15 Best Esthetician Schools in Louisiana | 2022

Anyone seeking to obtain a cosmetology license in Louisiana has a wide range of top esthetician schools in Louisiana to choose from, ranging from small, traditional Southern beauty schools in peaceful communities along the bayou to enormous, trendy chain schools situated in the always bustling big metropolis.

The Louisiana cosmetology programs that topped our list had average tuition costs of just $12,746, making them some of the best esthetician schools in Louisiana. They are among the best because of their high percentages of on-time graduation!

Why Become an Esthetician in Louisiana

Some people enjoy esthetics because it enables them to conduct in-home services or work from home. Some people adore their jobs as estheticians because they wish to work in dermatological offices. You may be able to achieve the freedom you want by becoming an esthetician!

As a medical esthetician in Louisiana, you may enjoy a fulfilling profession with a lot to offer ambitious and hard-working individuals. Not only can working as a medical esthetician be quite satisfying, but it can also be in high demand.

A career as an esthetician can be a great choice if you ever want to launch your own company. Learning business skills is part of ACA’s medical esthetician training program so that, should you decide to launch your firm, you will be prepared.

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Are There any Esthetician Schools in Louisiana

Arizona, which ranks closely behind few others in terms of the number of beauty schools, Louisiana is home to a large number of aspiring professionals in addition to having one of the highest numbers of estheticians in the United States.

At the medical esthetician schools in Louisiana, students can enrol in cosmetology courses to receive a bachelor’s, master’s, or diploma degree in esthetics. In Louisiana, there are more than 10 esthetician schools.

How much do esthetician schools cost in Louisiana?

Louisiana has a distinct aesthetic and health sense, and the state’s many beauty schools accurately represent this mentality.

An esthetics education in Louisiana is not expensive, with an average tuition of $8,204 for the institutions on our list, but it is thorough and focuses on a kind approach and practical abilities that make their graduates favourites among spas and salons across the state.

 How Long Will it Take to Attend Esthetician Schools in Louisiana?

The Louisiana Board of Cosmetology, which issues licenses to cosmetologists, manicurists, and estheticians in the state, is the first step in becoming an esthetician. You may help your customers seem younger, more radiant, and prettier by specializing in skin beautification as an esthetician.

To become a licensed skin care practitioner, Louisiana needs to pass both the written and practical exams for esthetician licensing as well as completing a 750-hour certified esthetics program.


  • be at least 16 years old
  • Have accomplished the 10th grade at a high school with an approved curriculum and logged 1500 hours in cosmetology school.
  • Passed the necessary State Board tests
  • Paid the fees


  • Meet the minimum age of 16
  • Have accomplished the 10th grade at an accredited high school and completed 750 hours of the cosmetology curriculum.
  • Passed the necessary State Board tests
  • Paid the appropriate fees


  • The minimum age is 16 years old.
  • Have completed 500 hours of cosmetology school coursework and the 10th grade at an accredited high school.
  • Passed the necessary State Board tests
  • Payment of the appropriate fees

Can you take esthetician classes online in Louisiana?

Estheticians are trained professionals in skin care. While aestheticians concentrate on medical care, aestheticians may place more emphasis on cosmetic skin care.

Both have to finish their curriculum, receive practical experience, and pass a state exam to become licensed.

Some aspects of esthetician training can be completed in online esthetician schools in Louisiana, although the hands-on nature of esthetics favors in-person schools.

There aren’t any esthetics degrees that are entirely online in Louisiana, although hybrid programs might be accessible. To make an informed choice, it’s crucial to examine these programs and consider elements like the course curriculum, available programs, and your career ambitions.

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Best Esthetician Schools in Arizona with Certification

Louisiana has a unique sensibility when it comes to health and esthetics, and that sensibility is well-reflected in the beauty schools scattered across the state.

At an average tuition rate of $8,204 for the schools that made our list, an esthetics education isn’t costly in Louisiana, but it is comprehensive and focused on a gentle approach and practical skills that make their graduates favourites among spas and salons across the state.

Here you’ll find our pick for the top esthetics schools in Louisiana that offer programs that meet the requirements for esthetician licensure.

Our list contains the following.

