10 Networking Follow-up Email for Various Persons at Work in 2023

If you didn’t have the foggiest idea, the most crucial aspect of networking happens after you connect, not previously. Meeting new individuals sounds like a hard nut to crack but keeping those ties alive through a proper networking follow-up email can be substantially more troublesome.

It is difficult to justify sending a follow-up email if there isn’t an immediate reason to stay in touch with someone. You barely believe he or she would be nice to keep in touch with.

This article is here to help you develop your post-networking skills if the above is your plight.

Why Write a Follow-up Email after Networking?

Networking allows you to meet new individuals and these new contacts can be beneficial to your personal development or job

A follow-up email helps you stand out at an event, cements your new connection, and lays the basis for an effective business relationship.

Your response will almost be certainly higher if you send a networking follow-up email straightaway.

How do I write a Follow-up Email to a Network?

After meeting with someone fascinating at an event, it is important that you follow up quickly. The best time is; 24 hours.

Thank them for their time and offer information from your conversation. You can consider the following steps when writing your email.

  • Make a topic that will catch people’s interest
  • Begin by introducing yourself
  • Include specifics
  • Make plans to meet
  • Express your gratitude
  • Act professionally
  • Read it out loud and edit

#1. Make a topic that will Catch People’s Interest

Keep your subject line short and attention-grabbing to ensure your recipient sees your email. In the headline, incorporate something personal, for instance, the individual’s name or the title of a publication they wrote, or mention a common interest.

#2. Begin by Introducing Yourself

Introduce yourself briefly and recall the chat you had with the person during the networking event. Refresh their memory by referring to a point you made at during the networking process.

Take, for instance; ‘I loved talking with you after the lecture on human rights at Hello Conference’.

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#3. Include Specifics

Inform the recipient about the value you bring, how you can help them, and how your relationship will profit you two. Before you request some help, offer help.

Offer to help your contact in any capacity you can.

#4. Make Plans to Meet

A breathtaking technique to further build a strong association is coordinating a meeting to proceed with your chat. Although meeting in person is attractive, keeping in touch through phone calls is a practical way if the former isn’t possible.

If you live in proximity, propose a chance to meet for coffee. You could offer to carry on a conversation you started at the event. Also, you can try giving at least two dates and times when you are free to meet with your new contact.

#5. Express your Gratitude

Thank your new network for setting aside the effort to read through your message. Showing your gratitude can help you stand out in the eyes of your recipient.

#6. Act Professionally

Sign your email and possibly incorporate a connection to your professional web profile. Make your email meet the standards of professionalism.

Professional networking sites can help you with fostering an expert relationship. Your new contact may recommend you for your abilities in the future.

#7. Read it Loud and Edit

Read and alter your email out loud a couple of times to guarantee that is without blunder and that you make a solid, great impression.

When your email is ready to send, read it and consider whether you would open and respond to it if you were the one getting it.

Networking Follow-up Email Samples

There are different samples of email templates you can use to follow-up your networks. See some you can try out below.

#1. One who Ranks Higher than You

Any casual who ranks above you can receive this follow-up email. It could be a senior leader at your organization, a panelist with whom you had a brief conversation or even someone to whom you have shown admiration.

If you can, include an invitation to get coffee or lunch. Try this out;

Dear [name of contact],

[Following your career/hearing you speak at X events/reading your work/keeping up with what you’re doing] has been a pleasure. [A piece of work you’re really interested in] particularly impressed me. I’d love to take you out for coffee and learn more about [something you’re interested in] if you have time.

Thank you very much,
(Your name)

#2. After a Conference or Event

Your follow-up email after meeting someone at a conference or event should remind them of who you are and show the value you bring to the table.

Hello, First Name

I’m delighted we could meet at the event. After that, I went to your website and really liked your perspective on building high-performing teams. Have you tried following the advice? With my team, I’ve used that structure, and it’s been an immense success.

If you’re interested, I’d be happy to talk more about it or email you some templates and examples.

It was wonderful to meet you at the Name of Networking Event, and I hope to see you again soon.


#3. Asking for a Meeting

Perhaps you want to set up a meeting with someone you met so you can continue to strengthen your friendship with them.

You can still request a follow-up meeting in your message, whether they’re in your city or otherwise.

Try this sample;

Hi, First Name

I’ve adored studying what you do and would invite the chance to talk with you over coffee to hear more about your business or explicit experience. I’m now employed at (Company Name in the job of or project), and I’d prefer to get familiar with how you use A/B testing to further develop the detail examined in our last talk.

I understand you should be very occupied, however, I thought I’d try it out. Would you be accessible briefly quick rest this Wednesday or Thursday?

Much appreciated,


#4. To Market Your Product or Service

Follow-up emails after networking are another opportunity to sell items or services that address pain areas similar to those that your receiver is dealing with.

Here’s a sample of a networking follow-up email for marketing a product should look like;

Hello, First Name
It was great meeting you and learning more about the (Company Name) story yesterday. I’m a big fan of how you ego stroke.

