Tips on How to Write an Essay on Music | Full Guide & Sample

How do you write an essay on music? Music is an art that affects the human emotions in various ways. The elements of rhythm, pitch, texture, timbre, and dynamics make up the essence of music. The outcomes of the usage of music in many contexts and industries are incomprehensible to the average person.

Sometimes, we try to put in words the emotions music makes us feel and other times, we try to appreciate the art that music is in words. If you have been tasked to write an essay on music or it’s something you have chosen to write for your social media pages, then this article is a complete guide on how you can write an exceptional piece on music.

Also, it comes with a free essay on music sample as well some of the est essay topics on music.

How Do I Start Writing an Essay?

Basically, an essay writing process has three main stages:

1. Preparation

This has to do with deciding on the topic you want to write on, brainstorming, doing your research, and developing an essay outline. Then start writing your first draft.

2. Writing

This has to do with setting out the main subject of your essay in the introduction. This is the same for the different essay types. When you have set the subject out, develop and organize it into paragraphs in the main essay body. Then wrap it up with a conclusion.

When writing your essay introduction, you must hook your reader from the first line or paragraph. Also, you could end the introduction with a brief description of what you will cover in the remaining parts of the essay. This is important and applicable especially if you are writing a long essay.

When writing your conclusion, be sure it ties together your main points and additionally shows why your essay is important or personal to you. You must not introduce new topics, or stories nor should you try to undermine your essay in your conclusion. Also, you must not end your conclusion with phrases like “in conclusion..” or “to sum up…”

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3. Revision

Go over your essay; beginning with the structure, grammar, punctuation, and spellings, and be sure that everything is set right.

Tips on How to Write an Essay on Music

If you want to write an exceptional essay on music, then follow this essay structure:

1. Listen and Understand the Music You’re Going to Write About:

Decide on the music you want to write about or the music genre. Listen to the music over and over. Think about the rhythm, the instrument types as well as the different parts of the song you would want to write about.

2. Research the Background Information About the Music

carry out some research on the background information of the music, the music genre, or your opinion or perspective about music – if that’s what you are writing about.

If it’s about a song, then find out who composed it, when it was, what genre it belongs to as well as the style used on it.

You can find some useful resources online to aid your writing. While you use this, remember that your essay is not complete if it’s not backed up with the right evidence.

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3. Establish an Outline

Create a rough summary of the key elements you intend to address. By combining all the information you have obtained, create the ideal skeleton, and then choose the strongest parts.

4. Create a Strong Topic for Your Essay

Now that you have a clue of what you want to write, create a proper topic for your essay. In the case where you are convinced of the best topic to go with, create between two or more topics and pick the one that best fits your writing when you have finished.

5. Make Your Introduction Stand Out

By any means, find a compelling way to introduce your reader to your topic. Your introduction has to comprise a brief summary or explanation of your essay topic.

A suggestion would be to use a thought-provoking quote or a catchy ut yet, simple explanation of the music or the issue you are exploring in your essay.

6. Develop Your Main Ideas in Individual Paragraphs to Form the Body

While your introduction is an important part of your essay, your body is also another important part of your music essay. it is here you elaborate on the information and facts supporting your thesis claim in your introduction in individual paragraphs.

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7. Conclude Your Essay by Recapping Your Main Idea

Your conclusion should entail a recap of your main ideas in the essay. The main aim of the conclusion is to convince your reader to share your perspectives or beliefs. Simply, your conclusion should contain three main points:

  • A succinct summary of the thesis
  • A quick recap of every important point
  • Summary of all discoveries

8. Revise

After you have completed your essay, it will help to go over it, again and again, to ensure you do away with errors such as grammatical, typographical, punctuation as well as paragraphing errors.

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Free Sample Essays on Music

Before you begin writing an essay on music, you need to first understand what music means is and what it means to you. Also, ensure you understand the value and importance of music in your life as well as in the society.

Typically, your essay on music may not necessarily be about a particular song or song genre. It could be your appreciation of music generally.

Below is a free sample essay on music:

Essay Topics on Music

If you need some writing prompts to help you out of your writer’s block here are some great essays on music topics to choose from:

  • What is the history of music?
  • What are the effects of music on human beings?
  • An essay on music therapy.
  • What are the differences between the genre and the music?
  • What are the benefits of learning how to play a musical instrument?
  • How to get started in the music industry
  • What is the history of the piano?
  • Why do different cultures use different musical instruments?
  • Do you think musical education should be compulsory?
  • What makes a good song?
  • What makes a song popular?
  • How will artificial intelligence influence music?
  • Do you think music can have negative effects on health?

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All human emotions, from grief to despair, can be healed by music. It is a source of joy. There are many different genres of music. The most crucial criterion for determining the artistic merit of music has been thought to be emotional manifestations. Life crises can occasionally be difficult to describe in complete sentences, which is when music excels. Writing an essay on music is quite a fun thing to do. We hope our tips and templates are enough to help you draft that exceptional piece you have been tasked with. All the best!


Who created music?

Although no one is certain who or when exactly originated music, we can claim that it was a crucial aspect of early human life.

What is music essay conclusion?

Your conclusion should entail a recap of your main ideas in the essay. The main aim of the conclusion is to convince your reader to share your perspectives or beliefs. Simply, your conclusion should contain three main points:

Why is music so powerful?

One of the theories as to why music is so emotionally potent is the production of endorphins. The brain releases endorphins as a hormone in reaction to stress or pain. People get a “runner’s high” from them, and they may also let them out when they are listening to music.


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