22 Best Money Making Apps for Your Smartphone or Mobile Device

Do you need a little more money? In this article, we share the best money making apps that…

Do you need a little more money? In this article, we share the best money making apps that can also help you smother your wallet.

Do you spend a lot of time on your smartphone? I know what I do. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

For many of us, our phone is an integral part of our hands or our pocket and whenever we have time, we check it in news, emails, social media or we are immersed in a game stupid with endless game levels.

According to a recent study from Trent University’s Nottingham University, the average young adult now spends nearly five hours a day on the phone when you can get apps that pay you.

Crazy, Right?

What if you could actually make money by downloading Android apps that pay you money instead of wasting time on your iPhone?

In the end, you can use a lot of money to create applications you can use online – more than you thought.

Whether it’s money paid directly to your PayPal account, a gift card for your favorite retailer, or a refund on all your purchases, businesses are eager to attract new app users and are ready to pay you! If you spend a third of your waking hours a day on the phone, earning a little more money does not hurt you.

I recently decided to try some of the most popular apps for smartphones and money. I thought it was worth trying considering my recent dependence on CandyCrush. Something had to give!

Best Money Making Apps for 2023

This list of best apps to make money is broken down into the following categories:

  1. Money Making Survey Apps
  2. Cash Back and Receipt Scanning Apps
  3. Apps That Pay You for Simple Tasks
  4. Best Apps for Selling Stuff

While trying these applications, I encountered some failures that I decided to leave aside. Choose from this list and you will not waste time with glitchy, hard-to-use, and under-supplied applications.

In trying these applications, I came across some flaws that I decided to remove from the list. Choose from this list and you will not spend more time on uncomfortable, hard-to-use, and below-average applications.

This list contains only the best applications for making money. They will make money apps for Android phones and iPhone money apps.

Money Making Survey Apps

#1 Swagbucks – $ 10 Bonus

Without a survey, the Swagbucks app is without a doubt one of the best applications to earn money. With Swagbucks, you can earn extra money in six different ways. You can also get $10 to sign up for free.

With Swagbucks, users can earn self-check points by viewing videos, responding to short surveys, playing games, browsing the Internet, or buying online.

You can then redeem your SB points for cash deposited directly into your PayPal account or by requesting a gift card from more than 1,500 retailers (such as Walmart or Amazon).

Better yet, there is no limit to what you can win. You will not replace all of your income, but if you use Yahoo! Play some games as a browser and participate in polls.

There is no reason why you can not increase your income by at least $100 a month. With a rating of A + to BBB and more than USD 166 million already paid to its members, there is no reason not to test the highest-paid apps.

#2 MyPoints – 10 € bonus

Do you want 10 € for a few minutes? MyPoints is one of those cost-effective applications that offer $10 to new users.

But that does not finish it.

By installing the app and using it regularly, users accumulate points they can redeem for cash, gift cards, or physical gifts.

It’s basically a reward program for your phone and that’s how you should look at it.

These applications that yield money are not very rich. His goal is to add a few dollars to your results every month by doing what you already do.

And even if there are people who ruin my income, I make a little less than $ 50 worth of gift cards each month (PayPal for me).

It’s $600 a year, which I can save by bypassing my phone through videos and conducting surveys without hesitation while watching TV. Think of what you could do with $600 more. You can register here with your email address and then download the mobile app.

The problem with many polling apps is that they can be a big loss with almost no reward. That’s why I like Pinecone Research. For each survey, a lump sum of $ 3 is paid and you will often be paired with surveys that match your interests and demographics.

Applications for Scanning Tickets and Receipts

#1 Ebates – $10 Bonus

Cost-effective apps for iPhone – the Ebates mobile app, you’ve probably heard of Ebates for desktop computers, but it also has a mobile app. What I like about Ebates is the ease of use and the generous payment policy.

All you have to do is shop at the stores you like (online or in-person), and you get money for your purchases. For special events, holidays and promotions, you can recover up to 12% sometimes.

All you have to do is log in to the app and find the retailer you want to shop with. They go directly to their online store and automatically earn bonuses when they buy. You can redeem these rewards for cash, gift cards, or a PayPal deposit.

What’s cool is that it adds to your discounts/coupon codes.

Better yet, eBates offers new users $10 to register. Here is our complete test.

#2 Ibotta – $10 Bonus

Make Money Apps for Android Phones – Score Ibotta is another of the applications that make money that you see on this list.

Unlike others, Ibotta is very popular worldwide as it covers food stamps and has an affiliate program that allows users to invite friends and earn even more money.

You will just have $10 to sign up and $5 more for each friend you recommend.

Your revenue potential is unlimited. Not bad, since helping your friends save money while giving them ten dollars more.

