15 Best Solar Companies in New York | 2023 Careers, Location

You can take advantage of solar power regardless of your home or business size because it is an excellent alternative for reducing your electric bill and improving the surrounding environment. 

Solar companies are popping up all over New York. But not all are created equal. The state has many options to choose from, and some of the solar companies in NY can have questionable business practices.

Finding the best solar companies in New York is quite tricky; you will want to make sure you choose a quality company to go with, so you get the best service and products.

If you live in New York and want a solar system on your roof, this is a list of the 15 best solar companies to contact in the state.

Who Is a Solar Engineer?

Solar engineers create solar power plants that generate electricity from solar panels.

They install solar panels on buildings and homes and also design and install the electronics required to make those panels function properly.

Solar engineers may also provide technical support for these systems, such as troubleshooting issues with existing systems or making sure that new installations are properly installed.

Solar engineers typically have an associate’s degree in electrical engineering or an equivalent degree. They may also earn bachelor’s degrees in this field or other related majors like physics.

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What Are The Requirements For Setting Up A Solar Company in New York?

When starting a New York solar company, one of the best things to consider is ensuring that you have the proper licensing and certifications. 

Solar companies that are not licensed or certified are not allowed to sell solar panels or perform any other type of installation.

If you want to start a solar company in New York, then it’s important to follow these steps:

  • Find out what licenses and certifications are required for your business.
  • Get your license and certification from an approved source.
  • Ensure that you have all the paperwork on file with both the state and federal governments.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Solar Company in New York?

The cost to start a solar company in New York will vary depending on the size of your business. In general, it costs about $9,000 to set up a small solar installation company. 

For example, you’ll need to spend money on permits and licenses, insurance, equipment, and marketing materials.

If starting a large solar installation company, expect to spend more than $9,000. A larger business requires more employees and equipment.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Solar Engineer?

The time required to become a solar engineer depends on the type of program you pursue. 

A bachelor’s degree in solar engineering can take anywhere from two to four years, while a master’s degree requires an additional one or two years. 

Some programs also require you to complete a thesis as part of your master’s degree.

If you decide to go the graduate route, you will be required to take courses in physics and mathematics.

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What are the Best Solar Companies in New York?

To help you make the best decision, we’ve come up with a list of some of the great solar companies in New York:

  • NY State Solar
  • Brooklyn SolarWorks
  • YSG Solar
  • Venture Solar
  • Promsun
  • ABC Roofing & Solar Providers
  • Grid City Electric
  • OYA Solar Inc.
  • Best Energy Power
  • Quest Solar
  • First Solar Inc
  • Diversolar
  • Choose Solar
  • Accord Power Inc
  • Big Apple Solar Co

#1. NY State Solar

NY State Solar is a leading solar energy company in New York and the US. 

They specialize in residential and commercial solar panel systems and have provided their customers with the best quality service for over five years. 

Their main goal is to make it easy for you to go solar, so they offer a variety of products and services, including financing, installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

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#2. Brooklyn SolarWorks

Brooklyn SolarWorks is one of the most trusted solar companies in New York. They have built a reputation for excellent customer service and quality workmanship. You can trust them to treat your home or business just like theirs.

You can’t go wrong with Brooklyn SolarWorks.

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#3. YSG Solar

YSG Solar provides design, installation, and maintenance for residential solar systems that meet the needs of each client with innovative and attractive solar designs.

They will work with you to design the best solar system to meet your needs, irrespective of how small or big your project is.

With years of experience designing and installing residential and commercial solar projects, they work to ensure no surprises.

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#4. Venture Solar

Venture Solar is a company based in New York. They are a top solar company for helping with installing and using solar power in your home or business.

Venture Solar exist to bring renewable energy to customers in the New York area. 

They are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality solar power products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

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#5. Promsun

If you’re looking for a professional, reliable solar company in New York to help design and install your solar system, then Promsun is the company for you. 

They follow up on all our installations. They believe doing the installation correctly and keeping the customer satisfied with its results long after completion is important.

Their products have been lab-tested and are proven to be very efficient. Promsun works with you to assess your needs and recommends the best set-up for your home or business.

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#6. ABC Roofing & Solar Providers

ABC Roofing & Solar Providers provides top-of-the-line solar panels to New Yorkers who need a power source. 

