10 Highest Paid Preachers In The World | Ultimate Guide

So, you are curious about how much preachers earn. It is only normal you would be, as the number of churches and worship centers increases.

Despite the heavenly riches we learn, many preachers have amassed earthly fortunes. Just how lucrative can preaching be? The short answer: very lucrative. 

In this article, we will tell you the top ten highest paid preachers in the world, their churches, and their net worth.

Who Is The Highest Paid Preacher In The World?

Kenneth Copeland is the highest paid pastor in the world. With an estimated net worth of $300 million ($300,000,000), he is currently at the top of the list.

How Much Do Megachurch Preachers Make?

A megachurch is one with at least 2000 weekly worshipers. According to a study by The Leadership Network, the average megachurch pastors salaries range from $100,000 to $140,000.

Corroborating this, CareerTrend reported the average salary a megachurch preacher earns to be $147,000.

This excludes other benefits and allowances accrued to the post such as health insurance, housing allowance, travel allowance, and other benefits.

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How Much Does a Pastor Make?

Quite a number of factors influence how much a pastor makes. Basically, it is important you streamline your question.

The average salary of a pastor in the US is $101, 354 according to a February 25, 2022 report. However, how much a pastor makes is not only determined by salary. For instance, cash gifts, seed sowing, and the church he/she pastors can influence how much to earn.

Generally, the income range for pastors ranges from $20, 000 to lots of millions annually.

Top 10 Highest Paid Preachers In The World

This article will take a little twist to talk more about the richest pastors than the highest paid preachers in the world. This is because, according to our research, most preachers do not get paid by the churches they pastor.

Therefore, the following are ten of the highest paid preachers in the world:

  1. Kenneth Copeland
  2. Bishop David Oyedepo
  3. Televangelist Pat Robertson
  4. Joel Osteen
  5. Benny Hinn
  6. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
  7. Creflo Dollar
  8. EA Adeboye
  9. Rick Warren
  10. T.D. Jakes

1. Kenneth Copeland

With an estimated net worth of at least $300million, Kenneth Copeland is the highest-paid preacher in the world.

He is an American preacher, public speaker, and author.

He established Kenneth Copeland Evangelistic Association, which was later named Kenneth Copeland Ministries in 1967.

Today, he is the leader of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries where he preaches the prosperity gospel to his congregation and millions of followers.

He owns luxurious automobiles including a Cadillac Escalade and rides locally in limousines.

This highest paid pastor owns a Citation 550 and a Citation X. The gospel of prosperity seems to extend, don’t you think?

This is the first richest and highest paid preacher in the world.

2. Bishop David Oyedepo

With an estimated net worth of at least $150 million, Bishop David Oyedepo is the richest preacher in Nigeria and the second richest preacher in the world.

He owns a fleet of luxurious automobiles, worldwide properties, a Bombardier Challenger Aircraft, and two Gulfstream planes.

He is the founder and general overseer of  Living Faith Chapel International (Winners Chapel), the chairman of Dominion Publishing House, and the Vice-Chancellor of two private universities in Nigeria–Covenant and Landmark University.

In addition, he also owns Faith Academy and Kingdom Heritage Schools. He preaches the gospel of faith and has one of the largest auditoriums known as the “Faith Tabernacle.” 

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3. Televangelist Pat Robertson

Worth $100 million, Marion  Gordon  “Pat” Robertson is a televangelist, businessman, and author.  He is the founder and chairman of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Inc, Chancellor of Regent University, head of Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation, and many other organizations. 

The 700 Club, which Pat Robertson hosts, has an average daily viewer reach of 1 million Americans.

Like the first and second richest preachers on our list, Pat Robertson owns mansions and has luxurious cars–his most popular being his Chevrolet Corvette. He was at one point the owner of a Learjet 35.

