how to find a hiring manager

How to Find & Reach out to a Hiring Manager for an Opportunity

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Finding and endearing yourself to the hiring manager at the company you just applied to work for is one way to get ahead of every other applicant. In this article, we’ll show you how to find a hiring manager in the company you want to work for and consequently build an advantageous relationship.

I know you may be doubting this. But I tell you, it has worked for so many and can work for you too.

So if you have been applying to new jobs online and just hoping for the best, it is time to stop hoping and re-target your strategy. It’s time to get to a key decision-maker to help facilitate your application.

So here are some proven ways to go about it. But before we proceed, here’s the table of content for an overview of what to expect in this article.

Table of contents

Who is hiring manager?

A hiring manager is a person in a company responsible for hiring employees to fill an open position.

Generally, hiring managers work with recruiters to find the best candidates for an open job position. They typically initiate the hiring process once they’ve determined the need to fill a specific role.

While there may be other professionals within the human resources department who help throughout this process, the hiring manager makes the final hiring decision and extends the job offer.

How can I find and reach out to a hiring manager?

In this section, we are going to look at some of the ways you can find a hiring manager.

Run a search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the biggest job platforms there’s and as such a very good place to find company hiring managers.

Simply head over to LinkedIn and, in the search box, enter the company name and a couple of keywords that would likely describe the title of the person in charge of the department you’re attempting to join and hit the enter button.

LinkedIn brings out every related result, you can then look through and make a pick of the result that looks like what you are searching for.

Consider sending a request to connect with a note that says something like this:

Hi Becky,

I’m [YOUR NAME], an SEO and Content Development strategist with a direct background within the education industry. I’ve had my eye on your organization for a long time, so when I saw that you were looking for a manager for your digital team, I applied right away. But I also thought to introduce myself directly because I think my background matches up so closely with what you seem to seek.

This is a short and sweet way to introduce yourself as a direct match. Hiring managers like it when you are confident and make direct matches.

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Check the company’s website

Organizations and businesses sometimes provide detailed instructions on who to contact in sections like “Employment,” “Careers,” or “Work for Us.”

The company website also may contain biographies of key staff members or an employee directory. So strategically search the official company website for the person who is responsible for what you are looking for.

Search social media

Usually, human resource professionals commonly include their job title and company name on popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Go to the search bar and start your search by entering the company name and relevant keywords like “hiring manager” or “recruiter”. Once you find the hiring manager’s profile, you might consider sending them a direct message.

You could do this before or after sending your application. It will increase your chances of getting hired.

Visit the website of the Hiring Agency

Hiring firms usually make job postings for organizations. If this is the case for the position you’re applying for, go to the agency’s website and search individual web pages for the names and profiles of the recruiters.

They may provide the names of specific officers who can help you figure out who to contact.

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Look for job dailies

Job dailies are another alternative that many people ignore. You don’t need a subscription to get access to this useful information.

Search online for industry-specific journals and learn about the newest trends in the company (particularly the hiring manager) and learn their names.

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Connect with the company’s staff

If you are looking for a hiring manager of the organization you seek to work for on social media but couldn’t find anyone, you may try connecting with someone else in the company who works in the same department.

Try to make a personal connection with this person by sending a direct message. This will maximize your chances of receiving a response.

Also very importantly, make sure your message is courteous and includes a direct reference to the job opening. You might even get an introduction in addition to learning the name of the hiring manager.


Connecting to a hiring manager will help make your job hunt shorter and easier. The reason is that you’d have established a cordial relationship with him, and he can go ahead to grant you the job without you having to go through the rigorous recruitment exercise.

So this article teaches you exactly how to find a hiring manager so may not have to go through all the stress. Hope you find it helpful and valuable.

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