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Your job search quest will not be complete until you have written an outstanding cover letter for a nursing student. It is essential to reference the requirements listed in the job description in your cover letter when you are writing one.

If possible, include references to your most relevant or remarkable qualifications in your letter to help employers understand why your qualifications are a good match for the position. 

Like resume samples, the nursing student cover letter example below will guide you through writing a cover letter highlighting your experience and qualifications.

In addition, this paragraph will motivate you to write that cover letter for a nursing student. There are about 20.7 million nurses and midwives in the world.

They make up almost half of all healthcare workers, which is many people. There are still a lot of countries that can’t support their people with this amount of money.

The World Health Organization says that by 2030, there will be an extra nine million nurses and midwives. It’s not just the high demand that makes nursing a good job.

This article will take you through how to write a cover letter for nursing students.

What does a nursing student do?

In nursing school, your classroom is not only on campus but also at a patient’s bedside, where you learn about nursing. This means you must ensure that the people who let you look after they are safe, private, and treated with respect and kindness. 

You must know all these before writing a cover letter for a nursing student.

Nursing students will learn the following; 

  1. Show professionalism when talking to patients, their families, and other healthcare team members.
  2. People should show they can handle various situations, be flexible and keep their emotions in check even when stressed.

3. Perform head-to-toe patient checks. In addition, this includes giving and receiving verbal reports, preparing and giving medicine, documenting care properly, providing emotional support and patient education, and delivering culturally competent care that considers each patient’s unique beliefs.

4. Whenever necessary, give CPR.

5. Make sure you do your best in the classroom. Group discussions, formal and informal oral presentations, scholarly papers and written reports, and web-based programs and software are some things people can do.

6. Within the time limits set by the nursing school, pass all of your exams.

7. Nurses must be able to stand or walk for up to 12 hours daily in the clinical area, lift 50 pounds, and help with lifting, moving, ambulating, and repositioning patients.

8. In class and in the clinical setting, don’t do anything that could be dangerous to the health and safety of other people.

When you’re a student nurse, it’s hard on your body, your emotions, and your brain.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Nursing Student

Follow the processes below to write the best cover letter for nursing student;

1. The first section contains your contact information.

It is easier for recruiting managers to contact you if you put your mailing address, phone number, and email address at the start of your cover letter.

Some people only include their contact information on their resumes, making it difficult for hiring managers to reach them if the cover letter is printed separately from the CV.

2. Date  

This date should ideally coincide with the date you send the cover letter. It aids hiring managers in keeping track of the date they applied for the job.

Although it may seem insignificant, writing out the complete month name rather than abbreviating it is preferable.

3. Contact Information for the Hiring Manager

It may appear formal and old-fashioned, but including your recruiting manager’s contact information shows your commitment to the following procedure. The name, title, and mailing or email address of the person should all be included.

Don’t you know who the hiring manager is? If all else fails, send your letter to the “Hiring Manager.” You may make yourself stand out by spending a few minutes looking at an organization’s website to find out who is likely to review your CV.

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4. Greetings

Respectfully greet the hiring manager by addressing him or her as “Mr.,” “Ms.”, or “Dr.” rather than by first name. This is particularly significant if the recruiting manager is a doctor or has credentials because it demonstrates that you value their hard work in achieving their professional designations.

5. Describe why you’re writing in the first paragraph

The first few sentences of your cover letter should give hiring managers a sense of why you’re writing and contacting them. Explain that you are about to graduate and are looking for a job that will be a good fit for you based on your education and experience.

When applying for jobs, be specific; hiring managers dislike candidates who are too vague. If you want to work with children or the elderly, saying so can help you stand out.

However, your cover letter doesn’t indicate your interest in any job. You might think it makes you sound enthusiastic, but hiring managers prefer to see someone focused.

Instead, single out one position and express your desire to be considered for it because you believe your experience and qualifications will be a good fit. Then, if you’d like, mention that you’d appreciate being considered for any additional positions. At the same time, you’ll appear focused and eager.

6. Explain why you’re interested in the job in the second paragraph

Here, emphasize why you’re a good fit for the job you’re applying for. Give specifics that will set you apart. Include the following items:

Specific areas of focus:”I did my capstone project in paediatrics,”.

