10 High Paying Jobs for History Majors in 2022

Acquiring a major degree in history is one of the ways to have a swell career in history. There are so many jobs for history majors.

In this article, we are going to take out some time to show you some of the major jobs you can find with a history degree.

Meanwhile, here’s a table of content below for an overview of what you’ll find in this article.

High School History Teacher

Avg. Salary: $56,000

It is one of the most obvious history major jobs, but it takes more than just a strong knowledge of history. Being a teacher in any form requires patience, dedication, and commitment. While elementary and middle school teachers will cover history in some form, high school is when history-specific classes usually begin. You’ll need education not just on historical information, but on how to teach. You’ll also need a certification to teach in your state.

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Average Salary: $77,000

Working as a paralegal requires research, organization, and clear writing skills, and lawyers don’t always have time to conduct these tasks on their own. A paralegal or legal assistant is responsible for gathering facts related to a case, searching for previous cases, and finding laws, regulations, and legal articles related to the issue at hand. A degree in history becomes extremely useful, and many history majors find jobs in the legal sphere.

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Research Assistant

Avg. Salary: $43,000

A researcher is someone who investigates knowledge and seeks to establish facts. They will need to make detailed observations, analyze information, and interpret the results to make a conclusion. Research skills are needed from nearly every corner of the job market, including the public and private sectors. These jobs include working with teams, meeting with clients, designing a research program, and running fieldwork.


Average salary: $56,170

Organizing and filing information is one of the primary responsibilities of librarians, and few degrees prepare you for this task better than a history major. When working in a library, you will have to catalog and classify materials, maintain a catalog, and prepare aids for finding specific information. This task is mirrored in a history major graduate, as a student needs to not only find information but organize their sources in a clean and professional manner.


Average salary: $116,910

Politics is linked to history in so many ways that it seems impossible for a successful politician to have no historical background whatsoever. For anyone seeking a life of public service, from small-town city councilors to federal-level executives, a history degree provides foundational knowledge on the role of government and its evolving nature. Many famous politicians were history majors, including John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Joe Biden, and Newt Gingrich.


Average salary: $45,800

A career in journalism requires excellent communication, elegant yet clear writing, and a keen eye for research. This makes a degree in history one of the best routes to a career in journalism. From newspapers to television stations, journalists need to gather information, organize data, evaluate sources, and redistribute the information in a way that people find interesting and informative.

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Writers & Editors

Average salary: $51,734

Earning a history degree requires a large amount of writing and editing. Therefore, history majors are often prime candidates for jobs that involve the written word.

History majors are obviously well-prepared to write books related to history but they are also equipped to write and edit in just about any field. This can include copywriting and editing, marketing content, or reviewing documents for a wide range of businesses and industries. Writing is something that nearly everyone can do, but few people can do extremely well, making history majors all the more desirable to the job market as a whole.


Average salary: $73,587

Professional researchers and market analysts are two of the most popular entry-level jobs for history majors.

As a research assistant, you’ll work with a team to uncover information and gather data on specific topics. You will use your analytical and critical thinking skills to make observations and draw conclusions. In this role, you can work in a wide variety of industries and find employment in the public, private, and government sectors.

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History Professor

Average salary: $120,000

While a history professor is one of the most desirable jobs for history majors, it’s quite possibly the most difficult to obtain. Not only are there fewer history professors compared to other careers, there are also intense requirements for education, as history professors are expected to have at least a master’s degree in history, if not a doctorate. History professors work as part of a university’s history department, and they often give lectures, conduct research, and oversee classes.

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Professional book reviewer

Average salary: $47, 000

Working as a professional book reviewer is one of the jobs for history majors. You’ll basically be in charge of reviewing best sellers. It’s actually a high end job you may want to do.


A degree in history will definitely lead you on to a career in any of these high end jobs. So you can proceed to pursue and acquire a degree in history and then you can be sure to land one of these jobs for history majors. Good Luck!

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