Best Ways To Get Paid To Drive A Car Across Country In 2021

With people showing different ways to make money, do you believe you can get paid to drive a car??? Having a working car can be a great source of income against the widely perceived assumption that a car is a liability.

If you don;’t mind driving your car around, this article will show you how to earn hundreds of dollars on the side every month. just by driving a car across the country.

How it all started for me…

I have always pictured my life as one where I land a high-paying job as soon as I’m through college and start making millions of dollars just by sitting in my well-decorated office.

Well, it hit me real hard in the face!! I finished school and couldn’t land a good-paying job nor could I afford a car. I work 8 to 6 from Monday to Friday and 8 to 4 on Saturdays!! No break or leave from work, just everyday stress!!

And guess how much I get paid by the end of the week?? $150!!! 

After subtracting expenses made during the week, I’ve got a few bucks to spare!!

The cycle continued until one fateful day, I engaged the taxi driver in a discussion and asked him how much he makes a day. He said “I make approximately $100 a day and do you know what’s so good about it?? I do absolutely nothing other than drive people around and enjoy the scenery”

I backtracked and I was like, what???!!!!!

This guy is making more than my wages a week and I’m here stressing my life!!!

I knew I had to step up my game, and I took action immediately!!

A journey of a thousand miles, they say begins with a step. I started with car delivery jobs where I worked with the Roadie company. Now, I don’t have to worry about working overloads and overtime just to make ends meet.

To get started, you need to have a valid driver’s license, a good and clean driving record, at least a year of experience, extra time to spare and you MUST love moving around or traveling.

10 Ways To Get Paid To Drive A Car

There are about 10 different ways to make money through car driving. They are;

1. Auto Driveaway

This might actually be the most popular driveaway in North America, with different offices in many cities, including Canada. Their drivers are paid an average of $46,500 in a year, if not more than that.

  • In order to qualify for application, you must be between the ages of 23 and 75.
  • Join a team of 10,000 pounds and fill out a form.
  • When you’ve passed, you will receive jobs available.
  • When you accept a gig, you have to leave a deposit of about $200 – $400.
  • Always check the rules for each gig.
  • When you get to your destination, you have to call the owner for a meeting and you don’t leave the keys in the mailboxes.
  • After that, you can visit a nearby Auto driveway office and reclaim your deposit.
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2. Roadie

Roadie is a delivery service that establishes a relationship with people in need of a driver to drop deliveries on their way to their destinations. Here, the driver gets paid to drive a car with the deliverables rightly delivered. The drivers can deliver goods like medicine, groceries, luggage, and so on.

Their collaborative model enables fast, flexible, scalable delivery that reaches 90% of all U.S. households. In addition, work with consumers, small businesses, and big global brands to enable same-day and urgent delivery nationwide. 

After each delivery, you can be paid about $50 for each local gig and about $400 for long-distance deliveries. You just have to be ready to spend the nights in some roadside hotels.

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3. Ridesharing

You can work with Uber or Lyft companies. As long as you have the right car and a clean driving record in addition to state-by-state standards for starters, you’re good to go. You can be paid per minute and per mile. You can also partner with them and get cuts.

Having a comfortable ride, an appealing smile and a friendly character are highly pleasurable to clients.

4. App-Based Delivery

You can work for App-based delivery services like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and others. You get to be paid about $25 per hour for delivering food and other items. A college student can also apply for this and get paid for door-to-door food deliveries.

5. Helping people move their properties

You can also get paid by helping people move their properties to a new location with your van or car. This is usually about $50 per hour depending on the distance and location. 

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You can enlist on craigslist, GoShare, or Dolly to connect with people who are looking to have stuff move.

6. By being a safe driver

You can be paid by doing literally nothing more than just driving safe. Some insurance companies give a cut and pay you for some months you don’t have an accident!! A delightful way of making money right?? 

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7. Babysitting and nannying

You can also earn through babysitting and nannying. This is mostly for college students. As babysitting involves transporting kids to and fro the school, going to the park, and so on, this is also a chance to get paid just for driving comfortably. Before you can take up this job, you must be up to 23 years old. In the course of the registration, your biometrics will be captured. You can be paid up to $30 for the job. 

8. Driving elderly people around

There are elderly people that are willing to pay to be driven to attend some functions or just for the fun of it. So, you can sign up for it and make money with it. and other local services in your community might help you find jobs that include transporting senior citizens in your own car. (Some cities also have partnerships with Uber or Lyft to connect seniors to rides.)

9. Deliver on Amazon

You can also work for Amazon by using Amazon Flex and work as a courier. By enlisting as an Amazon driver, you can get paid to deliver goods in your own car. You can be paid about $25 per hour.

10.  Tourist’s Guide and Sightseeing Tours

If you don’t like cab services then there is another option. You can use your car for sightseeing tours. This is done by taking customers on a sightseeing tour around the city.

You have to know about the city and have decent communication skills. As it counts and affects your pay.

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With all of the above sorted out, ensure your car is in good condition and fit for usage.

11. Advertising

If you don’t want to drive for a long distance, you can decide to wrap your car in advertising and make some bucks off it.

The United States’ two best-known car-wrapping companies are:

  • CarvertiseCarvertise matches drivers with brands looking to advertise in areas where they regularly drive. To qualify, drivers must operate vehicles no older than 10 years with factory finish paint jobs, have clean driving records, and drive at least 30 miles per day. Drivers typically earn $100 per month, with the potential for up to $200 per month for high-paying campaigns and occasional opportunities to earn $30 per hour to park in specific locations. Drivers generally don’t get to choose the brand they’re matched with.
  • WrapifyWrapify works with blue-chip brands such as Microsoft, Zillow, and Alaska Airlines. As with Carvertise, drivers are matched with brands that want to advertise where they usually drive. Fully wrapped cars – where the wrap completely covers the factory paint job – can earn up to $450 per month, according to Wrapify, but $200 to $300 is more typical.

With so many ways available to get paid to drive a car, which one do you think will make easy and quick bucks???

Final Thoughts

Driving a car and getting paid for it is an easy job to do. It is stressful free and you get to work on your own terms, time, and schedule. 

In as much as it is an easy job, taxes must be paid as it is a very legal job to do.



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