27 Short Courses In Nigeria

When you’re searching for a solution to’upgrade’ yourself, It is expedient you take a good look at some educating Short professional courses in Nigeria we have painstakingly compiled here in just for you and see where and how you improve your skills within a short length of time.

Short professional courses in Nigeria are absolutely vital, they have been rather practical and a lot more important and guide into the job. You can upgrade your CV and increase your chance of getting the job you apply for.

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Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.
Abigail Adams

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What to Know about short courses in Nigeria

Short courses are a great way to acquire new skills or to enhance (or refresh) your existing skills.
The course material is designed in such a way as to incorporate the theory behind the skill and the reasons why you need the skill. Courses are presented in such a way that students are easily able to relate to the content.

The course content also contains numerous examples of how to apply the relevant skills in a practical environment.

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Administrative training courses in Nigeria

For all those who dream about becoming professionals in many fields especially Accounting, We can offer you an opportunity for everyone who is willing to learn. The main requirement is that you just hold a Bachelor’s level, plus it doesn’t also need to be in Accounting.

For fresh graduates that have no much working experience as required by the majority of firms, professional classes can be of great help to you.

Professional courses in Nigeria Since it happens, Nigeria has a seriously great deal of chances for people who want to know more about professional courses. Once we could not list all of them, we’ve decided to focus on some most outstanding ones. Consider these administrative training courses in Nigeria list if you’d like to improve your skills

Thus, we’ve opted to put this informative article to reveal that the most useful short professional courses in Nigeria.

List Of 27 Short Courses in Nigeria

Here is a list of 27 short courses in Nigeria

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management
  • chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria certification (CIM)
  • Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria certification (CPIN)
  •  Center for regulation and business certificate
  • Business schooling assessments council certificate
  • Association of the nationwide accountant of Nigeria certificate (ANAN)
  • Nigeria Institute of real estate surveyors and values
  • Chartered Institute of Investors at Nigeria certificate (CIBNG)
  • Chartered Institute of tax of Nigeria certificate (CTIN)
  • Chartered Institute of Bankers
  • Association of general and private medical
    practitioners of Nigeria certification (AGPMPN)
  • Oil and gasoline educated trained services limited
  • Financial risk management
  • Health safety environment
  •  Project management professionals (PMP)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)
  • National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN)
  • Institute of chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)
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Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria certification (CIM)

This is an expert advertising and marketing strategy for marketers and professionals in related disciplines like mass and marketing communication pros, general managers, chief executive officers, sales and advertising supervisors, customer care managers, relationship supervisors, media Planners, channel programmers, creative supervisors, appreciate contractors and new builders, etc.

Possess an additional advantage in your field by becoming certified by this expert body, it is possible to even acquire this expert certification aside from one’s field once you’ve got the minimum requirement.

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Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria certification (CPIN)

The accredited retirement institute of Nigeria is just a National Institute that’s accountable for training and retraining of professionals of pensions Herein Nigeria.

The main idea that this association was founded would be to assemble professional benefits administrators along with other interested bodies to promote conversation, education, and cooperation chances.

You stand a fantastic likelihood of gaining a working connection with precisely the things that you will face out there. No more matter what your field, you’re able to register within their own certificate method and acquire certified via this human body consequently fostering your CV.

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Center for regulation and business certificate

The middle for law and company certificate enables people to become business managers and industry layers and company leaders.

Before one has been issued that this certification, she or he needs to have been throughout the short-term certification application that demonstrates the individual has achieved working expertise in business circumstance, business law proficiency, and mastery of business believing.

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Business Schooling Assessments Council Certificate

A certificate at this human body won’t just accelerate your job but will also add to your own promotion. Business proprietors prefer to employ individuals who have this specific certificate.

Private small business people too may additionally engage in their own training that can cause them to gain more experience within the company.

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Association of the nationwide accountant of Nigeria certificate (ANAN)

This is actually a chartered expert accountant human anatomy in Nigeria permitted by law to show in addition to examining all of its own students. Every accountant and planning accountant should take part in this since it increases your employability opportunities, increase your advertising opportunities.

All HND and BSc graduates are entitled to take part in this certificate application. Takes usually around 36 months until a person finishes this training.

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Nigeria Institute of real estate surveyors and values

The association had been formed back in 1969 by some capable general clinic chartered surveyors that were trained in the united kingdom.

In 1975 the organization gained government fame and since then, they’ve been training and certifying a variety of surveyors and values.

Being a graduate you are able to take part in their own short-term schedule and acquire certified hence boosting your job opportunities.

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Chartered Institute of Investors at Nigeria certificate (CIBNG)

The company has been made in 1963, thirteen years later being run like a neighborhood center, in 1976 that the institution was subsequently enrolled as the magician of shareholders.

They sense are accountable for certifying their player in a variety of apps together with the CIBNG certification.

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Chartered Institute of tax of Nigeria certificate (CTIN)

That really is just another certification awarding body. Taxation professionals can add more worth for their own certifications by simply acquiring the CTIN certificate.

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Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN)

Many monetary institutions prefer to employ candidates using I can certification than people who have only BSc or HND.

Therefore, like a grad, it is possible to be certified by this human body after engaging within their own short-term program.

