How Much Does Nursing School Cost in Texas?

The nursing profession is projected to rise in job demand to supply ratio in the coming decade or two. This means that there will continue to be a great need for more nurses globally and in the state of Texas, USA.

In fact, the Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies made a forecast that there will be a need for more than 60,000 new nurses in Texas by 2030.

That goes to show that now is still a great time to be thinking of getting trained in a Nursing School near you or in Texas.

In this article, you’ll learn about the type of nursing programs that are offered in Texas, the top 5 nursing schools, and their costs.

What Nursing Programs are Offered in Texas

It is important you have an idea of the specialty you’re interested in, and the corresponding degree you should pursue.

But if you haven’t decided yet, we would outline some of the nursing specialties and the undergraduate or graduate programs you must complete.

Registered NurseADN or BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing)2yrs or 4yrs
Nurse MidwifeBSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing)4 yrs
Nurse PractitionerMSN (Master’s of Science in Nursing)
Physician/Medical AssistantMSN (Master’s of Science in Nursing)
Clinical Nurse SpecialistMSN (Master’s of Science in Nursing) or DSN (Doctor of Science in Nursing)
Intensive Care Unit Registered NurseADN or BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing)
Vocational NurseLVN
Dental HygienistADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing
Diagnostic Medical SonographerADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing)
Pediatric NurseADN or BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing)
Obstetric Nurse” ” ”

The above table outlines the most popular nursing degree programs offered in Texas and therefore some titles like Nurse Assistant or Aides were not included.

You should contact your college or university’s admission office to see if they provide the program you’re interested in.

How About Online Nursing Education in Texas?

This might come as a surprise to some people but did you know that you can enroll in a Texan online nursing program.

This is the way to go if you’re juggling with much work, personal, and family responsibilities and you still want to break into the nursing career.

An online nursing school in Texas can help you get started on your career path while still offering you the flexibility you need.

The positive news is that most online nursing programs in TX don’t impose minimum credit requirements, and it’s oftentimes more cost-effective.

With them, you can take as few courses as possible and take each of them bit by bit or vice-versa.

You will definitely save costs accrued from transportation, campus accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The problem with online nursing education is that you can’t replace the feeling of learning in person with your classmates with video streaming and online chats.

This might make it hard for you to be totally immersed in the program and so will working on tasks.

Also, the bigger bunch to the face is difficulty in following through with high-tech simulations, case studies, and clinical ward rounds all done virtually instead of in person.

These experiences play an important role in your nursing education, and your online university will support you. Nevertheless, you will have to be proactive here.

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How much does Nursing School Cost In Texas?

We shall now talk about how much a nursing school costs in Texas. The first thing to take note of is that the costs of nursing school tuition can vary widely depending on a couple of factors.

Factors like the type of school (public vs. private), the type of program (certificate vs. associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree), and whether or not you are a local Texan resident, will influence the estimated cost of nursing school in Texas.

Depending on the factors listed above, the costs of nursing school tuition can range between $6,000 to $40,000.

Of course, this is a rough estimate that can vary dramatically especially if you are enrolled in a private institution. This so-called ‘rough estimate covers tuition alone.

After paying the tuition, remember other costs will take money from your pocket. Important things like housing costs need to be factored into consideration.

If you decide to live on campus, you should expect to pay more than those commuting from home every day. While there is no set amount for the expenses of nursing school, you should prepare your finance in expectation.

You can plan to work part-time after school hours to earn some supporting income. And you can opt to stay in or out of campus depending on which will save you transport costs.

Other expenses include money for books and provisions which is roughly $200 to $1,000 per semester.

There is also $2,500 to $10,000 to be paid per year for feeding, clothes, health insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses. In addition, there is a need to pay $186 for nursing exams and licenses in Texas nursing schools.

Frankly speaking, all these costs can be overwhelming especially if you don’t come from a millionaire family whose parents have left a big trust fund and allowance account.

But many nursing schools have financial aid programs that assist you to offer some of the cost of your education.

They’ll assist you through your license and placement into the nurse registry in the state of Texas. as well as with job placement in the future.

In looking for financial aid opportunities, you should file your FASFA® so that your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) thus help them decide your eligibility for grants or scholarships soon.

