15 Highest Paid Law Enforcement Jobs In 2022

The application of the law is more than an idea. This is an important aspect of our culture. Police and state troops prevent, discover, and investigate criminal crimes and appraise criminals across the country in neighbourhoods like yours.

Law enforcement is done by more than simply patrol cops—those people in our communities protecting and serving—and by detectives, criminals, forensic analysts, and FBI officers all the way. But they all share one aim, regardless of their job title: protecting citizens against harm and prosecuting wrongful actors.

For folks who want to make a distinction, this is an excellent profession. And one of the greatest ways to get ready is to graduate in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement, especially if you aim to work the chain of control.

What is a law enforcement job all about?

A law enforcement agent’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the lives and property of persons under its authority and to help the public to stay safe.

This occupation might include numerous tasks such as managing traffic, patrolling suspicious activities, and investigating criminal behavior.

Those who want to become police officers have various employment alternatives. As police officers and detectives, career prospects can be accessible.

Police officers carry out law enforcement tasks on a day-to-day basis, while detectives collect and investigate offenses.

How profitable is a law enforcement job?

Taking up a job as a law enforcement agent is very profitable. It comes with many responsibilities and benefits at the same time. In fact, its benefits outweigh the cost or stress that comes with the responsibility.

To start with, every responsible fellow always wants to make a positive impact in his or her society. A law enforcement job avails you of the opportunity!

Basically, working in law enforcement allows you to serve your community by implementing justice and ensuring that local and federal legislation is followed by people.

You can commit to justice and service to the greater good with a career in this sector. Community members around the world are relying on police officials to fight, protect and uphold crime.

However, while law enforcement work might be demanding, other careers cannot offer it as well. Many roles in the law enforcement profession affect many people’s lives every day.

How much do law enforcement jobs pay?

Law enforcement jobs’ pay varies a lot. It most times depends on agency, position, qualification, job title, and location. As of 2010, the BLS had the lowest mean wage category at $49,730 per year for fish and game guards.

The typical annual salary was $53,540 to law enforcement officials with sheriff and police. Annual median wages of $68,820 were paid to investigators and detectives. Currently, the highest paying law enforcement employer was the state government at an average of $71,370 per year or $34.31 per hour.

Narrowly it down to states, the state with the best wages in California, averaging an annual $100,090, or $48.12 hourly.

How to become a Law Enforcement Agent

Just like every other career has a journey of becoming, so also are Law enforcement agent jobs.

To become a law enforcement agent is not by mere wishes, step-to-step guides are required. Most times, it varies by country and state. Each state has its own standard.

For instance, in some states, at least a bachelor’s degree is required if you want to become a sheriff. On the flip side, some states will only ask for a college degree or credit.


On a general note, to become a law enforcement agent, you just:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Be a citizen of that country you want to practice in. For instance, to be a law enforcement agent in the US requires you to be a US citizen.
  • Must have a clear criminal record and a valid driver’s license, pass a physical and psychological evaluation.

Note, some agencies may ask for you for a polygraph exams report. This is for both recruits and veteran police, mandatory drug tests may depend on the agency.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll be trained on traffic rules, traffic investigation, seizure, vehicle driving, handling of firearms, and criminal legislation in the Police Academy. This academy also includes severe fitness.

After the police academy is completed, you can start looking for jobs in the area where you want to work.

After you got a job, you must get a license before you can handle any weapon. This takes a process that will be dependent on the state and the type of firearm you are carrying.

What are the highest-paid law enforcement jobs?

Below is a list of the highest-paid law enforcement jobs

Advocate Victim

Advocate Victim is one of the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in the world. Victim lawyers typically work together with lawyers and prosecutors to assist customers manage and recover from the trauma caused by crime or abuse.

Their expertise can help resolve cases more rapidly and put criminals before the court. Victim lawyers earn $35.400 per year on average, generally with a Master in Sociology, Criminal Justice, or Psychology.

State Trooper

This is another highest paid law enforcement job in the world. Majorly, State troopers are liable for traffic wellbeing and implementation of laws. They manage things like speeding, safety belt use just as utilization, size, and gear of business vehicles.

In most states, they reserve the privilege to not exclusively give tickets yet in addition capture individuals who disregard transit regulations and can help the neighborhood and government policemen in the worry of hoodlums at whatever point vital.

Basically, the normal pace of pay of a state trooper is like that of a cop with the middle compensation being $54,480.

FBI Agent

Turning into an FBI Agent is perhaps the most wanted and lofty position in a law enforcement agency. Working for the FBI intends to be ready for performing different assignments and having various duties identified with government law authorization.

The compensation of an FBI specialist can fluctuate altogether relying upon their obligations and experience and is typically in the reach of $37,821 – $119,349.

ATF Agent

Working for the U.S. Authority of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is one of the highest paid law enforcement jobs in the world.

As an ATF Agent, your principle obligations will examine wrongdoing that is identified with infringement of the Federal laws administering guns, explosives, fire-related crime, liquor, and tobacco items. Once you start, your compensation will be around $34,865 to $57,093.

Aside from the compensation, you can expect extra advantages like minimal expense wellbeing and life coverage, a charge conceded Thrift Savings Plan, and a wellbeing improvement program.

U.S Secret Service Special Agent

The US Secret Service job is among the highest-paid law enforcement jobs in the world. This job is essentially connected with the security of the President and other higher authorities.

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In all actuality, Secret Service Special Agents have substantially more obligations and play out an assortment of undertakings.

