to help them. It is one of the best math apps for college in 2023

On top of that, the tool is for and works best on mobile devices and tablets, which makes it great for learning and assignment help on the go. It is also used to help kids do better in school and improve their skills, even if they have special educational needs or language barriers.

The app has built-in intelligence that can figure out what each child’s unique strengths and weaknesses are. The DoodleMaths app was for math teachers, and it adapts to your child’s skill level and knowledge just like a trainer would. From there, it helps students practice often and gives them help and support if they have signed up for the app.

With each answer, DoodleMaths will learn more about how well your child understands math and create a work plan to help him get better and feel better about himself.

You can also use the parent section of their website and the Parent Connect app to keep track of your child’s progress and encourage them. You can get the DoodleMaths app for free for your Mac, iPad, iPhone, PC, Kindle Fire, and Android.

Visit DoodleMath here

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#15. IXL Math

The IXL Math app is an immersive way to learn math and English for people ages 4 to 18. It has full, curriculum-aligned math and English lessons for people of all ages.

Your kids can learn at their own pace with IXL’s adaptive questions, which change to the right level of difficulty for each child.

Different kinds of questions keep practice sessions interesting and make it possible for all kinds of students to do well.

IXL lets you answer and practice 10 questions for free. IXL helps students get the most out of math by giving them access to an unlimited number of questions, a variety of interesting item types, and real-world scenarios.

Math practice is an important part of learning math, and this app is all about making that practice as effective and productive as possible.

It can be for both parents and teachers to help kids learn and remember the math skills taught at school. IXL’s dynamic math practice skills cover all of the key stage 1–4 math curricula in England.

Visit IXL Math here

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Frequently Asked Questions

How well do math apps work?

Our research shows that educational math apps can be a personalized and targeted way to practice math. When used as a time-limited intervention within a well-rounded curriculum, these apps can help kids learn early math skills.

Is it cheating to use math apps?

If you use the app to study math on your own and get better at it, you are not cheating. It is meant to help the student see how a problem can get solved step by step. But using math software to find answers on a test is cheating because it gives you an unfair advantage.

Why do kids use apps for math?

Before and after tests showed that using the math apps helped students learn math and narrowed the gap between students who were struggling and those who were doing well. There should be more research done to find good math apps.

Which math app is the most correct?

Microsoft Math Solver
Wolfram Alpha
Symbolab Math Solver
Rocket Math

Which free math program game is the best?

Prodigy Game. Prodigy Game is a free game for students in grades 1 through 8 that can get played on iOS, Android, and the web. Math Training for Kids, CK12, Colorado’s PhET, Photomath, Khan Academy, GeometryPad, and BuzzMath are all good places to learn math.

Can you get into trouble if you use Mathway?

If you use it right, no one will know you’re using Mathway because it helps you with your studies. It is hard for a teacher to find a student who is using Mathway as a learning tool. The person who made the app doesn’t share information about the people who use it.

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Does your math homework give you shivers? Math apps give you a whole new way to learn and let you have the help you need right at your fingertips.

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