Edible Arrangements Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have to Work at Edible Arrangements | Working Experience

Are you a young person looking for employment? If yes, you might be curious about job openings at Edible Arrangements. What is their hiring age, if applicable?

Edible Arrangements are a well-liked option for many people looking for work prospects.

Edible Arrangements have a variety of opportunities to fit people with a range of interests and skill levels, whether they are searching for a short-term gig or a long-term career. Before applying, you should know the age restrictions for Edible Arrangements jobs. 

This article covers the hiring age at Edible Arrangements, the significance of the age requirements, the workplace culture at the business, and the employment perks you can anticipate at Edible Arrangements.

What is the Edible Arrangements Hiring Age?

Edible Arrangements applicants must meet the minimum hiring age requirement of at least 18 years old. The organization will consider all the work requirements for employment.

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Why is the Age Requirement Important at the Edible Arrangements?

Age restrictions ensure the safety and well-being of both consumers and employees. Edible Arrangements ensure people have acquired a specific degree of responsibility and maturity before taking on employment obligations by establishing a minimum age limit. 

Furthermore, in order to abide by labor laws and rules pertaining to the employment of children, age restrictions are required. Legal restrictions on hiring minors are in force.

For instance, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) forbids businesses from employing juveniles under the age of 14 in most non-agricultural occupations in the United States. To avoid legal repercussions, Edible Arrangements must abide by these regulations.

How is the Work Culture at Edible Arrangements?

The culture of Edible Arrangements is centered around ensuring one thing: client pleasure. They achieve this by offering high-quality products and consistently looking for ways to improve.

The business declared 2017 that it intended to increase its global footprint aggressively. The business plans to add 100 more overseas locations over the following three years.

Also, the business is famous for employing floral design principles while creating arrangements with fresh fruit. Edible Arrangement is well-known for its high-quality goods and unique fruit gifts.

The company created the Edible Cares program to aid with donations and fundraising activities for various causes because it cares about the community. Additionally, they have a protracted collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Work Experience. Testimonials from the Employees.

“Part-time opportunity. $11 per hour. Responsibilities include receiving & responding to inbound live chats, assisting guests with online purchases, delivering excellent customer service, managing customer inquiries, and up-selling & cross-selling.”

“Work in a call center, making outbound sales calls to new and existing customers. Part-time position. Excellent communication skills and social media proficiency are required. A 2 or 4-year degree is preferred. Must have a love of fruit and chocolate.”

“Short-term temporary position. Will work in a call center environment providing customer service during the Valentine’s Day holiday rush. Must be customer service oriented with strong communication & computer skills. Must have flexible availability.”

“Responsibilities include building relationships with franchise partners, achieving financial/operational results, working with cross-functional teams to support franchises, and launching new programs. Must have 5+ yrs exp. Contract role.”

Job Benefits when Working at Edible Arrangements.

The Anti-Defamation League gave the business the Torch of Liberty award in 2017. Regardless of race, age, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, the award recognizes businesses or individuals who give back to the community.

The company provides its employees with full benefits, including covering their medical, vision, and dental needs. Additionally, workers receive paid time off, life insurance, a 401K plan, employee discounts, automobile discount programs, and employee help programs.

Because of the company’s excellent management and upbeat environment in each store, employees adore working for it. They appreciate the free fruit provided during shifts and the employee discounts, which help them maintain a healthier diet.

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FAQs – Edible Arrangement Hiring Age 

How long can an edible display be left outside?

They prepare products from Edible Arrangements® with only fresh fruit and no preservatives. (Some preservatives might be present in our toppings. To ensure quality, please eat right away or refrigerate within four hours.

In what ways do Edible Arrangements deliver?

Orders placed through a nearby Edible Arrangements® shop are delivered by hand in a chilled van or DoorDash. FedEx delivers dispatched orders, which are wrapped carefully to guarantee their excellent presentation and freshness upon delivery.

Can I prepare an edible arrangement in advance?

Contrary to popular opinion, you can prepare all the fruits up to two days in advance by storing them in glass-lock containers or ziplock bags to keep them fresh.

How do you set up an edible fruit arrangement?

Place honeydew and cantaloupe along the vase’s perimeter, starting at the bottom. After placing strawberries around the melon, fill the vase with pineapple flowers at various heights. To complete the arrangement, place the remaining fruit skewers amid the flowers.


The most effective strategy to discover a job at Edible Arrangements is to browse its most recent job postings. Also, know their hiring age requirement.

By doing so, you may see what opportunities are available and what the organization is searching for. Additionally, it enables you to adjust your resume and cover letter to meet the employer’s demands.

If Edible Arrangements do not currently have any open job listings, you can still learn from ones archived in the past because they frequently rehire to replace those positions.



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