10 Top Value Affordable Online Health Care Administration/Management Bachelor Degree Programs, 

Distance learning has made it easier to earn your healthcare administration degree online while working. So, if you’re ready to enter the healthcare world or looking to switch positions from another healthcare-related career to healthcare management, you might have to kick off from here. This article will show the top 10 affordable online health care administration degree programs. Stay with me!

Being a healthcare administrator takes leadership, communication, and analytical skills. Leading healthcare organizations can be stressful and challenging but also rewarding.

This article will start your college search for a suitable online or hybrid bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration/ management programs.

 Take a look at the 15 “top value” colleges that offer an online bachelor’s degree with either a major or concentration in healthcare administration or management-related studies, including Health Care Administration (HCA), Health Information Management (HIM), Health Services Administration (HSA) and other similar degree programs.

Who Is A Healthcare Administrator?

Health administrators are officials responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of a hospital, or healthcare organization.

As leaders in a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that involves health policy, business, and science to manage fiscal and human resources, healthcare administrators are charged with the responsibility of improving the business of healthcare. This endeavor always starts with sound policy and top-quality patient care.

A health manager can work for an enormous health company or hospital system, overseeing several facilities at once. They can also choose to work on a smaller scale, such as managing a group of medical practices, a particular department in a hospital system, or a single medical practice.

Without much ado let’s get into the responsibilities of a healthcare administrator.

What Does A Healthcare Administrator Do?

Healthcare administration graduates usually take leadership roles in healthcare organizations, working with medical staff to plan, coordinate, and improve the delivery of healthcare services.

Therefore, graduates obtain the knowledge and skills needed to maintain management and supervisory positions in medicare facilities.

Healthcare administrators can fit into the following positions.

  • Medical and health services manager
  • Medical records and health information technician
  • Human resources manager
  • Training and development manager

They normally work in hospitals, nursing homes, behavioral health organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

Now you know the duties of health administrators, let’s look at the pathway you need to follow to be ordained for such responsibilities.

How To Become A Healthcare Administrator

To become a healthcare manager or executive, you must meet some basic requirements. The requirements for becoming a healthcare administrator include education and work experience.

Healthcare administrators usually need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. You can enroll for a bachelor’s degree program in health care administration online.

Healthcare managers who desire higher leadership positions in a healthcare center can opt to go in for a master’s degree program. At the master’s level, students may earn a Master of Science (MS) in Healthcare Administration or a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA), each of which is accessible online.

Look at the affordable online Health Care Administration bachelor’s degree programs.

Affordable Online Health Care Administration/Management Bachelor Degree

Here’s a list of the top 10 affordable online healthcare administration management bachelor’s degree programs.

#10 Brigham Young University-Idaho

Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYUI) offers one online undergraduate Health Care Administration/ Management degree, through the Department of Health, Recreation and Human Performance (DHRHP, part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences): a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (BSHA).

The program prepares students for administrator and manager roles at various healthcare facilities and to enter graduate studies in a similar field. The university is part of the prestigious Brigham Young University system.

BYU is currently the largest private university in the state. Slightly more students were enrolled online in 2016 than those enrolled for on-campus courses (about 33,000 versus 32,000).

Students need to complete a minimum of 120 credits for graduation. This consists of 62 credits for courses in the Major, 40 credits for Foundation courses, and 18 credits for Electives. The program, which is available 100% online, requires eight semesters (four years), each of which is 14 weeks except for Summer, which is seven weeks.

Sample courses: Medical Terminology; Hospital and Health Administration; Epidemiology; Healthcare Strategy; Health Economics.

#9 Columbia College

The Business Administration Department at Columbia College (CC) offers two online undergraduate Health Care Administration/ Management degrees: a Healthcare Management (HCM) Major as either

  • A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA)
  • A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Both programs prepare students for manager roles at healthcare facilities.

These online HCM degrees require at least 120 credits for graduation. General Education courses take up 38-41 credits, while Core Requirements (business) take 51 credits. The BABA version has an 18-credit Major Requirements course category in which HCM courses are taken.

For the BSBA version, there are 21 credits of Business Electives in which the HCM courses are taken. General electives make up the difference. Areas of HCM curriculum focus include healthcare delivery systems, regulations, technology, and others. These healthcare management programs are available at dozens of Columbia College locations in over 10 states and Guantanamo Bay.

Sample courses: The Economics of Healthcare; Introduction to Healthcare Management; Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare; Organizational Theory; Human Resource Management; Biomedical Ethics.

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#8 South Texas College

South Texas College (STC) offers one online undergraduate Health Care Administration/ Management degree – Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) in Medical and Health Services Management (MHSM).

