15 Highest Paying Jobs With A Sociology Degree

A degree in sociology will give you insight into how to interact with people based on their behavior and open you to diverse career opportunities. Interestingly, there are the Highest Paying Jobs with A Sociology Degree that you can go for this 2023 if you have a degree in sociology or wants to get one.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for sociologists is projected to grow 9 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. This can lead to strong competition.

This article outlines the 15 highest-paying jobs with a sociology degree; carefully read through.

What is Sociology?

Sociology studies social life, social change, and human behavior’s social causes and consequences.

According to Wikipedia, it is the study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture that surrounds everyday life.

Also, It is a social science that uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about social order and social change. 

Generally, Sociology provides a unique and clear way to evaluate and understand our social world.

It seeks more than ordinary, prominent images of reality to provide a deeper, more illustrative, and challenging understanding of social life.

Based on its analytical perspective, social theories, and research methods, sociology is a discipline that expands our understanding and analyzes the social connections, cultures, and institutions of people that profoundly shape our lives and human history.

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Why Do I need a Sociology Degree?

This is a nice question!

Although some go into the field because their friends or family wants them to be there, a basic knowledge of what sociology program encompasses will give you a comprehensive insight into why this degree is important.

Aside from the hedge you will have over some other job hunters, here are a few reasons why you need a sociology degree.

1. Build your Interactive Ability

First, studying Sociology will help you learn how people interact with each other and their environment.

As a Sociologist, you will use various tools to collect and analyze data, including surveys, interviews, census reports, target groups, and historical documents.

2. Research Purposes

Sociology is one social science field that will allow you to make research in different areas.

The research can be in all kinds of social issues, including crime and punishment, aging, poverty and wealth, globalization, gender identity, employer-employee relations, race, nationality, and commerce.

You can also conduct quantitative and qualitative research using statistical analysis programs.

3. Problem-Solving Purpose

Another reason you need a Sociology Degree is that it will help you solve social problems and formulate public policy with the research you made.

As a Sociologist, you may specialize in a wide range of social topics, including education and health, crime and poverty, families and population, and gender, racial, and ethnic relations.

4. Write Research Reports

As a student in the field of sociology, you will write reports to communicate research results and present your views on social issues.

Moreso, you will be able to think globally about problems and get involved in the details. With Specialties in sociology, your presentation skills will be improved by sharing findings with teachers and colleagues.

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What are Sociology Majors?

Sociologists specialize in a wide range of social topics, including the following:

  • Health
  • Crime
  • Education
  • Racial and ethnic relations
  • Families
  • Population
  • Gender
  • Poverty
  • Aging

What are the responsibilities of a Sociologist?

As a sociologist, your duties will include the following

  • Studying human beings behavior and how they interact with their environment.
  • You will also be responsible for observing social, religious, organizational, and institutional activities.
  • Design research projects to test theories about social issues
  • Collect data through surveys, observations, interviews, and other sources
  • Analyze and draw conclusions from the data
  • Prepare reports, articles, or presentations detailing their research findings.
  • Collaborate with and advise other social scientists, policymakers, or other groups on research findings and sociological issues.

What do I need To get a Sociology Job?

To qualify for a sociology job, you need a master’s or Ph.D. degree. But there are still positions you can fit in with if you are a bachelor’s degree holder, so don’t panic if you have not gotten a graduate degree.

Going further, most sociology jobs require a master’s and Ph.D. degree, which are of two types: traditional programs and applied clinical and professional programs.

With Traditional degree programs, you will be equipped and ready to start a Ph.D. program.

On the other hand, Applied, clinical, and professional programs will equip you with the knowledge you need to enter the workplace. You will be taught the necessary analytical skills to perform sociological research professionally.

You can enjoy internships or volunteer work for a bachelor’s degree program when looking for entry-level positions in sociology or a related field.

With this kind of internship opportunity, you can apply your academic knowledge professionally and develop the skills needed for the field.

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What Other skills do I need?

Aside from the educational qualification, there are other skills you need to possess if you look forward to taking any well-paid sociology jobs.

