15 Best Highest Paying Jobs in Business | 2023

There are businesses everywhere that offer jobs to people and families. And nowadays, people try as much as they can to get the highest paying jobs in business so they don’t have to think about getting another job. 

Meanwhile, some jobs pay so well compared to other jobs and people try hard to get jobs in such areas. But to get this job, you must have the specific skills and talents that will attract employers of such jobs. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the highest paying jobs in business. So if you’re looking for a high-paying job in business, this article is for you. 

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15 Highest Paying Jobs in Business in 2023

For you to get a job and earn higher than most people in business, you have to be an expert in what you do. It means you must have gotten to a certain level in your career. 

An entry-level worker certainly cannot earn the same amount as a manager in a business. So, let’s look at these highest paying jobs in business: 

1. E-Commerce Specialist

One of the highest paying jobs in business is the E-Commerce Specialist. This specialist uses his experience to develop marketing strategies and plans for the company’s website. They also decide on which product is best to launch in a particular season. 

E-Commerce Specialists also come up with ideas on how to make navigating the online platform easily and ensure the payment platform is safe.

They have also to help create good content for the websites to draw more visitors, ensure they make distribution smooth, and make sure that the organization’s profile is maintained or even improved. However, they earn an average annual income of $70,000.

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2. Business System Analyst

Whether a company is consistent or inconsistent with its mode of operation, it is the responsibility of a Business System Analyst to ensure things are running smoothly. They also have to come up with those new techniques for developing an already existing operation model.

Businesses that do not have a mode of operation or a consistent one can hire a Business System Analyst to help them develop one.

Meanwhile, Business System Analysts should possess analytical skills because they will deal with costs and check the company’s internal system. 

Additionally, they should also possess problem-solving skills to solve any issue that may arise from the new or existing system and then innovation skills to review the new system and know what should be taken out or added to make it more effective for the business.

Their average yearly income is $71,000. Therefore, it is undoubtedly among the highest paying jobs in business.

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3. Human Resource Manager

Among the highest paying jobs in business, we have the human resource manager. You’ll agree that every organization needs the services of a human resource manager.

These officials are to hire and fire workers. They organize programs for the staff and departments to keep them updated in the work environment.

Furthermore, they make and enforce policies in the company to ensure that everything is done as it should be. And a human resource manager’s average salary per year is $72,000. 

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4. Project Manager

The next on our list of highest-paying business jobsis Project Manager. Project Managers are in charge of a company’s projects and make sure you complete them. They don’t just manage a project till its completion, they also manage the processes for it to be completed.

Also, the project development is monitored by the project managers during all phases and they are ready to make some changes when needed. Although they don’t carry out the tasks, they are required to know that job.

Project managers should be able to multi-task and organize because they will be needed at some point to execute several strategies for different projects simultaneously. As one of the highest paying business majors, they earn an average salary of $75,000 per year.

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5. Business Advisors

We also known these professionals as Business Consultants. They task business advisors with providing and executing plans and strategies to improve a company’s mode of operation and its flow of finances.

They help companies prepare their quarterly and yearly budgets and then conduct a series of risk analyses.

All these are to help the company develop where they are lacking and run at their optimal level. These professionals earn an average salary of $75,000 yearly. No doubt, it’s among the highest paying business majors.

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6. Business Intelligence Analyst

Also known as BI analysts, these experts bring together a huge amount of data about a company and its competitors. And they use that information to help a company grow its effectiveness and increase its market share. 

Business Intelligence Analysts work with the organization as a whole, starting from the management, and stakeholders, down to the other workers, to ensure that everything is successful. They earn about $76,000 every year. Therefore, they deserve a spot on our list of highest paying jobs in business.

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7. Investment Banker

Investment bankers are professionals that raise capital for an organization or an individual. They achieve this through debt issuing and selling equity. Individuals and organizations hire them to help them make the right investment choice at any given time. 

As experts who always present written reports, they possess excellent writing skills because their job demands they draft financial and legal documents and give financial advice based on the report.

Every year, they earn an average salary of $76,000. This makes them among the highest paying business majors.

8. Portfolio Manager

Next on our list of highest paying jobs in business is the Portfolio Manager. Popularly known as Asset Managers or Wealth Managers, Portfolio managers are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that their client’s investment portfolio is yielding a reasonable result. They come up with strategies and also make sure that this strategy yields a good return on investment.

Therefore, if you want to increase your wealth or assets, you can hire a portfolio manager and gradually build your portfolio by analyzing the current trend to make the best investment decisions.

Portfolio managers earn an average salary of $78,000 yearly, making them one of the highest paying careers in business.

9. Internal Auditor

Every organization employs the services of an internal auditor because, with their accounting knowledge, they help the firm maintain its financial plan and make sure that the workers comply with the policies set by the human resource department.

In addition, internal auditors help reduce the financial and business risk a firm could face. When a firm faces this risk, they help come up with measures to overcome it for smooth operations of the firm. As one of the highest paying business majors, internal auditors earn an average salary of $79,000 annually.

10. Sales Manager

Sales managers manage a company’s sales team and provide them with proper knowledge by training and guiding them. They make sure that the company increases their revenue from the sales they make.

