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Altresume: A Great Tool to Find a Job

Altresume makes entering the workforce after school years a less difficult task. Two main elements will help young adults find a job more rapidly: The capacity to create a great CV and introduction letter, as well as finding the resources where jobs are available and following up on the ones you apply for.

Altresume offers both, which is why it is a tool that all students should look into when it is time to take the next big step.

Altresume Provides a Large Variety of CV Templates and Cover Letters

The art of selling yourself is not an easy one. It also usually comes through a well-lived life that a young adult hasn’t already acquired. Furthermore, work experience is usually at its lowest when leaving school, which adds another difficulty to convincing a company’s human resources director to hire you.

In other words, the quality of the CV is of utmost importance and should not be left to the imagination. This is why is a must for anyone needing help on the subject.

The Importance of a CV’s Visual Aspect

When a company is looking to fill a job, it receives hundreds, even thousands of CVs during the time open for people to offer their services. This means that the person in charge will be looking at an extremely high number of CVs, to find the right person to take on the task.

Inevitably, the visual quality of the CV is the first thing that will catch his eyes. If it is messy and hard to read, there is a great chance that no matter what is written on it will not be read, as it is discarded during the first selection.

Even if it does end up being looked at, the information will not register the same way into the person’s brain as if the information was fluid and the aesthetic impeccable.

The Power of a Cover Letter

No one is equal, as we all have strengths and weaknesses. But how can you make them clear to someone you won’t be able to talk to during the first selection stage? That is the main question that a great cover letter should be able to solve.

Although it needs to be personalized, it must respect a certain form so that whoever will select the candidates for meetings can understand the advantage that a candidate will provide to the firm and how he can fit inside the team.

Thanks to cover letters with personalized content, Altresume makes the creation of a cover letter much easier and efficient.

Altresume: An Applicant Tracking Tool

One of the other main difficulties that students have when they start looking for a job, is the capacity to follow on all the leads that they create. That is why Altresume has built its own tracking tool to help those using its services through the whole job search process.

Built like a CRM, it helps students stay on top of their applications by reminding them of the next step. They can also enter all the information regarding their dealing with the companies to use it in their next conversation with their potential future employer.

This tool is handy to those sending out many CVs, as it can get complicated to manage them all without forgetting to follow up on one or more of them.


All in all, Altresume is a tool that can help young adults find the right job for them. A task that can be quite difficult when you still don’t have much work experience to show for.

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