  1. Medical esthetician schools in Louisiana
  2. Accredited esthetician schools in Louisiana
  3. Licensed esthetician schools in Louisiana
  4. Cheap esthetician schools in Louisiana

Medical Esthetician Schools in Louisiana

Medical esthetician schools in Louisiana offer a higher level of esthetician training than basic esthetician schools. The number of students enrolling at Louisiana’s medical esthetics colleges to become certified esthetics experts is very significant.

Here is a list of the best medical esthetician schools in Louisiana

1. Aveda Institute – New Orleans

Given how well-known Aveda is in the skin care industry, it is no surprise that their esthetics program in New Orleans made our list of top esthetician schools in Louisiana. 

Students study the nuances of esthetics from some of the best educators in the industry while using Aveda’s premium skin care products.

Sixty-six per cent of students complete their degrees on time, and they can rely on a program for job placement that works with Aveda’s extensive network of spas to locate employment when they’re ready. Aveda accepts qualified veterans’ G.I. Bill benefits.

  • Tuition: $9,255
  • Kit Cost: $1,500
  • Program Length: 6 months

2. Blue Cliff College – Shreveport

Blue Cliff is a vocational training institution with locations all across the state, but its esthetics program in Shreveport shines out not just compared to its other campuses but also esthetics programs in the state!

Students can learn the skills necessary to operate or one day own their spa or salon through a business training course. Strong ties to the neighbourhood encourage students to exhibit altruism.

  • Tuition: $8,853
  • Kit Cost: $2,050
  • Program Length: 6 months

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3. Avery James School of Cosmetology – Lake Charles

They still address the proprietors and instructors of the traditional Southern beauty school Avery James School of Cosmetology as Mr., Miss, or Mrs.

The school has been in operation in Lake Charles since 1955 and has quietly provided thorough and exquisite style instruction at a reasonable price.

By instructing students on salon management and fundamental accounting procedures, the school also gets them ready for the business side of the sector.

Avery James remains top esthetician schools in Louisiana mainly because of the wide variety of courses they offer.

  • Tuition: $10,100
  • Kit Cost: Included in tuition
  • Program Length: 13 months

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4. Cloyd’s Beauty School – Monroe

Given that Cloyd’s is at the top of our ranking in practically every other category as well, it offers the least priced esthetics program out of all the institutions on our list, making it an incredible value.

Even without considering the low tuition, it would be an excellent pick because of its high on-time completion rate and the greatest job placement rates in the state (82 percent, aided by a job placement program provided by the school)!

  • Tuition: $3,375
  • Kit Cost: $700
  • Program Length: 7 months

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Licensed Esthetician Schools in Louisiana

The state board’s standards must be met by the accredited institution you choose if you want to become a licensed esthetician in Louisiana. This list is the greatest place to start if you don’t know where to look.

5. D’Jay’s Institute of Cosmetology & Esthiology – Baton Rouge

D’Jay’s is a reputable, up-to-date institution with statistics that are among the best in the state: more than half of all students graduate on time, and 82 per cent land jobs in the sector right away.

Even better, they do it while accumulating almost any student loan debt. To help students gain the experience they need to advance in esthetics, the school provides a strong, broad clinic base.

  • Tuition: $13,000
  • Kit Cost: $500
  • Program Length: 6 months

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6. Celebrity Stylist Beauty School – Monroe

Celebrity supports practical instruction that will enable pupils to realize their potential. With the aid of a career services department, the school is able to place 83 per cent of its graduates in employment after graduation. Over 50 per cent of learners finish the course on schedule.

Although the institution already boasts the lowest tuition in the state, it accepts VA benefits. Students can prepare for management or ownership positions in salons in the real world by participating in the course’s business skills component.

  • Tuition: $8,198
  • Kit Cost: $1,070
  • Program Length: 13 months

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7. John Jay Beauty College – New Orleans

In the South, John Jay is a well-known figure in the industry; he has styled three First Ladies and several dignitaries and celebrities, and he shares his knowledge and skills with his students.

The school’s business curriculum is strong and aligns with its focus on practical education and experience. Nevertheless, it is relatively cost-effective, with tuition costs that are lower than the state average.

  • Tuition: $5,800
  • Kit Cost: $1,000
  • Program Length: 6 months

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8. Omega Institute of Cosmetology – Houma

The Omega Institute of Cosmetology may sound like the cover organization for a villain in a James Bond film, but it is actually one of the medical esthetician schools in Louisiana dominating the Louisiana-style industry by producing top-notch grads.

