Tips on How to write an Essay on Discipline| Full Guide & Sample

While our goals and aspirations in life offer us direction, discipline shapes and polishes our path toward achieving those goals. Discipline is one of the needed virtues to achieve our dreams. This necessitates the need to learn tips on how to write an essay on discipline.

To be disciplined is to act according to established procedures or standards. It is a crucial aspect of existence. Teaching children to maintain order when studying, eating, or playing is important. Adults ought to live disciplined lifestyles as well.

We learn discipline in our workplaces and in school. We learn and follow rules with the assistance of our teachers, parents, and elders. In the classroom, on the sports field, during school assemblies, and when traveling with seniors, we must make an effort to maintain discipline.

Additionally, friends can instruct one another on correct behavior and rule compliance. Discipline aids in our development, happiness, and success.

One of the most important personality traits in your life is discipline. This phrase describes a set of guidelines that are adhered to when performing any work or activity.

Discipline is a great method to keep yourself inspired and motivated when working toward a goal. Therefore, a discipline essay is an excellent technique to learn and teach facts that will eventually help you become a better writer.

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What concepts should I cover in writing an essay on discipline?

Consider developing a structure for your discipline essay before you start writing. The format should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion that comprehensively address all crucial aspects of the subject.

All pertinent information that a reader needs to be aware of should be covered in the points you utilize to describe the issue. This includes a succinct explanation of discipline, its function in achieving goals, the significance of discipline in daily life, and the benefits of leading a disciplined lifestyle.

What guidelines ought to guide me when I write the introduction of my discipline essay?

An essay’s introduction is a critical section of the paper. The opening of your discipline essay should be able to achieve the following goals:

  • Catch your readers’ attention
  • Give a brief introduction to the subject.
  • Summarize the essay’s lessons for the reader in a single sentence.

Setting the tone for the entire discipline essay begins with the first sentence of your introduction.

Here is a simple illustration to begin your essay with:

For thousands of years, the disciplines of psychology and philosophy have debated the art and skill of discipline. According to ancient Greek philosophers, discipline is a “sophrosyne,” an ideal of mental clarity and sterling character that fosters restraint, equilibrium, and moderation.

Additionally, your introduction should be able to establish a backdrop that is historical, geographical, and social (when required). An outline of your argument is essential when presenting one since it provides the reader with context.

What should the body of my discipline essay look like?

Paragraphs that structure your ideas and themes should be included in the body of your discipline essay. The body paragraphs of your essay are crucial for supporting your thesis (which is presented in the introduction).

Each paragraph in the essay should make sense in relation to the one before it and the one following it. The subject or idea of a single paragraph should also be the only focus.

At this stage, it’s crucial to remember that readers take mental rests at the end of paragraphs and only take in information in little bursts. It is best to avoid using long paragraphs in your discipline essay.

The main body of your discipline essay gives you the chance to elaborate on the points you made in the introduction. To make an impression on the reader, use brief, succinct sentences that are backed up with evidence from reliable sources, such as quotations, statistics, and facts.

Never leave a paragraph unfinished while giving proof. Your primary task as an essay writer is to connect your work and your evidence on discipline to the paragraph’s main themes. This can be done by analyzing, elaborating, and adding to the body’s description of the evidence.

How should my essay on discipline be concluded?

The final paragraph you need to write for your discipline essay is the conclusion. An effective conclusion will:

  • Ensure that the essay’s primary themes are connected.
  • Explain why your contention is pertinent.
  • Make an impact that is strong and long-lasting on the reader.

The greatest spot to summarize your important points and remind the reader of your arguments is in the essay’s conclusion. Don’t just summarize each paragraph and reiterate each point made in the discipline essay’s body.

The conclusion should tie together all of your arguments regarding discipline in a way that amply demonstrates how the various ideas are related.

Include a larger perspective of the subject and the implications of your argument in your conclusion. The summary should be able to:

  • Give the reader a fresh perspective on the word “discipline”
  • Pose new queries about how the subject might be applied in real-world situations.
  • Provide possibilities for the discipline concept to be used in many circumstances.
  • Permit the reader to relate the idea to a bigger subject or point of contention
  • Make room for useful predictions and recommendations

You might even think about concluding your discipline essay with a declarative statement or a quotation.

A few inspiring quotations to end your discipline essay

  1. “Success isn’t determined by wealth, influence, or social standing. Your inner calm and discipline are the indicators of success. Michael Ditka.
  2. “Self-respect is the result of self-control; a sense of dignity develops with the capacity to set boundaries with oneself.” — Abraham Joshua Heschel
  3. “Discipline and training are the sources of confidence.” Bob Kiyosaki
  4. “An army’s soul is discipline. It makes small groups intimidating, brings triumph to the weak, and respect to everyone. Washington, George
  5. “There is nothing worthy that you cannot achieve with faith, discipline, and unselfish devotion to duty.” The late Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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We shall look at a variety of writings on the subject in the following pieces, which range in length.