Without these skills or qualities, you cannot last long on the job. So they are vital that acquire and build them.

First, you must have Analytical skills. These skills will enable you to examine data and other information, often using statistical methods to test their theories.

Then, you also need to have strong communication skills. Communication is key. If you are not good with communication, you will always find it difficult to interact with your colleagues, conduct interviews, and even write research results.

Furthermore, you need Critical-thinking and effective study skills to design research projects. And also gather, process, and analyze information to draw logical conclusions about society and various groups of people.

What Kinds of Sociology Degrees can I get a Job With?

There are four different Kinds of Sociology Degrees. With any of these degrees, you can get a well-paying job to help put food on your table.

Also, with any of these degrees, you can build an exceptional career in sociology without any struggle. They include;

  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters
  • PhD

Associate Degree in Sociology

With an Associate Degree in Sociology, you will get a basic understanding of sociology and what it entails. Although this degree is not the highest, it’s a good way to start.

Getting an Associate Degree in Sociology takes 2 years because it’s a two–year program offered at most accredited community and online colleges.

It focuses on courses like behavioral science, psychology, and communications. And the programs are Contemporary Social Issues, Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Political Science, Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Family Dynamics, and Statistics and Public Policy.

The jobs you can take up with Associate Degree in Sociology include;

  • Youth counselor
  • Caseworker,
  • Community outreach advocate
  • Several assistant positions in public services.

Finally, An associate sociology degree qualifies you to start a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Sociology

With a bachelor’s in sociology, you have varieties of professional opportunities. Interestingly, in the course of undergoing this program degree, you can qualify for internship or community service programs.

Note that your bachelor’s in sociology will prepare you for a wide range of careers in public health outreach, family counseling, community organization, and the administration of justice, corrections, and rehabilitation.

Finally, the following are courses you will take in a Sociology Bachelor’s Program; History of Political Systems and Societies, Issues in Behavioral Psychology, Race, Gender and Social Structures, Social Justice Movements, Social Science Research Methods, Sociological Perspectives, Sociology of Crime and Violence, and Sociology of the Family.

Master of Sociology

To get a degree in sociology, you must obtain a master’s degree in sociology. In other words, this advanced degree, which can take anywhere from one to three years, is for you if you envision a career in public research, administrative leadership, or even as a civil servant.

If you are pursuing a career in social work or social services, you can do so with a bachelor’s degree. Still, a master’s degree in sociology could give you an edge over your competitors.

It could also open up more opportunities for you to improve community services, public administration, and think tank organizations.

Ph.D. of Sociology

The final doctorate in sociology is for those interested in major research in this field through a private research fund, a government-funded agency, or a university.

This commitment of three to seven years will be related to the research topic of your project.

You will follow a topic in which you work according to essential traditions in the field of study while introducing a new vision of your discipline.

The physician will also earn a qualification to teach sociology and related subjects at the university level.

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What are the Highest Paying Jobs with A Sociology Degree?

The sociology study equips you with various skills and a wide range of careers in areas such as welfare, education, social research, and local and central government.

Below is a list of Highest Paying Jobs with A Sociology Degree;

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Management Consultant
  • Survey Researcher
  • Social Worker
  • Social and Community Service Manager
  • Associate Consultant
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • Policy Officer
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counselor
  • Paralegal
  • Higher education lecturer

#1. Human Resources Manager

Lowest Salary: $113,300

Highest Salary: $201,380

Among social sciences job opportunities, the opportunity for human resource managers is growing faster than average because it is one of the Highest Paying Jobs with A Sociology Degree you can ever think of.

As a sociology graduate, you can become a human resource manager of any reputable organization because you will understand how people think and act in a group.

Basically, as a Human resource manager, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks daily.

Some of these may include interviewing job candidates on behalf of the company, developing strategies to increase employee productivity, training employees in company policies and procedures, managing employee benefits, and more.

#2. Project Manager

Lowest Salary: $75,474

Highest Salary: $102,541

Another highest-paying job with a degree in sociology is the project manager. In every organization, Project Managers are at the heart of the organization, meeting and exceeding customer expectations while helping to build a sustainable and profitable future.

