10 Best Youtube Channels for Real Estate you should Follow

Motivation, industry insights, and expert knowledge are all required to become a successful real estate agent and investor.

While you can always discover knowledge in an accredited real estate school’s online course or a real estate blog, you can also obtain free advice from the best YouTube channels for real estate.

Youtube is an excellent educational resource for people who have a hectic schedule and want to learn on the go and visual learners who like to learn by viewing short, instructive videos.

The ten best YouTube channels for real estate are listed in this post. It shouldn’t be that tough to learn more about real estate. These 10 real estate YouTube channels can help you learn more about the industry, whether you’re new to it.

10 Best Youtube Channels for Real Estate you should Follow

1. Graham Stephan

2.11M subscribers

Graham Stephan tops our list of best YouTube real estate channels to follow in 2022, with over 2.11 million subscribers and over 600 uploads.

Stephan began his real estate career at the age of 18 and has already sold over $120 million in residential real estate. Graham is now a millionaire at 30 and makes videos to share his successes, disappointments, and life experiences.

Topics covered in his channel;

  • Investing to create wealth
  • How to make passive income
  • Real estate investing
  • Remodeling & renovating
  • Real estate agent strategies

Youtube Channel: GRAHAM STEPHAN

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2. BiggerPockets

908K subscribers

BiggerPockets is a real estate Investment guide developed by entrepreneur Joshua Dorkin in Denver, Colorado in 2004.

BiggerPockets is likely one of the top Youtube channels for real estate investment and strategy, with over 900,00 subscribers and over 1,500 video uploads.

Their channel features original and timely material on every facet of real estate investing, including deal analysis, how to identify and finance properties, tips and guidance, and more.

Additional topics that are covered include:

  • Success stories
  • Podcasts
  • Coronavirus real estate advice
  • Analyzing investment deals
  • Testimonials

Youtube Channel: BIGGERPOCKETS

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3. Grant Cardone

2.12M subscribers

Grant Cardone is the founder and manager of Cardone Capital, a real estate investment firm with assets of $1,000,000,000 (1 billion). He is on the list of best YouTube channels for real estate and is one of the most successful real estate Youtubers.

Cardone is also the CEO of seven privately owned firms and the author of eight business books and thirteen business programs. Forbes recently named him one of the world’s top social media business influencers!

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Topics covered on his channel include the following.

  • Lead generation and marketing
  • Investment tips and tricks
  • Book reviews
  • Motivational tips
  • Lessons on how to become a better salesperson

Youtube Channel: GRANT CARDONE

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4. Bryan Casella

191K subscribers

While many of the best YouTube channels for real estate are geared toward investors, Bryan Casella delivers real estate agents and brokers with unique and entertaining content.

Bryan Casella is a real estate agent in Southern California, where he collaborates with another Youtuber on the list. Velasquez, Loida

Topics you will find on his channel include:

  • Advice for Millenials
  • Presenting, prospecting, and lead generation
  • Cold calling
  • Tips and strategies for REALTORS®
  • Entrepreneur tactics and mindset
  • Lifestyle vlog

Youtube Channel: BRYAN CASELLA

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5. Max Maxwell

304K subscribers

The following YouTube channel on our list of the best YouTube channels for real estate is a real estate investor’s dream come true. Max is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and the owner of a popular real estate YouTube channel.

Maxwell’s YouTube channel is without a doubt one of the greatest for real estate.
Maxwell takes you on a fascinating real estate tour, covering all of the key facets of the market. So saddle in and prepare to learn about real estate in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

Some of the topics covered by Max Maxwell are:

  • Real estate podcasts.
  • Real estate marketing
  • Sales
  • Wholesale real estate.

Youtube Channel: MAX MAXWELL

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6. Loida Velasquez

82.3K subscribers

Agent Loida Velasquez is another notable agent on the list of greatest YouTube channels for real estate. She identifies herself as a real estate entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, and a free-spirited explorer.

She began her career in entertainment marketing before discovering her true calling and a lucrative career in real estate. Loida’s channel is geared to giving new agents information and encouragement.

Loida is a great place to start. if you’re new to the industry, Even if you’ve been following this Youtuber for a while, you can still learn a lot from him.

Loida has carved out a great little niche for herself right away, and you know exactly what you’re going to get when you visit her channel. She’s creating videos to assist new agents in becoming successful.

Loida can teach you how to fine-tune your audience. if you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel

Loida has also established herself as a trustworthy resource for newbies, given the majority of her advice is based on personal experience.

