15 Best Online Jobs for Teachers’ Data Entry In 2023

Data entry is a sort of clerical job that includes inputting data into computers using various procedures, such as typing and voice recording. They employ data entry clerks in various industries, including healthcare, banking, retail, and transportation. 

Some of the best data entry jobs are easy catch for teachers. Some of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry enable you to work from home while honing skills like reliability, speed, accuracy, and improved language skills.

Are you interested in data entry jobs for teachers? Keep reading as we review some of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry.

What is Data Entry?

Employees in the data entry sector add, validate, and change electronic data. Many businesses require individuals to transcribe meeting notes, enter raw data into databases, and enter sales statistics into electronic forms many times over a working day.

A data entry job requires handling many sorts of electronic data and operating instruments experts used to input and change data, such as a keyboard. This industry employs various workers, including typists, coders, translators, and word processors.

How to be successful in a data entry job

Improve your interpersonal skill

As a data entry worker, you must communicate with your bosses and coworkers while working on data entry tasks. Because customer service is a talent that can be learned, you may use the internet’s free resources, such as articles and tutorials, to learn about related abilities.

Hone your tech skill.

To work as a data entry expert, you must be able to use computer programs to input and modify electronic data and save your work. Look for free online lessons for major computer products like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel on the manufacturer’s website or video hosting sites.

Learning how to use basic office devices that work in tandem with computers, such as a scanner and printer, may also be beneficial. There are several free online lessons available to assist you in learning how to use office equipment properly.

Improve your language skills

To work in the data sector, you must be fluent in English. To prepare and practice reading, writing, and proofreading at a high level. You may enhance your English language abilities by creating a vocabulary of English words, reading, and practicing often!

How much money can you earn from data entry online jobs?

Working this online job can earn you decent additional money. Who you work for and how much they will spend will rely on this. You can get data entry tasks that pay up to $20 per hour!

However, some employers will only offer $4 an hour. If you are skilled, you can generate good passive revenue. We don’t suggest making it your primary source of money, albeit.

What are the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry?

There are several remote options for teachers’ data entry. The best online job for teachers’ data entry include:

1. Online data entry clerk

Consider the best online jobs for teachers in data entry if you’re seeking simple employment that you can accomplish from the comfort of your own home.

Your work as a data entry clerk is to input coded, statistical, or other sorts of numerical data for your clients into spreadsheets or other databases. Many firms engage freelancers to handle these activities on their behalf.

A data entry clerk is a fantastic option if you want to earn additional money outside of your teaching profession and work on something that doesn’t take a lot of creative thinking.

2. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a trained typist who listens to recorded or live audio recordings and transforms what they hear into a written format. They provide services to the medical, legal, and general transcribing industries.

Transcription causes accuracy, discretion, secrecy, and the ability to work swiftly and efficiently while meeting deadlines and generating high-quality transcripts. They are one of the top choices in the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry.

3. Freelance writer

What exactly is freelancing, and how does writing fit into it? Writing has more distant career options than almost any other industry.

You may get paid to create blog entries, articles, news material, magazine articles, resources, books, white papers, reports, and other types of content.

If you want to work from home and earn high money online, you should certainly be a freelance writer. Many people with a formal degree work as freelance writers. While some writers stick to educational issues, many others expand out into other related or unconnected sectors.

Teachers are known for their ability to write material in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. This is exactly the type of writing style that most businesses need from their writers.

4. Online Teacher

There are several online teaching opportunities available for kindergarten through high school students. As more children are home-schooled, internet education has grown in popularity. Many parents worldwide desire to invest in their children’s English education.

Depending on how and where you teach, a class may contain 5, 10, or 20+ people. Your aim as an online instructor is to replicate the traditional classroom atmosphere as much as workable.

You might be engaged to teach a single topic or many disciplines based on your skill. There are several websites where you may discover teaching employment online. However, instructor remuneration differs by platform. This is one of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry.

5. Online exam or quiz tutor

Tutoring is an excellent alternative for part-time online teaching employment from home. Tutoring frequently needs less time commitment than online teaching, allowing you to work on it part-time while still working full time.

You may become an online tutor in almost any topic, from elementary to high school. However, some topics, such as English as a Second Language, SAT prep, calculus, and computer science, are far more in demand than others.

Online tutoring career prospects abound: you may become an instructor through Tutor.com or build your own tutoring business, promote yourself, and get distant students without the middleman.

6. Writing coach

Writing tutors are in high demand. Many struggle with their writing abilities, whether high school students, college students, or recent grads looking for work.

Many students spend their academic years doing very little writing, only to struggle with it once they reach the commercial world. They require the services of a writing coach.

A writing coach assists people by giving structure to their writing endeavors, assisting them in setting objectives and providing feedback on improving their writing. You can assist people with writing tasks for school or jobs or give them writing exercises to help them improve their writing.