So you see, even if you don’t have enough money to finance your nursing school training, it shouldn’t be what will hold you back from your dream of becoming a nurse.

Average Cost Per Nursing Program in Texas

DiplomaNursing Programs
Length: DependsTotal Cost:$18K – $40K
Nursing Assistant(NA) Program
Length: 6 MonthsTotal Cost:$9,000
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Length: 4 YearsTotal Cost:$40k – $200k
Licensed Practical NurseLPN/LVN
Length: 13 MonthsPublic Costs:$5k – $25kPrivate Costs:$20k – $40k
Associates Degree inNursing (ADN)
Length: 13 MonthsPublic Costs:$6k-40kPrivate Costs:$30k-100k

Top 5 Nursing Schools in Texas

This list of the top nursing schools in Texas has been arranged from cheap to expensive.

#1. The University of Texas, Austin, TX

This is one of the best nursing schools in Texas located in the capital city of Austin. The University of Texas School of Nursing’s average tuition is $10,092 for undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees.

Furthermore, the nursing school sponsors two clinics: A Family Wellness Center and A Children Wellness Center.

These two clinics have provided nursing students the opportunity to gain immeasurable experience from the thousands of patient cases.

#2. The University of Texas, Arlington, TX

This school offers all varieties of nursing programs just like the other one in Austin. The programs there cost $9,616 on average.

Furthermore, the College of Nursing and Health Innovation is the university’s nursing department equipped with all the necessary clinical units, beds, healthcare personnel, and computerized machines. The school has graduated the highest number of registered nurses in the state of Texas.

#3. Schreiner University

This is one of the best private nursing schools in TX. Although the nursing college is quite young, it has produced a lot of well-qualified nurses owning to the fact that Schreiner University has an NCLEX pass rate of 100%.

The average annual tuition for nursing is $33,927. They offer only BSN and VN certificates but licensure and possible job placement are highly possible after graduation.

#4. Baylor University

The Louise Herrington School of Nursing at Baylor University is one of the top nursing schools in Texas.

The university campus is located in Dallas and has been graduating nurses with their respective baccalaureate degrees since 1952. This automatically makes it one of the oldest BSN programs in North America.

A lot of positive reviews make their School of Nursing one of the best places with a conducive learning environment and setting for career growth.

#5. Texas Christian University

TCU has produced a lot of well-qualified nurses owning to the fact that it has a reportedly high NCLEX pass rate of 95.16%. The average annual tuition for nursing is $45,270.

They offer a BSN degree certificate first and most BSN students will start their clinical posting at the start of their sophomore year, so you’ll have much more experience by the time you graduate. 

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Average Nurse Annual Salary

These salaries are estimates provided by PayScale and have the potential to fluctuate depending on your years of experience, location in

Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN)Texas Salary Estimate:$38k – $57kRegistered Nurse (RN)Texas Salary Estimate:$48k – $66k
Nurse Practitioner (NP)Texas Salary Estimate:$79k – $108kNurse MidwifeTexas Salary Estimate:$109k – $154k
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)Texas Salary Estimate:$93k – $113kIntensive Care Unit RN Texas Salary Estimate:$56k – $99k
Physician AssistantTexas Salary Estimate:$77k – $111kObstetrics NurseTexas Salary Estimate:$67k – 83k


Whether you’re interested in becoming a leader in the nursing profession, helping underserved populations achieve health care equity, or being a great bedside RN, attending one of the accredited nursing schools in Texas listed on this page will prepare you for a rewarding career.

Also, you need to know that if you’re already a Texas resident, you can anticipate tuition savings if you enroll at a community college or university that’s partially subsidized by Texas state funds.

In addition, I believe the nursing school cost in texas is taken care of.

FAQs on Nursing Schools Cost in Texas

This is quite a common question. Many people who ask “how do I pay for nursing school” should know that there are plenty of financial aid opportunities for them to utilize. They can start by checking and filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

With many nursing programs, you’re only certified in the state in which you took your licensure exam. If you move to another state, you will have to go through the certification process again.

Depending on the factors like the type of school and program, the costs of nursing school tuition can range from $6,000 to $40,000.



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