20 Non-Customer Service Jobs That Do Not Require A Degree

Due to the changes in how jobs are performed, some professionals have chosen telecommuting options, while others choose to work in isolation. And it is interestingly nuanced, whatever their decision is. What matters most is their ability to deliver top-notch jobs at the end of the day. That is not exactly where we are going, anyway. 

There are some jobs you don’t need a college degree to obtain. A new type of job, otherwise known as “New-collar,” places more emphasis on hard skills over a college degree. If you have no degree, you can still build your career professionally.

This article will look at the top 20 non-customer service jobs that do not require a degree. Carefully read through.

What Are Non-Customer Service Jobs?

Non-customer service jobs are jobs that do not necessitate direct interactions with customers. You are most likely to work on job roles independently or work with others who do the customer service roles. Some of the job roles require formal education with a degree, while some do not necessarily need a degree. All you need is to get specialized in your skills.

There are a variety of non-customer service jobs without a degree. Yet, they can provide you competitive salaries to take care of your basic needs and fund your luxuries. You can call them behind-the-scenes jobs, and you are correct. If you are an introvert it’s best to consider them because you don’t have to face a panel of customers, asking.

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How To Find A NonCustomer Service Job Without a Degree

Getting a job without a degree is no longer a daunting task. Some employers value hard work and experience above a four-year degree. Nevertheless, you will need to put in much effort. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Search in the right field

There are quite several career fields where a degree is not needed. Oftentimes, these jobs can be found in technology, writing, and creative fields.

In addition, many assistant positions in the medical field do not require a degree, and you may not need to meet the customers. You can look into these fields and see where you can fit in.

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2. Acquire the proper training

Sometimes, secondary school training is not enough to get some jobs that will pay well. even though you may not need a degree, some additional training may stand you out from the crowd.

You can get an associate degree, certifications, apprenticeships, post-secondary education, and so on to qualify for some job positions you might be eyeing. 

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3. Enhance your resume and cover letter

This is where you will prove to your potential employer that you can perform the task. Before you get hired, your resume and cover letter must have gone ahead of you.

What would you like your potential employer to see? Highlight the relevant skills and work experience in your resume. Send to as many firms as possible and follow up on them to know your fate on time.

4. Prepare for the interview

Learn about your prospective employer and spend time perusing the company’s website to know what to face at the interview. Consider the questions you may be asked and attempt to answer them. This will help you to be at home during the interview.

5. Be willing to put in the effort

Finally, it is not your resume that will do the job but your skills. Make sure you get yourself prepared for the task ahead.

Put in your best and keep upgrading your skills. Be on the lookout for better opportunities to upgrade your skills. As time progresses, you will look back to be grateful for how far you have gone. 

The Benefits of Non-Customer Service Jobs 

It may sound somewhat isolating or unexciting to do a job that requires minimal or no interactions with customers or even coworkers in the building, but doing the job is exciting if you prefer your own company.

As a result, there are amazing benefits of doing non-customer service jobs. Besides, if you do not have a degree or fancy going to university, you can settle for some of these jobs. Here are some of the perks of doing these jobs:

  • They do not require much stress. If you are someone who does not fancy many interactions with the world around you, the jobs will help you to achieve just that. That is not to say the job in itself may not be much stressful.
  • You may not need to travel much. If you are in sales or marketing jobs, you may not have an option other than to travel often. There are times, you may need to make presentations or finalize deals with clients. But that is not your case if you do jobs that require non-customer service. Most of the time, you are stuck at your duty post throughout the day.
  • You do not need to multitask. With customer service jobs, the chances of your multitasking are much because you have to meet various clients and attend to their needs. With non-customer service jobs, you can only attend to emails and phone calls, mostly from your colleagues who do the go-betweens. This gives you ample time to focus on what’s more important to you.
  • You will learn to work remotely. Most non-customer service jobs require you to work remotely. As office space costs continue rising, most organizations permit their workers to work from home.

