20 Jobs Hiring 17-Years-Olds With No Experience-summer

20 Jobs Hiring 17-Year-Olds With No Experience

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Finding a job can be a bit difficult, especially if you are below 18. Nonetheless, if you are 17 and need a job to save some money for college, or a personal project, it will interest you to know that there are jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience.

20 Jobs Hiring 17-Year-Olds With No Experience

Below are 20 of the best opportunities you can take advantage of today if you are 17 and need a job.

See the jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience.

  • Camp Counselor
  • Telemarketing
  • Cleaning Job
  • Tech Support and Repair of Computers
  • Become a Tour Guide
  • Amusement Park Ride attendant
  • Serve at a Restaurant
  • Work as a Retail Cashier
  • Work as an usher  
  • Landscaping
  • Work as a Hotel Housekeeper
  • Work as a Nanny 
  • Dog walking
  • Work as an Assistant in a Bakery
  • Work as a Barista
  • Delivery Driver
  • Work as a Busser
  • Assist with shelve Stocking
  • Dishwasher 
  • Work as a Lifeguard at an Indoor Pool   

#1 Work as a camp counselor

Tis is the first of the jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience.

One thing should be clear here; the role of the camp counselor is not the same as the role of a babysitter. While a camp counselor is also responsible for watching over younger children, the key focus of the position is keeping on schedule and leading group activities.

The majority of the camp counselors are responsible for leading a group of younger campers. Therefore, the camp counselor needs to engage the group in many exciting activities.

When it comes to summer jobs for 17-years-old, the position of a camp counselor is one of the most sought jobs. However, many schools and organizations offer camping opportunities outside the summer. So, you can apply all year round for this position.

While PayScale keeps the hourly pay rate of camp counselors at $9.48, the price is usually dependent on factors like location and time of the year. For camps that run all year round, you can earn as much as sixteen thousand to twenty-seven thousand dollars yearly.

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#2 Telemarketing

Another great job hiring 17 years old without experience is telemarketing. For 17 years old who love to talk and possess the ingenuity to convert passive visitors to active customers, many companies are willing to hire 17 years old for the job. However, making sales call can be a bit difficult without prior training for the position.

However, many telemarketing companies are willing and ready to train you for the position. The majority of the telemarketing companies provide a call center for their staff to work from.

However, with a little search and persistence, you may find some telemarketing companies that accord you the privilege to work from home. Nonetheless, several challenges arise from working from home.

Therefore, it is best to start working in a call center.

The pay range for telemarketers is usually between nineteen thousand dollars and thirty-four thousand dollars per year. Some companies also offer bonuses depending on how many clients you can convert.  

#3 Cleaning Job

There are two types of cleaning job that can hire you if you are 17:

  • Hotel cleaning
  • Cleaning of private apartments

Offering to clean the homes of neighbors and families in return for some cash payment is one of the easiest ways to raise extra bucks for yourself. However, if you wish to gain some professional cleaning experience, then you should consider applying with hotels, guest houses, and resorts around you.  

There are different kinds of activities associated with house cleaning including bed making, washing dishes, dusting the windows, and vacuum cleaning. When applying for a cleaning position at a hotel, it is essential to note that, the job requires speed and timing as you will be responsible for taking care of many rooms as quickly as possible to avoid keeping the guests waiting.

The average salary of a house cleaner is eleven dollars per hour. However, if you chose to practice as an individual, you can base your charge on factors like the size and type of house that requires cleaning.

#4 Tech Support and Repair of Computers

If you are one of the smart kids with a lot of experience solving issues about computers and the internet, there are many tech support opportunities for you. All the requirement for this position is keen understanding and the ability to discuss and explain tech solutions in a way that is clear to everyone.  

Some of the day-to-day activities of tech support are connecting different devices to the internet, deleting unwanted programs from computers, installing new programs, installing antivirus programs, scanning the device for viruses and potential threats, helping clients to set up their email addresses, etc.

Some tech centers are willing to provide you with the necessary skills you need to succeed for several weeks before allowing you to attend to customers one-on-one. According to indeed.com, the starting salary of tech support is $13 to $20 per hour.

#5 Become a Tour Guide

Another way to make cool cash if you are 17 or younger is by becoming a tour guide, especially if you live in a big city. Big towns with historic sites are usually an attraction for new visitors.

Why not seize the opportunity to become a private tour guide, show people around, and tell them about the rich history of your people? It is a great way to make some extra boxes during your free time.

It is essential to note that, to become a successful tour guide, you need to have a good knowledge of historical sites in your area and what makes them important. Tourists are bound to ask questions and you need to be conversant with a lot of ideas regarding architecture styles, myths, legends, and historical facts about your local vicinity.

To thrive as a tour guide, you need to be customer service-oriented, be passionate about your city and have good interpersonal relationship skills. Tour guides can earn as much as $32,000, whether working for private companies or public sectors.  

Try discussing with a local tour company near you if you are looking for a job hiring 17 years old without experience. You might just be the one they are looking for.

