United Faith Mortgage Review: Interest Rates, & Plans

There are few moments in life when everything is so big and beautiful that you remember every detail. Buying your first home is unquestionably one of them. And, United Faith is interested in making it simple and attractive.

This article can be a complete guide to teach you who they are and provide answers to questions concerning United Faith Mortgage.

About United Faith Mortgage

United Faith Mortgage was a young industry with a lot of potential. They began with strategic radio campaigns in key markets while also developing a family-friendly brand to which target consumers could relate in stark contrast to the cold, profit-driven corporations that dominate the mortgage industry.

Following early success, they followed up with a brand refresh, a new website, and digital media. It allowed United Faith Mortgage to expand from regional to national players.

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What are United Faith Mortgage Rates?

United Faith Mortgage rates fluctuate. So calling lenders to see what rates they can offer is a simple first step when looking for a mortgage.

Rates are determined more by the borrower than by the lender. It’s a common misunderstanding. However, the rates they offer depend on your income and credit. United Faith Mortgage looks at your DTI – your debt-to-income ratio.

This is your monthly debt divided by your monthly income. Lenders use this to determine how much of a monthly payment you can afford.

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How do I get better Rates at United Faith Mortgage?

Improving your credit, which will affect your DTI, is the best thing you can do to get better mortgage rates. You can also save for a down payment – the more money you can put down on the house, the lower your interest rate will be.

Most lenders have a DTI limit of 40%. United Faith Mortgage allows up to 50 or 55% DTI depending on the situation, because of our unique direct lender setup.

Since they are a Christian lender with a family foundation, they are flexible and upfront, and you will get to know our team. It’s stressful to call a lot of lenders, sift through websites for rates you’re not sure you’ll get, and sometimes pay appraisal fees before you’ve decided on a lender.

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What are the United Faith Mortgage Loan Types?

VA Loans

United Faith Mortgage believes a veteran and his family need the best. They specialized in a few areas to maximize the options available to veterans.

Reverse mortgage programs

This is not your grandfather’s Reverse Mortgage program. There are many options available today that, when used in the RIGHT situation, can drastically improve the lives of our slightly older friends.

Cash-out loans

Use the equity in your home to do something incredible. Pay off your debts. Take a break. Pay for your college education. Please put it in the ideal family basement.

USDA loans

This includes excellent loan options for rural homes. Even 0% down is possible.

Investment loans

Those looking to invest in real estate can be good partners by utilizing our Direct Lender Advantages.

Multi-family loans

With this loan, you can purchase a multi-unit rental property and secure them as a Loan Partner who will be just that, a partner for you.

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What Is The Required Down Payment at United Faith Mortgage?

Unless you are looking for a USDA or VA mortgage loan, the minimum down payment for an FHA mortgage loan is 3.5%. Depending on their credit score, qualified borrowers may put down as little as 3%.

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Does United Faith Mortgage assist with down payments?

No. They do not provide down payment help; however, if you believe you may be eligible, check with your state programs.

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What distinguishes United Faith Mortgage from other lenders?

They believe that their smaller team size, transparency, communication, and commitment to doing the right thing every time, regardless of the situation, distinguish us in the service industry.

Their clients come from Christian radio stations with whom they work, and they understand the importance of respecting that partnership and their listeners. Also, direct lender advantage frequently allows them to move faster and get the customers a better rate, a reality that can save monthly and long-term money.

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How much equity can I get out of my house?

Typically, you can cash out up to 80% of your home’s appraised value. Up to 90% on a VA loan. Cash-out refinancing for VA or FHA mortgage loans is not permitted in some states, including Texas.

Does United Faith Mortgage do its Underwriting?

They do. Underwriting verifies all information provided to ensure that a person qualifies for the loan or program sought.

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What is United Faith Mortgage Loan Contact Information?


Social media

Frequently Asked Questions

Is United Faith Mortgage considered a direct lender?

Yes. They also have three government agency approvals: Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

Does United Faith Mortgage help self-employed borrowers?

Yes, they have several programs designed specifically for self-employed borrowers.

Why does United Faith Mortgage not publish rates on its site?

Rates depend on the term, loan-to-value ratio, and credit score. They frequently change on a daily or even multiple daily bases. One rate does not “fit all,” and they would never intentionally mislead a borrower.

What is the required credit score?

United Faith Mortgage likes to see a mid-score of 620, but each situation is different, and lower scores can sometimes qualify.


When you find that place, the best part isn’t figuring out where the new big screen will go. Or the newly renovated kitchen. Or the expansive backyard. It’s taking your children upstairs to see their new room.

If your family is considering a “new home” or requires a pre-qualification, we hope you will find United Faith Mortgage worthy. They are available at all times. (Tramadol)



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