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15 Best Law Schools In Florida In 2022: Requirements, Scholarships

Finding the best college for your academic requirements is the first step in pursuing a career as a lawyer.

 Numerous prestigious educational institutions, the majority of which are nationally renowned, offer legal programs in Florida.

You have come to the correct place if you are seeking top law schools in Florida. 15 of the Florida law schools will be highlighted today based on criteria like academics, facilities, and even approval rates.

Therefore, you’ll discover the rankings, costs, acceptance rates, and graduation rates of the top Law Schools in Florida in this post. 

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Why Study Law In Florida?

For students, the opportunity to earn a degree in a state like Florida can be mind-blowing and transformative.

 Florida is the fourth-most populous state in the US, and because it is rapidly expanding, its colleges and institutions are supported by a thriving, diversified economy.

Numerous program areas are connected to Florida’s economy, which places a heavy emphasis on a variety of industries, including agriculture, international trade, and tourism, to mention a few.

 For instance, it is not surprising that Florida depends on its tourism industry given its over 600 miles of beaches, world-class attractions, seaports, and relatively long history for the United States dating back to 1513.

 Each year, about 76 million people visit Florida. However, the state is blessed with a strong economy, tropical climate, and a booming hotel sector, which gives it a prominent place as a center for global logistics and transportation.

Therefore, if you want to stand out in a highly regarded and culturally varied educational environment, enroll in one of Florida’s top law schools.

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How To Become A Lawyer In Florida 

To practice law in Florida, a person must complete several years of study and pass the state bar test.

 If you desire to practice law in Florida, you can follow these steps:

Earn a Bachelor’s degree 

Attending an undergraduate program and receiving a bachelor’s degree is the first step toward becoming a lawyer. 

You cannot enroll in a law school until you have a bachelor’s degree. 

Many students opt to major in pre-law, political science, criminal justice, economics, philosophy, or psychology, however, most law schools generally accept applicants with a variety of degrees.

 No matter what subject you decide to pursue, it’s crucial to enroll in programs that will stretch your mind and help you improve your writing, research, communication, and time management abilities.

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Complete the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

The LSAT must be taken either after earning your bachelor’s degree or during your final two years of college as the last step before applying to law school. Three sections of multiple-choice questions covering themes including logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning can be found on the LSAT.

Pass The Florida state bar exam 

You can apply to take the Florida General Bar Exam once you have earned your J.D. or are about to. 

The exam has two parts and is completed over two days.

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Complete the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)

If you didn’t already finish the MPRE during law school, you have 25 months after passing the Florida bar test to do so. 

The MPRE is a two-hour test of 60 multiple-choice questions, of which 10 are exploratory questions that are not scored and of which 50 are scored.

 Client confidentiality, conflicts of interest, judicial conduct, and legal advocacy are just a few of the requirements that are covered in this test of candidates’ legal knowledge.

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Overview of Law Schools in Florida 

Here is the list of the law schools in Florida:

  • University of Florida law school 
  • University of Miami Law School 
  • University of South Florida 
  • Florida state university of Law 
  • University of Central Florida 
  • Florida International University 
  • Nova southeastern university 
  • Florida A&M university
  • University of North Florida 
  • North Atlantic University 
  • Keiser university 
  • Eckerd university 
  • New College of Florida Rollin college 
  • Stetson University College of Law 

What are the Best Law Schools in Florida?

After conducting an extensive study on each school, we have carefully chosen the ones on this list as the best law schools in Florida. 

 The best law schools in Florida were chosen based on several criteria, including their location, affordability, programs offered, possibilities for professional growth, etc. The following list contains the best law schools in Florida:

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#1. University of Florida

One of the top Law schools in Florida is the University of Florida (often known as Florida or UF), a public land-grant research university in Gainesville. 

It was founded in 1853 and is a senior member of the State University System of Florida.

 It has been continuously operating on its Gainesville campus since September 1906.

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, Warrington College of Business, Levin College of Law, and College of Medicine at this institution all provide highly recognized graduate degrees.

The retirement community Oak Hammock, where students can work, do internships, and find mentors, is also interwoven with the institution.

 Famous alumni from the University of Florida include former U.S. senators Bob Graham and Connie Mack, Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier, and home improvement television star, Bob Vila.

 It is one of the best Law schools in Florida. 

  • Ranking: No.30 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 37%
  • Graduating rate: 88%
  • Tuition: $6,380 in state and$12,658 out-of-state.

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#2. University of Miami School of Law 

The private university University of Miami is another one of the top law schools in Florida. It is regarded as one of Florida’s top universities. 

In 1925, the institute was established. The campus is 239 acres in size, with a total undergraduate enrollment of 11,307 students, and is located in a suburban area. 

Business, Management, Marketing, Related Support Services, Health Professions, and Social Sciences are some of the most sought-after majors at the University of Miami.

Students who enjoy the outdoors will find the University of Miami’s setting in Southern Florida to be ideal. 

