15 Best Nail Tech Schools in South Carolina | 2022

If your interest is to find out all you need to know about nail tech schools in South Carolina, then this update is for you. South Carolina is one of United States’ densely populated cities. The urbane lifestyle of the populace makes it the ideal place for beauty and cosmetology skills to thrive.

The South Carolina Board of Cosmetology, which oversees and upholds the licensing requirements for cosmetologists, estheticians, and manicurists, is where your exciting and secure career as a licensed nail technician in South Carolina begins. You can focus on the study of hands, feet, and nails as a manicurist or nail technician.

With our team of industry and research experts, we have been able to outline the best nail tech schools in South Carolina.

In our drive to provide more information, we equally detailed how one can become a nail technician in South Carolina, as well as the average nail technician salary in South Carolina.

How to become a nail technician in South Carolina

You may start your career feeling secure and prepared to transform the beauty business with the appropriate training and experience. You must complete at least 300 hours of instruction at a recognized institution before you may earn your license.

The majority of your educational time should be spent in salons, where you can practice a wide variety of skills and methods.

The topics for the required courses are listed below. Manicurists (or nail technicians) must complete a training course that totals at least 300 clock hours in South Carolina.

To move on with your initial licensing, you must also pass the state exam. Following the achievement of receiving your license, you will have to renew every two years, on even-numbered years.

In South Carolina, it will cost you $52 to renew your license as a nail technician. It will cost you $152 to reinstate your license. In South Carolina, 12 hours of continuing education must follow every renewal term.

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How to Get a Nail Tech License in South Carolina

For licensure in South Carolina, candidates must pass a two-part examination if they want to become a cosmetologist, nail technician, or other professions linked to the field (theory and practical).

For further information and a candidate information bulletin, call PSI at (855) 746-8173 or visit their website at www.psiexams.com. PSI is the company that administers the test.

The NIC Examination (theoretical and practical) for Cosmetology, Nail Technology, and Esthetics has a passing score requirement of 75%. For instructor licensure, you must receive a score of 80%.

  • Must not be 16 or older.
  • Possess a minimum of a 10th-grade education or its equivalent on examinations used in public schools or tests deemed acceptable by the Board; and
  • Have successful completion of 300 hours of classroom instruction at a nail technician school recognized by the Board or an equivalent program recognized by the Board;
  • Passed NIC written exam.
  • Make an application submission and pay the required fee.

15 Best Nail Tech Schools in South Carolina

With many saloons and beautiful homes in South Carolina, it might be quite difficult to find the best place to get quality tutoring and become a professional nail technician in South Carolina.

  1. The Institute of Beauty Artistry
  2. The Academy of Hair Technology
  3. Charleston Cosmetology Institute
  4. Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics
  5. Henderson Nail Academy
  6. Miller-Motte College
  7. Durham Beauty Academy
  8. Charlotte Nails Academy
  9. Regina’s College of Beauty
  10. American Academy of Hair Styling
  11. American Academy of Hair Styling
  12. Aiken School of Cosmetology and Barbering
  13. Jolei’s Hair Institute
  14. Paul Mitchell
  15. Lacy Cosmetology School

1. The Institute of Beauty Artistry

IBA’s main objective for its students is their professional success. They offer lifetime job placement support totally free as they are sure that their program would enable successful graduates to flourish in the beauty industry. They take pride in their family atmosphere and the close relationships they develop with each one of their students as a small, family-run school.

The cost of the OPI kit, which the school utilizes, is $500. They provide the monthly scholarship program from OPI. Which awards 24 students with $500 scholarships each year.

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Website: http://www.ibanails.com/

2. The Academy of Hair Technology

It’s not simply hair that the Academy of Hair Technology does. They instruct pupils on the most up-to-date, cutting-edge nail care methods.

They only offer their 300-hour program in the evenings, allowing you to continue working while your studies. Every week, the class meets from 6p.m. to 10p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday.

The level of expertise makes academy of hair technology one of the best nail tech schools in South Carolina.