Even if their salon doesn’t have an underground hideaway beneath an erupting volcano, it nevertheless has the newest technology and the warmest, cleanest gallery in the state.

With an 88 per cent job placement rate after graduation, Omega is the only school in the state to achieve the trifecta of high on-time completion rates, low student loan debt, and high job placement rates.

Graduates can get assistance finding jobs from a dedicated career services department. The institution offers a strong business skills education as well.

  • Tuition: $12,029
  • Kit Cost: $900
  • Program Length: 13 months

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Cheap esthetician schools in Louisiana

The ability to work for yourself may be possible for you if you can get a great deal on an exceptional education. To assist individuals in achieving healthy, attractive skin, this profession combines enthusiasm, creativity, technology, and knowledge of the skin.

Being in a position to know this kind of information is admirable, and it might even be enjoyable and profitable. To choose the best esthetician school in Louisiana that fits your budget, look at the list below.

9. Stevenson Academy of Hair Design – New Orleans

When local stylist Dorothy Stevenson opened the first Stevenson Academy in 1973, her goal was to “teach a few kids.”

Over time, it grew to become a location where students could use education and business to raise the quality of their lives. It still ranks among the most reasonably priced colleges in the state and takes veterans’ VA benefits.

  • Tuition: $7,075
  • Kit Cost: $600
  • Program Length: 16 months

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10. Opelousas School of Cosmetology Inc. – Opelousas

The goal of the Opelousas School of Cosmetology Inc. is to prepare students for positions at the entry-level in the cosmetology industry.

Nearly all applicants can afford the institution due to the reasonable tuition. Graduates are more successful in the actual world when business training is given more importance.

  • Tuition: $9,500
  • Kit Cost: $1,000
  • Program Length: 14 months

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11. Pat Goins Beauty School – Bossier City

Pat Goins wants to assist students in pursuing their passions as a means of income. The school seeks for students who are passionate about hairstyles and colouring and gives them the training necessary to work in the industry.

More than fifty per cent of students graduate on schedule. They accept VA benefits at the school. Students participate in off-campus community activities, pageants, and fashion displays to test their knowledge and dedication.

  • Tuition: $15,510
  • Kit Cost: $2,808
  • Program Length: 10 months

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12. Pineville Beauty School – Prineville

The dedication of Pineville Beauty School to its pupils extends far beyond the classroom; they assist students in advancing into rewarding careers in cosmetology. With 91 per cent of graduates finding jobs in the beauty business, PBS has the greatest job placement rates in the state.

PBS provides attendees with excellent value thanks to below-average tuition fees and the high likelihood that they will find employment after completing the program!

  • Tuition: $12,110
  • Kit Cost: $750
  • Program Length: 12 months

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Accredited esthetician schools in Louisiana

As skin care procedures enable people to appear years younger than their true age and gloriously glowing, the demand for esthetician services is rising. Louisiana participates in the aesthetics industry.

We have included a list of accredited medical esthetician schools in Louisiana to help you select from the many colleges available.

13. Guy’s Academy – Shreveport 

For nearly 60 years, Guy’s has been the go-to location for esthetics instruction in Shreveport. In that time, their teachers have discovered a method to not only let pupils explore their own creativity, but also to help them develop the perseverance needed to finish the course of study: 77 percent graduate on time.

Once the training is through, individuals are assisted in finding employment by a specialized job placement program. Guys will take qualified veterans’ VA benefits.

  • Tuition: $11,280
  • Kit Cost: $3,787
  • Program Length: 6 months

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14. My-Le’s Beauty College – Gretna

A for-profit university called My-Beauty Le’s is situated in Terrytown, Louisiana, close to New Orleans. It is a modest university with 44 undergraduate students enrolled.

The acceptance percentage for My-Beauty Le’s is 100%.  My-le is one of the best esthetician schools in Louisiana. Popular majors include cosmetology, skin care, esthetics, and nail technology.

  • Tuition: $$13,753
  • Kit Cost: $3,787
  • Program Length: 6 months

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15. Blue Cliff College – Alexandria

A for-profit university called Blue Cliff – Alexandria is situated in Alexandria, Louisiana. 521 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a tiny school. The acceptance rate between Blue Cliff College is 100 per cent.