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Chartered Institute of Bankers

Still another expert body for Catholics. Generally preferred by companies to a holder of merely B.Sc because of how holders of the certification are better trained. Thus, you might elect to yourself a few favors by engaging and becoming certified by this human body.

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Association of general and private medical practitioners of Nigeria certification (AGPMPN)

This is definitely an umbrella company for most health care professionals. Formed in 1921, the institution of both private and general health professionals of Nigeria, for example, dental and all health care health practitioners either as employees or owners.

You’re able to proceed a step farther in your healthcare profession by acquiring the AGPMPN certification.

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Oil and gasoline educated trained services limited

This is a native gas and oil association that delivers quality training to people planning to get into this particular sector.

You’re able to get superior training and also become certified by this human body by engaging within their training programs consequently giving yourself greater job prospects.

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Financial risk management

Are you a graduate of any financially related courses or planning to go work with any financial institution? Well, you can do yourself some favor by acquiring this certificate thereby boosting your CV and increasing your chances of being employed.

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Health safety environment

The safety they state will be number-one before whatever else. Mostly suggested for environmental and engineering scholars and undergraduates, there’s not any business now from the planet that will not want a safety certification. Therefore why don’t you take this expert class today and demarcate yourself out of the others in your area?

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Project management professionals (PMP)

That really is just another expert path which can be obtained by anybody regardless of one’s field of the undertaking. Often uses as much as half a year or longer until you could possibly find this by a licensed institution.

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Institute of management technology certification

This association award certification in direction for qualified men, mostly students who engage within their own short-term direction classes.

It doesn’t actually matter that the field, the moment you’ve got the minimum requirement to really go with it. ND, HND, and B.Sc are typically qualified to take part in just about any one of these direction classes consequently boosting your employment opportunities.

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Human resources management certification (HR)

The individual resources management class is particularly built to provide participants a heart understanding of this dependence on effective practice. What you need to likely be trained on comprising matters which can be associated with real existence.

Very vital to obtain this because of a Homework or SSCE holder.

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West African American school of doctors certificate

Launched in 1976, that the human anatomy has really gone on to coach exceptionally competent physicians by engaging them at training that is adequate.

Those who seek to possess their certificate may also get involved in their own short-term training programs, make sure it undergraduate or graduate.

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Certified Cost Engineering Consultants

This really is an organization that’s serving the livelihood around the entire world. The AACE certificate is a superb mark of differentiation in the fee engineering niche.

People who have HND & B.Sc usually takes this advantage also to boost their CV by partaking in their own Administrative training courses and obtain certified consequently earning them possess an advantage over individuals who have the exact eligibility.

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Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN)

Another option for those who are interested in accounting is to attend ANAN courses. They have been very longer than those made available from ICAN. As a way to take the ANAN examinations (5 PEA newspapers and 6 PEB papers), every student needs to attend the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos.

For more info, visit ana.org.ng or contact the organization via email ([email protected]).

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Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN)

Since 1982, CITN has been offering a Mandatory Professional Training Programme (MPTP) certificate that offers graduates professional credibility from the tax industry. If this is your field in which you want to build your livelihood, CITN could be the business enterprise you require.

CITN Features certificate courses in Transport Pricing, Tax Declaration & Investigation, Tax Law, and Applied Taxation. Every one of them lasts 12 weekends. You can discover more about being a pro-student on citn.org or taxacademyng.org. Alternatively, you may send an email to [email protected].

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Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV)

If you are interested in assessing and estate studying, then you need to consider choosing accreditation from NIESV. Registration ends on November 14, 2021, and the exams were held from November 20 to 24, 2021.

To find out how to register, where to wait for pre-exam lectures, or what you may need to sit for this exam, go to niesv.org.ng or ship your question(s) to [email protected].

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Business Education Exams Council (BEEC)

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, the classes from BEEC will undoubtedly be highly relevant to you personally. They are made to fit the requirements of the staff and executives.

BEEC lessons are held across the major Nigerian cities, and that means you may most likely locate a spot not far from you.

Courses mostly include formal lectures by experienced consultants and high executives, as well as industry titles, group discussions, syndicate work, and case studies. If it sounds interesting, go to beectraining.com or send an email to [email protected] to discover more.

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Centre for Law and Business (CLB)

CLB is really a center for studying, learning, teaching and practicing law, in addition to business and business-related problems. It offers both professional and academic training programs for people interested in learning more about business and law.

You may find out more about the programs and their classes at clb.com.ng, or you can send an e-mail to [email protected].

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National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN)

Marketing is among the much-desired field nowadays, however, it is hard to get a job without proper certification/education.

That will help you with this, there’s NIMN that offers various classes, after which you can receive your certification or possibly a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

You may get the complete list of programs and courses offered at NIMN in their site nimn.com.ng, or you may contact the Institute via e-mail ([email protected]).

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Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)

CIPM provides plenty of programs in the field of personnel management. You are able to go to cipmnigeria.org to get what training opportunities are readily available for your requirements. They have a Learning and Development Calendar, where each couple has different courses on offer.

For those who have any questions, direct them to [email protected] or learning@cipmnigeria.org


To find out more, visit pensioninstitute.org, or send an e-mail to [email protected] or even [email protected].

So you can see, in regards to pro courses, Nigeria has a lot to offer you. Generally, all you will need is a level, and you are able to apply for any one of them. So go right ahead and make your dreams of being an expert in your field come true!


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