Check out our comprehensive Ibotta test for more information on using this money to create an app.

#3 Dosh – $5 Bonus

Dosh is a smartphone application that allows you to recover money every time you shop with your credit card at participating outlets.

Not having to go over obstacles to make money is probably the biggest advantage of Dosh. For example, I get Exxon money every time I fill up my gas tank and I only realized it recently. The money will be credited to my dosh account.

Just download the application, link your credit card (that’s for sure) and go shopping. You can use your credit card to shop at participating merchants and points will be immediately credited to your Dosh Wallet. Once your balance reaches at least $25, you can deposit by direct deposit or by PayPal. You can read our full review of dosh here.

#4 Receiving Pig

This reception app was the first one I tried and is still my favorite. They do not always accept new users. Check regularly if you can not connect.

With this app, you can get credits for every conceivable receipt, except for restaurants and a handful of stores.

However, you still need to scan these receipts as they are saved in monthly drawings.

Passive Income Make Money Apps

#1 Acorns – $ 5 Bonus

If you want to start saving for your future and invest in retirement, you should try Acorns. This is a beginner app that helps you to invest with your smartphone.

Acorns now offer a sign-up bonus of $5 for newly opened accounts. Upon signing up for your account, Acorns will deposit a FREE $5 to give your investment a head start.

#2 Nielsen – $50 a year

Have you heard of Nielsen ratings for TV shows? Well, it turns out that Nielsen collects much more data than just the television. One area in which they really know is the use of the Internet.

This means that Nielsen pays you $50 a year to keep the app on your favorite Internet browser.

The app itself collects statistics about your internet usage anonymously, so you do not have to worry about data being linked to you. The app takes up little space and does not slow down your smartphone or tablet at all!

#3 Stash

Stash makes investing easy. That’s a good thing for most people. If you’re an experienced investor, you may find the app too easy for your taste (but that’s the point).

Stash does most of the work for you. You choose what you’re interested in (like technology, clean energy, or retail stores), and Stash can offer a variety of portfolio options to a user. From there, you can set up the app to pull a couple of dollars a week from your bank account and expand your investment strategy.

If you’re interested in investing but don’t know how to start, start with just $ 5 and get the rest of the stash done. Better yet, Stash will find you $5 just to get started.

* DollarSprout is a paid partner/partner of Stash. Investment advisory services to Stash Investments LLC, an investment advisor registered with the SEC. This material has been distributed only for informational and educational purposes and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risks.

#4 Slidejoy

Slidejoy is on this list because it is undoubtedly one of the easiest apps to make money. I’m not saying that because it will make you rich. It will not be According to the developers, this will give you a price of $5-15 per month.

How does this app that earns money work? Pro Slidejoy:

When you turn on your phone, you will see an aesthetically pleasing display on your lock screen. Then,

  • You can ignore the ad by sliding to the right and unlocking your phone
  • You can also interact with the ad by sliding to the left. If you slide to the left, the phone unlocks and you’re directed to an advertiser-specified destination (YouTube, advertiser’s website, Google Play, coupon page, and so on).
  • To avoid distortion, pay the same regardless of whether or not you work with an ad.
  • Over time, Slidejoy learns your ad preference based on your behavior at different times of the day and curates a more relevant user experience.
  • You can withdraw your earnings via Paypal / multiple gift cards or donate them to charity

As long as you can endure your smartphone’s lock screen as trend news or advertisements (which disappear when you open your phone), you have 180 euros per year (or more).

Slidejoy says that the payouts actually increase as the ads are more tailored to your interests. They do not say how much, but getting $200 a year should not be too hard. Not bad for selling your screen to the highest bidder (literally).

Money Making Apps That You Pay For Simple Tasks

These are some of my favorite apps on this list because they require a bit of hassle. If you are ready to invest some time, downloading these apps and doing the work can be a considerable dividend!

#1 Uber Eats

Nowadays, many people have distributed food via Uber Eats, a flexible and easy way to earn money according to their own schedule. You can deliver day and night whenever you want. If you are approved, simply login to the app and you can get delivery schedules in your area.

With Uber Eats you can choose your delivery method. Depending on your city, you can deliver food by car, bike or scooter. Between deliveries, all you have to do is activate music and navigate the city.

When you have completed a delivery, you can accept the following request or unsubscribe for a few hours or the rest of the day. The number of deliveries you make depends entirely on you. And like other concerts, you can get a tip at the end of each delivery.

#2 Lyft – $300 bonus

If you have free time and live in a fairly busy neighborhood, becoming a Lyft driver can be a benefit

And now, there is a promotion in which every new rider receives a $300 bonus immediately after finishing his 100th lap. If you start now and work hard on weekends, you can probably unlock this bonus a few weeks after driving (besides your usual income).

