$100,000 Siemens Competition 2022 for High School Students

The Siemens Foundation is pleased to announce that the Siemens Competition is handled by Discovery Education. Your competition is open to high school students who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

The competition encourages one to research your scientific interests and supplies you with the opportunity to gain a college student. During the contest, the very first place winner will receive up to – $100,000, second place $50,000, and also all other Finalists can receive $25,000.

The Siemens math and science competition is the country’s premier science research competition for senior high school students and attempts to promote excellence by encouraging students to undertake individual or team research endeavors.

Why Siemens science competition?

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Scholarship Level/Field

The Siemens competition is intended for high school students intending to get into a college for undergraduate studies.

Host Nationality

Siemens Competition for High School Students is to be hosted in the United States.  If you are an international student and you desire to study in the United States, Check out the best scholarships obtainable for study in the United States of America

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Eligible Nationality:

The Siemens competition is available to all U.S citizens. Read also if you wish to study outside your country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

Siemens Competition for High School Students has quite some amazing benefits which the Siemens competition winners will get a cash award of about $1,000 to $100, 000.

Finalists will be awarded prizes as follows: first place — $100,000, second place — $50,000, all other Finalists — $25,000. Your scholarship can be used for:

Tuition and fees required for registration: Prices, books, supplies, equipment, and research required for courses of guidelines at the schools that are required for graduation. On-campus room and board.

Scholarship Number

The number of offers for Siemens competition for High School Students was not given.

Eligibility for Siemens Competition 2022

To qualify for the Siemens science fair, the applicant must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • High school students, that are citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) of the USA, are eligible to apply.
  • Students have to be in good standing, enrolled in, and attending a few of the following (during the school year):
  1. Senior School (grades 9-12) at the USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Wake and Midway Islands, along with the Marianas.
  2. Foreign school as an exchange student or as your parent or guardian resides and works abroad.
  • Home-school given signatures are accessed from the school district accountable for this type of program. If a state doesn’t want district oversight, the parent or guardian accountable for the home-schooling must sign the right forms.
  • Students have to be enrolled in senior high school (grades 9-12) during the school year.
    Pupils submitting individual projects must be in good standing, registered in, and be in their final year of senior high school (grade 12). Students must finish all senior high school courses required for college admissions no later than September 1.
  • Team projects could have two or three members only and do not need to include a senior (grade 1-2).
  1. All team members must maintain good standing, registered, and attending senior high school (grades 9-12), although associates could be from various schools.
  2. Each team must designate a crew leader who serves as the communication liaison between the Siemens Competition and the other members of the group. All team members should have active roles in the design, execution, and delivery of the results of their study submitted into the Siemens Competition, and it has left a significant contribution to the endeavor.
  3. If your team arrangement affects, either before or after registration, students are required to indicate (1) that the nature of the shift and (2) that all team members consent to this change in the Acknowledgements section of their Project Form in your Student dashboard. Teams need to list ALL past and current associates at the Project form, no matter whether or not they were part of the end team.
  4. After this date, then you can’t make some modifications to your team structure (adding or removing members). If for extenuating circumstances you have to do so, you must present your case in writing about the Siemens Contest Team for approval.
  • Contest entrants who have kids, guardians, or Contest advisers employed in, or affiliated with, the Siemens Foundation’s university partners may enter your competition but might not be permitted to compete at the partner school where the parent, or guardian, mentor or teacher is required or affiliated.
  1. Furthermore, if labor research work for the project was conducted at these six schools, pupils might enter the Competition but might not be able to compete at the university.
  2. Students who have such conflicts must disclose this data within the Student Profile during the enrollment process. Failure to disclose conflicts may result in disqualification.
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Supporting Documents

All Required Materials whilst the next:

  • Research Report including Abstract and References
  • Executive Summary
  • Mentor Form
  • Parent/Guardian Authorization
  • School Endorsement
  • Student Affirmation Record read and Assess Box
  • Human and Animal Protection Policy Questions
  • Laboratory Director/Research Group Director Information (if applicable)

Siemens Competition Application Procedures

To apply for your scholarship, the applicant can enroll through the given link: http://siemensapp.discoveryeducation.com/

Application Deadline of Scholarship

All competition stuff must be received by Tuesday, September 19, by 11:59 pm E/T.

You can get more information about Siemens Competition 2022, Click on the link

Contact Information

For those who have any questions, please email at Siemens competition@discovery.com or phone 800-323-9084

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