14 Best Nail Tech Schools in New York (NYC)

As the most beauty-obsessed state in the country, it’s no surprise that the Empire State is home to the best nail tech schools in New York (NYC) in 2023. As locals and tourists frequently look for ways to improve their looks, you can offer the services of a professional nail technician.

The nail salon is a well-liked hangout, and qualified nail technicians are always in high demand.

Enrolling in one of the best nail technology schools (online program or physical) could help you prepare for an exciting future in the beauty business, especially if you’re artistic and passionate about nail art.

According to the beauty schools directory, manicurist jobs should grow 19% between 2016 and 2026 – more significant than the 10% anticipated national growth.

Nail technicians can set their schedules and working terms for maximum earning potential and a chance to network with influential individuals.

This article will discuss the best nail tech schools in New York (NYC) in 2023 and the requirements to get into these schools.

How do I become a nail tech in New York (NYC) in 2023?

The New York State Licensing Bureau issues licenses to nail technicians who wish to work in the state of New York.

Licensed instructors teach the subjects required by the Bureau in state-approved programs to give students the skills and knowledge to pass the license exam and work as competent nail technicians.

To get a nail technician license in New York, you must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • At least two years of nail trainee experience and 27 hours of training, or complete at least 250 hours of training at a recognized school;
  • Passing scores on written and practical exams;
  • Attend a one-hour program on sexual assault and domestic abuse;
  • Have a physical examination performed and approved by a doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner.
  • Must be at least 17 years old

You must provide a social security number or a justification for why you do not have one, and you cannot be over three months overdue on your child support payments.

In contrast to many other states, New York allows nail technicians to work while training. However, you must gain a temporary license, valid for six months.

For your initial application and interim license, you will pay $50. Then, for $10, you can extend your license’s validity by another six months.

Are there Nail Tech Schools in New York City?

There are some of the best nail schools in New York (NYC) in 2023, including:

  • Christine Valmy
  • Long Island Beauty School
  • New York Institute of Beauty
  • Robert Fiance Beauty Schools
  • American Beauty Institute
  • Nail Skin & Hair Institute
  • American Beauty School Inc.
  • Grace International Beauty School
  • Modern International Beauty School
  • Beauty Beauty International School
  • Midway Paris Beauty School
  • Brittany Beauty School
  • Formula B Parisien Beauty School
  • Continental School of Beauty

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Best nail tech schools in New York (NYC) in 2023

1. Christine Valmy

Christine Valmy’s Nail Specialty course teaches the art and science of nails. The program aims to foster creativity and provide a fundamental grasp of anatomy and physiology through theoretical and practical homework.

With the broad topics, students will be well-prepared to handle business-related issues and deliver a full range of manicure services.

The school provides several schedules to aid students in meeting educational objectives while juggling other responsibilities. Part-time lessons are held from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for 18 weeks on Monday and Tuesday and 12 weeks on Wednesday to Friday.

There are also weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm for 18 weeks, at the projected cost for tuition and fees of $8,100.

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2. Long Island Beauty School

As nails have grown in popularity with a significant need for qualified nail technicians on Long Island, the Long Island Beauty school has remained one of the best nail tech schools in New York, offering an exhaustive nail curriculum.

The nail technician program at the Long Island Beauty School will provide students with hands-on training and technical know-how for a successful profession.

This New York State-accredited 250-hour course covers various topics, including safety and health, manicures and pedicures, wraps, extensions, massage, gel nails, and nail art.

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3. New York Institute of Beauty

With the Nail Specialty program at the New York Institute of Beauty, students gain knowledge and grow skills as nail experts, thanks to the theoretical and hands-on education.

This thorough business coursework provides a competitive edge for students to establish and run nail services businesses. And upon graduation, nail techs will be ready to apply for a New York state license.

The program lasts between 12 to 18 weeks for 250 hours. The projected cost for tuition and fees is $9,795, not including books and supplies.

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4. Robert Fiance Beauty Schools

Nail techs are professionals that interpret current fashion trends in their job. They spend their lives immersed in an endlessly enjoyable and creative universe.

At Robert Fiance, you learn to individualize yourself, build your brand, position yourself as a creative expert, and become a true nail artist.

Their program aims to help you prepare for the State Board Exam and take full advantage of employment opportunities.

So, if you want to work in the beauty industry, Robert Fiance Beauty School’s nail tech program is one of the best options. In their concise programs, you will learn how to fix pedicures, manicures, etc.

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5. American Beauty Institute

Enroll in American Beauty Institute’s Nail Specialist program to become a professional nail service technician. Besides the classes to foster skills and creativity, the program will address the essentials of anatomy and physiology, infection control, and safety.

There are also several class schedule options to accommodate working students, and as a graduate, you will be ready to apply for entry-level jobs and New York licenses. The program runs for 12 weeks with 250 hours, and there is a flexible payment plan for students.

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6. Nail Skin & Hair Institute

Students can gain the technical skills and creativity necessary to succeed as nail specialists by enrolling in the Nail Specialty course from the Nail, Skin & Hair Institute.

With 250 hours and 12 weeks of theoretical and hands-on education in wraps, gels, and acrylics, you rest assured of extensive knowledge of the most recent industry approaches.

New classes start every so you can contact the school for a current schedule and cost.

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7. American Beauty School Inc.

American Beauty School Inc. offers a Nail Specialty course with comprehensive Milady Standard Nail Technology course materials covering several skills to produce well-rounded nail technician graduates.