7. Educational blogger

Educational bloggers are one of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry. Blogging is a respectable work-from-home career for teachers, allowing you to accumulate revenue.

As a blogger, you will have your own website where you will publish frequent articles on a certain topic. It might be about schooling or any other subject you are extremely aware and enthusiastic about.

You’ll accumulate your traffic and eventually, you’ll be able to make money by presenting adverts or pushing things for a commission.

You may blog about the greatest educational resources or other relevant things, and you’ll receive a percentage of the revenues if your site visitors click through and buy these products.

8. Online Adjunct Professor

You might work as an online adjunct lecturer at a college or university if you have a lot of teaching experience or perhaps an advanced degree. The great majority of institutions allow some of their professors to lecture online. They can give you a part-time wage to teach one or two classes or a full-time salary if you teach more.

This is a fantastic choice since it provides both freedom and structure. Most colleges have their own online learning system where you may offer lectures, distribute course material, grade assignments, and so on.

9. Freelance Editor

One of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry is the freelance editor. You presumably have a lot of experience grading students’ writing as a teacher. As a result, you are an outstanding candidate for the position of freelance editor.

As an editor, you might focus on jobs involving education, such as editing student content. You may even branch out and edit in various genres that interest you, such as fiction or nonfiction.

Many lecturers are extremely qualified for academic and dissertation editing. Setting up your own freelance editing firm and seeking clients is the easiest approach to getting started.

10. Teaching material retailer

Selling instructional materials isn’t normally listed as one of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry, but it’s fantastic. You might make additional money selling teaching resources online if you have a talent for developing great instructional content and tools for your students.

Worksheets, quizzes, tests, slideshows, game crafts, and other hands-on activities may be created for instructors to use in the classroom. There are several methods for selling your own educational resources online.

You may create an e-commerce store on your own website or sell your items on Etsy. You may also register for Amazon Ignite, which should assist instructors in selling digital educational products.

11. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are undoubtedly one of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry. This is one of the most authentic work-from-home jobs for teachers that most teachers are qualified for.

Virtual assistants do various administrative chores, such as typing, researching, responding to emails, organizing, and so on. Teachers are often excellent in these areas.

Depending on the extent of your virtual assistant employment, you may also be requested to give business customer care, typically by email. The amount of money you may make as a virtual assistant varies.

As a virtual assistant, you can pursue a variety of freelancing job routes, such as administrative assistant, business manager, and executive assistant. The pay for these positions varies according to the level of competence required.

12. Online Teaching Consultant

Work-from-home education consultant opportunities is among the most accessible to instructors. An educational consultant can collaborate with teachers, administrators, and other educators to provide career counseling and success recommendations.

There are several ways to make money as a consultant. The consulting industry expands yearly, reaching $69.9 billion in 2019. And, more than likely, you are qualified to counsel in areas other than education.

Personal finance, business, management, green living, home decorating, marketing, and other lucrative consulting sectors are just a few examples.

13. Online curriculum developer

Online curriculum developers are among the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry. If you’re a seasoned educator, you’re undoubtedly well-versed in the instructional resources that function best in the classroom.

If this is the case, you have the valuable talents required to become a curriculum creator. This is one of the greatest authentic work from home opportunities for instructors.

Curriculum developers plan the organization and breadth of a lesson and provide in-class resources for teachers to use. These include lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes, and assessments.

14. Online standardized test grader

Grading standardized tests is an excellent alternative for a part-time work-from-home career. Grading may not be an exciting job for instructors, but it may provide a stable income when needed.

Most test-scorer professions require only a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience. These are often part-time occupations. You might be paid by the hour or by the exam graded.

A few websites provide test scoring employment from home: Pearson Education and Educational Testing Service. Online test grades are the most sought-after of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry.

15. Data entry coder

Employees in this field conduct and supervise a wide range of duties. Using data coding equipment to transform data from source documents for computer input is a significant and/or necessary aspect of the job.

Among the responsibilities is online computer terminal operation to transmit or receive data from a computer. Data is checked for inaccuracies and fixes are made.

FAQs On Online Jobs for Teachers Data Entry

Does online data entry job pay?

You can make a good extra income working this job online. It depends on who you work for and how much they will spend. Data entry jobs will pay you up to $20/hour! But some will pay as low as $4 per hour.

What skills make data entry a wholesome experience?

You must be detail-oriented and fast.

Is it safe to do online data entry jobs?

Most data entry jobs are entry-level positions that require minimum qualifications and little experience. For this reason, it’s easy for scammers to disguise their scams as data entry job listings. If you’re not careful, you can have your money or personal information stolen.


Most of the best online jobs for teachers’ data entry jobs are typically low-paying since they do not demand high competence.

However, data entry is a fantastic option if you want to earn additional money outside of your teaching profession and work on something that doesn’t take a lot of creative thinking.



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