Students enjoy lots of possibilities for water sports, hiking, and tanning because prominent locations like South Beach, the Florida Keys, and Everglades National Park are close. 

Downtown Miami, which is close to the institution, is a bustling center for sports and culture. Nearly 30 fraternities and sororities have 2,500 members on campus.

 Additionally, there are more than 290 clubs and organizations available for students to join.

  • Ranking: No.49 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate:27%
  • Graduating rate:81.4%
  • Tuition: $53,682

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#3. Florida State University Of Law 

Another one of Florida top law schools is the Florida State University of Law, established in 1851. 

It is located in a city, has a 487-acre campus, and enrolls 33,270 undergraduate students in total.

Florida State University has a student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1 and 60.3 percent of its classes have fewer than 20 pupils. 

At Florida State University, the most sought-after majors are general psychology, general criminal justice/safety studies, and general English language and literature.

  • Ranking: No.58 in National Universities 
  • Acceptance rate: 36%
  • Graduating rate:82%
  • Tuition:  $6,507 in-state and $21,673 out-of-state 

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#4. University of South Florida

The University of South Florida, a public university established in 1956, is one of the best law schools in Florida. There are 32,681 undergraduate students enrolled in total, the campus is 1,562 acres in size, and the location is urban.

The public university maintains regional campuses in Sarasota and St. Petersburg in addition to its main campus in Tampa.

  • Ranking: No. 103 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 48%.
  • Graduating rate: 75%
  • Tuition: $6,410 In-state $6,410 and $17,324 out-of-state

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#5. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida was founded in 1963. One of the greatest institutions in Florida, the institution has consistently positioned itself as a magnificent fortress of learning. 

There are 59,483 undergraduate students enrolled in total, 1,415 acres make up the campus, and the location is suburban.

Fittingly, the University of Central Florida is a large university that spans the center of the state. 

With its headquarters in Orlando, UCF also operates more than ten regional campuses, including those in South Lake, Daytona Beach, and Ocala. 

We highly recommend it as one of the best Law schools in Florida. 

  • Ranking: No.160 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 44%
  • Graduating rate: 72%
  • Tuition: $6,368 in-state tuition and $22,467 out-of-state tuition.

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#6. Florida International University

Florida International Institution is another excellent school in Florida, a public university that drives real talent and innovation in Miami and abroad. 

Focusing on the fields of environment, health, innovation, and justice, FIU combines high research (R1) activity with high social mobility to elevate and accelerate student success in a global metropolis.

There are numerous centers and two campuses at FIU. More than 58,000 diverse students attend FIU, including 260,000 Panther alumni. It is also one of the Florida Law schools. 

  • Ranking: No.187 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 58%
  • Graduating rate: 63%
  • Tuition: $6,566 in-state tuition and $18,964 out-of-state tuition.

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#7. Nova Southeastern University

This is another one of the law schools in Florida. Nova Southeastern University must be mentioned when discussing the top law schools in Florida.

 A private, non-profit college, Nova provides a wide range of cutting-edge academic programs.

To promote academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, leadership, research, and a life-long learning environment.

 The school offers accessible distance learning programs in addition to on-campus educational opportunities and resources.

  • Ranking: No. 227 in National Universities 
  • Acceptance rate: 80%
  • Graduating rate: 58%
  • Tuition: $33,430

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#8. Florida A&M University

This is one of the hidden Florida law schools. Founded in 1887, Florida A&M University is a public university.

 There are 7,818 undergraduate students enrolled in total, the campus is 422 acres in size, and it is located in a city.

The only historically black university in Florida’s State University System is Florida A&M University, which is situated in the hills of Tallahassee. 

Although the school accepts pupils of any race, ethnicity, and nationality, its primary goal is to educate African-Americans. Architecture, journalism, and psychology are some of the most popular undergraduate majors at the university, which grants roughly 60 bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields of study.

 The university has maintained a high academic standard over the years, placing Florida A&M among the best schools in Florida. Graduate students at Florida A&M can choose from about 40 degrees, including law, engineering, and education.

  • Ranking: No. 241in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 36%
  • Graduating rate: 53%
  • Tuition:  $5,785 in-state fees and $17,725 out-of-state.

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#9. Florida Atlantic University

When talking about law schools in Florida, Florida Atlantic University is not left out. The fifth public institution in Florida, Florida Atlantic University was founded in 1961 and formally inaugurated its doors in 1964.

 Over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students are served by the university now at its six locations along the southeast Florida coast.

FAU is a dynamic university that is expanding quickly and committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and knowledge. 

The University has increased its research spending by two-fold recently and outperformed its contemporaries in terms of student performance rates.

 The students are courageous, aspirational, and prepared to conquer the world.

  • Ranking: No. 272 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 63%
  • Graduating rate: 50%
  • Tuition: $6,099 in-state tuition and $21,655 out-of-state tuition.