As one of the most recognized solar companies in New York, ABC Roofing & Solar Providers offers high-quality products and excellent customer service.

They’re the most affordable option for solar panels and also one of the best. 

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#7. Grid City Electric

Grid City Electric is an award-winning solar company in New York. They offer innovative solar solutions for both commercial and residential customers.

Their team of experts will assist you in finding the right system for your needs, including the equipment and installation that is right for you, so that you can maximize your investment.

They are extremely knowledgeable about the solar industry and provide excellent customer service.

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#8. OYA Solar Inc.

At OYA Solar, they work with you to determine the best solar system for your energy needs. They believe in giving you the best quality product and service at a very competitive price.

This company focuses on full-service solar. They help our clients develop and implement solar projects at their homes, schools, and businesses.

They have completed over 600 projects, ranging from small residential systems to large commercial and utility applications.

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#9. Best Energy Power

Best Energy Power provides quality solar energy solutions for residential and commercial customers in New York. 

As a certified installer, they have served customers for over ten years and gained a good reputation for our expertise.

They offer photovoltaic systems, commercial, and industrial clean energy solutions, wind turbines, batteries, and energy management systems.

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#10. Quest Solar

Quest Solar should be your number 1 choice whenever you are looking for the best solar company in New York. 

Their unique design, installation process, and charitable giving program have made them one of the most respected solar companies in the country.

They offer customized solutions for various applications. We also love their high-quality products and services – from highly qualified installers to excellent customer service.

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#11. First Solar Inc

First Solar Inc is a leading global manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and provider of solar energy solutions.

The company creates solar panel systems that minimize waste and decrease carbon dioxide emissions per kilowatt hour of electricity produced.

Their technologies enable customers to harness energy from sunlight, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, diversify their power sources and enjoy clean energy solutions.

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#12. Diversolar

Diversolar is a company that provides solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy sources to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. 

They make it easy for you to switch to solar power by providing solar leasing options. 

Whether your home or business is cited in New York City or upstate, Diversolar can help you save money with eco-friendly solar energy.

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#13. Choose Solar

At Choose Solar, they pride themselves on being a leading solar installation company serving homeowners in your area. 

Their team will work with you to find a lasting solution that meets your needs, whether free energy from the sun or competitive rates when electricity rates go up.

They work across NY State, from Buffalo and Rochester to the Hamptons and Manhattan.

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#14. Accord Power Inc

Accord Power is a New York solar company. They have served residential, commercial, and municipal customers throughout New York for some years.

They offer high-quality solar equipment and ensure 100% satisfaction to their clients.

Accord Power Inc. provides residential and commercial solar installation services, including roof mount, ground mount, parking lot/garage projects, and more.

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#15. Big Apple Solar Co

Big Apple Solar is New York’s premier solar power solutions provider. 

They have helped homeowners, businesses, and schools reduce their energy bills and protect the environment by installing solar tiles and other scalable solutions across the city.

They offer complete solar solutions that include your system’s design, installation, documentation, and maintenance.

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How to Find the Best Solar Companies In New York?

Here are a few steps for finding the best solar company in New York:

Get honest recommendations from friends and family members who have had experience with different solar companies. 

You can also check online reviews on sites like Yelp to see what others have said about certain companies.

Don’t be scared to ask questions during your initial consultation with a potential solar company representative. 

Make sure that they understand your goals and any concerns or fears that may keep you from switching to solar power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar in NY worth it?

Yes, solar in New York is worth it.
It’s hard to disagree that New York is rated as one of the most expensive states in the country and that energy costs are only getting higher. If you’re looking to save money on energy bills, solar power is the best way to do it.

Is 2023 a good year to buy solar panels?

The year 2023 is an ideal time to buy solar panels. The cost of solar panels has been declining for years, and the downward trend seems to continue for the foreseeable future.

Is it worth getting a loan for solar panels?

It depends.
Solar panels can be an investment that pays quickly, but they are also a major expense. Depending on your energy needs and the sunlight available, invest in something else.
We recommend getting multiple quotes from local solar panel providers before deciding whether to continue with the purchase.


It’s hard to deny that renewable energy is growing, and solar power is at the forefront. 

With the increasing concerns over climate change and hydrocarbon dependence, solar energy companies are experiencing a boom in new installations. 

If you or someone close to you wants to go solar in the future, now is the time.



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