15 Best Jobs For Entry Level College Grads Ranking

There are many different kinds of jobs in different fields and at different levels of skill or experience. As a college graduate, for example, you can start your career with an entry-level job in the field you want to work in. When looking for a job after college, it helps to know what options you have.

In this article, we talk about what an entry-level job is and list 15 of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads. We also have what their salaries are and what the job description of each of them is like. Are you a college graduate on the lookout for the best jobs for entry-level college grads? Then keep reading!

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How To Get The Best Jobs For Entry Level College Grads In 2023 Without Experience?

Here is a list of the best jobs for entry-level college grads without experience in 2023.

#1. Get your hands dirty with real-world projects

There are many ways to find side jobs that can help you improve your skills and give you something to talk about at interviews. You can do freelance work, talk to a local store owner who could use your help, take part in online design challenges, or look for apprenticeships.

Often, you’ll have to do these things for little or no money. But these projects will be the core of what makes you stand out when you get that interview. Use the real-world results you get from these projects to boost the quality of your resume. When you apply for a job and during the interview, keep track of your results and give hard numbers.

Even if you just got out of college or university, the best way to stand out from other job applicants is to have real-world business experience.

#2. Find a guide who can help you find the best jobs for entry-level college grads

One more good thing about doing side projects is that you will meet people who could become your mentors. Having someone to point you in the right direction as you start your career can help you get through the confusion and stress of looking for your first job.

A mentor can also help you improve your work by giving you feedback. This feedback is invaluable because it helps you learn more. Classroom learning can’t compare to learning from someone who has been there and done that. Some things can only get learned by doing them, and mentors let you learn from their mistakes.

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#3. Find out how other people in your situation got jobs after college

It can be helpful to learn from people who have been where you are now. Learning about the steps other people took, the projects they worked on, and the important connections they made can be both instructive and inspiring for you. It’s important to remind yourself that you’re not the only one feeling the way you do.

Some recent college graduates used apprenticeships to get their first jobs or start their marketing businesses. Others have worked in a different field for decades and then switched to digital marketing.

#4. Tell your story and let your experiences show what drives you.

If you’ve already done all of the things listed, chances are you also have a pretty interesting story to tell. To do these things, you have to work hard. Showing recruiters that you worked on yourself and your network while looking for a job will always be more interesting than just listing your skills. People will ask you questions to see if you’re the right person for the job, and these experiences will give you a lot of examples to use.

#5. Make more connections.

The saying goes, “Who you know is more important than what you know.” True, but sad. Put yourself out there and talk to people in the industry you want to work in who are in different jobs and at different levels. This is important because not all jobs that are open get advertised.

Depending on the source, between 70% (Forbes) and 85% (LinkedIn) of jobs are never posted online at all. These positions get filled through networking and internal referrals. Your connections can also put you in touch with potential employers. They give you insider information that can give you an edge.

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How Long Does It Take To Get The Highest-Paying Jobs For Entry-Level College Grads?

On average, it takes new graduates three to six months to get their first job. Someone who used to finish a whole semester in the same amount of time might feel like that is a long time.

You may feel like you can’t be picky about what jobs you want. However, it’s important to think about yourself, your skills, your wants, and what you want to do with your time. A little soul searching won’t hurt, and tests like the IKIGAI or the Big 5 Personality test can help you learn more about yourself and what will make you happy.

Most recruiters say that finding people with the skills and qualities they need for open jobs is their biggest challenge. In light of this, it’s up to you to get the skills and qualifications you need for the job you want.

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Why Do Most College Graduates Not Get The Best Jobs For Entry Level College Grads?

Here are a few reasons why most college graduates fail to secure entry-level jobs.

#1. Lack of preparation

To get your first job, you have to do things that aren’t negotiable. Like having an up-to-date resume with relevant experiences, a cover letter, an online portfolio, and be ready for an interview. When you apply for your first few dream jobs, you’ll feel more confident if you have everything in order.

#2. Using only job boards to find a job

You should now have enough skills to start applying for jobs. You can still get stuck in a cycle of sending the same resume and a slightly different cover letter to job postings on a variety of platforms and never hearing back. Being in that situation is hard because you don’t know what to change. This is a passive way to look for a job, and there are better ways to get more experience, build your network, and move closer to your dream job.

#3. Using only old methods

Did you know that many job seekers today use creative resumes, such as video resumes, to stand out? Making a resume that shows who you are and what you want to do can make a big difference. Canva is one tool that can help you make a resume that stands out and is unique.