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#6 Amusement Park Ride Attendant

With the growing number of amusement parks around town, there are numerous opportunities to land a job as an amusement park ride attendant if you are looking for jobs hiring 17 years old without experience. Many companies with various locations across the country often hire the assistance of minors to serve as ride and games attendants. 

However, ride attendant requires essential safety training, therefore, minors will have to work alongside professional employers with experience working on the job. There are also opening during local fairs and carnivals in the summer.

Though this kind of opening is seasonal and infrequent, it can be your best take if you still wish to focus on your education or participate in your school extracurricular activities. it can save you the temptation of taking full-time employment while still in school.  On average, a ride attendant earns around $9 per hour.

This is another jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience.

#7 Serve at a Restaurant

Serving position is one of the most lucrative positions for those who are 17 years old and looking for a job. Working as a waiter or waitress may have a low starting wage no doubt, however, you stand the chance of making a lot of money even if you put in only a few days of work per week.

There are a lot of opportunities available in this field and you can pick any restaurant that is best suitable for you. The responsibilities of a waiter/waitress include taking customers’ orders, forwarding the order to the kitchen, and processing payment for clients.   

Since servers enjoy the privilege of collecting tips, minimum wage laws apply differently to them. According to PayScale, a waiter receives 2 to 12 dollars’ average per hour depending on the area of specialization. However, the pay does not include the tips they collect on a daily.

#8 Work as a Retail Cashier  

It is no longer news to notice that retail is well known for hiring 17 years old with no experience. Among all other positions, retail is renowned for its flexibility with students’ schedules.  The typical retail cashier duties consist of activities like shelf-stocking, assisting customers, and filling the cash register.  

There are many stores available and numerous opportunities to land a job as a retail cashier if you are 17 and have no working experience. Therefore, it is essential to go for retail positions in places you are familiar with and interested in working. Think of the type of stores you have an interest in shopping and begin your application from those stores.

It is common to start your career as a retail cashier with minimum wage. However, the pay will increase if you decide to remain with the company after high school. The average pay for a full-time retail cashier is usually around $17,804 with possibilities of better pay in the future.

#9 Work as an Usher

This is another jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience.

You can make some extra cash working as an usher at movie cinemas. Due to the busy nature of movie cinemas, there are often openings for the position of ushers for 17 years old.

As an usher, the job can be a little tasking with lots of cleaning, ticketing, crowd control, and other jobs that ensures the theatre operates fine. In some cases, ushers may be trained to handle the role of customer service as well as the cashier. 

One of the advantages of working as a movie theatre usher is that you enjoy the privilege of seeing all the latest Hollywood releases. On average, the salary of a movie theatre usher is around 21,452 dollars.

Note that the duty of an usher is not limited to movie theatres alone. You can also find ushering jobs at playgrounds, concert centers, stadiums, etc. that are also willing to hire the services of 17 years old.

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#10 Landscaping

If you have some experience with lawnmowers and can be careful not to cause severe injury to yourself while using trimming tools like the hedge trimmer, then you can take up a career in landscaping.

You can either choose to work personally or apply with a landscaping firm instead to gain some professional experience in the field. Many landscaping companies are willing to hire the services of 17 years old for weekday shifts, especially in the summer.

However, it is essential to find out if your local laws have some recommendations about the kind of equipment you can work with as a teenager.

At the entry-level, you can make up to 11 dollars per hour working as a landscaper. When you work for yourself, you can charge even higher and keep all the proceeds from your job.

#11 Work as a Hotel Housekeeper

Before applying for a job as a hotel housekeeper, ensure that there are no local laws in your state prohibiting such opportunities. Some states prohibit minors from working in the hospitality industry. The duties of a housekeeper can be very tasking and require you to be upon your feet for several hours per day.

Not all hotels are willing to employ a teenager position, even if state laws permit it. However, if you are lucky to find a hotel that is willing to employ you for this position, you can make an average pay of 11 dollars per hour. 

While many hotels won’t pay more than the minimum wage for the position of a housekeeper, they allow their staff to make extra cash through tipping. Other hotels pay for overtime hours.

#12 Work as a Nanny  

For those that have worked as babysitters before, taking up the role of a nanny can be relatively easy. Unlike babysitting, a nanny is required to watch children on a set weekly schedule.

While people may readily hire a teenager for the position of a nanny, a certain level of maturity and experience is required. Some states require nannies to obtain a state license to practice, while some parents require a nanny with driving abilities.

Working as a nanny can earn you as much as $25 per hour. However, the rate depends on your discussion and agreement with your boss.

#13 Dog walking

If you love pets, dog walking is an interesting opportunity to make some extra bucks during your free time. Several people are willing to pay you to help them walk their dogs. An experience with dogs is an added advantage for this kind of position. However, you usually don’t need the experience to get a dog-walking job.    

You can always find time around your school schedule to do this job hassle-free. Most people prefer their dogs to be walked first thing in the morning before school and later in the evening after school.

If you think this is something you can do, why not start your private dog walking business today? You can also join a dog-walking organization to increase your chances of landing your first client.

It is essential to make provisions for transporting the dogs home after a successful walk. While most people may not be confident leaving their dog in the hands of a teenager, it is your responsibility to prove them otherwise.

