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Some of the easiest jobs for college students are ones you can do from anywhere. Whether it’s a…

Some of the easiest jobs for college students are ones you can do from anywhere. Whether it’s a part-time job with a flexible schedule or a series of freelance appearances, there are paid and easy online jobs for college students.

These are online jobs that you can work from your dorm or wherever you are. There are also simple computer work-from-home jobs you can do to increase your income while leaving time to study.

Online student jobs can be lucrative, pay well, and get you on a successful career path. if you choose them well and are ready to get the job done.

Working in college can help offset significant expenses, but it’s difficult to fit into a solid work plan between classes, volunteering, and the best years of your life. That’s where jobs for college students online come to play, with the help of the Internet.

If you’re in school and want to work but find it hard to find the time, these online jobs that help students earn money can provide the flexibility you’re looking for. Not to mention that online work is often better than your usual positions on campus. Win twice.

What you need to work Online as a College Students

If you want to work online, you need access to high-speed internet, a reliable computer, and, for some positions, a quiet place to work. For jobs that involve phone work, you may need a noise-canceling headset and a dial pad.

If the person hiring you sets the schedule, you need the flexibility to commit to those hours.

When doing freelance work, you set your schedule, but you need to be able to meet client deadlines. For some gigs, all you need is your time and a smartphone.

Easy Online Jobs for College Students

Here is a list of easy online jobs for college students

  • Social Media Manager
  • Blogger
  • Freelance Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Proofreader
  • Resume Writer
  • Online Jobs at Home
  • Web developer
  • Survey Taker
  • Search Engine Evaluator
  • Five Dollars Fiverr
  • Data Entry Online Jobs

#1. Social Media Manager

What it pays: $15 – $40 / hour

Organisations often look for younger people who have a natural understanding of social media and what is cool to use to manage their social media platforms.

If you’re still connected all the time, you can potentially turn some of that time into a paycheck.

Social media managers build brand awareness by organizing content, building relationships with potential customers, and making new contacts. Your job is to be the online voice of the company.

Start by managing social networks by contacting local businesses and informing them of your services. Start by reaching out to businesses you already frequent  – yoga studios, cafes, shops, restaurants, etc.

Focus on the social media platforms that make you feel most at ease and discuss ways to grow your business and reach new customers.

#2. Blogger

The key to making money as a blogger is to write content that adds value to your readers. No one wants to read an article called “My Family Vacation in Hawaii” (except maybe your mother and Aunt Jody).

On the other hand, an article on “7 things to know before you go on vacation to Hawaii” is interesting and useful.

Before starting your blog, choose a topic you like to write about. As they say in marketing, if you speak to everyone, you’ll speak to no one.

If you have your topic, write at least 20 ideas for the blog. Then you can crack your first five posts. It is a good test to know if you really want to write or not on the subject you have chosen.

When you’re ready to start your blog, choose a web host for your website next. HostGator is a popular option that we recommend to beginners. It’s not free – plans start at $2.75 a month – but it’s a vital first step.

#3. Freelance Writer

What it pays: $50 – $500 + per item

Freelance writing is a flexible and lucrative way to earn money in college. And think how cool it would be to add to your resume “Published in the New York Times” or some other big media outlet.

An online presence in the form of a blog allows you to quickly find high-paying clients and build a portfolio for your work. If not, you can start as a freelancer by picking up clients from Upwork.

Once you have shown work and testimonials that support you, start with the work for the Problogger and Freelance editorial work.

#4. Virtual Assistant

What it pays: $15 – $200 + per hour

Virtual assistant services range from data entry and customer service to copywriting and e-mail marketing. The amount you can charge as a virtual assistant depends on your skillset and experience.

Specialized skills such as copywriting or email marketing are paid premium services. Businesses are hiring virtual assistants to outsource tasks that do not need to be done internally.

For example, a cafe serves food, keeps the dining room and kitchen clean and serves the guests. They are not specialized in social media management or content marketing.

Hiring a virtual assistant helps them avoid paying taxes (since VAs aren’t employees of the businesses they work for) and someone experienced in digital marketing activities.

Start as a virtual assistant by creating a list of services offered. Then create profiles on Zirtual and Virtual Assistant networks to start booking your first clients.

#5. Graphic Designer

What it pays: $25 – $50 per hour

You do not have to be a graphic designer to make money online as a graphic designer. You only need the right tools and attention to detail.

Small businesses need responsive graphics for everything: business cards, logos, social media images, and more.

If you do not yet have the skills and still want to try graphic design, sign up for the free graphic design course on Skillshare. This course gives a brief overview of the basics of visual design.

Once you have learned the basics, consider a more detailed course, such as Graphic Design for Beginners, Part One. This course explores in more detail the application of design principles to projects in the real world.