Medical Assistant, Medical Insurance Coding, and Esthetician & Skin Care are popular majors. Alumni from Blue Cliff – Alexandria graduate in 54 per cent of cases, and their beginning salaries are $17,100. 

The school stands top as a medical esthetician school in Louisiana

  • Tuition: $15,523
  • Kit Cost: $4,787
  • Program Length: 6 months

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How to Become an Esthetician in Louisiana

The wide range of services you may provide your clients with is one of the main advantages of working in the beauty sector.

Although a cosmetology license may allow you to work with skin and hair, you might discover that working with skincare, makeup, and anti-ageing techniques is where your interests lie. If it describes you, an esthetics program might be a better fit for you.

Some of the most significant issues and subjects in skin care are covered in Louisiana’s aesthetics programs. You must first complete training in the following categories in order to be licensed:
Theories of scientific esthetics: Skin histology, physiology and anatomy, skin illnesses, skin disorders, chemistry, and sanitation
Services provided by estheticians:  They include skin analysis, product selection, draping, cleaning, massage, mask treatment, electricity, hair removal, aromatherapy, spa services, and makeup application.
• Louisiana legislation, laws, and rules governing cosmetology

These requirements should be readily met by any licensed, recognized institution! Every curriculum is different since every school sets its own standards. But as a student of esthetics, you can also enroll in classes like:

  • Customer Consultation and Education
  • Makeup Color Theory
  •  Anti-Aging Skin Treatments and Products.

All our listed best esthetician schools in Louisiana can offer courses cutting across all these sectors.

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Louisiana Esthetician License Requirements

If your esthetics training program is a success, you might be just a few steps away from receiving your Louisiana esthetician license.

There is much more to learn about obtaining a skin care license in Louisiana, though. All the top esthetician schools in Louisiana listed above can help you out with it.

The Louisiana Board of Cosmetology is in charge of all examinations and licensing. You must pay a number of fees when you sign up to take your licensing examinations in order to cover your testing expenses and receive your license.

These costs and prerequisites are listed below:

  • $25 licensure cost.
  • $25 theoretical exam price
  • Practical test fee  $25,
  • Fees are paid in cashier’s check or money order.
  • 750 hours of instruction

Not only do Louisiana’s licensing requirements for esthetics make it harder for untrained individuals to call themselves estheticians, but they also make it simpler for the state to identify beauty experts who do not adhere to statutory practice standards. As a result, the entire beauty sector grows stronger.

How to Get Your Louisiana Esthetician’s License Renewed

Louisiana does not follow the majority of states, which only require license renewals for beauticians every two years. Only a few states need annual renewal from estheticians, including this one.

Your license must be renewed by your birthday each year. The cost for this is $25. There are no required continuing education credits. If you don’t renew by the due date, you can be required to complete a refresher course or pay an additional late fee.

You can work in spas and salons across Louisiana if you have a Louisiana esthetics license.


Being an esthetician is a noble career choice. Once the prerequisites have been satisfied, you can realize your ambition of becoming a cosmetologist.

The best esthetician schools in Louisiana offer a wide range of esthetics programs and a fantastic learning environment to support your career growth.

For more information and to submit an application to any of the medical esthetician schools in Louisiana that catch your attention, visit their official website, which is given in the article.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much do aestheticians make in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, an esthetician can expect to make $20.14 per hour on average.

How long is esthetician school in Louisiana?

In order to become a licensed skin care practitioner, Louisiana needs to pass both the written and practical exams for esthetician licensing as well as complete a 750-hour certified esthetics program.

What is the difference between a medical esthetician and a regular esthetician? 

A medical esthetician will work with a doctor’s patients, whereas an esthetician will work with clients. While an esthetician cannot operate in medical environments like hospitals or trauma centres without further training, a medical esthetician can. 

What’s the difference between Aesthetician and an Esthetician? 

Although they are frequently used interchangeably, there may be a technical distinction. Typically, aestheticians play more of a medical role while estheticians concentrate on cosmetic procedures. Because of this distinction, titles for aestheticians may also include “medical,” “clinical,” or “paramedical.”

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