Website: http://www.hairchamps.com/nail_program

3. Charleston Cosmetology Institute

The cost of tuition, books, and supplies for the nail technology program at Charleston Cosmetology Institute is about $5,150. They administer exams on a regular basis to enable students to become accustomed to the testing environment and become more at ease when taking state exams.

They release no student to state testing before they are prepared since they must maintain a passing score of 75% or higher to receive their diploma.

4. Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics

The list of top nail tech schools in South Carolina will not be complete if we fail to mention Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics. The 2 programs provided here are nail technology and aesthetics.

Enroll at the Academy Of Nail Technology & Esthetics in, to expand your understanding of skincare and nail technology. In order to become state-licensed and proficient for jobs in salons, spas, medical offices, and education, you must pass their exam. The school provides students with thorough nail and esthetics instruction.

5. Henderson Nail Academy

Although Henderson Nail Academy is in Greenboro, it also provides instruction online. The two certifications this school gives training in are the cosmetology license and SC State Board of Cosmetology and manicurist license, which are the most well-reviewed qualifications.

Depending on the qualification, this education course might take anywhere from 9 months and 9 months to complete, with a median completion time of 9 months. Depending on eligibility, Henderson Nail Academy tuition costs between $3,000 and $5,000, with $5,000 serving as the average.

Website: http://www.hendersonnailacademy.com/

6. Miller-Motte College

For students wishing to enter the field in as little as 1 to 18 months, Miller-Motte Raleigh, located in the Research Triangle, provides career-focused technical training.

There are 11 campuses of Miller-Motte College located in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Each campus provides a selection of degrees, certifications, and career pathway programs in trades- and vocational-based education.

Website: https://www.miller-motte.edu/

7. Durham Beauty Academy

The Durham Beauty Academy’s campus is located in Durham, a medium-sized city. The institution is a for-profit, private school. At Durham Beauty Academy, the Certificate is the highest level of degree offered.

The cosmetology and beauty programs of the institution are well-known. Selectivity at Durham Beauty Academy is very competitive. Durham Beauty Academy does not accept all applicants; admission is selective.

The school had 91 pupils registered in it in 2007. (91 full-time equivalent). The minority student body of Durham Beauty Academy is sizable.

The Cosmetology curriculum is intended to prepare graduates for the State Licensing Examination and increase work prospects in the cosmetology sector, and Durham Beauty Academy is proud of its history in cosmetology education.

Address: 4600 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Ste 31

8. Charlotte Nails Academy

The North Carolina Nail Technician License is one of the two qualifications offered by the Charlotte Nails Academy’s two courses. Depending on the qualification, this education course might take anywhere between 2.3 and 3.5 months to complete.

In addition to “Good teachers” and “Helpful career services,” respondents also highlighted “Positive environment” and “Good job preparation” as noteworthy benefits of attending SC Nails Academy. It has high five star ratings and is constantly referred to as one of the best nail tech schools in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Website: https://www.academyofnailsandesthetics.com/

9. Dudley Beauty College

Although Dudley Beauty College is in Chicago, Illinois, it also provides education online. In addition to a physical presence in South Carolina. The Cosmetology License, Esthetician License, and IEad Certificate are the three qualifications that this school offers training in order of popularity.

Depending on the certification, the length of time needed to finish this education instruction ranges from 4.7 months to 1 year, with a median completion time of 11 months. Depending on qualifications, tuition at Dudley Beauty College can cost between $7,000 and $18,000, with a median price of $15,000.

Website: https://www.dudleybeautycollegechicago.com/

10. Regina’s College of Beauty

Regina’s College of Beauty provides instruction for two certifications, with Cosmetology License and Bartender License receiving the most favorable reviews.

Depending on the qualification, this education instruction can be finished in anywhere between 8 and 8 months, with a median completion time of 11 months. The College of Beauty in Regina charges $20,000 for tuition.