When it comes to acquiring leads and expanding your business, she discusses what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll also note in her videos that she’s taken the time to create a distinctive and intriguing thumbnail by incorporating emoticons and text.

Topics on her channel include:

  • Agent tips
  • Real estate scripts
  • Where to find leads
  • Open house tips
  • Working with buyers
  • FSBO/Expired Listings
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Youtube Channel: LOIDA VELASQUEZ

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7. Coach Tom Ferry

502k subscribers

Coach Tom Ferry is undoubtedly a name you’ve heard of, and you’re definitely one of his 40k+ subscribers.

Tom has been in the real estate profession for three decades and is known as the #1 educator.

He’s all about sharing fresh ideas and methods for business and life on YouTube.
He typically releases 1-2 videos per week and has numerous series running at the same time.

Tom likes inviting outside experts for interviews, which is an excellent suggestion for any agent channel.

You’re networking, increasing your audience, and providing your viewers a new perspective when you develop new connections and invite a guest.

He also has a #TomFerryShow part, which talks about a new selling, marketing, or business-building method.

Youtube Channel: Coach Tom Ferry

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8. Kevin Ward

172K subscribers

Kevin Ward, a real estate coach, has 172k subscribers and over 1 million views on his YouTube channel. Because of his tutoring style, he was ranked No. 8 on the list of greatest YouTube channels for real estate.

He is also a #1 best-selling author for his book “The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide.” Kevin utilizes his Youtube channel to teach and motivate real estate agents as a real estate coach.

Kevin is also a motivational speaker and trainer, and it’s clear that through Youtube, he can reach the most people and give the most value to their viewing experience. Take a moment to consider your areas of expertise.

Consider how those specialties relate to real estate. Kevin discovered his own voice in real estate.

Kevin believed himself to be incredibly bashful after growing up in a mobile home on a tiny farm. He was able to emerge out of his shell, though, and was inspired to assist others in finding their dream home.

Don’t be hesitant to share your own story, as Kevin did, especially if your adversity has enabled you to achieve achievement.

His YouTube channel has approximately 60,000 subscribers and features playlists and discussions on the themes below.

  • Agent mastery
  • Millionaire Mindset
  • Role-playing scripts
  • Coronavirus and real estate
  • Hidden secrets of money

Youtube Channel: Kevin Ward

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9. DNA Realty Group

DNA Realty Group’s YouTube channel covers a wide range of real estate subjects.
If you have a question, need more information on FSBO or expired listings, or want to learn how to make your first million dollars, these Massachusetts agents can help.

In addition to the highly-watchable and informative films they release regularly, one thing that distinguishes their channel from other YouTube channels for real estate is the hilarious behind-the-scenes video they include.

Day-in-the-life films of David and his team having fun at work or showing viewers how he conducts real estate lessons can also be found on their channel.

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Like the other channels we’ve discussed so far, these men et their personalities shine through in their uploads, offering viewers a glimpse into their daily lives as agents.

They appear to be quite friendly and down-to-earth individuals.

You’ll note that their videos aren’t edited, and they’re more interested in the content than their flawless appearance.

Youtube Channel: DNA Realty Group

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10. The Mike Ferry Organization

53.1K subscribers

Mike Ferry is another global real estate leader who has a YouTube channel for real estate. He uses his channel to communicate with as many agents as possible.
Mike has been posting videos on a weekly basis for over a year.

He provides a wealth of knowledge and insight to agents of all levels. He’s giving away free stuff, and this should be your primary focus as well. At the end of the day, value should take precedence over equipment.

Having a well-branded channel with personalized video intros and top-notch production is fantastic, but that’s not what makes a great channel. Mike Ferry illustrates every week that content is king.

Additional topics you will find on his channel include:

  • Becoming a great listing agent
  • Prospecting and lead follow-up
  • Working past clients and creating your sphere of influence
  • The Mike Ferry Sales System

Youtube Channel: The Mike Ferry Organization

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Wherever you find yourself on your real estate journey, the best real estate YouTube channels can help you grow your knowledge and learn new strategies. It is one of the most accessible platforms around and completely free.

Even though not all channels listed produce content specifically aimed at landlords, they differ in advice for discovering deals, securing financing, and investing methods. As such, these channels are a great resource for building your property portfolio, whatever your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Real Estate business profitable?

Yes. The real estate market is a trillion-dollar market.

What is the salary of a Real Estate Agent?


What type of Real Estate makes the most money?

Commercial Real Estate

How long is a Real Estate course?

4-6 months on average.

Is getting a Real Estate license worth it?

Yes. With a real estate license, you will practice in this industry.


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