Top 20 High-Paying Non-Customer Service Jobs Without a Degree

Here is a list of the top 20 non-customer service jobs you can get without a college degree:

#1. Computer Programmer

A computer programmer writes code for the software and tests it to enable him to create apps and software. You can work on your own or apply to work in a company.

One more thing, this job is in big demand nowadays and can fetch you real money if you know how to determine your price. An associate degree is enough for you to work as a computer programmer.

Average annual salary – $80,000

#2. Multimedia Artist

A multimedia artist creates handmade or computer-made artworks or animations for books, advertisements, videos, and movies. They can work without a degree and can be found in several organizations, both private and public institutions, nonprofits, studios, advertisement companies, and individually as freelancers.

Taking a course in art, design, animation, or computer graphics will help to enhance your skills. Ensure to be creative enough to retain your clients and excel in your career.

Average annual salary – $41,897

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#3. Video Editor

A video editor edits raw videotape to make movies, music, documentaries, advertisement, news reports, and related roles. They may work in movie companies, advertising agencies, and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

You do not need a degree in this field, but you can acquire detailed training or a diploma in film, broadcasting, communication, or cinematography. Creativity is the spice of this skill. Make sure you have different styles of producing a unique video.

Average annual salary – $53,891

#4. Language Interpreter

A language interpreter is a specialist in one or more languages and can interpret for various organizations such as government departments, embassies, individuals, and groups.

They mostly translate information from one language to another and need a native-level competency to become a professional. This job does not need a degree. But you can gain certification in the language of your choice.

Good a thing, this job can take you to different countries where you can interpret for non-native speakers.

Average salary – $13 per hour

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#5. Technical Writer

A technical writer writes specialized technical blogs, articles, documentation, technical prescriptions, white papers, how-to guides, manuals, and so on.

They may acquire in-depth training in the field they like and with their writing skills, can always outperform those with degrees. A technical writer can work with clients in various industries and are in high demand too. 

Average annual salary – $57,282

#6. Travel writer

Just like the name, a travel writer explores new areas and writes articles detailing their experiences. They also write travel-related topics transportation, hotels, sports, cultures, vacations, romantic spots, among others.

They work with magazines, radios and televisions, blogs, travel agencies, tourism centers, and other entertainment companies. All you need is your creativity and ability to explore unique worlds.

Average annual salary – $51,395

#7. Copywriter

A copywriter creates content for businesses in wide-ranging commercial setups. They write copies for social media posts, gigs, promotional videos, print or digital advertisements, brainstorm companies’ mantras or catchwords, and so on.

Most copywriters work independently, while others work with various organizations. This job position requires high-level creativity to make their copies catchy.

Average annual salary – $58,465

#8. Proofreading and editing 

Proofreading involves checking for misspellings, incorrect or omitted punctuation, textual and numerical inconsistencies, etc. Editing, on the other hand, makes core corrections to the writing like sentence construction and language clarity.

A professional taking up these roles improves the readability, clarity, and tone of the writing. You do not need any qualifications to do the job, but you can improve your English and grammar skills to perform well. The job requires that you must have a keen eye on details to be able to point out errors.

Average annual salary – $52,719 

#9. Data Entry Clerk

A data entry clerk takes the company’s data and inserts it into an organized database format. You need some basic computer and organization skills to traverse this position. What’s more, you need minimal contact with customers.

#10. Animators

An animator draws and creates animated images for gaming, production, and animation companies. They use special software like Maya, After Effects, Flash, and others to create appealing and exciting characters and images.

Animators do not usually work alone. They need the production teams to create content according to the requirements of the screen. 

Average annual salary – $69,168 

#11. Tax Preparer

Considering that you may not like working at the forefront of the organization, working with information obtained from the people by others will give you absolutely a good position as a tax preparer. You can also work as an accountant or bookkeeper, having this skill.