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4. Joel Osteen

Joel Scott Osteen is an American televangelist, preacher, and author. He is said to be worth at least $80 million. Taking over the mantle of leadership after the death of his father, Pastor Joel Osteen became the leader of Lakewood Church in 1999.

He heads the Joel Osteen Ministries where he broadcasts his preaching via various media to his millions of followers and worshipers.  

With such high net worth, it comes as no surprise that he is said to own at least two luxurious homes in Texas and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

He is also rumored to own a yacht, in addition to his Airbus A319 which is worth $86 million.

Meet the 4th highest paid preachers in the world.

5. Benny Hinn

Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn is an Israeli televangelist, based in America, famous for his  “Miracle Crusades”. His summits are broadcast globally on his television show “This Is Your Day.”

Benny Hinn has an estimated net worth of $60 million. He has authored dozens of bestselling books, and although he rebuked the preachers of the “prosperity gospel”, he is rumored to live in a  house worth a few million dollars. As his net worth shows, he is definitely prospering.

6. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian preacher. He is the founder and leader of Believers Love World Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy.

He is believed to be worth at least $50 million. Pastor Chris owns a private jet and a fleet of exotic cars including a Bentley, a Mercedes Benz, and a Range Rover.

He is very famous for giving people gifts for expensive cars. This is another highest paid preacher in the world.

7. Creflo Dollar

Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. is an American televangelist and preacher. He has a net worth of $39 million. He is the founder of  World Changers Church International.

Dollar also heads the Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association (formerly known as International Covenant Ministries), Creflo Dollar Ministries, and Arrow Records.

According to FairBiography, he has two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, and houses worth millions of dollars.

Creflo dollar is popular for preaching the gospel of prosperity. No surprise there.

8. EA Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, popularly known as “Daddy GO”, has an estimated net worth of $35 million. He is a Nigerian preacher and author.

He is the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

By virtue of his position, he and his convoy ride in highly secure and expensive cars. As seen in Carmart, his fleet of cars include a Mercedes-Benz G-class worth $100,000, a bulletproof Rolls-Royce Phantom worth $400,000, and a Land Rover Discovery worth $80,000.

He also owns a Gulfstream jet and a helicopter.

He is one of the richest/highest-paid preachers in the world.

9. Rick Warren

Richard Duane “Rick” Warren is an American evangelist and preacher with a net worth of at least $28 million.  

He is thе fоundеr and ѕеnіоr раѕtоr оf thе Ѕаddlеbасk Сhurсh. Нis bestselling book “Тhе Рurроѕе Drіvеn Lіfе” was a global success.

It is claimed he donated 90% of his wealth, but that is yet to be confirmed. Rick is one of the highest paid pastors in the world. He, however, drives a modest Ford truck. Not a very cheap car, but definitely cheap compared to the others on this list.

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10. T. D. Jakes

Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr., popularly called T. D. Jakes, is an American bishop,  filmmaker, and author. He is the bishop of  The Potter’s House, a megachurch in America, having worth $20 million.

He lives in his Fort Worth mansion worth $5.5 million.

One thing these highest paid preachers in the world have in common is they are the leaders of megachurches. Having a large congregation who buy their books definitely has a large role to play in becoming wealthy.

These are the Highest Paid Preachers in the world. Do you think otherwise? The comment box can accommodate your thoughts and questions.


Who is the highest paid preacher in the world?

Pastor Kenneth Max Copeland is the highest paid preacher in the world with a net worth of $300 million.

How much does a pastor make?

Generally, the income range for pastors ranges from $20, 000 to lots of millions annually.

What is Bishop David Oyedepo Net worth

Bishop David Oyedepo’s net worth is estimated at around $150 million


Naturally, there is nothing wrong with riches. Enormous wealth, however, also carries great responsibility. Whatever position you hold in the salary scale, it’s important to keep in mind that Jesus saw wealth as a gift from God to be used in His service.

Additionally, I hope this information helped you identify the world’s top paid preachers.



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