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I feel like the topic of this article should be changed from 21 ways to make money in New York to “Please tell me why you can’t make money in the greatest city in the world!”

As much as not everyone can make money from anything, everyone should be able to make money from something. This article was written with one goal in mind. To help you make some money.

Like a song from Puff Daddy’s debut studio album titled “It’s All About The Benjamins,” it’s all about the Benjamins. Even with the little controversy surrounding the song, as is the case with many’s troubles, it’s all about the benjamins.

“Benjamins” is slang for money. It refers to the image of Benjamin Franklin on the 100 dollar bill. There is no self-respecting New Yorker who does not need/like money or know what benjamins are.

This article focuses on ways to make money in New York, as well as any other places where the money is needed and where this may apply.


New Yorkers confirm that New York gets top marks for diversity and culture, with about 91% of the city residents saying there’s always something to see or do. This is a lovely sign. Places that are always bubbling with life are good signs for prosperity-minded people.

A song that was always used to start the American crime drama television series “Power” that aired on the Starz network had some good lines about New York, which I believe to be true.

The chorus lyrics of the Power opening song titled “Big Rich Town” goes thus;

“They say this is a big, rich town, yeah, yeah
And I just come from the poorest part, oh
Bright lights, city life, I gotta make it
This is where it goes down, yeah (yeah, yeah)
I just happen to come up hard (come up hard)
Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it”

An annotation from Genius described this chorus thus “Even though one in every 25 New York residents is a millionaire; there are many living in poverty. People born in the hood generally grow up around crime and end up falling into illicit activities to make money, whether it be selling drugs or stealing.

Although the percentage of millionaires is increasing, the percentage of people living in poverty is also increasing—it seems like the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.”

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How easy is it to make money in New York – The Statistics?

According to a Spear’s magazine study that ranked the 20 most wealthy cities in the world. New York City ranks as No. 4. It was also reported that the study showed that 389,100 people are millionaires in New York City.

Analysts also say New York is “the bastion of wealth not only in America but the world.”

21 Ways To Make Money In New York in 2023

#1 – Help others secure jobs

With the local unemployment rate hovering around 9%, job seekers are in full supply. This means that many people are out of jobs and in need of jobs.

Your ability to find a way to rank and process these job seekers in a way that makes them available for employers to pick from. Employers looking to employ a little staff and upwards from there, the season in – season out, will make your employees stop.

This requires that you know where to find these jobs that your clients will pay you to help them.

Those who join your group should be assured of jobs, no matter how menial, whenever they need one.

#2 – Offer services

You can offer services to small businesses within your part of New York (NYC) for a small fee.

If you notice that there are things that businesses within your area need that they have to pay exorbitantly to get, you can offer the service to them for a smaller fee. Regularly, then you can go ahead and submit proposals.

Accepting these proposals will determine if you can start doing business with them. You have to stay always on the lookout for nice market spaces that need filling.

#3 – Serve in a mock trial

If you are eligible to sit on a live jury, you can take part in a virtual one. You can sign up to become one through some websites that offer such entries and await instructions.

When a lawyer wants to check for holes in his case, he’ll conduct a mock trial. You’ll be asked to review a case summary and answer a series of verdict questions to help the legal pros determine the strength of their case.

#4 – Get on set

Landing your first job on set to make money in New York (NYC) can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. Keep looking.

All is fine if you think you can act well and possess things that people want to watch. If you don’t think people want to see you on their screens, you can get a job as a movie crew member.

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#5 – Tell your story

There is no shortage of sad stories in the world and no shortage in New York. The only shortage is the number of people willing to tell their stories honestly.

If you can express your sad and glib story, some websites and companies are willing to pay you in cash for them.

Your ability to make people share in your experience is what has the potential to put $200 and above in your pockets.

#6 – Become a billboard

Some companies in New York (NYC) feel like it is easier to get you to move around with their ads, so they may like to buy that space on your shirt or car to market their products.

After all, you do for yourself and your cars, don’t you think they should find a way to pay you back?

Why not give up that free space on your car and get some money in return?

#7 – Deliver pizza

You can make money in New York (NYC) by delivering pizzas to people who need these pizzas. Pizza delivery is one money-making option that puts money in your pockets as you grow and secure better-paying jobs.

#8 – Blog

Blogging is still very much popular. If you can find your footing and get yourself to write on someone’s blog or get yourself into owning one yourself, then chances are you are on your way to good money.