Superior feedback demonstrating your qualifications for the position: “My clinical faculty that I have a special affinity for difficult situations brought it to my attention ..'”

This is also a good place to express your enthusiasm for the job.

7. The 3rd paragraph in this section talks about why you’re a good fit for the job.

There are a lot of people who want to work in this job. What can you do that makes you stand out? Connect why your work experience, values, or personal characteristics make you the best fit — and why you should be called for an interview.

8. Thank You and a Call to action ( Cover Letter for Nursing Students)

Thank the hiring manager for reading your letter and explaining why he or she should call you for an interview. As a last push, you want to be excited and show off your skills. Contact information doesn’t need to be on this page if you already have it at the top.

9. A Ending

Sincerely or Warm regards are safe, formal ways to end your cover letter. You don’t need to say anything else at the end.

Samples of Cover Letters for Nursing Students

Below are ideal ways to write a nursing student cover letter.

Sample 1

Moore, Ebony


[email protected]

1 May 2018

Respected Hiring Manager,

I am excited to apply for the Registered Nurse position in Cloud Clearwater’s pediatric department. As a nursing student, I take tremendous pride in gaining knowledge about nursing. I’ve worked with various patients during my clinical training and enjoy doing everything I can to aid in their healing and comfort. Throughout my clinical experiences, I have enjoyed working with children and would like to continue.

At Longford Tech, I have worked diligently in my coursework to absorb as much information as possible. I worked in every department of the hospital during my clinical experience. I earned certifications in phlebotomy, medication administration, and record-keeping. I’ve learned how to connect with each patient in a way that helps them feel more at ease in the hospital, and I’ve improved my ability to communicate clearly with the doctors to ensure the patients I worked with received proper care.

My preferred assignment was in the pediatric unit. I also worked in the NICU during my time there, where I assisted parents in bonding with their infants. My favourite part of working in the NICU was educating and preparing new parents to take their infants home. I reassured them and provided them with the resources necessary to care for their children at home at this time.

I appreciate your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to learning more about Cloud Clearwater’s pediatric department. I believe my education and clinical experience qualify me for this post. I’m looking forward to honing my skills as a Pediatric Nurse in order to provide the best care possible to my patients.


Moore, Ebony

Sample 2

Your Given Name


Postal Address

Telephone No.

Electronic Mail Address


Name of the Hiring Manager


Name of Hospital or Clinic

Postal Address

Dear [Name of the Hiring Manager],

At Newark General Hospital, my preceptor picked me out as the top precept nurse in a group of 23. My work ethic, communication and teamwork abilities, and enthusiasm for nursing contributed to my success.

I’m enthusiastic about the RN position at Ashton Medical Center. I believe you can accomplish your aim of giving great care to each patient every time. And seeking a capable nurse with experience in patient education and mobility aid. I feel I can assist based on the following:

Efficiency. Preceptor commended me five times for efficiency.

Education of the Patient. Consistently graded at 95% for patient education.

Mobilization. My patients scored 98th percentile for not having skin sores or falling.

I’d love to discuss how my assessment and plan-of-care formulation abilities could benefit your patients.

Best wishes,

RN [Your Name]

[Tel. : [Phone Number]]


PS—I’d also like to share how I consistently received 99.9 percent on spot checks of my record-keeping at Clifton Urgent Care.


As we said, nurses are in high demand in many parts of the world, both in countries with a lot of poverty and in countries with a lot of money. Nurses will always be needed, so you can be sure that you can get a job after you finish your nursing degree.



Student nurses were a category of hospital workers and were, as such, as easily identifiable as housekeeping staff, candy stripers, or Registered Nurses.

As a nursing student, you will be responsible for learning the rules and regulations for maintaining a good relationship with your patients to avoid malpractice lawsuits. If you are interested in law besides being a nurse, why not combine the two and become a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC).

The life of a nursing student is often hectic. Between juggling a complicated course load, taking part in clinical, and squeezing in extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, nursing students tend to have a lot on their plates.

The key characteristic of a great nursing student is empathy. Sensitivity and compassion are vital when caring for individuals suffering or dealing with medical issues. A nursing student should comprehend how to comfort patients who are scared or upset.

You will have lectures and seminars to attend, but they will also expect you to complete background reading and other self-directed work.



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