I’ve been thinking about your struggle with business challenges more, and I think we could help you solve a problem by thinking through your solution. There are a ton of companies just like yours using our new product which helps with the value of the product.

Would you be available to speak with me on the phone later this week to go over the details? I can also connect you to a handful of our customers who were having similar problems with their teams before implementing our solution.



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#5. After A Cold Ask

In some networking scenarios, you may require help from a stranger–someone with whom you cannot ask a friend or colleague to link you.

When you send a message to a stranger, though, you may not receive a response the first time. As a result, be prepared to follow up.

Hello, (First Name)
I’m (Name), and I work for (Company Name).

Last week, I sent you an email regarding a resource that could interest your readers. I came to your website and was blown away by the amount of information you provide to people interested in learning more about blog article topics.

I thought you would be interested in incorporating our resource in your round-up page because it’s distinct from the other links you’ve included and might offer your visitors another manner of absorbing knowledge about the topic–a more visual medium.

You can get the resource by clicking here: (insert hyperlink).

If you decide to share it, please let me know! I’d also like to hear from you.


#6. Former Workplace Colleague

Maintaining communication with former coworkers is highly recommended. They’re excellent people to contact when you’re looking for a new job—and, on a related point, they’re excellent references.

They can likewise interface you with different specialists, stay up with the latest on industry news and drifts, and furnish you with target input when you’re experiencing issues in your present position.

See the networking follow-up email template you should try;

Hi, [name of contact]

What’s happening with you? I trust things at [business] are working out positively for you! I as of late ran over this article about [something identified with their work, pastime, or side hustle] and figured you may think that it’s intriguing. I’d love to find you soon!

Good wishes,

[Your name here]

#7. Thank You Email After Meeting

Describe concrete achievements your contact assisted you in achieving in a thank-you follow-up email and explain why that result is significant.

Another standard is to pay it forward. In return for their help, you may give them something valuable as a presentation or an applicable asset that shows your appreciation and that you’re not searching for a one-way relationship.

Hello, First Name
Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today. I had a great time talking with you and learning more about what you do at (Company Name). All of your suggestions and pointers on how to get into the industry were quite helpful.

I just met Name of Contact, who drives Department Name at Company Name, and I think you’d get along great. She has an intriguing perspective that I trust you would profit with. Is it OK on the off chance that I make a presentation?

Much obliged you again for your time, and good luck with the dispatch of your additional feature! I need to stay in contact with you and meet you again soon.



#8. Asking for Feedback

Perhaps you simply need to get some criticism from somebody in your organization.

Regardless of whether they’re an industry expert, somebody who has recently met or met with you, or somebody who has worked on a project comparable to the one you’re chipping away at, information can be profoundly helpful to your prosperity if you simply request it.

Hi, First Name

I made some extraordinary memories meeting you at the Event. Your wonderful industry experience and clout supplement what I’m presently dealing with, (Project Name), at (Company Name).

I understand how busy you must be, but I was hoping you might spare a few moments to glance at a portion of (Project Name). It would be quite helpful if you could share your ideas.

I’m exceptionally inspired by all contributors to the accompanying regions: a rundown of regions for input

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for sharing your thoughts.


#9. Following up after an Informal Interview

After an Informational Interview
Whether you’re looking for an internship, your first job out of school, or a position in an entirely new industry, you may schedule an informational interview with someone in your network to learn more about the field.

Informational interviews are a great way to gain advice and learn from people who have already worked in the field you are interested in.

So, below is a sample of a networking follow-up email to guide you.

Hello, First Name
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me today to discuss your industry or Company Name.

I enjoyed learning more about the specific things you learned and hearing about your transition from undergrad into (Job Title).

Our conversation confirmed my desire to work in the sector. I’d like to stay in touch as I begin my journey toward a professional path similar to yours.

Once again, thank you for your time and expertise. Next week, I’ll let you know how my interview with (Company Name) goes!



#10. Reaching out to Someone You’ve been referred to

Check out a sample you should try out when you want to write a follow-up email for a referral.

Subject line: I’m contacting you via [name].

Hello, [name],

My name is [name], and [name] gave me your name. I own a [industry] company, and we would benefit from getting to know one another! I looked over your site and I really like [anything about it, its products, services, etc.]

Let me know if you ever want to meet for coffee or have a phone/video conversation to discuss ideas! You can also contact me by phone or text at [number].

Have a wonderful rest of the week,

[First and last name]

[Your complete name]
[If relevant, your company]
[Your contact information]
[If relevant, your website]


While organizing follow-up emails is short, they may be hard to form. You just have a restricted measure of time to establish a decent first connection.

Whether you attended a conference, a business meeting, or a special event, it’s critical to maintain your relationship, demonstrate your worth, and express your gratitude afterward.

So, have a look at the templates above and start personalizing your follow-up emails to expand your network.



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