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10 Best Coding Bootcamps in San Diego 2022 | Apply Now

The IT community in California is in substantial need of tech personnel across the state, from startups to Fortune 500 businesses. People are then enrolling in the coding bootcamps in San Diego due to this demand to launch new, lucrative professions in technology.

A college program may take longer to complete and cost more money than the courses offered by coding bootcamps in San Diego, which frequently teach prospective technology workers how to code.

Through their involvement in coding projects, students acquire practical experience and learn how to collaborate and work independently.

Payscale indicates that the typical annual income for software engineers in San Diego was $92,690 as of February 2022. The average yearly income for project managers was $81,100. These earnings stayed in line with the national median annual wage for all computer and information technology occupations, which increased to $91,250 in May 2020.

You may get all the information in this article about the best coding bootcamps in San Diego and other details such as tuition, courses offered, and job outlook after graduation.

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Why Study at Coding Bootcamps in San Diego?

You acquire a particular skill through coding bootcamps. You will learn how to work in your chosen field in your classes. Within a year, this accelerated educational program has you prepared for a career in technology.

Coding bootcamps frequently offer mentors and teachers working in the field and specialized coursework. Students receive modern education that teaches them the skills that are now in demand.

Attending a coding bootcamp is an excellent starting step for anyone looking to advance their profession.

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Benefits of coding bootcamps in San Diego are:

  • Learning a new skill: No prior programming experience or education is necessary to enroll in many coding bootcamps.
  • Start a career in less than a year: Some bootcamp programs have a six-month completion requirement. As a result, you can launch a new job right away.
  • Career resources: Bootcamps frequently provide mentorships, assistance with resume creation, and introductions to affiliated businesses.
  • Job placement guarantees: Numerous coding bootcamps promise job placement. You can get a complete tuition refund if you don’t get a job offer.

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Is a San Diego Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

Coding bootcamps in San Diego offer an efficient learning environment that is less expensive and takes less time to finish than conventional higher education. Coding bootcamps allow you to learn the most in-demand skills in your business, even if you already have coding experience.

Most bootcamps provide full-time, part-time, and even self-paced learning possibilities. As a result, you can study at a pace that works best for your learning style.

It’s never too late to switch to a new profession. Attending coding bootcamps in San Diego is a brilliant place to start if you’re ready to make the switch.

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Can You Get a Job After Attending Coding Bootcamps in San Diego?

Finding employment after attending a coding bootcamp in San Diego would be easy. These bootcamps provide various career services to aid in your job search. You may anticipate getting access to job search assistance, assistance with optimizing your LinkedIn profile, interview practice, and tactics for salary negotiation.

While the coding bootcamp you select will significantly impact your chances of finding employment, most coding bootcamps have partnership programs to assist you. Some of the San Diego coding bootcamps collaborate with organizations like Microsoft to assist recently graduated IT professionals in finding employment.

To ensure you get a job with a coding bootcamp in San Diego, do your homework on the bootcamp first. You must look for a high job placement rate, bountiful partnerships, and career services. A job placement guarantee from the coding bootcamp is a significant benefit.

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Overview of the Best Coding Bootcamps in San Diego

Overview of the best coding bootcamps in San Diego are:

  • San Diego Code School
  • LEARN Academy
  • Thinkful
  • LearningFuze
  • Redwood Code Academy
  • NuCamp
  • SoftStack Factory
  • General Assembly
  • UC San Diego Extension Bootcamps
  • Fullstack Academy

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The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in San Diego

The best coding bootcamps in San Diego offer an excellent learning experience. There are fantastic options for professions in technology, from web development to cybersecurity.

This article highlights the best coding bootcamps in San Diego for your consideration. They encompass a broad range of professional skills. Start your new job right now by locating the best bootcamp for you.

#1. San Diego Code School

coding bootcamps in San Diego

Courses: Web Development

Cost: $2,499

Financing Options: Upfront Payments

Alumni Employers: Redhat, Requis

San Diego Code School develops students without any prior technical training into software developers and engineers. While attending the bootcamp, students gain access to several materials and a wide range of skills.