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#4. Lack of connections

Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work and are available. Start with your family and friends, and think about people you’ve met in school, church, volunteer work, and online communities. Make a list of the sources you used. Don’t wait until a possible employer asks for them.

Talk to people who might be willing to be referenced. If you haven’t worked before, you might wonder who could give you a reference. Think about the times you volunteered. Ex-teachers could also be referenced.

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What is the Average Pay of Entry-Level College Grads?

A survey shows that college students today expect to make about $103,880 in their first job after graduation. But the truth is much lower. Statistics show that the average starting salary is about half of that, at $55,260.

The Real Estate Witch survey found that, across all majors and schools, undergraduates are 88% too optimistic about their starting salaries. They have one in three worries that they won’t make enough money after graduation to live comfortably. The class of 2022 has better job prospects than in recent years.

According to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers plan to hire 31.6% more graduates from the class of 2022 than they did from the class of 2021. So far, however, only 15% of students who will graduate in 2022 have accepted a job offer.

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15 Best Jobs For Entry Level College Grads In 2023

Getting a degree not only helps you learn more about your chosen field. It also opens up more job opportunities for you. Even though entry-level jobs don’t pay as well as more experienced jobs, college graduates can still find good jobs that pay well.

The best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023 are:

#1. Teacher

Salary: $55,760

Teachers’ main jobs are to make lesson plans and other educational materials for their students. They encourage students to learn by doing, giving tests and homework.

Teachers help students understand what they are learning. They also keep track of how each student is doing and give them feedback to help them improve in school. Teachers have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

Salary: $57,380

Legal assistants’ main jobs are to help lawyers with a wide range of tasks. They find out about cases, organize documents, keep legal files in order, and do legal research.

Legal assistants also use their research and organization skills to get files to a lawyer during a trial or other legal proceedings. Legal assistants have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

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#3. Animator

Salary: $57,000

Animators make pictures that look like they are moving when shown quickly one after another. They work for commercials, TV, movies, and computer games, among other things.

It is one of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#4. Graphic designer

Salary: $53,200

Graphic designers’ main jobs are to meet with clients and come up with visual ideas for their brands. They sketch their designs by hand or on a computer, making sure they meet the standards and brand image of their client.

Graphic designers come up with the overall layout and design for things like magazines, brochures, and ads. They have one of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

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#5. Marketing Coordinators

Salary: $45,240 per year

Marketing coordinators’ main jobs are to help make a company’s brand strategy. They make sure that both the short-term and long-term goals of the business get met by these strategies.

Depending on the company they work for, a marketing coordinator’s duties can vary. However, they often organize marketing events and create and monitor media and marketing campaigns.

Marketing Coordinators also do market research, make new content, and track sales data. They have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#6. Accountants

Salary: $54,801 per year

Accountants’ main jobs are to look over a company’s financial records and accounts. Accounts, tax returns, audits, and bank reconciliations are some of the things they do.

Accountants also put together reports and budgets and check the financial records of their clients to make sure they are correct. Ranking #6 on our list, they have one of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#7. Social Worker

Salary: $60,048 per year

Social workers’ main jobs are to help people of all ages deal with their everyday problems. They figure out what they need, and make plans to improve their quality of life.

If necessary, connect them with community resources. Social workers have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

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#8. Registered nurses

Salary: $59,560

Registered nurses are health care professionals who, depending on where they work, do a wide range of tasks. They often do physical exams, evaluate the health of patients, help doctors treat patients, get medical histories, and do diagnostic tests.

Registered nurses also teach patients about their plans for treatment and give them their medicines. Registered nurses have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#9. Salesperson

Salary: $60,947

A salesperson’s main jobs are to greet customers when they come into a store. They also help them find what they’re looking for, tell them about the products in the store, and ring up sales.

They also keep track of a store’s products and restock them when they run out. A salesperson’s job is very important and as such, they are one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#10. Chemical Engineers

Salary: $65,984

Chemical engineers’ main jobs are to solve problems with things like chemicals and food by using their knowledge of science and math. They come up with ways to make things and tell people how to be safe when working with dangerous chemicals.

Chemical engineers have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023. They also plan the layout of the equipment.

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#11. Financial Analyst

Salary: $71,556

Financial analysts’ main jobs are to help their clients make important decisions about investments or planning their finances. They use their knowledge of accounting, economics, and statistics to look at how a company is doing.

