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What do you picture in your career future when you think about it? Do you envision yourself representing clients in court, advising people on their rights, or lobbying for the legal system? Maybe you want to do research and find compromises in times of disagreement? Or simply improve your communication skills so you can earn the respect of those around you.

In the world of law school and law school preparation, the pre-law major is fraught with advantages. There are numerous reasons for this undergraduate major. But only you can decide which of the best pre-law schools is the best track for you.

In this post, we’ll go over the 16 top pre-law schools. We’ll also discuss some of the reasons why we think pre-law schools are worth it, the costs, and admission requirements. To top it off, we would include the links to these schools, making sure the websites are accessible to you. Keep reading.

Are the Best Pre-Law Schools Worth It?

The top pre-law schools are worth it. There are numerous reasons why we think so. Some of them are-

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The best prelaw schools would make you committed to law school.

Enrolling in a pre-law program might help you show your dedication to law school and the legal profession. Law schools want to admit students who demonstrate a clear interest in the law. Commitment is a strong signal that the student would thrive in law school and make valuable contributions in their careers.

Top pre-law schools cause an increased law school stamina

The pre-law major prepares you for success in the legal field. It does by exposing you to legal concepts and courses that other students may not be familiar with. This provides you an advantage over your peers throughout your first year of law school. It can also help you perform better in your classes.

The best pre-law schools give you the possibility of a high LSAT score

You will have exposure to a variety of courses that attempt to develop your analytical and logical reasoning skills. These abilities are critical in law school and are thoroughly examined on the LSAT. You are more likely to understand the exam concepts since you are familiar with the skills tested by the LSAT. When compared to students who did not major in pre-law, this results in greater test scores and lesser study time.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by going to the best pre-law schools. They are worth it.

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How much do the Best Pre-Law Schools Cost?

Pre-Law Studies programs are available at 997 schools and universities around the United States. For the academic year 2021-2022, the average tuition and fees for the Pre-Law Studies program at the schools are $5,769 for state residents and $19,373 for out-of-state students. It also cost $19,373 for undergraduate programs and $22,132 for graduate programs.

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What are the Requirements for the Best Pre-Law Schools?

There are no set course prerequisites for admission to the best pre-law schools. Law schools frequently prefer students who have a broad liberal arts education. The requirements depend on your pre-law major, the school, and the state. However, you need to have-

  • A major
  • Transcripts
  • Recommendation letters
  • Statement of purpose
  • Work on a standard application
  • Up-to-date CV

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How to Apply for Best Pre-Law Schools

Your application into the top pre-law schools is same as just anywhere. However, you have to take extra care because it’s not just any major, you want to go to law school. When you look at the best pre-law schools below, check the cost of tuition. If too high, request financial aid application documents from the colleges.

Ensure you get and fill out an application form from the college on time. The sooner you submit your applications, the better. Before law schools may consider you for admission or financial aid, you must submit all needed documentation. At this point, go through again to ensure you have all the requirements above.

Don’t forget to check to see if your letters of recommendation for law schools have arrived in the mail. Attend a “How to Succeed in Law School” seminar and a simulated law school class at URI Pre-Law. If you need to, take the LSAT in December.

Examine your finances at the start of the summer to ensure you’ll have enough money to cover your law school obligations.

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16 Best Pre-Law Schools in 2022

Now it’s time to look at choices for the top pre-law schools. The good pre-law schools on this list are based on a compilation of institutions from a few different law school rankings lists. We also considered the pre-law schools that are academically strong.

Keep in mind that, while there are institutions on this list that offer pre-law degrees, they may not be among the best in the country because the major is very uncommon. You should still think about whether you want to major in pre-law and what your ambitions are for law school. Having said that, the 16 Best pre-law schools in 2022 are-

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  • 1. Harvard University
  • 2. Yale University
  • 3. Northwestern University
  • 4. University of Maryland
  • 5. Georgetown University
  • 6. New York University
  • 7. Michigan State University
  • 8. The University of Texas at Austin
  • 9. Florida State University
  • 10. George Washington University
  • 11. Nova Southeastern University
  • 12. Duke University (Durham, NC)
  • 13. University of Chicago
  • 14. University of California, Los Angeles
  • 15. Columbia University (New York, NY)
  • 16. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

#1. Harvard University

A Harvard education, as a typical feeder school, will surely provide you with an advantage in your law school applications. This is especially if you have the necessary GPA and LSAT scores. The Harvard Law Society and the Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association are two pre-law groups at Harvard. You’ll also be able to tap into Harvard’s alumni network at leading law firms and schools.

Harvard University ranks #1 as one of the best Pre-law schools. It would put you way ahead of your mates in your law career pursuit.

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#2. Yale University

According to US News & World Report, Yale is the greatest law school in the country and the 5th best university overall. Yale University offers an interdisciplinary track that allows students to design their own major. This would go a long way in preparing you for law school.