However, they achieve this by setting quotas for every team member to meet at the end of the week, month, or even year.

So, their marketing strategies determine when the market share of their employer increases. As part of the highest paying careers in business, their annual salary is about $79,000.

11. Payroll Manager

When it gets to that time of the month in our working place, we expect to see that message that our salary has been paid into our accounts. But who handles this?

The payroll manager and his team handle the work so fast. They remove old employees from the payroll, add new employees to the payroll, and also increase the salary of those who were promoted or given a raise.

Also, Payroll managers handle any issues concerning an employee’s account. And they earn an average salary of $79,000 yearly.

12. Economist

These people provide services not just for businesses but also for the government. And they achieve that by gathering socio-economic data and fiscal data. After gathering these data by studying the market, they help the government or company make wise decisions. 

Economists also advise their clients on how to thrive in any economy that befalls the country. That is why they are among the highest paying business majors, with an annual salary of $90,000.

13. Transport Manager

Also known as Logistics Managers in some organizations, Transport managers handle the logistics and transportation of a company. They help the company and its employees by monitoring their locations, dispatching, and moving them to new locations. 

Transport managers also manage different vehicles, vessels, and aircraft. They handle the safety of the employees of a company as long as they are on duty. They earn up to $103,000 annually. Indeed, it’s part of the highest paying careers in business.

14. Corporate Controller

This is an expert who supervises a company’s financial and accounting operations. They use their experience to develop financial policies and carry out risk assessments to reduce any possible economic issues. 

Yearly, they combine financial data and financial history to prepare reports on budgets and forecasts. Corporate controllers handle billing, expenses, invoicing, payroll, and reimbursements.

Therefore, they are required to have a strong background in accounting. These officials earn as much as $121,000 annually, making them among the highest paying careers in business.

15. Market Analyst

A market analyst or marketing analyst is an expert who researches marketing procedures for data analysis. They bring the data result to a team of marketers to help them improve and gain greater market share.

Everything they do is to help in forecasting and measuring how effective a strategy is. They make over $121,000 yearly. 

Do These Jobs Require a University Degree?

Most of those mentioned above are highest paying jobs with a business degree, so they require a university degree. Whereas some require certain certifications. However, when you acquire these certifications and put enough effort into your job you can earn a manager’s salary. 

A lot of companies mostly look at your certifications to weigh the skills you can offer. For example, a transportation manager will need some certifications like supply chain certification, transport management, and shipping management, depending on the organization’s niche. 

So, when you have these certifications, you will be a step closer to getting that job you want. It will interest you to know that some companies even promote their employees into managerial roles depending on their curriculum vitae, their certifications, and then the effort they put into the job.

However, high-paying jobs like pilots, aircraft technicians, computer support technicians, and many more do not need a university degree. They require just some vocational education and becoming certified in the field you choose. Meanwhile, you must not be any of the business mentioned above practitioners to be fulfilled. Just do what you love and what you see yourself doing in the long term.

How to Get a High-Paying Job in Business 2023

No matter the kind of job you do, you need promotion and a raise in your salary. And for this to happen, there are things you ought to do that will earn you that salary increase. See them below:

Get trained in a high-paying field

This is important to consider when you want to work in a high-paying field. You can’t be trained in psychology and want to work in the surgical department.

If you wish to work in any department in an organization, get trained in that area and get the required certification.

Get a job in that field

This is when you get a job in the field you want and are trained for. It will be useless to train yourself in a job and not work in that field.

When you work in that field, you can learn more, gain more expertise, and even have a chance of earning higher.

Get promoted

As you achieve the steps mentioned above, then your pay automatically increases. But this is only possible when you are trained and put more effort into your chosen field.

Get into management

You will be considered qualified to join the management team with the effort you put into work and the experience you gathered.

The management team of a company oversees the daily operations of the company.

Get to the top

At this point, you are eligible for C-level management, which involves the CFO, CEO, and COO. When you have reached this last level in the organization, you have made it to the top, and your salary also increases.


I hope you now know the highest paying jobs in business? These jobs are well paid, and others pay as much, if not more.

But to be able to get to this level in your career, a lot of hard work will be required of you. And even though your career isn’t among them, do not panic.

Just put so much effort into what you currently do, and you will get to that level and get the good pay that comes with it. 


Who is the highest paid engineer?

A software development engineer earns the highest in India. They earn about 2,225,470 in Indian rupees and about $29,000 in the US dollar.

What is the best paying business?

A data science job is one of the best jobs for the future with growing market demands. Others like data analysts, block chain developers, digital marketers, etc. They are newly enlisted in the most stressful jobs in military personnel, police officers, and firefighters. Some people also see pilots as having stressful jobs because they are always on the move.

What are the requirements to becoming a Pilot?

You must not have a university degree to be a pilot. You can take pilot training when you wish to and just pass the certification. They earn about $121,000 annually, even without a university degree.

Do I have a chance to get a business job?

You have to put effort into your current job, and gradually it will show in your work, then you will be in line for promotion.
Common jobs are known as “cashier,” “bartender, and “janitor.” Though they are labeled as “common jobs,” they are still important for some individuals.


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