20 High Paying Side Hustles in Canada you can Start Now

Do you want to become rich in Canada? Take up a side hustle to complement your day job.

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According to a survey by Tom Corey, that studied the habits of 233 wealthy people. He came to the following conclusions: 65% had 3 streams of income, 45% had 4 streams of income while 29% had 5 streams of income.

Tom went on to say, ‘three streams of income seems to be the magic number for the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits study, but the more income streams you can create, the more secure your financial house will be and the more wealth you will create’.

To break into the circle of the rich, you need more than one stream of income.

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Learn the about the side hustles that can earn you extra money in Canada.

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How to start a Side Hustle?

Everyone needs a side hustle. Yes, we all do!

How do you decide on the side hustle to get involved with?

This section will show you how choose a side hustle that will make you extra money in canada.

First, list all that you are interested in. You need to like your side hustle for it to be successful. Learn to incorporate it into your day job. Only something you are passionate about or a hobby will be worth turning into a business.

Second, is it something money will be invested in? will there be marketing to get my first client? For instance, you need to invest money into starting a blog through hosting and designs.

Third, schedule time for the side hustle. Will there be time for this side job after your day job? Will there a conflict of interest between your day job and the side business?

Make time for your side gig daily.

Fourth, learn to focus energy on the two jobs. Juggling one for the other may be a disaster in the making. Until your side gig gets established, make sure to manage them both.

20 High Paying Side Hustles in Canada

There are many side hustles in Canada for those who want to earn that extra income. Basically, side hustles that offer a high level of convenience is better than those that will still stress you out.

Considering this, we have brought those side jobs that will earn you some money with less stress. Stay with us!

#1 Drive for a Ride-sharing Company

Driving for a ride-sharing company is one of the easy side hustles to start in Canada. Uber is one of the most popular services.

Uber serves 17 Canadian cities. It is very flexible and you earn as you work. The hours you work will determine the pay. This makes it a valid side hustle.

Sign up is quite easy, have a license and a car. Also know that you repair the car for damages and wear and tear.

You will earn extra money in Canada driving for a ride-share company.

Did you know that you can be paid to drive your car?

#2 Sell Crafts on etsy

Are you a creative who spends tons of time trying out new crafts? It is time to earn from this as a side hustle.

Etsy is a platform that offers you the opportunity to sell your handmade crafts.

It is super flexible to use and can make you up to lots of cash if you do some marketing for your products.

#3 Start a blog

If you have a good command of the English language, understand a little about blogging, and choose a highly sought-after niche, a new enriching side hustle just began. This is a great side job in Canada and everywhere in the world.

Learn the tricks on how to make money from a blog.

#4 Become a Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a person who converts voice recordings to text and written documents. If you are an expert in the medical field, go ahead, and transcribe medical recordings.

You also need to have excellent typing skills and keen hearing.

This side job in Canada pays well and earns extra money when combined with another job.

#5 Proofreader

Do you have an eye for detail and a good knowledge of the English language? Then, a proofreading job is just the best for you.

Simply correct grammar errors on documents and get paid through this side hustle in Canada. As long as there is internet access, you can work from anywhere worldwide.

For instance, Caitlin from Proofreading Anywhere made over $43,000 in one year as a proofreader. This can be you if you can quit making excuses.

#6 Web Design

If you’re looking for a high-demand-side job in Canada, web design is one of them. Build a web design business by working with clients to build websites. You may even sell pre-made templates on sites like Etsy.

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#7 Sell Products Online

Selling online is a worldwide market. It is a side hustle to make money at home in Canada.

The easiest way is to set up an online shop with Shopify. The products are virtual, having no inventory.

The manufacturer deals with the shipping, return, and customer service, you are just the middleman who connects them to the customers.

It is a great side hustle and job in Canada that pays heavily.

#8 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products while earning a commission for every sale.

Marketing can be done solely online. Just employ some creativity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, and make money from this side hustle in Canada.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Indigo Books have affiliate programs you can participate in.

#9 Become a Freelancer

Truth is, everyone has a skill someone will pay for.

Online sites like Fiverr, 99 designs, Upwork, and Freelancer pay thousands of people for their skills.