Website: http://reginascollegeofbeauty.com/

11. American Academy of Hair Styling

Turn to the Academy of Hair Technology if you’re seeking a quick and economical approach to becoming certified as a nail technician.

beauty school in Greenville, South Carolina, has instructors with years of experience who are certified nail tech schools.

You will learn manicuring techniques, nail structure, nail tips, maintenance nail wrapping, and how to apply fake nails as part of our nail technician education at their Nail Tech School in South Carolina.

Website: https://www.hairchamps.com/nail-technician-school-in-spartanburg/

12. Aiken School of Cosmetology and Barbering

Aiken, South Carolina is home to the Aiken School of Cosmetology and Barbering. This school offers instruction for two certifications, with the Braiders License and Nail Technician License receiving the most favorable reviews.

Depending on the certification, this education program takes an average of 1 hour to complete. Aiken School of Cosmetology and Barbering charges $150 for tuition.

Experts cited flexible class schedules and excellent teachers as the two major advantages of attending Aiken School of Cosmetology and barbering most frequently, but respondents also highlighted the advantages of affordability and helpful professional services.

The 2 reviews for Aiken School of Cosmetology and Barbering have an overall rating of 5.0.

Website: http://www.aikenschoolofcosmetologyandbarbering.com/

13. Jolei’s Hair Institute

The SC State Board of Cosmetology has certified Jolei’s Hair Institute as a provider of continuing education credits for qualified beauty professionals. We’ll keep giving the PeeDee region of Florence County the greatest instruction and information possible.

For licensed beauty professionals, the institute provides advanced training at all levels, from fundamental to complex. In order to begin and/or continue their future teaching activities, we are also assembling a styling and education team made up of qualified beauty experts, licensed instructors, and licensed educators from across the state and internationally.

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Website: https://www.jhisoc.com/

14. Lacy Cosmetology School

The Lacy Cosmetology School is situated in Aiken, South Carolina, a sizable suburb. The institution is a for-profit, private school. The highest degree level offered at Lacy Cosmetology School is the Certificate.

The institution offers courses in cosmetology, beauty, and nail technology. Not every applicant is accepted by the Lacy Cosmetology School’s admissions office. Students frequently find that their classmates come from different regions of the nation.

68 students are enrolled in classes at Lacy Cosmetology School (67 full-time equivalent). The proportion of female students in the school is extremely high.

Website: http://www.lacyschools.com/

15. Paul Mitchell

Columbia, South Carolina is home to Paul Mitchell the School – Columbia, SC, a for-profit university. With 147 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a tiny institution.

There is no rejection at Paul Mitchell in Columbia, South Carolina. Cosmetology, barbering, cosmetology instruction, nail tech, and salon management are popular degrees.

Website: http://paulmitchell.edu/

Nail Technician Salary in South Carolina

As of September 26, 2022, the average compensation for nail technicians in South Carolina is $20,322. However, the range is normally between $17,961 and $23,434.

Salary ranges might vary significantly based on the city and a number of other crucial aspects, such as schooling, credentials, supplementary talents, and the time spent in your field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is nail tech school?

The majority of nail technician programs last 300 to 600 hours on average to complete. Depending on your ability to attend school full- or part-time, you may usually finish a nail tech program in three to nine months from the time the program begins.

Is being a nail tech worth it?

There are many different benefits to being a manicurist or pedicurist, in addition to the fact that there are an increasing number of nail tech jobs available. A stable income is one of them. Keep in mind that nail specialists can earn as much money as they want, depending on how much they’re willing to work.

How old do you have to be to become a nail tech in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Association of Cosmetology Schools has tools to help you fulfill the criteria for a manicurist school. You must be at least 16 years old and have completed at least the 10th grade in order to be eligible for licensing.


We engaged the expertise of top industry experts and analysts to compile the 15 best nail tech schools in South Carolina. South Carolina’s urbane populace provides the perfect target market for nail technicians.

Enroll today and gain to required license to become a professional nail technician in South Carolina. Ensure you visit each school’s website and read their terms of service before applying.



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