How to make Extra Money Driving with Uber on Weekends

If you want to earn extra money especially on weekends, driving Uber is a very good option. You…

If you want to earn extra money especially on weekends, driving Uber is a very good option. You just need to know How to make Extra Money Driving with Uber on Weekends

Why would I let whole strangers get in my car and drive them around the city carrying my car? I know, I thought so too. is uber worth it?

Of course, I did a lot of rides (and I talked to more drunk people than I would have really wanted), but it was a good concert for the weekend. It was well worth it.

Is it difficult to make Money Driving with Uber

Making money with Uber is not as difficult as many thought it is. So if you are interested in how to make money with Uber, Check out the writing below, and acquaint yourself with the three tips on how to make money with Uber and maximize your income, thereby, making more money:

If you were on the fence with Uber, I’d say it’s worth a try at least.

It’s certainly not for everyone, but in my experience, it’s a reasonable option if you have money and need a little extra money. I was skeptical at first and once asked, is driving for Uber worth it? but I thought I had nothing to lose when I registered and tried.

And in terms of secondary activity, Uber is without a doubt one of the highest-paid concerts (in relative terms).

The flexibility offered by Uber’s behavior is perhaps even more interesting than the salary. As a driver, you do not have a fixed schedule. When you have free time and want to make trips and make money, turn the app on your phone and wait for driving requests.

In this article, I will say exactly how I earned more money with Uber and what are the other benefits of being a driver that most people do not consider.

I’ll go straight to the brass hoes: my income during the trip was pretty good. I really did not expect to make as much money as I did.

That said, you must be smart about how to do it, otherwise, you can waste a lot of time (and gas) in the end.

Drivers are paid for each trip they offer, depending on the route and the current demand. In times of intense stress, drivers must pay a higher price to drive Uber.

Register here at Uber

How to make Extra Money Driving with Uber on Weekends

In order to make the most use of your weekends and make some extra cash through driving with Uber, you need to take these tips on How to make Extra Money Driving with Uber on Weekends seriously, as they are sure tips that could help you make money.

  1. You must drive during rush hours to maximize your income.
  2. Make a concerted effort to give your clients a great experience
  3. Use your time with the Riders to your advantage.
  4. It’s a means to find work around the world
  5. You can earn money your way
  6. You get to manage your money
  7. Get in-app directions
  8. You can rent or lease a car

#1. You must drive during rush hours to maximize your income

I live in a university town. Once the driver registration process was complete and the activation completed, I drove into my local Starbucks one afternoon and waited for maneuvers to appear near me.

After only two hours, I knew I was not doing it right. I disabled the app for a few hours and worked on other material for my website. I decided to wait until later in the night to try again.

The keywords of the first Friday night are all students returned from summer in town.

Holy smokes, that changed the deal. Everyone was having a good time outdoors in the city, which meant a constant flow from 8:00 pm to around 2:30 am when I finally decided to call it a quit.

#2. Make a concerted effort to give your Clients a great experience

I found that driving with Uber was like any other service-based appearance. If you give the driver a great experience and communicate with him personally, you will be treated well. When I struggled to make fun of the ride, the number of tips I got has increased significantly.

Some things I recommend for a good driving experience:

  • Have an immaculate interior that smells as clean.
  • Especially late at night, I always offered the AUX cable. It has always been a great success with the guests of the party.
  • Get to know your runners! Talk a little.
  • Have water and/or snacks on board.
  • Bring a bag of vomit (luckily I did not need it, but I’m sorry too)
  • Drive carefully and respect the speed limit.

#3. Use your time with the Riders to your advantage

Almost all riders like to ask, “So what do you do if you do not ride Uber? I do not know why people like to ask, but they always do.

Although I do not mind doing this when I drive at night, it is very useful to network with your drivers during the day. As an entrepreneur, I like the idea of ​​meeting people in the community and sharing information about my company and my activities.

You never know who you are going to meet and how you can help or how they can help you. Keep all possibilities open! Use the intimate driving platform to your advantage.

#4. It’s a means to find work around the world

Riders can request Uber in hundreds of cities worldwide—more than any other ridesharing app. And over 75% of the US population lives where Uber operates. With so many places to drive, your ability to earn money behind the wheel won’t necessarily be affected by a move to a new place.

#5. You can earn money your way

You don’t always need to give rides to make money with Uber. Drivers as young as 19 can deliver food and packages with UberEATS and UberRUSH. In fact, you don’t even need a car to make deliveries in many cities. A bike or scooter will work just fine.

#6. You get to manage your money

After every trip you complete, the fare you make gets added to your total daily and weekly earnings. This feature, which isn’t found in all ridesharing apps, makes it easy to keep track of your financial goals.

#7. Get in-app directions

With in-app navigation, finding each rider’s location and destination is simple. Navigate with confidence using turn-by-turn directions provided in the app.

If you have a TikTok account, you can earn some cash from it. Click on the link to access the 5 Easy Ways to Make Money from TikTok

#8. You can rent or lease a car

If you don’t have a car, Uber can help you get one. It’s your car to use as you’d like and payments are deducted automatically from your earnings.

Disadvantages of driving with Uber

Although I really think that the benefits of being an Uber driver-partner are worth it, this concert is not limited to the sun and the rainbow.

  • Uber does not pay you for gas or fees

Between trips that are interrupted halfway to pick them up, you find yourself quickly enough to fill up with gas. It also means that you do not have to drive between trips because it consumes gas quickly (and you do not earn money between trips).

  • Wear and Tear of your car

If you continue to bring in and out people in your car, your car will be a little damaged. It was not that bad for me, but I can see how wear can add up.

  • It’s not a great long-term option

In the end, there is no real growth opportunity if you are an Uber pilot partner. If you offer passengers a good opportunity, you need to make sure to prioritize the opportunities and actual skills to build a resume. Do not be blinded by the product. Think long-term.

I often came back after my first trip with Uber. Now, I only drive occasionally on Saturday nights because I prefer to focus on developing my business.


In the end, I think Uber is a great option, as long as you recognize it for what it is. Try once.

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