Students can participate in an internship with a nearby business while enrolled in the program. It enables students to gain practical experience before they graduate.

San Diego Code School has assisted numerous students in breaking into the profession since its inception. Graduates of the San Diego Code School typically earn $86,000 annually as their first job.

Visit Bootcamp Here

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#2. LEARN Academy

LEARN Academy

Courses: Web Development

Cost: $249 – $14,500

Financing Options: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing

Alumni Employers: IBM, Galley, Valtech

LEARN Academy, a contemporary web development bootcamp, helps students learn React to build front-end websites. Ruby on Rails is a learning tool for back-end web programming.

Students study coding basics, HTML and CSS, actual app development, and more, and learn how to create. Students collaborate with a career services manager in addition to an extensive curriculum.

Graduates can get help creating a résumé highlighting their technical talents from LEARN Academy career services. Students receive a one-month internship at a neighborhood business after graduating from Learn Academy.

Visit Bootcamp Here

#3. Thinkful


Courses: UI/UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Software Engineering, Full Stack Development

Cost: $4,500 – 18.500

Financing Options: ISA, Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing

Alumni Employers: IBM, Audible, Walmart Labs

Seven full-time and part-time coding courses are available at Thinkful. Students can enroll in night and weekend classes to continue their education when working full-time. Web development, software engineering, data analytics, and data science are all included in the curriculum.

Some of the programs at this coding bootcamp come with an employment guarantee. A Thinkful alum unemployed for six months after graduation may be entitled to a tuition refund.

90% of graduates from Thinkful go on to work as developers full-time. In general, graduates make $19,613 more than they did before the program.

Visit Bootcamp Here

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#4. LearningFuze

coding bootcamps in San Diego

Courses: Web Development, UI/UX Design

Cost: $3,995- $13,995

Financing Options: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing

Alumni Employers: Edge, Valtech, Notch, Permit Docs

An intensive 14-week web development program is available at LearningFuze’s coding bootcamp. Their objective is to give inexperienced students technical capabilities. This coding bootcamp mainly focuses on JavaScript.

They teach students through a project-based curriculum. They work with instructors with an average of more than ten years of experience in the field. After graduation, students are ready to meet industrial demands.

Visit Bootcamp Here

#5. Redwood Code Academy

coding  bootcamps in San Diego

Courses: Web Development

Cost: $11,000 – $13,500

Financing Options: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing

Alumni Employers: JFrog, Disneyland Resorts, Technosaurus, Land Monk

Redwood Code Academy is one of the best coding bootcamps in San Diego.

A group of devoted software engineering enthusiasts runs Redwood Code Academy. Both full-time and part-time software development courses are available at the coding bootcamp. The courses cover back-end development, mobile and cloud development, and advanced full-stack development.

This coding school accepts applicants with no prior coding knowledge. Short classes allow for more one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. Graduates of the program are complimentary of the setting for learning and the assistance Redwood Code Academy offers in locating jobs.

Visit Bootcamp Here

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#6. Nucamp

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

Courses: Front End Web and Mobile Development, Full Stack Web and Mobile App Development, Web Development Fundamentals

Cost: $349 – $1765

Financing Options: Upfront Payments, Monthly Payments

Alumni Employers: Amazon, Western Washington Company, Microsoft

Both inexperienced and professional students can take classes at Nucamp. They advise students with little or no coding experience to enroll in their introductory courses. Advanced courses teach front-end and full-stack web programming to students.

Students learn HTML, JavaScript, and other technologies in the curriculum. They also employ tools like GitHub.

Making education accessible to everyone is Nucamp’s mission. Throughout the course, students receive both in-person and online assistance. Some classes require knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before enrollment. A maximum of twelve students may enroll in a course at once.

Visit Bootcamp Here

#7. SoftStack Factory

coding bootcamps in San Diego

Courses: Data Science, Web Development, Full Stack Development

Cost: $125 – $500

Financing Options: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing

Alumni Employers: freeCodeCamp, San Diego State University

A non-profit coding bootcamp called SoftStack Factory offers data science, full-stack development, and web development. They are one of the best coding bootcamps in San Diego.