Get in !!

#3 Rover 

Do you like dogs?

Rover is an emerging app that connects dog walkers and babysitters to dog owners. This means that you now go out with puppies and make money!

For pet keepers, the usual site fees range from $25 to $100 per night.

On-site visits for 30-minute walks range from $10 to $30. With a neighborhood itinerary, it can add up quickly!

As the service is still relatively new, your area is probably not yet saturated with animal professionals. Start before everyone knows this fantastic concert!

#4 Instacart

Instacart app screenshotInstacart is a simple app that allows you to grocery shop for people who hate (or does not have the time) food for groceries.

As a “personal grocery buyer” instacart, you are the one who makes the purchases and deliveries (be careful not to crush the bananas). The amount of your consideration depends on many factors, such as the average size of your orders and the average number of kilometers traveled per trip. You can also receive tips besides fees paid directly by Instacart.

Most people report an average income of about $15 an hour. If you urgently need money, it’s really something to consider.

#5 HealthyWage

I have not tried the HealthyWage app yet (because I’m poor and I really want to develop my muscles), but if you lose a few pounds, you will not get $10,000.

HealthyWage offers different ways to make money: you can take part alone in a weight loss challenge, or participate in a team challenge and motivate each other to lose more pounds. Payments are based on a percentage of weight loss; if you manage to lose 10% of your weight, you can run the competition for free (with no financial risk).

This goes beyond all pools at work, where people do not pay, or worse, the competition never starts together. People are always looking for fitness buddies to empower them. But do you know what makes a job even better? Your wallet. Go to HealthyWage and register today to make money with your weight loss.

Best Money Making Apps to Sell Things

#1 Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best applications for making money. If you own a house, you must offer a room to Airbnb to earn money with your room. Accommodation can help you repay your debts quickly, save money for a fantastic vacation or even generate a full-time income.

How Does The Airbnb App Work?

Create an entry by filling out a description, taking and uploading photos and setting a price. Your entrance helps guests to get an idea of ​​the place they occupy.

Then set the availability rules and house rules for your ad. Once your offer is validated, you can book your stay at home and start making money.

To increase the trust factor for both the host and guests, Airbnb needs verification information, including phone numbers. After a visit, everyone has the opportunity to write a review. Reviews oblige guests to treat guests and their homes respectfully and ensure that guests make their space as welcoming as possible.

Here is our complete guide to Airbnb hosting.

#2 Decluttr

If you have stacks of used DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray discs, or video games in your home, you can earn a few dollars with the Decluttr app for every dollar. They also accept electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and game consoles.

If you have a smartphone, you must scan the item’s barcode and Decluttr will give you an instant price. No auctions or silly registration fees like eBay. Instant payment for items you no longer want to use. Stop hoarding!

What I like about this application is how easy it is to use and recover money. All you have to do is scan the barcode of the article and know immediately how much you can get it. When your train is ready for the inbox for cash, you will receive a prepaid mailbox from you. It could not be simpler!

#3 OfferUp

Offerup screenshotOfferUp is the most convenient and flexible selling app I have ever used. You can list your articles as Craigslist, but your buyers have profiles you canmay wonder view. If you do not want to meet foreigners, you can also send them your items and pay with PayPal.

With this option, you may be wondering if you could sell nationally rather than locally. The answer is yes!”. This new feature is a game changer. In the past, I listed items and then … barbecues. Then I would suddenly be interested in three or four people in one day for my article. With the ability to sell to a wider audience, I can get rid of my business much faster.

#4 LetGo

Think of LetGo as a mix of Craigslist and Pinterest. If you prefer to sell personal items rather than dealing with a stranger on the Internet, this is the way to go. Unlike eBay or other online markets, LetGo is totally free. They do not charge a listing fee on the stock exchange and do not charge the final sale.

Image result for letgo

By selling on other platforms, you often lose 10 to 20% of the item’s final value in fees. Uncool. Not at LetGo. If you want to earn a few dollars in the next few days, this is one of the easiest ways to do it, almost at no cost.

#5 Scouter Book

Do you have a local book redemption that you use often? Support. You are fundamentally at the mercy of this unique store and its willingness to offer you a fair price for your book.

Why settle for a monopoly if you let the free market system work for you? Let BookScouter compare the prices of 44 providers, then choose the one that will give you the best price (similar to Expedia for flights and hotels).

With no registration fees, no shipping costs, and the best price for your book, there is no reason to sell elsewhere.

If you’re a sophomore and the bookstore does not buy it because it’s not the last and biggest problem on the market, BookScouter is your best friend. Be smart and make the most of your investment in education.


If you do not mind making your work easier and completing a number of registration forms in the next hour, you can now start with many items on the list.

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