The Yale Law School Admission Council also offers pre-law counseling and programs throughout the year to undergraduates. It is one of the top pre-law schools. Yale has resources to put you ahead of your pre-law program.

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#3. Northwestern University

Northwestern University ranks high for its academic rigor, and as a large university. It has a wealth of resources, including its law school. It varies from pre-law programs in that it has an interdisciplinary focus. Northwestern University is currently one of the good prelaw schools.

This school teaches students to think critically about the relationship between law and society. It encompasses anything from psychology to literature to religious studies. It’s a well-rounded degree, with the added benefit of studying in Chicago, which means more internship options.

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#4. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland maintains a department that advises pre-law students. It also connects them with resources and mentors, as well as working closely with the university’s law school. Maryland also offers a three-year arts/law program. This allows students to apply to law school in their third year of undergraduate studies.

With this option, they can receive their baccalaureate degree in their first year of law school. College Park is also close to Washington, D.C., which could help you secure an internship. It is one of the top pre-law schools.

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#5. Georgetown University

Georgetown’s pre-law advising center provides one-on-one counseling, application assistance, and workshops on all things law school. Georgetown’s track record in humanities makes it an excellent place to master the skills you need in law school.

Its location provides opportunities for internships and networking with individuals working in the legal or political fields. Georgetown University currently runs one of the good pre-law schools in the country.

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#6. New York University

NYU is in the heart of one of the world’s most populous cities. It offers a plethora of internship opportunities in the legal field and beyond. For pre-law students, NYU offers the Lawyer Alumni Mentoring Program or LAMP. Academically, the school is rigorous in general. It has a strong track record in the humanities, particularly English. It is currently one of the good pre-law schools in the country.

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#7. Michigan State University

Michigan State University is one of the best pre-law schools. A pre-law major at Michigan State is also considered a liberal arts degree. The pre-law major introduces students to legal studies.

It also teaches critical thinking and analytical abilities, preparing them to work in law enforcement, as paralegals, or in government. Michigan State University is one of the best places to go for your pre-law program.

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#8. The University of Texas at Austin

Every year, the career center at UT Austin hosts one of the country’s largest Law Fairs. This allows students to interact with over 100 law school admissions professionals. Panels and workshops, as well as law school application coaching, hold at the career center. It is one of the best pre-law schools in the country.

If you’re undecided about which major to pursue, these resources can assist you. In the end, you would determine what is best for you and what will help you stand out on an application. UT Austin offers a wide range of science and humanities majors. UT graduates go on to law school with degrees in a variety of fields.

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#9. Florida State University

In addition to having one of the best Criminal Justice departments in the country, FSU has a pre-law advising center. The center works closely with the law school to help students maximize their successes within their majors. FSU is currently one of the top pre-law schools in the country.

The Donald J. Widner Summer Program for Legal Studies, is a four-week program taught by law professors. It holds at Florida State University. Even better, 70% of program participants went on to law school. The program is competitive and open to undergraduates from all schools.

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#10. George Washington University

Pre-law students at George Washington University should declare themselves early. With this, they can take advantage of the numerous groups, societies, and panels dedicated to that goal. GW advisers assist you in determining which law schools are the best fit for your background and goals.

This school would also tailor your undergraduate education to those schools. In addition, the Washington, D.C. location is a great place to look for internships. It is one of the top pre-law schools.

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#11. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern is distinct from the other schools on this list due to its comprehensive pre-law program. The program goes on to lead to an undergraduate law degree. Nova Southeastern University commits to assisting students in their preparation for law school.

The school provides a challenging curriculum and a strong interest in the humanities. Students pursuing a B.S. in Legal Studies at the school can also take classes in philosophy, history, and other subjects. It is currently one of the good pre-law schools.

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#12. Duke University (Durham, NC)

Pre-Law Advising is available at Duke University for Trinity College and Pratt School of Engineering students and alumni. The University walks students, teaching them soft and hard skills they’ll need to succeed in law school. They teach courses such as mediation, research, and negotiation.

Students can match with Duke law school alumni through Duke’s many mentorship programs. The most popular is the Bench and Bar undergraduate pre-law club. This one-of-a-kind program enables students to receive one-on-one mentoring and gain a better understanding of the pre-law process.

Throughout the year, they host a range of events, including mock admission panels, and LSAT clinics about law school applications. They invite law school admission officers, practicing lawyers, and LSAT prep companies to talk pre-law students through the process. It is one of the good pre-law schools.

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#13. University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Students here have access to a wealth of materials to help them decide if a legal career path is right for them. Undergraduate students can benefit from one-on-one advising, workshops, and highlighted panel discussions. They can also benefit from a list of internships in the legal industry through the Careers in Law program.

The school provides a one-year Law & Politics program for rising students who want to pursue a career in law. Students will receive specialist counseling, and professional field mentorship, and attend specific courses as part of this route. The Rising Attorneys Program at the University of Chicago is committed to assisting future law students. These law students are mostly from minority backgrounds and/or low-income families.