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#10. University of North Florida

The public university University of North Florida was established in 1965. It is located in an urban area, with a 1,300-acre campus, and has a total undergraduate enrolment of 14,734.

The educational experience of its students comes first at the University of North Florida.

 Small class sizes enable students to receive a tailored education.

 Just a few minutes from the ocean and Downtown Jacksonville lies the school’s beautiful campus, which is situated on a nature preserve.

  • Ranking: No. 272 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 72%
  • Graduating rate: 60.5%
  • Tuition: $6,394 in-state tuition and $20,112 out-of-state tuition.

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#11. Keiser University

A university is a place where students can flourish because it gives them the academic and professional foundation they need to achieve their educational objectives.

 Employers, the community, and students who are serious about their education and careers continue to regard Keiser University as a partner.

They are aware of the numerous tasks and responsibilities that students have today. 

To accommodate hectic schedules, Keiser offers the same high-quality education through a variety of scheduling choices.

You will probably find a schedule that works for you whether you select a day, evening, or online class. 

This will enable you to fulfill one of the most significant commitments you can make: a commitment to your education. It is among the law schools in Florida. 

  • Ranking: No.284 in National Universities
  • Acceptance rate: 85%
  • Graduating rate: 49.9%
  • Tuition: $33,120.

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#12. New College of Florida

Students at New College have the option to choose their academic path and get ready for their future careers in a personalized and collaborative learning environment where instructors and students explore concepts and subject matter in-depth.

The school is the only public university or college in the state whose main objective is to offer outstanding undergraduate education to outstanding students from around the nation.

New College offers the perfect learning environment for intellectually curious, motivated students who thrive on active learning and are drawn to an intellectually rigorous curriculum. 

It is situated on a lovely 110-acre campus on sunny Sarasota Bay. New College is among Florida law schools. 

  • Ranking: No.84 in National Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Acceptance: 73%
  • Graduating rate: 64%
  • Tuition: $6,916  in-state tuition and  $29,944 out-of-state tuition.

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#13. Eckerd College

The private college Eckerd College was established in 1958. Through self-mastery and a lifetime of study, the institution motivates and equips people to make the world a better place. 

Small classrooms, professor-mentors, and a dedication to community service help guide their students on a four-year journey of discovery.

  • Ranking: No. 136 in National Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Acceptance rate: 67%.
  • Graduating rate: 65.7%
  • Tuition: $47,704

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14.  Rollins College

Private college Rollins College was established in 1885. There are 2,133 undergraduate students enrolled in total, the campus is 80 acres in size, and the location is suburban.

A short distance from the heart of Orlando is Winter Park, Florida, where Rollins College is situated.

 A wakeboarding club and a ballroom dance club are two of the more than 100 student clubs and organizations that exist on campus.

  • Ranking: No. 1 in Regional Universities South
  • Acceptance rate: 58%
  • Graduating rate: 68.1%
  • Tuition: $53,716

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#15. Stetson University College of Law

The first law school in Florida was established in 1900 and is now known as Stetson University College of Law. 

It is listed as the 104th top law school in America by US News & World Report and has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools since 1931.

The legal writing and trial advocacy programs at Stetson University College of Law are among the best in the nation. 

Students now have a tremendous opportunity to advance their legal careers. Stetson students recorded A 72.3 percent bar clearance rate.

The median LSAT required by the school is 155, which is thought to be a workable score by most applicants.

With 45.55 percent of candidates being admitted, the university has a reasonable acceptance rate. The average GPA is currently 3.36.

Within ten months of graduating, 77.2 percent of Stetson University alumni found work.

  • Acceptance Rate: 52.1%
  • Ranking: No. 111
  • Tuition: $45,802

Visit School Here 


We have come to the end of the top best Florida law schools one can get admitted into. 

There is no doubt that there are many law schools in Florida. However, the law schools in Florida outlined above are one of the best and most popular ones. 

Florida is home to many prestigious law schools, as can be seen from the list above. 

Successful applications are dependent on some variables, including LSAT and GPA results as well as personal statements, among other things.

Check on elements like job rates after graduation and the bar passage rate before applying for a legal course at your top-choice law school.

 Making your final selection will go more smoothly if you have this information available.

 Ensure you read the article again to get to know much better as regards the law schools in Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is law school In Florida? 

Law school lasts three years if you enroll full-time. Some schools offer four-year part-time degrees.

Before I apply to law schools in Florida do I need to take any prerequisites?

There are no required majors or courses to enter law school. Your baccalaureate (college bachelor’s) degree must be earned or be in the process of being earned.

Do I need to take additional exams in Law schools in Florida? 

The Law School Admission Test is the most popular admission examination for law school (LSAT). The GRE, however, is now accepted in place of the LSAT by several institutions. 
Since the GRE will not be reviewed if you already have an LSAT score, make sure you know which test the law school will accept.

What are the classes I need to take in Law schools in Florida during the first year? 

Torts, contracts, constitutional law, civil procedure, property, and a legal writing course are frequently required in the first year.




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