Generally, this role deals with the uprightness of the monetary arrangement of the United States. As a Secret Service Agent, you can expect compensation that beginnings at $49,746 and develops with your experience or the particular degree of schooling.

CIA Agent

A degree in law, legal sciences, language, or criminal equity will help the individuals who need to become specialists at the Central Intelligence Agency.

The salary of a CIA agent depends on his qualification, experience, and location. For instance, CIA agents in Washington, DC earn around $74,872 to 136,771.


The primary obligation of detectives is to gather proof in the field and afterward investigate it in the lab along these lines giving important data about the wrongdoing, the potential culprits, and reproducing the whole story. Note, the middle compensation for the work remains at $57,850 each year.

PC Forensics Investigator

With the improvement of innovation, substantially more violations are submitted with the assistance of PCs or other electronic gadgets. Consequently, the calling of Computer Forensics Investigators acquires fame.

On the off chance that you have a degree in software engineering or criminal examination, this may be the right job for you. Your fundamental duties will incorporate recreating information and exercises on electronic media and keeping hoodlums from annihilating PC-based proof.

The compensation may change between $43,419–$115,145, relying upon the abilities and capabilities of the Computer Forensics Investigator

Criminological Science Technician

In the event that you have enthusiasm for science and math and you seek after a degree identified with them, one of the conceivable law authorization occupations you can pick is that of the Forensic Science Technician.

Your major duty will be to recreate occasions utilizing and looking at proof like fingerprints, hair tests, and so forth. You can work in a lab, medical clinic, court, and so on.

Note, the middle yearly compensation for the work is $57,850 according to the BLS.

Post-trial agent

Working as a Post-trial agent is one of the high-paying law enforcement jobsworth going for. As a post-trial agent, your major role will be to work with parolees who were delivered from different remedial offices and ensure that they keep the agreements of their parole. Note, the normal middle compensation is $51,410 each year as indicated by BLS.

Wrongdoing Analyst

The principal obligations of a wrongdoing examiner incorporate distinguishing and breaking down patterns in wrongdoing so they can help address or forestall wrongdoing.

Wrongdoing experts don’t visit crime locations or gather proof, their work is simply to dissect and decipher the data they have.

A four-year certification in criminal equity, criminal science, brain research, social science, or policy implementation is needed for the position. A wrongdoing examiner gets $46,720 on normal each year.

U.S. Marshal

The U.S. Marshals Service is one of the most established law requirement organizations, which utilizes in excess of 3,843 Deputy Marshals and Criminal Investigators.

US Marshals have adaptable obligations that incorporate ensuring government legal authorities, shipping detainees, leading outlaw examinations, completing uncommon missions and strategic tasks, overseeing and discarding seized and relinquished properties procured by hoodlums through criminal operations, ensuring observers, and working the Witness Security Program.

According to the authority site, the beginning compensation remains at $45,371.

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Boundary Patrol Agent

The work of the Border Patrol Agent is to get the global landline and seaside waters in this way shielding individuals from psychological militant assaults, weapons, and medications carrying just as an unlawful section of undocumented individuals.

The primary undertakings to perform incorporate identifying and securing undocumented individuals, reacting to electronic sensor cautions in distant regions, performing traffic designated spot activities, city watch, and substantially more.

There are distinctive professional ways for Border Patrol Agents that incorporate Horse Patrol, K-9 Unit, Riverine tasks, Mobile reaction group. The U.S.

Customs and Border Protection gives a beginning compensation of $52,583 each year, with many professional development openings.

Fish and Game Warden

Turning into a Fish and Game Warden is the best answer for individuals who like a functioning life outside and love nature. Your work environment can be in public stops, woodland jelly, or different ensured sporting and conservational regions.

The primary role of the fish and Game Warden is to secure untamed life and their regular living space and to ensure that guests to such places additionally remain careful.

However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recruits wildlife superintendents at various levels with the most reduced compensation beginning at $34,319.

Specialist for Loss Prevention

The employment of a loss prevention specialist is ideal if you have a degree in law enforcement, but choose to work in the private sector rather than the police.

For example, most retail stores have their own theft security department. A loss prevention specialist is responsible for identifying hazards inside and externally. The average base salary for the position is $32,473, according to Glassdoor research.

Criminal Lawyer

In practically every country, criminal lawyers are in demand. The services of qualified criminal lawyers are always in demand from tiny communities to big metropolitan centers.

The average penal lawyer’s income may be from $95,000 to $100,000 per year depending on the location and the cost of living there. The more a lawyer has, the more they’re gained. Their performance in the courtroom also contributes to how much a lawyer can do over time.


The field of law enforcement and public security is large, with several career opportunities for people who want to serve and protect. Some legal jobs require or highly recommend an MA. A degree will be sufficient for certain careers in law enforcement, whereas others, especially those in the federal government.

While it takes more time and work, the rewards can be substantial not just for pay, but also for satisfying the job. There are five law enforcement jobs that usually require a master’s degree.


  1. What is the salary of a Criminological Science Technician?

Ans: a Criminological Science Technician earns around $57,850 annually.

  1. What is the major role of a law enforcement agent?

Ans: The major role of a law enforcement agent is to safeguard the lives and property of persons under its authority and to help the public to stay safe.

  1. What is the highest-paid law enforcement agent?
  2. Ans: The highest paying law enforcement employer was the state government at an average of $71,370 per year or $34.31 per hour.



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