Also, as a Project manager, you will have the opportunity to tackle some of the world’s most innovative and complex engineering projects today.

Furthermore, project managers oversee all when it comes to managing, planning, budgeting, and carrying out other projects in an organization.

#3. Public Relations Specialist

Lowest Salary; $60,000

Highest Salary: $112,310

Public relations specialist is one sociology career that pays well. Once you have obtained a degree in sociology, considering a job as a Public Relations Specialist won’t be a bad idea at all.

As a public relations specialist, your core aim is to positively present the image of a company. These can include writing favorable press releases, communicating with members of the press, writing speeches for company actors, and, for example, supporting brand social media.

To function in this position, you must have the interpersonal skills to talk to the media and convince them to cover stories about their client or organization.

#4. Guidance Counselor

Lowest Salary: $ 33,610

Highest Salary: $ 94,690.

Another highest-paying job with a sociology degree is Guidance Counselor. As a Counselor, you will use the knowledge of the sociology of learning to help students orient themselves in the academic world.

You can also interact with families to develop strategies to support student achievement.

Guidance counselors use problem-solving skills to mediate conflict and solve school social problems. They facilitate group activities and teach students about social issues such as bullying, drug abuse, and safe sex.

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#5. Management Consultant

Lowest Salary: $ 48,360

Highest Salary: 152,760.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. It is also among the best sociology careers you can consider taking up without regrets.

Wondering what will be your responsibility?

As a Management consultant, you can analyze business problems, investigate possible tools or improvements, and provide solutions to your clients.

If you are still a new college graduate, you can work as a research analyst, research assistant, or junior consultant, where you will be supporting the work of senior staff.

#6. Survey Researcher

Lowest Salary: $ 29,620

Highest Salary: $ 103,400

Survey researchers are another set of people earning high in sociology. Survey research has to do with measuring people’s opinions and attitudes in areas like social and political issues, health, culture, and consumer goods.

As a Survey Researcher, you use data collection and statistical analysis techniques that study the specialties of sociology. Then, you will write and submit reports based on your findings with clients.

#7. Social Worker

Lowest Salary: $49,470

Highest Salary:  $81,400

When considering a career to take up this 2021 with your sociology degree, don’t make the mistake of not having the job of a social worker on your list because it is among the highest-paying jobs with just a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

Social workers help people get a solution to some of their life’s challenges which can be problems with family, health, finances, or work situation.

Your responsibilities will vary, but counseling services, resources such as childcare or financial assistance, client data processing, individual progress monitoring, and more can be offered.

As a Social worker, you will help to solve problems using your knowledge of social dynamics and social institutions you learned.

To enter the field of social work, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology, behavioral science, or a closely related field.

#8. Social and Community Service Manager

Lowest Salary: $65,320

Highest Salary: $111,150

The role of community and social service administrator should be a priority if you are wondering what you can do with a degree in sociology.

These higher positions allow sociology graduates to hold leadership positions overseeing the activities of community organizations and social service programs.

The exact responsibilities of community and social service managers include developing social program ideas, developing community service project goals, identifying resources for program initiatives, and analyzing program success.

To become an administrator in social and community services, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology, public health, business administration, or a related field and some previous experience.

#9. Associate Consultant

Lowest Salary: $70,174

Highest Salary: $142,625

Associate Consultant is another high-paid job you can go for if you have a degree in sociology. As a consultant in this field, you will assist the team in product quality engineering for Sterling OMS implementation.

Also, you will help Design test plans and strategy documents for quarterly deliverable/project enhancements.

One interesting fact about this job is that it will require you to travel around.

#10. Market research analysts

Lowest Salary: $ 34,310

Highest Salary:$ 121,080.

Next on our list of highest paying jobs with a sociology degree is Market research analysts. These analysts test products and services and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Moreso, as a Market research analyst, you will use social science research methods to collect data, including interviews, surveys, and target groups.

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#11. Urban and Regional Planner

Lowest Salary: $73,050

Highest Salary: $114,170.