Financial analysts write reports, look for investment opportunities, and make financial forecasts. They have one of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#12. Data Analyst

Salary: $75,205

Data analysts’ main jobs are to collect and analyze data, look for patterns in a set of data, and build databases. They also work with the management team of a company to figure out what it needs. Data analysts have one of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

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#13. Web developer

Salary: $76,943

Web developers’ main jobs are to maintain and update both websites and web pages. They code for these sites by using programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. They also meet with clients to find out what each website is trying to do.

Web developers fix problems with websites, and test different applications for websites. They have one of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#14. Project engineer

Salary: $77,672

Project engineers’ main jobs are to oversee the schedule of a project for their client or company. They keep an eye on how a project is going, make sure all costs are under control, coordinate activities, and help solve problems as they come up. Project engineers have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

#15. Factory workers

Salary: $82,223

Manufacturing engineers have a wide range of responsibilities that touch on all parts of the manufacturing process. They keep an eye on a product and how it is usually made.

Most of the time, manufacturing engineers design, install, keep up, and evaluate a manufacturing process and the equipment that goes with it. They have one of the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

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How To Do Well In The Highest-Paying Jobs For Entry Level College Grads In 2023?

After you get any of the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023, you should ensure to do the following:

1. Make sure you are ready for your first day on the job

You remember all too well how important it was at each job interview to make a good first impression. In the same way, making a good first impression with your new coworkers is very important and will take some planning on your part.

2. Plan out your first three months on the job

Employers often think of a new employee’s first 90 days on the job as an extension of the interview process, and they have a good reason to do so. Your manager is still getting to know you, and you’re probably doing the same thing. Both of you want to make sure that hiring you was the best choice for everyone.

Some companies offer an orientation program to help their new hires get off to a good start, but don’t assume you’ll get this help. Instead, take control of the situation and make your 90-day plan. Make a list of things that will help you succeed in your first week, month, and 90 days on the job. This is important after you get the best jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023.

3. Set your goals for your first job back to where they should be

You’re excited to start working and get closer to your dream job, which is a good thing. But make sure that your goals for this first job are reasonable.

4. Learn more, both at work and outside of it

Stopping to learn is the fastest way to lose your edge, both at work and outside of it. You may be ready to burn your library card after your last semester of finals, presentations, term papers, and group projects. It’s normal to feel a little burned out. Once you’ve given yourself a break and gotten used to your new job role and routine, find ways to keep learning and growing in and out of the office.

For example, you might want to start looking for the right mentor or sign up for an online course through Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, edX, or Skillshare.

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5. Invest in your business contacts

Since you already have a job, why do you care so much about networking? Well, a strong professional network doesn’t just help you find and get an entry-level job. People who are good at networking are often the most successful professionals. Networking will help you build and improve your skills. It would also help you stay up to date on industry trends and technologies, find the right mentor, and keep an eye on the job market.

Start building a network of valuable contacts by participating in your alma mater’s alumni events. You may also join relevant LinkedIn groups online, and find other face-to-face opportunities through relevant professional associations.

6. Start a book to show off what you’ve done at work

If you want to move up in your career, you need to be able to confidently talk about your job skills and what you can do for an employer. Get ready for these kinds of conversations by keeping a brag book that lists all of your work accomplishments from the beginning of your career.

A “brag book,” also called a “wins journal,” is a simple job-searching tool that lets you keep track of all the big things you’ve done and contributed to your career. This ongoing record of your professional accomplishments will not only help you get ready for your annual performance review and future salary negotiations, but it will also make it easier to update your entry-level resume when you’re ready to look for another job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a job right after graduation?

To find a job after graduation, you need to do the following:
Make your resume fit each job you want. Today, a lot of employers use applicant tracking systems to look for keywords in resumes.
Check often for new job postings.
Use your alumni network. Stay up to date on industry news.
Get ready for interviews

Why is it so hard to get a job at the bottom of the ladder?

Young professionals looking for entry-level jobs face a big problem. Companies want new graduates to have years of experience before they can even apply for entry-level jobs. This makes it harder for some young adults to break into the job market.

Why is it so hard for people who have finished college to find work?

Finding a job can take longer than you think, so don’t wait until after you graduate to start looking. Recent graduates often don’t apply for jobs because they don’t meet all the requirements. This is a big mistake. Most candidates don’t meet all of an employer’s requirements.

How long does it take to find a job after college?

About 53% of college graduates don’t have jobs or are working in jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree. On average, it takes college graduates three to six months to find work after they graduate.


Every year, college seniors get ready for their next steps as their caps fly through the air. What kinds of jobs will a lot of them be doing? We did a lot of research to find the highest-paying jobs for entry-level college grads in 2023. You can look out for the requirements of any of the jobs on our list above.


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