Students can apply for early decision to U. Chicago Law School through the Chicago Law Scholars Program. They can either use as alumni or a senior in college.

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#14. Columbia University (New York, NY)

The Columbia University Undergraduate Law Society provides students with information on law school. At this school, students get updates on applications, admissions procedures, and legal career counseling. Students will be able to create professional ties and grow their network through the organization’s network of practicing attorneys.

The private Ivy League law school has an admittance rate of 18.4 percent. Columbia Law School is consistently ranked among the top five law schools in the United States. It provides an ideal setting for pre-law students to connect with creative minds researching and teaching the subject.

Sustainable Development, Sociology, and Political Science are just a few of the majors available at the university. They’re all useful for studying the foundations of criminal justice, public policy, and environmental legislation.

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#15. University of California, Los Angeles

Pre-law students interested in working in the entertainment sector should attend the University of California, Los Angeles. It is currently one of the good pre-law schools. Entertainment and media lawyers, many of whom are in Hollywood, are always in demand to defend high-profile clients. They are important to negotiate film rights and deal with legal concerns concerning athletes.

UCLA’s Law JumpStart program allows students to learn from a panel of legal practitioners from various fields. To help their students prepare for the arduous application process, the program provides instructive workshops. The topics range from how to write an effective personal statement to researching law schools.

Pre-law advisors at the school additionally advise students on the courses to take to better prepare them. UCLA is currently one of the best pre-law schools.

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#16. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

The Law School Admissions Council is available to UPenn undergraduates. LSAC’s services include finding the proper law school for you, LSAT preparation, and even in-depth webinars.

Pre-law students at Penn can join a variety of student-run organizations. Some of the organizations are the Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerment or the Penn Youth Debate, in addition to LSAC. Students in these two groups have the opportunity to learn about various areas of law. These may range from social justice to juvenile justice systems.

The school also has The John Marshall Pre-Law Honor Society. It is a fantastic way for Penn undergraduates to learn about numerous career paths and network with attorneys. They can also network with law school admissions staff, and other students interested in pursuing a legal profession. It is one of the top pre-law schools.

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Job Prospects After Pre-Law School

Even 10 to 20 years ago, the legal landscape was significantly different. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for pre-law graduates and attorneys is to expand by 8% by 2026. This means it would outpace the 2% expected for other occupations.

If you are in California, there is more reason to be optimistic. According to Bureau’s Occupational Employment Statistics, it is the state that has the most possibilities for pre-law graduates in the country. Furthermore, with annual mean compensation of approximately $168,000, California is the second-highest paying state for pre-law graduates.

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What are the Highest-Paying Jobs for Pre-Law Graduates?

A pre-law degree does not preclude you from pursuing a career as a lawyer. Several job opportunities do not require you to attend law school. But still, require you to work in the legal sector. Some examples of them are-

  • Arbitration- $11, 050
  • Mediation- $15, 734
  • Conciliation – 16, 100
  • Paralegal- $10, 208
  • Legal assistant- $10,500

These are a few legal options available to you once you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree in law without law school. However, if you go outside of the discipline of law after graduation, you’ll find that there are even more options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which university offers the greatest pre-law program?

Harvard University ranks first. The Harvard Law Society and the Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association are two groups for pre-law students at Harvard. You’ll also have access to Harvard’s alumni network, which includes renowned institutions and law firms.

Do all schools that study law have a pre-law program?

The truth is that there is no such thing as “pre-law.” The majority of students who go to law school do not identify their academic route in this way. Pre-law is simply any degree that prepares you for law school.

What is the U.S top pre-law law school?

Following a review of all peer institutions’ pre-law resources, we discovered that Yale’s resources were the most similar to Harvard’s. However, in terms of the top pre-law school, Yale comes first. Harvard is only first in the best pre-law program.

Is Princeton a good place to study pre-law?

Princeton does not offer a pre-law program or major. However, there are numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities to get exposure to the discipline. You can also develop abilities, such as oral and written communication, analytical reasoning, analysis of written works, and research.

Is there a pre-law program at NYU?

Yes. NYU Prelaw hosts workshops and events for the prelaw community that focus on skill development and networking.

Is Georgetown a good place to study pre-law?

Yes. Georgetown’s Pre-Law Program is both very competitive (they accept only 18 students each year) and highly useful. Georgetown College students have a strong track record of getting into law school on partial and full scholarships.

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It can be challenging to decide whether or not to participate in a pre-law program during your undergraduate studies. However, it can help you exhibit your commitment to and interest in the legal profession. It can also limit the diversity and competitiveness of your application.

However, regardless of which path you pursue, you should carefully consider your options and what most interests you. Many legal occupations require knowledge in other subjects, such as health, science, and foreign languages. Selecting the perfect major for you entails choosing something that will pique your interest and make you happy. Also, consider what would allow you to get excellent marks before applying to law school.

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