UNICAF Scholarship for Kenyan Students

It has been tested and trusted that one of the best ways for African students to further their education in sister African countries is through the UNICAF scholarship. If you are a Kenyan student, apply now for the UNICAF scholarship for a Master’s degree program in Kenya.

Each year, UNICAF awards UNICAF Scholarships for African students to deserving students. Applications are now been invited from Kenyan students for the UNICAF Scholarship for Kenyan students 2022-2023, only applicants that are eligible will be considered for this scholarship program.


Founded in 2012, UNICAF is an online platform in sub-Saharan Africa that is dedicated to making higher education of international standards accessible to African professionals and young school leavers.

UNICAF was founded in 2012, with its name reflecting its origins, having initially evolved from the University of Nicosia, the largest, independent tertiary education institution in Cyprus. While initially focusing solely on Africa, it has been expanding its range to offer scholarships to students worldwide, provided they meet certain eligibility criteria.

UNICAF has established a number of branch campuses and information centers in Africa, such as in UNICAF Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Uganda, Somalia, Zambia, and Malawi.

Already more than 12,000 have taken advantage of the UNICAF scholarships and registered to one of the partnership programs. The number of students is estimated to increase to 60,000 by the year 2022.

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The learning centers are set up to include digital libraries, computer labs, internet, generators and make students less prone to studying in areas with partially inadequate infrastructures.

While education in Africa is rising and demand for skilled people also ascends, there are serious challenges to Africans reaching quality Higher Education (HE) levels that are recognized by the world’s employers.

The gap in the market needs to be addressed now if the 2040 African labor force is to have global value.

Applicants have to meet the general eligibility requirements for the award of a scholarship and additionally, specific academic qualifications must be met in order to qualify for the relevant degree programs.

Currently, UNICAF offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a number of areas such as business, education, psychology, and LLM Laws.

What You Need to Know About the UNICAF Scholarship for Kenyans

University education in Kenya has come a long way. From the days, in the not so distant past, when you could count on one hand people with degrees in your village, to now, when many of your acquaintances have at least an undergraduate degree.

Getting a Master’s Degree is predominantly determined by your financial capacity. A Master’s degree is considered by most people an opportunity to redefine their career paths and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

It is, therefore, a top priority on the list of most professionals, who are determined to get ahead in their careers.

Yet, despite being a priority, it remains a distant dream for most, mainly because of the high costs associated with studying for a Master’s degree in local universities.

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This has been the situation in Kenya until UNICAF came about.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship program is basically for students to pursue a master’s degree program in their chosen field of study.

Host Nationality

This scholarship is hosted by UNICAF in Kenya.

Eligible Nationality

This scholarship is primarily for Kenyans.

Scholarship Worth

Recipients will enjoy full financial responsibilities as taken care of by UNICAF, this includes almost all academic-related costs as well as students’ welfare.

Apart from enjoying an 80% scholarship for your tuition fee and a flexible study module, you get international exposure by studying with international universities.

This broadens your career horizons since the degrees are internationally recognized. Who knows what doors could open, right?

You also get to meet and interact with other local and international students who are reaching for their dreams by studying online.

UNICAF organizes social events from time to time where students meet and share experiences, as well as have a little fun.

UNICAF Scholarship Eligibility

Interested applicants have to meet up with the following UNICAF scholarship eligibility criteria:

  • Be earning less than 20,000 USD per year
  • Be available to commence your academic studies within 6 months from the date of receiving admission to one of the programmes offered
  • Possess the academic qualifications required for entry to the programme of study you are applying for

You can know more about the UNICAF scholarship eligibility HERE.

How to Apply

Apply and get a scholarship to study for your MBA with UNICAF in these easy steps;

1.  Complete the application form

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2.  A student advisor will call you to gather information on the following;

  • Whether you qualify for the course
  • Available level of scholarship for you
  • Your budget and payment plan
  • Documentation required during administration

3.  Your papers get reviewed

4.  Receive final approval and start studying

Application Deadline

There is no fixed deadline for the UNICAF Scholarships for Kenyan students. Keep visiting this site to be properly updated.

For more information on the UNICAF Scholarship for Kenya students, click on the link below:




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