Tips On How To Write About My Best Friend Essay | Full Guide & Sample

“True friends are like diamonds—bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.”- Nicole Richie. Indeed, friendship is an extraordinary phenomenon. An essay about my best friend is one of the most beautiful essays you will ever write.

An essay about my best friend requires love and skill. This article aims at equipping you with the best tip and guide on how to write about my best friend essay.

Want to know how to write a beautiful essay about my best friend? Then waste no time; let’s get right into it!

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What Is A “My Best Friend Essay”?

Friendship is a beautiful connection. A “my best friend essay” is an essay for students to communicate their best friend’s relationship in beautiful writing. This essay allows students to flex their creative abilities and composition skills while discussing someone they hold dear to their hearts.

The best way to approach my best friend’s essay is the 5-paragraph essay approach. Although for younger children, the number of paragraphs can be reduced but still follow the introduction, body, and conclusion format.

However, these are the basics of writing an essay about my best friend; let’s continue to know more.

Guide For Writing An Essay About My Best Friend

When writing an essay, you can use the 5-paragraph essay format. An essay contains three segments: The Introduction, The Body, and The Conclusion.

The Introduction

The introduction of an about my best friend essay contains your essay’s first and opening paragraphs. The introduction purpose of an essay is to enlighten the reader on the essay’s topic and what your take is. In an essay about my best friend, the introduction is to introduce the subject of the essay, the best friend.

The introduction of an essay about my best friend should be concise and also hook the reader.

The Body

The body of an essay takes three out of the five paragraphs in a 5-paragraph format. In the body, the writer should effectively use sections to write out their main ideas or feelings descriptively.

Here the writer can describe the friend, give reasons why the friend is loved and things they do together, etc.

The Conclusion

In the essay’s conclusion, the writer can give final touches to the essay regarding what makes the friend unique and what the writer envisions for the friendship in the future.

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My Best Friend Essay 10 lines

Another option for writing an essay about my best friend for younger children is my best friend essay in 10 lines format.

This format gives students a clear strategy that makes their writing easier.

A Sample For A “My Best Friend In 10 Lines” Format

First Line: What is your friend’s name

Second Line: What does your best friend look like?

Third Line: Where is your best friend from?

Fourth Line: What does friendship mean to you

Fifth Line: How did you meet your best friend

Sixth Line: What is the most memorable moment you had with your best friend?

Seventh Line: What is the most remarkable or funniest thing your best friend has done?

Eighth Line: What do you love most about your best friend?

Ninth Line: Why do you love your best friend?

Tenth Line: What do you envision as a future with your best friend?

The above question should help young, budding essay writers to write beautiful essays. However, they should know or learn to break this into introduction, body, and conclusion segments.

However, older essay writers can use a better approach for their expertise. Older students can follow these steps to write their essay about my best friend:

Understand The topic

The first step in writing an essay is understanding the topic. This may not be necessary for this scenario since the subject is already precise. What needs to be understood next is the writing strategy you will be using.

Research If Necessary

Since this is a personal essay, research may not be needed. However, you may need to carry out research to gain clarity. You may want to engage your best friend’s family or loved ones in an interview to get more information.


Brainstorming is essential when writing an essay about my best friend; you need to think about your best friend, what you love most, and even the smallest detail. As you brainstorm, you can put down a rough sketch of your thoughts.

Draft out an outline

Leveraging the information from your thought session, make an outline that will serve as a framework for your essay about my best friend.

Make a list of things you love about your friend, their favorite memories, best characters, etc.

Write The First Draft

An essay on my best friend always has three segments introduction, body, and conclusion; how you use these segments matters.

Using the outline you made, write your first draft. You need to expand on each list by adding more narrative content.

Lay Aside For A While

Once you are done writing your first draft, lay it aside for a while and get your mind refreshed. After a day or more, revisit your essay about your best friend and edit.

Make additions and subtract information that may not be necessary. This last step is the magical touch your essay deserves.

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Tips For Writing An Essay About My Best Friend

  • Start Early
  • Hook the reader from the introduction
  • Always keep your essay topic in mind
  • Make use of Transitional Words

Sample For Writing An Essay About My Best Friend


An essay on my best friend always comes with an introduction, body, and conclusion. How you use these segments matters as it determines what your essay will look like.


How can I describe my best friend?

The description of a best friend should be based on your experiences, memories, and feelings for your best friend. Describe what you love and find memorable, think about the tears and laughs.

How do you start an essay about a friend?

Start with an introductory paragraph that contains a gripping opening sentence to hook the reader, introduce the topic right away, and your thesis statement. Go ahead to write the body paragraphs. Describe, narrate and explain who is your best friend and why.

Why is your best friend so special essay?

A true best friend is a true blessing.
Best friends are so special because they are understanding.
Best friends love selflessly and also give support.
A best friend helps one in making important decisions.


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