Once you are ready, start with the small businesses in your area. Tell them what services you offer (business cards, branding, flyer design, etc.) and how you can help them increase brand awareness.

In addition to local businesses, many bloggers rely on freelance designers for Pinterest pin creation and other social media imagery. Email your favorites and see if they could use your new skills.

99designs and free sites like Upwork are also promising sources for freelance designers.

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#6. Proofreader

What it pays: $10-$45 dollars per hour

It’s one of the best online jobs for college students since you’re using your proofreading skills all the time anyway.

Editing and proofreading are two very different things.

Editing involves restructuring, deleting, and adding content, whereas proofreading is checking for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. It’s the final stage right before a piece of content is published

Take a look at the free seven-day course on Proofread Anywhere. The course’s creator, Caitlin Pyle, started her own proofreading business and used it to make a living online to fund her travels.

Begin booking proofreading jobs by creating a profile for freelancers online. The opportunities for Upwork and Freelancer are not lacking.

#7. Resume Writer

What it pays: $50-$75 per resume / $ 10-25 per hour

Writing résumés may seem easy, but most people often find it difficult to express their opinions. If your résumé has successfully generated a lot of interest from large corporations, offer your services to others.

You can help them ensure that their resumes shed light on their accomplishments and the value they need to deliver to businesses in a way that appeals to recruiters.

Likewise, you can offer LinkedIn profiling services as many recruiters look for potential employees on this professional social network.

The easiest way to create your resume is to use independent websites like Upwork or Freelancer. Even better? Ask in your circle and see who is looking for a job or a summer internship.

#8. Online Jobs at Home

What it pays: $14 – $20 + an hour

If you are a good student with a high GPA, consider teaching students in the subjects where you excel. You may find a job on campus in addition to working online.

The best thing about tutoring is that you reinforce what you have already learned. So, if you teach subjects in your major, it’s like paying for college.

However, if you need a break from school, you do not have to stick to academic subjects. You can also teach in other areas such as instruments or sports.

Here are the best places to start your online tutoring:

  • VIPKID (only available for graduates because they need a bachelor’s degree, fees are $ 14 to $ 22 per hour)
  • Wyzant (tutors set their own prices)
  • Chegg (tutors start at $ 20 an hour)

#9. Web developer

What it pays: $20 to $75 per hour

Web development is an area that is still growing and showing no signs of slowing down. If you have the skills to build a website, you can hire someone to do it today.

You don’t even need advanced knowledge – for many projects, just being able to build a simple WordPress site is enough. And if you have more advanced web development skills, you can make a very healthy side income.

For new web developers, it’s best to start with smaller projects. Most of the early work might be to modify existing websites instead of creating new ones.

The most important things to learn are the most popular languages ​​and the way they work together to form a website. (And WordPress, certainly learn WordPress.)

With your new programming knowledge in your pocket, you can start bidding for PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and Freelancer projects.

#10. Survey Taker

What it pays: $2-$20 per survey

Surveys are not the most fun, but they are one of the easiest.

Survey sites collect consumer data that companies use to improve their products. The resulting increase in their financial results is the reason why these companies are so happy to pay everyday opinions for their opinions.

In minutes a day, you can earn a good extra income with paid online surveys.

To start as a sponsor, create an account for each site you want to use. Since you are not eligible for any survey, you will earn more by signing up for more (Survey Junkie is another favorite).

Other poll companies, such as Swagbucks, find the highest-paying survey sites where our readers earn the most.

#11. Search Engine Evaluator

What it pays: $12 to $15 per hour

We love Google, but the technology is not always perfect. That’s why search engines rely on real people to provide feedback on the relevance and benefits of their results.

These types of online jobs for students are typically 10 to 30 hours a week and can easily be done with a busy schedule.

Jobs for search engine evaluators are available at:

#12. Five Dollars Fiverr

What it pays: $5-$995 per gig

Five dollars do not seem like much, but tasks that only take a few minutes of your time to add up quickly. And from there, it’s only upwards.

The projects on Fiverr range from 5 to 995 US dollars. You can offer three versions of your services at three different price levels. Many Fiverr sellers have made a full-time job, while others are profiting.

Services on Fiverr include everything you can imagine. There are the usual services such as writing, web development, and graphic design.

However, if you do not feel like it, try something unorthodox, such as pranks or celebrity impressions.

#13. Data Entry Online Jobs

What it pays: $10-$17 an hour

Online data entry jobs are relatively stress-free and do not require special skills, making them excellent online job opportunities for students who do not wish to make serious commitments.

Visit these sites for online data entry work:


Online jobs are not lacking for students without experience.
Working online is the best option for most students and does not always require experience to succeed.

Gigs are flexible, usually better than on-campus, and other fixed works, and you do not have to go on vacation.

If you find something that really interests you, you can turn your college entrance into a full-time career.

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