FVSU Student Email Login 2023: How to use the FVSU Student Email

Logging into your student email at FVSU has become crucial to student life. To access your course materials, view grades, submit assignments, and more, you must sign in, regardless of whether you are a new FVSU student or have been studying there for a while.

This page is about how to set up a student email account at FVSU. In addition, Students at FVSU can easily monitor their development and access their course materials from any device.

This article outlines setting up and using a student email account at FVSU. The article also includes frequently asked questions regarding FVSU student email login.

About Fort Valley State University

FVSU is one of the prestigious public land-grant historically black universities in Georgia.  

In addition to being a member institution of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, it is a part of the University System of Georgia. 

The university was established in 1895. The university is situated in Fort Valley, the county seat of Peach, where the state’s peach industry first began. 

When it comes to programs they offer, they offer master’s degrees in several subject areas and bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 disciplines. 

FVSU is authorized to grant associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and specialty degrees by the Commission on Colleges of the SACS- Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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FVSU Student Email

 All enrolled students at Fort Valley State University are given access to student email accounts. The email account comes with several capabilities, including online storage and a calendar, and it is offered by Microsoft Office 365.

The university introduced a new email system with a more modern appearance and a new name: Wildcat Mail.

 This new email service provides FVSU students and alums with a free 10GB lifetime email account, 25GB online storage, online collaboration tools, photo sharing, mobile alerts, instant messaging tools, and much more! 

You can follow the instructions if you have never set up your FVSU email password. 

Log in to your campus email address Username: FVSU username (example: john. doe). Use the beginning of your campus email address before the @ sign. First-time Users: Select Forgot Password to be supplied a password reset link for access.

What is the Email Address For FVSU?

To contact Fort Valley State University and request information, use their email address, @fvsu.edu. [email protected] 

How Do I Get FVSU Email Address?

Your email address, phone number, and password are required to access an FVSU Email Login account.

You can create an account if you don’t already have one by providing your name, email address, cell phone number, birth date, and gender.

To create or access an email account on the FVSU website, follow the steps below: 

To establish or access an email account on the FVSU website, just follow these simple steps:

  • The top header and bottom footer of every page on the FVSU website have links to MyFVSU. You can click HERE as well.
  • In the User ID block, enter your Fort Valley State University ID Number (FVSU ID#). Your FVSU ID card has your User ID printed on it.
  • Put in your PIN: Enter your birthdate when you first log in to myFVSU (MMDDYY format).
  • When finished, click “Exit” to exit your browser and preserve your privacy. Click “Login” to begin.

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Why Is It Important To Get The FVSU Email? What is an Email Address?

To communicate with one another, Fort Valley State University students choose email.

A student’s email account is a valuable resource that allows them to engage in school activities, maintain contact with friends and family, and stay on top of academics.

Students can access the university’s online resources, such as course materials and details of on-campus events, through their student email accounts.

Also, students can access FVSU from here, log in, examine their most recent grades, and modify their student profiles.

Students can access online resources using their FVSU email addresses.

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Do Students Keep Their FVSU Student Email After Graduation

After graduating, alums are welcome to keep their Fort Valley State University email address, but they should be aware of a significant shift.

The university offers alums the option to continue using their FVSU email addresses as Outlook Live accounts.

Your new email address is as follows: Your user [email protected]  (for instance, [email protected]).

Additionally, you can use the IT Services Help Desk’s assistance to transfer any previously saved FVSU emails to your new Outlook Live account. You can recover any email that has yet to be moved to your new Outlook Live account.

What Can I Do With My FVSU Email Login?

As a new Fort Valley State University student, you must create an email account. 

Your FVSU email login gives you access to view your account statements and term balances, submit online payments, submit assignments, access course materials, and more. 

This FVSU email will grant you access to the majority of university systems.

The following are also a few general advantages:

  • Online learning resources are available without charge.
  • The use of streaming resources and content is free.
  • The capacity to use luxury entertainment options.
  • Access to graphic design tools
  • Access to product discounts.

How do I recover my FVSU Email Password?

  To recover your FVSU Email password, follow the steps below;

  • Enter your user ID
  • Click on the forgot pin.
  • Answer the security question to reset your pin.
  • If you receive the “Account disabled” message, contact the Registrar’s office at [email protected] to have your pin manually reset
  • Please include your name, student ID, and date of birth with your request.
  • Type “please reset pin” in the email subject line.

Fort Valley State University Email List For:

Who is Powering FVSU Email? 

All FVSU University employees, teachers, and students have access to Office 365, which includes Microsoft Outlook. By login onto their Microsoft 365 accounts, students, staff, and professors can access their FVSU email.

Before you log in, click on each of the “Features” icons for a brief overview of what’s available.