It accepts new undergrad students as well as those from a wide range of health-related associate degree programs, including but not limited to: Nursing; Business Administration; EMT Paramedic; Health Information Technology; Human Resources Management; Medical Assistant Technology; Occupational Therapy Assistant; Pharmacy Technology; Physical Therapist Assistant; Radiologic Technology; Respiratory Therapy. STC offers a Dual Credit option for students at select high schools in Texas.

This online BAT requires 120 credits for graduation, which includes 45 credits of MHSM courses (required and electives), 33cr of Technical Support Area courses, and 42cr of General Education courses. Students with a suitable associate’s degree or other acceptable transfer credits can receive up to 90 such credits towards the 120.

Students gain the skills and knowledge to handle roles that require an understanding of health care systems management, reimbursement, electronic medical records, legal issues, medical personnel roles/responsibilities, privacy and more.

Sample courses: U.S. Health Care Delivery; Statistics for Health Care Managers; Communication for Health Care Professionals; Legal Issues in Health Care; Financial Management for Health Care Managers.

#7 University of Central Florida

The College of Health and Public Affairs (CHPA) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) offers two online undergraduate Health Care Administration/ Management degrees:

  • A Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management (BSHIIM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (BSHSA)

The HSA prepares students for entry-level management roles in health care organizations, while the HIIM prepares students for administrative roles in managing health care information.

UCF’s online programs have collectively earned a ranking on the 2017 edition of the “Best Online Programs: Bachelor’s” college review list, published by U.S. News & World Report.

Both online HCAM programs at UCF require 120 credits for graduation and include one or more Summer semesters. Both programs have a Capstone and Internship requirement. The HIIM curriculum also has a Cornerstone requirement. The HSA program requires that students complete prerequisites before entry. Courses for each program are online but not necessarily available every semester in online mode.

Sample courses: U.S. Health Care Systems; Health Care Finance; Long Term Care and Administration; Health Care Economics; Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement.

#6 University of South Dakota

The Beacom School of Business (BSOB) at the University of South Dakota (USD) offers one online undergraduate Health Care Administration/ Management degree: a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Services Administration (BBA-HSA). Students get an education that combines business concepts with health care facility administration skills and knowledge.

The university has ranked multiple times in each of several “best colleges/ best national universities” rankings lists, including U.S. News & World Report (USNWR), Princeton Review, Forbes, etc., as well as program-specific rankings (Health Sciences, Business, Education, etc.). The Military Times named USD a Best for Vets pick in 2014-2016, while Victory Media designated it a Military Friendly School in their 2017 list.

The USD online HSA program requires 120 credits for graduation, with 48 credits for the Major, 30 credits for General Education courses, and the remainder in Electives or other requirements. Students of this program start first as general business students, complete general core and core business requirements.

After this, they are eligible to apply to the BBA program. While most of the Major courses are online, a few are on-campus or otherwise require in-person presence (e.g., a Practicum). Some are only available in the Fall semester. The core business courses are also online.

Sample courses: Health Service Systems; Health Services Management and Epidemiology; Health Services Financing; Health Services Administration and Policy; Health Care Law.

#5 Granite State College

Granite State College (GSC) offers two online undergraduate Health Care Administration/ Management degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management (BSHCM)
  • BS Health Information Management (BSHIM)

Students in the HCM program acquire the skills necessary for management/ leadership roles in healthcare organizations. HIM students learn the principles of managing and analyzing data. These and other online programs at GSC collectively earned it a ranking spot on the “USNWR 2017 Best Online Programs: Bachelor’s” college review list from U.S. News & World Report (USNWR).

GSC’s online BSHCM and BSHIM require 120 credits for graduation. The curriculum for each program is a combination of courses in the Major, General Education, and Electives. Courses are fully online, while some have on-campus options.

To transfer to an alternative degree program like the BS Individualized Studies (BSIS), you only need to speak to an admissions advisor about your potential transfer credits. BSIS allows for a custom choice of Majors, such as Health Care Administration. Students must get department approval for the choice of major.

Sample courses: The Emerging U.S. Health Care System; Reimbursement and Financing Techniques in Health Care; Law and Ethics for Health Care and Human Services; Community, Culture and Health; Health Information Systems.

#4 Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University (OCU) offers one online undergraduate Health Care Administration/ Management degree: a Bachelor of Arts in Business with a Concentration in Healthcare Management (BABHM). (An online certificate option is also available.)

In OCU, students gain a combination of business and management principles integrated with a Christian worldview, which can be applied to management roles in a health care environment.