Besides taking specific classes, students will gain business, communication, and marketing skills to operate profitable companies. The 12-week, 250-hour state-approved program prepares students to sit for the state board exam in the Bronx.

The tuition for this program is $9,280, including the registration fee, books, and equipment.

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8. Grace International Beauty School

Enjoy designing lovely nail art?

The 250-hour nail specialist program at the Grace International Beauty School is one of the best options to start your career in the beauty business. Perfectly shaped and groomed nails instantly give a boost in confidence and assurance.

So, if you wish to give people that feeling, take the nail specialty in one of the best nail tech schools in New York (NYC) in 2023.

Painting can creatively inspire licensed nail artists to create complex designs on clients’ fingernails and toenails while soothing them with spa-quality hand massages.

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9. Modern International Beauty School

As a Modern International Beauty School graduate, you will be qualified to apply for New York State licensing as a Nail Technician. You can do this because the New York State Education Department’s Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS accredited the school).

The Modern International Beauty School is one of the best nail tech schools in New York City (NYC) in 2023. Students will enroll in cosmetology, aesthetics, nail care, and waxing programs to gain the information and abilities necessary to function as nail technicians.

Dedicated teachers will emphasize practical instruction in the school’s salon clinic, allowing you the chance to hone their abilities. As a graduate, you will handle real-life circumstances with first-hand experience.

To complete the nail course of study, the New York State Licensing Bureau requires 250 clock hours over 12 weeks to cover all manicuring and pedicuring methods. The tuition for the program is $1,000, including the registration fee, books, and equipment.

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10. Beauty Beauty International School

The state-approved Nail Specialty course at Beauty Beauty International School (BBIS) aims to prepare students for the state licensing exam.

The program will cover a comprehensive range of fundamental skills, giving graduates the skills to offer various nail services and run a profitable business. You also get flexible timetables for working professionals and full-time students.

The program lasts for 12 weeks in 250 hours, tuition is $1,360, books cost $300, and the registration fee is $50.

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11. Midway Paris Beauty School

Midway Paris Beauty School students enjoy more than just the traditional NYC nail technician school experience.

While you complete the coursework, workshops, and hours of classroom teaching, you will also meet hiring managers and recruiters from some of the most prominent beauty organizations seeking bright employees for their salons.

Companies like Red Door Salon and Spa and Elizabeth Arden Salons and Spas are just a few that visit Midway Paris in search of their next top nail tech.

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12. Brittany Beauty School

The Brittany Beauty School is one of the best nail tech schools in New York (NYC) in 2023. This nail technician program started in 1968 and now offers a comprehensive educational curriculum.

They provide a wide range of financial aid options and financial aid counselors to help you discover your ideal support. Brittany Beauty School strives to help you reach your potential with the grants and scholarships.

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13. Formula B Parisien Beauty School

The Formula B Parisien Beauty School, under the direction of President Carmen Ledesma, is one of the best nail tech and beauty schools in New York (NYC) in 2023.

Additionally, it received a license from the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision of the New York State Education Department and is registered in the State of New York.

Their course in whole acrylic nails teaches all the skills required to apply them professionally.

It provides the theoretical and practical knowledge to perform gel, acrylic, fiberglass, silk fiber nails, decorations, pedicures, and hand massages and prepares you for your Nail Technician License.

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14. Continental School of Beauty

The Continental School of Beauty’s Esthetics & Nail Specialty program combines two well-known curricula with teaching in both skin and nails.

By employing their complementary skills, creativity, and personalities, estheticians and nail technicians engage with their clients and increase their confidence.

Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, graduates gain the knowledge, teaching, and training required to help them develop into highly experienced nail tech specialists.

Students cover topics including Acrylic, Gel, and Fiberglass Nails, among other services.

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What are the New York nail technician licensing requirements?

After the completion of your course, you must take the following actions:

  • Pass the written and practical exams
  • Complete training on sexual assault and domestic violence;
  • Have a physical examination
  • Apply for a license

It would be best to take the written and practical exams in advance. The registration costs a $15 fee.

Note that if the name on your identification does not match the name you enrolled with, or you arrive late to the testing facility, you won’t be allowed to take the test.

Show on your application that you require testing accommodations if you have a handicap, and submit the “Special Testing Arrangements Request” form with any necessary supporting materials.

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How do I renew a nail technician license in New York?

You should renew your New York nail specialty license every four years. Three months before the expiration of your current license, you can go for your renewal, and there is no need for continuing education credits.

Renewal applications are only accessible online. It costs $40 to renew. You must pay an additional $10 if you are late.

Frequently asked questions on the best nail tech schools in New York (NYC) in 2023

Do I require a license to do nails in New York?

Yes, you need a Nail Specialty License to work on nail appearance.

How much does a nail license in New York cost?

You must pay $50 for your initial application and temporary license. Then you can add additional six months to the validity of your license for $10.

How long is nail technician school in New York?

In New York, the nail technician program lasts for 250 hours.

What is the salary for Nail Technicians in New York?

In New York, the median salary for a nail technician is $25,630 ($12.32/hour).


Some of the best nail tech schools in New York in 2023 offer nail technology programs that cover all the technical knowledge and professional skills.

The programs will also teach you how to start, run, and advertise a social media-based nail tech business.

So, go through the schools on our list and enroll to satisfy your passion for meeting with people, designing nails, and being your boss.

If you also want to want to become a beautician, you can see our list of the 15 best esthetician schools in 2023



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