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#9 – Music

In a city with so many people and with so much life and activity, there is the option of making music.

If you have a passion for music, you can make some money while doing it.

You can be paid for your mastery of the instrument or for teaching new students how to play the instrument of your choice.

#10 – Become a personal trainer

Personal trainer helps their clients achieve certain fitness goals, including but not limited to weight loss, strength training, toning, or overall health management.

Each client’s fitness level can be extremely different, so a trainer may introduce one client to basic exercises, help a second one with a weight loss program, and assist a third with advanced training goals.

There is money to be earned from becoming a personal trainer.

#11 – Organize outdoor concerts

A concert is a live music performance in front of an audience. The performance can either be by a single performer or multiple performers.

If you succeed in putting this together, you can make money from electronic ticket sales and offering merchandise. Organizing outdoor concerts could be an opportunity to introduce new artists or groups with very few fans to any audience.

At first, you may not be able to get the money you want, but with time comes engagement, and with engagement comes money.

#12 – Tag along

This is a truly untapped opportunity to make money. Some tourists who may need to visit some ancient locations need some locals to go along with them.

This tagging always comes with some monetary rewards. Sometimes while tagging along, you could act as a guide who provides assistance and information on cultural, historical, and contemporary heritage to those who do not know what they could be looking at.

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#13 – Get paid to party

There are opportunities for young ladies and men who are energetic to party and get paid.

Sometimes these young men and women are employed to turn nighttime bar visitors into bar regulars. During shifts, responsibilities include taking pictures of patrons, collecting clients’ contact information for happy-hour raffles, dressing up for theme nights, handing out giveaways, or giving out information for private-party bookings.

#14 – Translate

Do you speak a language that many people do not speak? Then this could be an opportunity for you to make money, as some services that offer translations to customers or want to reach out to people who speak the same language as you are willing to pay you for this.

#15 – Become a toy tester

Some companies that make toys are willing to pay people to test their toys to ensure they are not faulty.

Paying people to test toys ensures that very few of those toys return to the company after they’ve been sent out. Toy testing can be quite the job, as you will have to handle many toys daily.

#16 – Get paid for what you know

It is not enough for some who may feel like they know enough to brag. Don’t let it end with bragging rights. Get paid for what you know.

There are lucrative competitions that pay as much as $200 and $100 when you win. These competitions are tough too.

#17 – Get paid to sleep

Whether you can’t keep your eyes open during the day or can’t fall asleep at night, slumber is a hot topic in the world of paid research studies.

Research institutes and sometimes individuals will pay you a healthy sum to sleep. A search through the internet should reveal a list of research bodies with open positions.

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#18 – Stand up comedy

While this may not be easy to get into, it is a start and will work out well if you can get yourself into the door.

The key is to make people laugh, and if you can do that while looking them all in the face, you may be able to make some really good money for yourself.

#19 – Pick garbage

Some people who may find taking the trash a daunting job can still be rescued. Yeah, rescued by you. You can help those who find taking the garbage out for a fee.

If they are recyclable and you can manage to move and transform this trash from one form to another good form, then that’s extra money for you.

#20 – Sell your craft

If you are skilled at making things with your hand and it is something that people have an interest in enough to pay you to get it off your hands, then you may just have for yourself a revenue stream.

#21 – Reviews

By filling reviews, you can get a steady income stream by probably never leaving your room in NYC. Reviews are a good resource and source of income if done well.

Companies that understand the importance of customer reviews are willing to pay customers for feedback that would help them grow. While this may be awkward, it helps both the company and you.

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NYC, as the home of opportunities, has many more opportunities to make money than could make sense on a blog like this. Anyone’s convenience is someone’s money. The first step to growth is offering affordable products and services that people around your immediate vicinity need.

FAQs Ways To Make Money In New York (NYC) in 2023 | Untapped Tips

How does New York make money?

The core industries of New York City’s economy include finance, advanced technology, real estate, insurance, and healthcare.
This city is the country’s largest hub for journalism, publishing, and mass media.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in NYC?

A resident must make at least $82,637 per year to live comfortably.
That’s quite a climb.

However, it’s crucial to know that certain New York City property management organizations have a minimum income requirement of 40 times the monthly rent for potential tenants.

Is it easy to make money in New York?

A Spear’s magazine study ranked the 20 most wealthy cities in the world. New York City ranks as No. 4. It was also reported that the study showed that 389,100 people are millionaires in New York City.


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