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The scholarships offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are awarded to younger university graduates (and in exceptions, also to advanced students) from all academic disciplines and from the fields of music, art, and performing arts. So, let’s look at the 5 Proven Steps to Win DAAD Scholarships.

Funding is also available for young and early-stage researchers, university teachers, and groups of students completing study visits under the guidance of a university teacher. This support is largely financed by the Federal Foreign Office from public funds made available to it.

DAAD aims to fund and support foreign students, graduates, doctoral students, and young and early-stage researchers whose previous research and academic achievements place them at least in the top third of their age group and who can additionally be expected to become key players and top performers in their career fields combined with an awareness for the social responsibility which this involves.

Hence, here are some Proven Steps to Win DAAD Scholarships.

#1. Do your Research

DAAD scholarships are many compared to other bodies that award scholarship bodies. Applicants, who have been residents in Germany for longer than 15 months at the time of application, cannot be considered.

You must not draw funding from other German scholarship-awarding organizations or from other German public authorities at the same time as you are receiving your DAAD scholarship.

Any other foreign support or additional income from secondary employment will be partly offset against (i.e. deducted) from your scholarship.

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Scholarship holders must not take up any secondary employment until they have gained appropriate written approval from the DAAD.

#2. Be Eligible

Each program has a specific application process and application form. For information on which application process applies in each case, please read the respective call for applications carefully.

Based on the board’s decision the minimum age for applications is 18. At the time of application, only six years should have passed since the graduate gained the last degree; in the case of doctoral students, only three years should have passed since starting the doctoral process; and in the case of postdocs, only two years should have passed since gaining the doctorate.

With postdocs who are applying for a brief stay (of up to six months), only four years should have passed since gaining the doctorate. Depending on the country of origin of applicants, for example, special conditions prevailing in the home country education system, etc., exceptions are possible.

Further country-specific information is available on our scholarship database.

#3. Get All documents Ready

A very important key to winning a scholarship is getting all documents ready. Remember application is only done once. Your application is only complete if you submit all the application documents listed in the Call for Applications.

With the exception of your references and work samples (e.g. DVD), all of these documents must be uploaded to the DAAD portal.

In some cases, individual documents (e.g. university certificate) may be submitted at a later date if this is explicitly permitted in the program’s Call for Applications.

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As soon as you have submitted your application online, you will automatically receive confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted and an e-mail informing you that a message has been sent to you via the portal’s messaging system.

The message confirms that your application has been received.

#4. Apply on Time

You can find information on the precise deadlines for the submission of applications and on the address to which applications must be submitted as well as additional country-specific information by going to the scholarship information.

Applications can only be processed when they have been submitted in full, including all required papers and documents.

Incomplete applications (including missing papers or documents) cannot be processed by the DAAD and will cause the applicant’s exclusion from the selection process. Of course, the timely application is one of the Proven Steps to Win DAAD Scholarships.

#5. Be enthusiastic

With the enthusiasm of studying in one of the biggest nations of the world, never give up on it. Stay focused and expect the best.

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