Dog walkers earn as much as $1,250 monthly and it depends on the number of dogs you are in charge of in a month. Other factors like rates per dog and days per week can also affect your earnings positively or negatively.

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#14 Work as an Assistant in a Bakery

Becoming a successful baker may require years of experience. However, it can take just a few weeks to a month to become acquainted as a bakery assistant.

Not only a bakery but the services of an assistant is also required in grocery stores. There is a great opportunity to work as a bakery assistant especially if you are looking for jobs hiring 17 years old without experience.

Working as a bakery assistant may not guarantee that you will design those amazing cakes. Nonetheless, you will get firsthand training on customer assistance, signage changing, restocking baked goods, and handling of merchandise table.

There are other numerous activities you can perform as a bakery assistant, which include ringing up clients, washing dishes, and performing janitorial duties. There may be laws prohibiting your level of involvement in the bakery if you are below 18. Therefore, endeavored to check your local laws before taking up this position.

Bakery assistants earn as much as $12,000 per year working part-time (20 hours a week), which means you earn an average of 11.48 dollars per hour.

#15 Work as a Barista

Many coffee stands hire on regular basis just like fast-food restaurants. Coffee shops are usually very busy in the mornings when people go off to work. Therefore, you can work around your school schedule to take a part-time job as a barista. While it may look tasking, working as a barista is not the most difficult task in the world.

If you are good at making coffee, you can also set up your coffee stand and make money. There are many opportunities to make money as a barista. You can earn as much as 23,660 dollars a year as a barista. If you are lucky, some coffee shops may allow tipping, which is an avenue for you to make extra cash.

#16 Work as a Delivery Driver

It might be a difficult task to find a job as a delivery driver as a minor. Though it is not impossible to find one. Many people shy away from hiring underage drivers due to high insurance fees and state laws prohibiting the act. However, some states permit the employment of drivers who are 17 years old.

Don’t forget to go through the requirements of the job and ensure you are qualified for the job before applying.

If you are successful, you can make as much as $16 an hour as a delivery driver. You can also make more money through tips as a delivery driver.

#17 Work as a Busser

The restaurant environment is one ae that is full of opportunities for teens to work. From time to time, restaurants require the services of a busser and it’s a good opportunity to apply if you are below 17 and looking for a job with no experience. Bussers may also be required to go around and take away dishes that are no longer in use while customers are still seated.

Bussers may not earn more than the minimum wage. However, they can make a lot of money from tips both from the restaurant and appreciative customers. Note that, regulations are guiding how long teenagers and minors can work late at night. Therefore, ensure that you are conversant with these rules and regulations before applying as a busser.

Depending on your state, you can earn as much as 7.25 to 12 dollars as a busser. You also stand the chance of benefiting from daily tips if you work for a restaurant that splits daily tips among the employees daily.

#18 Assist with shelve Stocking

Many large stores require the service of someone to help unpack boxes and display the items on the shelves for customers to see. The activity can be done in the day or at night while customers are no longer shopping.

The task is often too much for the sales associate to handle, therefore, many companies chose to hire a shelve stocker for the position.

However, before applying for the position of shelve stocker, ensure that you understand the provisions of the law regarding teenagers and lifting excess weight, driving lifting machinery, and using other lifting tools in your locality.

While many places require that you turn 18 to use heavy machinery and lift an excess weight, it does not prevent you from landing a job as a shelve stocker. You can make up to 10 dollars per hour stocking shelves.

#19 Dishwasher   

While it is not often that easy to get a job as a dishwasher due to the difficulty involved in handling industrial dishwashers, that does not mean it is impossible to get a job as a dishwasher. Many industrial dishwashers require that you turn 18 or even 21 to be able to handle them.

Nonetheless, many restaurants do not have an industrial dishwasher and as such will require all dishes to be washed manually.

Even those that utilize industrial dishwashers may seldom require the services of a teen to assist in rinsing the plates. Working as a dishwasher can earn you up to $19,000 to $32,000 a year depending on the restaurant.

#20 Work as a Lifeguard at an Indoor Pool  

 The only thing stopping you from working as a lifeguard is not because you are 17. Rather, it’s because you don’t have the right certification. A lifeguard needs to be conversant with CPR and first aid and also be conversant with best practices when rescuing a drowning person.

All lifeguards are required to obtain state certification and be in good shape. If you meet all the requirements, nothing is stopping you from applying for the position of a lifeguard. On average, a lifeguard earns 10 dollars per hour. The fees may be higher for certain pools and you may earn some extra bucks from tips (where the pool allows it).

This is the last jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience on this list, this can also serve as summer jobs

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it is essential to understand that there are differences between an adult and a minor when it comes to working. There are certain laws that you need to adhere to when working as a 17-year-old.

Also, it is important to note that the laws may differ from one state to another. Some states prohibit 17 years old from working at certain times of the day with limitations on how many hours they can engage in work per day.

Therefore, if you are looking for a job that hires 17 years old without any experience, consider going through your state laws and regulations first before proceeding to apply.                          




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