Study Abroad In Belarus: Cost Of Living, Visa, Tuition & Top 10 Universities

Do you want to study abroad in Belarus? Know more reasons why study in Belarus, Belarus cost of living, top 10 universities in Belarus, Student Accommodation, Tuition fees in Belarus, Admission Requirements, and Belarus Study Visa.

Belarus is a beautiful, small country in Eastern Europe. It is a landlocked country bordered in the north by Latvia and Lithuania. Ukraine occupies the southern border while Russia is the neighbor to the east. And the western border is occupied by Poland.

Ok, enough about this beautiful city. Let us dive in straight to our topic.

More About Study Abroad In Belarus: Cost Of Living, Visa, Tuition & Top 10 Universities

The country’s culture is heavily influenced by Russian culture. That is why several Russian styled-buildings dot the capital Minsk. The country of about 10 million people speaks mostly Belarusian and Russian, the country’s two official languages.

Why study in Belarus

Firstly, the country’s educational system is well-organized and known internationally to be of high quality. International students whether undergraduates or postgraduates, have a wide choice of courses and programs to choose from.

In the same vein, studying in Belarus is an opportunity to learn new languages as both Belarusian and Russian are spoken widely in the country.

In addition, international students should expect a safe and welcoming environment from people who accept visitors with open arms. The cultural diversity is interesting too, with modern and old historical classical architecture competing for space with modern architecture.

Lastly, for international students on a tight budget, Belarus would be a good choice as the cost of living and study are modest compared to other countries in Europe.

Cost of living in Belarus

Belarus is a very cost-effective study destination for students coming to the country. However, the cost of living would depend greatly on location and lifestyle.

Below is the cost of some common items in Belarus:

  • Transportation – $0.26 (local transport)
  • Taxi – $0.30/km
  • Monthly transport pass – $15
  • Food in a modest restaurant – $6.67
  • Milk – $0.57/liter
  • Rice –  $0.89/kg
  • Eggs – $1.12/dozen
  • Meat – $5.78/kg
  • Utilities – $47/month
  • Internet – $8.98/month
  • Rent – $222/month for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center.

Student’s Accommodation

International students won’t worry much about where to stay as most universities provide on and off-campus.

On-campus student accommodation costs between $15 – $50 depending on whether it is a single room or shared with other students.

Belarus Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Belarus depend on the course of study, University, and duration of the course. Generally, though, international students pay between $2,000 and $4,000.

This makes it one of the cheapest destinations in Europe in terms of tuition fees.

Top 10 universities in Belarus

  1. Belarusian State University, Minsk
  2. Yanka Kupala State University, Grodno
  3. Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk
  4. State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Minsk
  5. Belarusian State Economic University, Minsk
  6. State Medical University, Minsk
  7. Belarusian State Pedagogical University, Minsk
  8. Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk
  9. Gomel State University, Gomel
  10. Grodno State Medical University, Grodno

Foreign Students Language Requirements

International students coming to Belarus who cannot speak or understand the language must enroll in a one-year language study at some universities. In addition to studying Russian or Belarusian, they would also study maths and physics.

Students who failed the language study preparatory program after one year would not be admitted to their primary choice of study. They would be required to leave the country.

Admission Requirements

  1. Relevant secondary or university certificates for undergraduates and postgraduates, respectively
  2. Scanned copy of the passport
  3. Processing fees vary according to the university or program

The following documents must be presented in Belarus:

  1. Evidence of payment of University fees at the airport
  2. Medical certificate
  3. Travel documents
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Passport-sized photos: the number to be determined by the school
  6. Original certificates

All intending students should note that approval to study in Belarus is granted by the Foreign Registration and Immigration office only and not by the chosen university.

Study Visa

Study visas are given to international students coming to Belarus. There are two ways of getting a study visa.

At the Airport

On arrival at the Minsk International Airport, students can show their invitation to study from the immigration and registration office to the airport immigration officer.

The officials at the airport then stamp/attach the study visa to the international passport of the student.

This option is only chosen by those who don’t have a Belarusian embassy in their country.

The Visa fee is not more than $150

At home country

Students from countries with Belarusian embassies can obtain a visa from the embassy. They should present the required documents, including the study invitation from the Immigration office.

The time frame for getting the visa should be about two weeks, all things being equal.

The study visa is then presented on arrival at the Minsk airport to immigration officials.


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