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There’s so much data in circulation that arranging this data in order to use it and make business decisions that will help you achieve a level of growth is an enormous task. However, by introducing business intelligence software tools, it can solve this problem easily.

According to the Daily MBA, data entry is not only standardized, but the information gathered is measurable and can help you arrive at meaningful conclusions and make critical decisions for your business.

In this article, you will learn about the best business intelligence software tools. We would carefully discuss each software tool, taking into consideration its vital aspects.

Why Use Business Intelligence Tools?

For beginners, data discovery, which used to be limited to the expertise of advanced analytics specialists, is now something everyone can execute using the right tools. More so, these tools allow you the insights you need to solve problems fasters, achieve growth easily, collect all your data in one place, forecast future outcomes, and a lot more.

Indeed, business intelligence tools (BI tools) are focused on helping you understand trends and get insights from your data in order to make tactical and strategic business decisions. They also help you identify patterns in the mountains of data your business builds up.

In choosing a tool among the wide range of tools you can use, you need to check for the adaptability of your business to the platform.

10 Best Business Intelligence Software Tools in 2022

Business intelligence tools have the core function of making business easier. While they might have a common goal, these tools vary in robustness, integration capabilities, ease-of-use (from a technical perspective), and of course, pricing.

1. Datapine

Datapine is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that eases the complex process of data analytics even for non-technical users. Owing to a comprehensive self-service analytics approach, datapine’s solution allows data analysis to build interactive business dashboards and generate actionable business insights.

2. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is an enterprise intelligence tool that offers powerful data analytics, cloud solutions, and hyperintelligence. For this reason and more, it is one of the best business software intelligence tools for productivity and growth.

With this software, users can identify trends, discern new opportunities, enhance productivity, and more. Using this data, users can also connect to one or various sources, whether the incoming data is from a spreadsheet, cloud-based, or enterprise data software all accessible through a mobile phone.

3. SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is a business intelligence software that allows users to execute comprehensive reporting, analysis, and interactive data visualization. The platform pays keen attention to categories such as Customer Experience (CX) and CRM, digital supply chain, ERP, and more.

Its role-based dashboards allow enabling users to erect their own dashboards and applications. SAP is a robust software created for all roles (IT, end uses, and management) and grants tons of functionalities in one environment. And despite its complications, it goes for a fair price.

4. SAS Business Intelligence

Although SAS’ highly influential offering is its advanced predictive analytics, it also grants a great business intelligence platform. This well-seasoned self-service too allows users to leverage data and metrics to make informed decisions about their business.

With their outstanding set of APIs, users have access to a wide variety of customization options, and the platform ensures high-level data integration and advanced analytics & reporting.

This platform has a great text analytics feature to give you more contextual insights into your data.

5. Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI is a business intelligence tool and analytics platform that joins visualization, machine learning, and collaboration. You can also easily walk through multiple data with intuitive filtering besides the ability to establish dashboards just about anywhere.

The beautiful thing about this BI tool is that you can easily move dashboards and visualizations to the next level using a no-code/low code development environment.

6.Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is an amazing BI tool for accurate reporting and data analysis. This business intelligence tool introduces an automatic data syncing that can be scheduled periodically. With this tool, you can easily build a connector using the integration APIs.

Connecting data from original sources and creating meaningful reports is one of the core functions of this tool. The easy editor will help you create personalized reports and dashboards, enabling you to zoom into the important details. The unique commenting experience is significant for collaboration.

7. QlikSense

QlikSense is a thorough data analytics platform and one of the best business intelligence software tools.

This platform isn’t device sensitive as it works on a lot of devices. If you use a touchscreen device, the QlikSense works optimally as the user interphase is well optimized.

This platform offers a unique associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI, and a high-performance cloud platform. A vital feature within this platform is its Search & Conversational Analytics, which allows for a faster and easier way to ask questions and discover new insights using the native language.

8. Sisense

Sisense is a user-friendly data analytics and one of the best business intelligence software tools that allow anyone within your organization to address large and complex datasets, in addition, to analyze and visualize this data without your IT department getting involved.

This allows you to bring together data from a wide variety of sources as well, including AdWords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. Not to mention, because it uses in-chip technology, it processes quick data compared to other tools.

9. Looker

Looker is the ultimate stop in our list of best business intelligence software tools to look out for! As a vital part of Google Cloud, this unique platform blends with any SQL database or warehouse and is amazing for startups, midsize businesses, or enterprise-grade businesses.

Some merits of this particular tool include its easy usability, handy visualizations, powerful collaboration features, and outstanding support.

10. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a web-based business analytics tool suite that performs optimally in data visualization. This software allows users to identify trends in real-time and offers brand new connectors that allow you to perform exceptionally in campaigns.

Since it’s web-based, Microsoft Power BI has easy accessibility features, making it possible for you to access it from anywhere. This software also allows users to integrate their apps and deliver reports and real-time dashboards.


Business Intelligence Tools are very versatile and grant you access to a lot of information regarding your business’ performance and the course it’s taking.

Although this w is great for gathering data from various sources and helping you make sense of it, it does little in terms of collecting data directly from your customers.

Paying keen attention to the needs of the customers remains one of the major key successes to any business that wants to thrive.

By constantly working on the needs of your customers, you build a sense of loyalty among your customers, which is great for business.


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