What can you do with a degree in sociology? A possible career path for graduates in sociology determines the responsibilities of a regional and city planner.

One exciting thing about this career is not just that it’s among the highest-paying jobs you can get with a sociology degree. It will also provide you with a good foundation for your career.

The responsibilities of an Urban and Regional Planner are broad and may vary depending on the community or organization in which they work.

However, these responsibilities will generally include data analysis to inform land-use plans and decisions, meetings with government officials to discuss land-use plans, study building codes and environmental regulations, review of development plans, and much more.

To become a city or regional planner, you will most likely need to complete a master’s program approved by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB).

#12. Policy officer

Lowest Salary:  $57,025.

Highest Salary: $ 94,690.

Your responsibilities as a Policy officer will include exploratory and advisory matters, development work, and liaison with internal and external relations.

Also, you will conduct or commission research, collect and analyze data and information
develop experience in one area or draw on the experience of others.

Salaries can vary across sectors and organizations. Starting salaries in the charity sector are generally lower than in the central government or private sector.

#13. Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Counselor

Lowest Salary: $53,020

Highest Salary: $72,990

Next on our list is Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Counselor. This is another well-paying career path that leads to drug abuse, a behavioral disorder, or a mental health counselor.

As a substance abuse consultant, you will work with individuals to help them deal with specific problems, such as drug and alcohol addiction and problem behaviors and thoughts.

In addition to meeting clients for counseling sessions, these counselors are responsible for developing treatment plans, maintaining detailed appointment records, and evaluating client progress.

Furthermore, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology or other behavioral sciences to qualify for this job.

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#14. Paralegal

Lowest Salary:$58,220,

Highest Salary: $208,000.

In this capacity, your job duties will include typing, filing, scheduling, preparing legal documents, assisting attorneys, and interacting with clients.

You will also be in charge of establishing, maintaining, and organizing client files, and monitoring calendars to ensure that deadlines are met.

Moreso, you will see to directly contacting and communicating with clients and parties, performing legal research, assisting attorneys with document preparation and other tasks, and performing other support duties in both litigation and transactional setting.

To qualify for this sociology degree job, you have Computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office, and organizational skills are essential.

#15. Higher education lecturer

Lowest Salary: $42,618

Highest Salary: $52,369

As a higher education teacher, you will need subject experience. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, subjects, practical demonstrations, fieldwork, and e. Learning. Multimedia technologies are increasingly used.

You will also carry out your research to contribute to the broader research activities of your department or institution. The goal is to publish this in academic books or articles that can help improve the awareness of your institution.

Administrative tasks occupy an important part of the working day. Many teachers take on a pastoral role with their students.

What is the Employment Outlook Like?

It is forecasted that the employment of sociologists in 2012–2022 will grow 15 percent, faster than the average for all occupations.

Because it is a small profession, rapid growth will create only about 400 new jobs in 10 years.

The employment of sociologists will be driven by the need for sociological research to understand society and human social interactions better.

Social, political, and business organizations will continue to use sociologists to research, evaluate, and address various social issues, programs, and problems.

Sociologists will be needed to apply sociological research to other disciplines as well. For example, sociologists can collaborate with researchers in different fields to determine how social structures or groups influence health, education, politics, business, or economics policy decisions.

FAQs Highest Paying Jobs With A Sociology Degree

Can I study sociology in the US?

Yes. Several colleges and universities in the U.S. offer sociology degrees via distance education.

Do I need a master’s degree to become a sociologist?

No. Although a master’s degree is typically required to practice sociology in a clinical setting, many other entry-level occupations in sociology are available for bachelor’s degree holders.

How much does a Sociologist make?

Payscale.com reports that graduates of BA in Sociology programs make $59,000 per year on average. Still, your individual salary will depend on the terms of your employment and your field experience.

What is the best job in Sociology?

What kind of job can you get with a sociology bachelor’s degree?

Human Resources Manager
Project Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Guidance Counselor
Management Consultant
Survey Researcher
Social Worker
Social and Community Service Manager
Associate Consultant
Market Research Analyst
Urban and Regional Planner
Policy Officer
Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Counselor
Higher education lecturer



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