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How To Configure Your FVSU “Wildcat” Email

  • From the FVSU “Wildcat” Email website
  • Log in using the “Click Here To Access Email” link below the FVSU Wildcat logo. The Outlook Live Sign-In page will display.
  • Enter your FVSU Wildcat student email address as shown in Banner Web on the Personal page – this is your new “@wildcat.fvsu.edu” address. 
  • Your initial password is “PassMMDDYY,” where MMDDYY is your birth date. 
  • You must change this default password once you get logged in.

Remember that your FVSU “wildcat” email account is essential for staying in touch with the university community; the university will send you official notices once you’ve registered for classes. 

10How Do I Recover My FVSU Email Username 

To recover your FVSU Email Username, follow the instructions below;

  • If you need to know your FVSU user ID, you may retrieve your FVSU user by clicking this link Display ID Query.
  • Your FVSU user ID will be displayed.
  • Click on “Return to Login Page.” This link will also take you to the Login Page.
  • Then enter your 9-10 number in the User ID field and your six-digit PIN
  • Click on Login.

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11How Do I Add an FVSU email to my iPhone or Apple iOS Device?

Follow these instructions to add your email to your iPhone or other Apple iOS device:

1. Select Mail from the Settings menu. 

2. After you have reached the accounts section. To “Add Account.”

3. Click Microsoft Exchange.

4. Next, you can enter your FVSU email account’s username, server, and password.

5. You then enter the name of the Exchange account associated with your device in the Description field. The title will appear in a list format if you have multiple email accounts.

6. To proceed, click Next.

The information you entered will cause your phone to establish a connection with the FVSU Exchange server. 

The information you entered will cause your phone to establish a connection with the FVSU Exchange server.

Synchronizing your device and the Exchange server will take a few minutes if it is successful. Your most recent emails, calendar entries, and Exchange Contacts will then be accessible on your smartphone. 

Do I qualify for an Office 365 Exchange Online student email account at FVSU?

Every enrolled student at Fort Valley State University has access to an Exchange Online email account, whether in continuing education or an undergraduate program. 

How long will I have the FVSU Email Address?

Fort Valley State University Student email accounts are accessible and functional for academic purposes. One year after you graduate or leave Fort Valley State University, they are automatically deactivated. If you re-enroll in classes, they have activated again.

What features does my FVSU Email account offer?

Below are the features of the Fort Valley State University Student Email Account.

  • 10GB lifetime email account
  • Up to 25 GB of email storage, and Calendar and Contacts
  • The FVSU Information Technology Service Desk offers support for email, online collaboration tools, instant messaging tools, and calendar and contact services, among other things.
  •  OneDrive Online Backup

Can I Email My Advisor Through My FVSU Student Email Login

Yes, you can. Click on the advisor’s name, and the client will pop up for you to send an email.

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What is FVSU Email Etiquette?

The following activities are deemed inappropriate uses of Fort Valley State University email systems and services, and are strictly prohibited:

  • Copyright, obscenity, libel, slander, fraud, defamation, plagiarism, harassment, bullying, forging, impersonation, soliciting for nefarious pyramid schemes, and computer tampering are just a few examples of using the email for unlawful or illegal activities.
  • Without authorization, you are seeing, copying, editing, or deleting emails or files that belong to Fort Valley State University or another person.
  • You are sending email attachments that are excessively huge. Individual email messages should not exceed 10MB in size (including extensions).
  • Opening email attachments from sources that are unreliable or not signed. Computer viruses are typically spread through attachments, thus extreme caution should be exercised when handling them.
  • You are either trying to get someone else’s email account password or sharing your password with them. Only the registered user may utilize email accounts.
  • Excessive personal use of email services provided by Fort Valley State University. Fort Valley State University permits restricted personal use for family and friend communication, independent study, and volunteer work as long as it does not hinder staff productivity, take precedence over any company activity, or use up more than a negligible amount of resources.

How do I locate my FVSU student ID?

Please get in touch with the IT Help Center at 

(478) 825-6228 or [email protected]  if you are still looking for your FVSU student ID number.

I want to send emails to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail using my FVSU Office 365 Exchange Online account. Can this be done? 

Yes. After logging into your Exchange Online account, you can make a rule to send your Mail to a different account.

Do other email clients like Outlook allow me to read emails?

Yes. You can connect to your FVSU Exchange Online student email account using a variety of POP3 and IMAP4 email clients.

Each email client offers a wide range of features.

When does an email from FVSU expire?

You will get access to an email for an entire year. Please take note of this vital information from Fort Valley State University IT.

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FVSU student email login is a valuable and dependable tool for keeping students connected and informed. They may easily use it and have secure access to all their information. 

We recommend it to everyone looking to expand and improve their knowledge base.




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