Many companies recruit remote workers through them to reduce costs.

Set your price and make from $5 to $1,000 per project.

Make money with this side job in Canada.

#10 Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys online is a great side job and hustle many Canadians have imbibed that gives extra money.

There are many sites where these surveys can be taken.

Just look up our post on Make Money with Online Survey Archives.

#11 Become a Tour Guide

Giving tours is a fascinating side hustle many people don’t think about.

What’s better than showing off Canada’s beauty to tourists?

You can even design your tour and post it on Tours by Locals, who will link you to customers within your locality.

You can make much money per tour as high as $80 an hour.

#12 Social Media Manager

Social media managers manage most of these celebrity pages on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. I once managed a page for a celebrity, and the pay was quite satisfying.

#13 Become a Virtual Assistant

Most businesses need people who can work remotely to complete simple tasks online.

They perform tasks like checking and replying to emails, ensuring content are uploaded, scheduling tasks, creating content, bookkeeping, etc.

The income potential of this side gig is high, and VAs make up to $3,000 a month.

Have you ever been paid to read emails? Check it out.

#14 English Tutor

All that is required to become an English tutor is basic English knowledge, nothing fanciful. Many platforms pay good money for this side hustle of teaching English.

From VIPKids pay up to $22 per hour to English tutors. Interestingly, this is done online and at your pace.

Try out MagicEars, and QKid.

#15 Search Engine Evaluator

The job description is to work as a search engine and web evaluator.

You’ll basically evaluate search engine results and ensure they meet the specific search demands. The aim f this side hustle in Canada is to improve user search results.

#16 Earn with Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Mechanical Turk (MTurk) owned by Amazon is a marketplace where find all kinds of micro-jobs. These are paid jobs.

Although the pay may be low, however, if you can complete multiple tasks the earning will be a decent sum of $50 to $100 per month.

#17 Test Websites and Apps

You can earn extra money by testing websites and apps in Canada. Many companies pay to visit a website and give feedback.

The pay is usually $10 for every 20 minutes of testing. If the client requires a live conversation, the pay is increased.

Try these websites for jobs Usertesting ($10 to $60 per test), TryMyUI ($10 per test), Analysia ($10 per test).

#18 Sell Online Courses

Experts in particular fields can create online courses and sell them to people who require such knowledge.

You may sell the courses on Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, etc.

The amount of money to be made from this online side hustle in Canada is inexhaustible. Why? Because it is a product that can be sold thousands of times over.

Top content creators in Udemy make as much as $10k per month.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme yet a steady and sustainable means of income once you get known and trusted.

#19 Rent Car with Turo

Car rentage business has become a full-time side hustle and job for many Canadians.

Many users rent out their cars, and use buys more cars that go into rentage.

Listing of cars is free on this platform and you earn up to 90% of the fees the renters pay. Turo offers comprehensive insurance.

Here is another car renting service: Is Zipcar legit or scam? How does Zipcar work?

#20 Sell Photography

With a good eye and camera, you are on your way to becoming a famous photographer. Then, some digital marketing skills will make the venture sell faster.

You may also sell stock photos on sites like Shutterstock, Deposit Photos, Getty Images and iStockPhoto. They allow you to upload your photos and sell them for money. 

Still confused about how to market this skill? Read 20 Ways to Make Money as a Photographer.


What are the best side hustles in Montreal?

The best side hustles you can find in Montréal are as follows:
Sell Your Clothes
Start A Blog
Become A Tutor
Become An Uber Driver
Wash Cars

Are there realistic ways to make extra money working from home?

There are many opportunities out there to generate additional income on top of your 9-5 job. These work-from-home jobs and side hustles are easy to start and can provide you with a significant stream of passive income in Canada.

How can I make an extra $1000 a month in Canada?

You can make extra bucks in Canada by doing the following
Freelance Writing
Work as a Virtual Assistant
Start a Blog
Start a Niche Website


You can combine many side hustles in Canada to become a full-time job and make/earn extra money.

These side hustles and jobs eliminate the need for a work permit as they are done online. They are also legit.

Earn this extra money in Canada today and afford the lifestyle you desire!


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