While you are working behind the scenes, your impact is felt on people’s finances. A high school diploma and the least training in your job role will suffice. But getting additional training may not be a bad idea if you are looking for much bigger pay.

#12. Software Developer 

A software developer does not need direct contact with customersas such, ranks as one of the non-customer service jobs. 

They design and develop software for companies. They also create software applications and programs for desktop and mobile devices. If you are interested in developing your computer skills, you can consider software development. You can organize your working hours to suit your schedule.

Strong knowledge of computer programming is necessary to navigate this field. Working with a team will make this job easier as well.

Average annual salary – $76,526

#13. Market Research Analyst

Wondering how this job does not require customer service? Well, you do not interact with people to study their behavior. A market research analyst researches the clients’ behaviors and patterns. Firms hire them to research how their clients behave towards their products and services.

They collect data, make statistics and write a detailed report on their findings. Market research analysts became hotcakes since companies make use of data for almost every one of their activities to outperform their competitors.

Gaining more experience in this field will help you grow as you progress. Even though you do not need a degree, an associate degree will do you pretty well. 

Average salary – $30 per hour.

#14. Paralegal 

This job option favors those who want to practice law but do not want to obtain a law degree. Here, you work openly with lawyers to prepare documents, dictate transcriptions, conduct legal research, and organize files. You can see that you do not need to communicate with clients to fit into this job role.

The lawyer does the meetings and conversations, while you remain behind the scene, making the outcome a cordial one. You need to have an associate degree to perform this role. However, you can still learn on the job, if you wish to.

#15. Graphic Designer

Are you creative enough to wow your audience with colorful designs? Then, becoming a graphic designer will set you up for that. Graphic design, as an artistic skill, is one of the best options for freelancers who have creative skills. Most conversations that go on here are carried out via emails or messenger app.

Many graphic designers work with writers and companies to develop good artistic work for conveying pictorial messages. With social media, this job became an in-demand job. You can make, not just your daily living with the skills, but extra money to take care of just anything.

Average annual salary – $50,000

#16. Data Analyst

Most companies collect data for various purposes these days. This they normally, outsource to data analysts while they focus on other businesses. Bearing in mind that data analysis is quite a difficult job, most people run away from it. Hence, there is high demand for data analysts by big companies.

Data analysts use data and statistics to identify trends in the industry to enable the company to make informed decisions on how to tailor its products and services to suit customer needs. You need to understand how to work with numbers because that is where you can crack the codes.

Besides, you do not need to communicate with people; all your communications are with your employer or clients. You can learn the skills by obtaining a certification or having an associate degree in computer science.

Average annual salary – $60,000 per year.

#17. Blogger

A blogger creates written content for an organization’s or client’s website or their own blog sites. They write on a range of topics and interests, depending on the customer’s needs and industry. They have good knowledge of SEO tactics and compelling writing skills. Bloggers have little or no contact with other people.

Average annual salary – $51,906

#18. Transcriptionist 

A transcriptionist transcribes audio or video recordings into written words. A transcriptionist can also transcribe from one language to another. Strong computer, writing, and communication skills are required for this position. Another benefit to this role is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Average annual salary – $28,930

#19. Truck driver

Truck drivers transport goods from one location to another. it is typically a solitary job because you hardly drive with people. All you need for this job is your credentials and driver’s license as proof of your ability to drive the truck. You also master the use of maps to be able to navigate places that you have never been to before. 

Average annual salary – $51,000

#20. Lab Technician

A lab technician works in the laboratory in private practice or hospital. If you do not like to interact with customers while on the job, this position is perfect for you. Your role includes handling bodily fluids and conducting tests within the laboratory.

You do not need to interact with the customers because others get in contact with the customers and bring the samples to you in the lab. While you may not need a degree, an associate degree or a diploma may be needed.

Average annual salary – $41,000


There are various non-customer service jobs you can do without a degree. This article has done enough justice to the topic. Hopefully, you will make a good choice for yourself.


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