The university offers a Dual Credit program that allows high school students to take OCU courses at a reduced rate and prior to entering college, either online, on-campus or at select high schools, depending on the program. OCU received a “2016 Home school Friendly College and University” designation from HomeschoolingParents.com.

The OCU online BAB program requires 120 credits for graduation. General Education courses take up 36 credits, General Electives take 39 credits, and Program Electives take 45 credits. The latter includes courses in the HM concentration, which are five weeks long. Students will take four HM courses totaling 12 credits.

Sample courses: Healthcare Industry; Healthcare Informatics; Legal and Regulatory Issues in Healthcare; Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement; Corporate Compliance and Integrity.

#3 East Carolina University

The College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) at East Carolina University (ECU) offers two online Health Care Administration/ Management bachelor’s degree programs:

  • A Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management (HSM)
  • A Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (HIM)

The HSM program prepares students for mid-level supervisor or manager roles in health care settings. The HIM program is accredited by CAHIIM (Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education ) and prepares students to earn the RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) professional certification and to have the skills to manage health information that supports clinical and business decision-making.

Both programs also prepare students for graduate studies in health-related disciplines. ECU claims to be one of the first American universities to develop a online degree program. Course work is available at any time and is taught by faculty who teach the on-campus equivalent courses.

Both online HCAM programs at ECU require 126 credits for graduation and are available online. The BS-HSM has two concentrations — one a general HSM option, the other an AHM (Allied Health Management). This program has a 160-hour internship, taken during the senior year.

The HIM program has an on-campus option, for students wanting to take some classes in person. The position of Health Information Management Director, which the HIM program prepares graduates for (amongst other roles), made CNN Money’s 2015 Best Jobs list at position 27 of 100.

Sample courses: Human Diseases; Health Care Delivery Systems; Professional Ethical Codes and Law in Health Care; Quality Management in Health Care; Leadership in Health Care.

#2 Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health

The Healthcare Professions division of Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health (NMC) offers one online undergraduate Health Care Administration/Management degree: a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (BSHM). The program prepares students with the skills and knowledge to take on administrative roles in health care environments.

NMC is an affiliate of Methodist Health System. It teaches based on core values of Caring, Excellence, Holism, Learning, and Respect, and received a Community Engagement Classification in 2017 from the Carnegie Foundation. Other awards include the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (2012, 2014); a Military-Friendly School designation from G.I. Jobs magazine (2013, 2015) and several others.

The BSHM is a full-time four-year program (eight semesters) requiring 120 credits for graduation. It has five Major options: (1) Community Health; (2) Education; (3) Healthcare Administration; (4) Leadership; (5) Interdisciplinary. In addition, there are two Minor options: (1) Spanish for Healthcare Professionals; (2) Healthcare Sign Language.

The program can be completed 100% online (with on-campus options available for some courses) and taken full- or part-time. Graduates of this program may be interested in transitioning to NMC’s MBA in Healthcare degree program.

Sample courses: Survey of U.S. Health Care Systems; Strategic Management for Healthcare Professionals; Human Resources; Principles of Financial Accounting; Marketing in Healthcare.

#1 Park University

Park University offers one online Health Care Administration/Management degree: a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management. This program is designed for either a healthcare leadership career or graduate studies in health administration.

It builds skills in financial planning, corporate compliance, regulatory issues, comparative analysis, ethics, communication, and other areas. Amongst the numerous college rankings Park has received are the following: Military Friendly School (2017); Best for Vets: Colleges (2016, 2017); Payscale Best Value School (2016).

This online BSHCM degree requires 120 credits for graduation, of which 60 credits are allotted to upper-division courses in Statistics, Human Resource Management, International Business, Health Care, Marketing, Finance, Management, Biology, and various electives. An internship can be completed in the senior year. This program can also be taken as a Minor, with two options – one for business majors and the other for non-business majors.

Sample courses: Human Resource Management; Financial Management; Senior Seminar in Health Care Management; Quantitative Research Methods; Principles of Marketing.

FAQs On Affordable Online Health Care Administration/Management Bachelor Degree Programs

Who are health administration officers?

Health administrators are officials responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of a hospital, hospital system, or healthcare organization.

Where do health administration officers work?

Healthcare administration graduates usually take leadership roles in healthcare organizations, working with medical staff to plan, coordinate, and improve the delivery of healthcare services.

What do I need to become a health administration officer?

To become a healthcare administrator, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and if possible, obtain a master’s in one of the following (or similar) areas: healthcare administration, business administration, or public health.

Can I study health administration online?

Of course, you can. Park University, Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health, East Carolina University, Ohio Christian University, and a whole lot more all offer online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.


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