Long and Brief Discipline Essay

Essay on Discipline 1 (100 words)

Most of us don’t like discipline and especially don’t like the word. We don’t want the word “discipline” mentioned in our classrooms, homes, workplaces, or even institutions. That is so because we value freedom over adherence to any laws or regulations.

But we must realize that some discipline is necessary for our own wellbeing. Without any self-control in our actions or conduct, we will be completely aimless wayward missiles with a ton of ammo but no idea where to aim.

In other words, we all have the capacity to achieve success and do well in life, but without discipline, we are unable to find a way to get there, ultimately failing.

Essay on Discipline 2 (150 words)

Most kids think of discipline as a collection of rules that their adults have forced on them. Many kids believe that punishment is unnecessary and that they should be allowed to do anything they want.

The reason for this is that the kids don’t understand why the elders made those regulations in the first place. Elders and guardians always have the best interests of kids in mind, thus a lot of the rules and restrictions they place are just for the kids’ security and well-being.

There are also some straightforward exercises in a discipline that you can perform on a regular basis. You’ve probably heard the proverb, “Early to bed and early to wake, make a man healthy and wise,” for instance.

Your health and personality will undoubtedly benefit if you are disciplined about going to bed early and rising early the next day.

Similar to this, if you follow some simple rules every day with discipline, such as washing your hands before eating, refraining from talking while you eat, and always acting appropriately, they will improve your life.

Essay on Discipline 3 (200 Words)

I am aware that you are already disciplined, especially if you are a student. How frequently did your teacher tell you to pay attention or you would have to leave the class?

Or how frequently did your parents forbid you from playing outside or going on adventures because you didn’t do well on your test?

These are a few discipline-related examples that were allegedly introduced to foster your growth. The discipline enforced in this situation is necessary, and you must create a habit of adhering to it.

Your teachers, parents, or other adults have disciplined you, but there is no damage in it because their main concern is your welfare and improvement.

As long as the goal for which discipline is being used is good, discipline is good. Such discipline transforms you for the better and alters how others see you. It brings you admiration from teachers, friends, and family.

You will be admired and respected and set an example for juniors and younger people to follow. You’ll have greater composure, serenity, and career and personal success. Discipline is essential in many aspects of life, including school, work, and personal relationships.

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Essay on Discipline 4 (250 Words)

According to the definition, discipline is “the technique of teaching people to respect rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.”

The explanation makes it clear that the major goal of discipline is to teach people how to immediately respect established rules and regulations.

There is also a clause for punishment or consequence, which is intended to ensure that the rules are followed and the discipline is upheld.

A person imposes discipline on themselves or others, frequently for justifications and to achieve desired outcomes. It’s likely that your decision to self-study for 4-5 hours every day at home, regardless of the circumstances, will boost your grades and give you a steady career. As an example.

For instance, if a police officer pulls someone over for driving carelessly or without a helmet, it is merely to protect that person’s safety and the welfare of society as a whole.

However, care must be taken when establishing rules and regulations, and any inconvenience brought on by the rules’ observance must also be taken into account.

For instance, it would be an overreaching of authority if the policeman in the scenario above jailed the offender in addition to fining him for a very small infraction.

Similar to the last example, disciplinary action cannot be justified if your school management dismisses you for a week for failing to turn in an assignment.

Essay about Discipline 5 (300 Words)


Discipline, in the general sense, is a strategy to keep yourself and your actions in check; frequently, it also refers to meeting all of your obligations and deadlines on time.

Although discipline is beneficial for growth and advancement, when it is imposed by another person, it may also cause issues. I shall discuss both excellent and terrible discipline in this post.

Good Discipline

To achieve desired objectives, good discipline is applied for all the right reasons. For instance, your teacher’s stringent request that you remain silent throughout the lecture is meant to force you to focus on it so that you can raise your grade.

When your father wants you to leave early at any cost, it is simply for your protection and advantage and is another illustration of effective discipline.

Similar to this, there might be countless instances of discipline that is used to improve things.

Bad Discipline

Bad discipline refers to any disciplinary measure that has been implemented without a justification or with malicious intent.

Even good discipline can be classed as bad discipline if it is applied too firmly and causes someone stress and emotional distress.

Let’s say, for example, that your friend’s parents are so overly concerned for him or her that they won’t let them attend your birthday party or any other comparable event.

The punishment in this instance appears to have been applied without an obvious cause, and your acquaintance may find it to be somewhat gloomy.

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What are the benefits of writing essays? 

With essays, you can gain significant research skills and increase your knowledge of different concepts and develop your writing abilities

Does discipline contribute to effective decision-making? 

Absolutely! Individuals who are disciplined are also mentally and physically focused. They are, therefore, able to align their body & mind with their ideas & goals to make excellent decisions

What sort of writing tone should I employ for an essay on discipline? 

This depends on what you are attempting to accomplish with your essay. For example, a conversational tone for a discipline essay can be a great way to initiate discussion on the concept amongst your readers.


Discipline is only effective to a certain extent when the person enforcing it is thinking about the subject’s welfare. Any discipline also needs to be approached objectively and logically, and any undesirable results must be avoided.



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