Students gain organizational, problem-solving, and brand-building abilities by working together on real-life projects with knowledgeable mentors.

After graduation, assistance continues. To assist you in finding work, SoftStack Factory offers several career services and resources. Presently, 90% of graduates from Softstack Factory go on to work full-time jobs.

Visit Bootcamp Here

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#8. General Assembly

general assembly

Courses: Software Engineering Immersive, Software Engineering Immersive – Flex, User Experience Design Immersive, UX Design (Part-Time), Data Science Immersive, Data Science (Part-Time), Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Front-End Web Development, Product Management, Python Programming, React Development, Visual Design

Cost: $3,950 – $15,950

Financing Options: Scholarships, Income Share Agreements, Loan Financing, Deferred Payment, Upfront Payments,6 Month Deferred loans

Alumni Employers: Microsoft, Google, Visa, L’Oréal

For both full-time and part-time students, General Assembly offers interactive classes. The coding bootcamp provides courses in various topics from marketing to software development.

Attending General Assembly teaches students how to think like developers. The skills taught at this institution are what students need to succeed in their careers.

The coding bootcamp offers its graduates a variety of resources and assistance in their search for work. Alums frequently work with General Assembly partners, including Google, Microsoft, and Visa.

Visit Bootcamp Here

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#9. UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps

Courses: Web Development

Cost: $11,990

Financing Options: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing

Alumni Employers: Georgia Institute of technology

The University of California, San Diego campus provides a coding bootcamp called UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps. Students can enroll in full-time or part-time software engineering, cybersecurity, or data science programs.

The courses provide the enrolled students with practical training in web technologies, databases, networking, and systems. What’s now in demand in the San Diego tech market is a significant focus of this coding bootcamp.

Visit Bootcamp Here

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#10. Fullstack Academy

full stack logo

Courses: Web Development, Software Engineering, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity

Cost: $100 – 17,000

Financing Options: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing

Alumni Employers: American Express, Google, Bloomberg LP, JP Morgan Chase

Courses in web development, full-stack development, cybersecurity, and software engineering are available at Fullstack Academy. The training content for Fullstack Academy is structured to satisfy market expectations.

The coding bootcamp is challenging, according to Fullstack Academy graduates. The advantages benefitted, nevertheless, make it worthwhile. Many Fullstack Academy graduates work for organizations like American Express, Facebook, and Google.

Visit Bootcamp Here


Coding bootcamps are an excellent method to get the profession of your dreams without spending years in school. There are many top-notch coding bootcamps in San Diego where you may learn everything you need to know. We’ve compiled a list of the best coding bootcamps in San Diego in 2022 to help narrow down your options.

When attending a coding bootcamp, you can select from various learning methods and, in some circumstances, set your schedule. Additionally, networking opportunities and career support services get you started.


How much is the UC San Diego coding bootcamp?

The cost of the part-time UC San Diego coding bootcamp is $11,495, while that of the full-time one is $12,995. Program lengths are 12 weeks and 24 weeks, respectively.

Are there free coding bootcamps in San Diego?

Students must pay tuition at most of the coding bootcamps in San Diego. However, students may find out that coding bootcamps offer free introductory courses. For those who want to learn how to code, the University of San Diego offers a free class. Students who wish to study more after finishing the initial course can enroll in the fee-based bootcamp.

Are there data science bootcamps in San Diego?

Yes! Data science bootcamps are available in San Diego through several programs for potential IT professionals.

Does Netflix hire bootcamp grads?

It’s unlikely that you’ll land a job at Netflix the moment you graduate from college or a bootcamp, but if you’re confident in your abilities, you should apply as frequently and as soon as possible.

Does Apple have a coding bootcamp?

Apple does not have any coding bootcamp. Apple does, however, provide Swift instruction manuals for learning iOS programming. The company also offers expert training programs to understand how to use Apple platforms.



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