Best Behavioral Health Consulting Firms in 2023

Mental wellness is a vital component of well-being and overall health. However, many people experience mental health issues, and access to high-quality behavioral health care can be challenging. But behavioral health consulting firms can assist individuals and organizations in enhancing their behavioral health through their services.

The services of behavioral health consulting firms include crisis management, training and education, program development, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation. Further, it is impossible to overstate the value of behavioral health consulting firms.

They contribute much expertise and knowledge in clinical best practices, program development, mental health policy, and quality enhancement. And by the end of this article, you will be able to better identify the appropriate consulting company for your behavioral health needs and better understand the crucial role behavioral health consulting firms have played in revolutionizing mental health care.

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What Are Behavioral Health Consulting Firms?

Behavioral health consulting firms are specialized companies offering consulting services and mental and behavioral health expertise. These companies collaborate with various healthcare industry stakeholders, like federal agencies, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and community-based firms, to address mental health issues, improve patient outcomes, and enhance service delivery.

The main objective of behavioral health consulting firms is to help their clients enhance the provision of mental health and drug abuse services. They provide various related services, including data analytics, technology integration, program development, training & education, compliance and regulatory support, quality improvement, and strategic consultation.

These organizations collaborate extensively with their clients to comprehend their specific needs and difficulties and provide solutions that suit them. To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their client’s services, they offer industry best practices, evidence-based recommendations, and standards based on their knowledge and experience in the mental health field.

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Who is a Behavioral Health Consultant?

A behavioral health consultant is an individual who specializes in offering expert consulting services in the behavioral health field. They collaborate with several organizations and people to enhance the provision of mental health services because they are professionals in understanding and tackling mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Further, a behavioral health consultant usually has a background in counseling, psychology, social work, or a similar discipline. They know about behavioral health laws, treatment options, evidence-based methods, and mental health issues.

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What Do Behavioral Healthcare Consultants Do?

Behavioral healthcare consultants may have different responsibilities depending on the environment in which they operate. However, these are some essential aspects of their job:

Assessment and Consultation: To determine areas for improvement in behavioral health services, a behavioral health consultant works with institutions like hospitals or community agencies to examine their needs. They perform assessments, analyze data, and offer recommendations based on best practices and interventions supported by evidence.

Program development and Implementation: Behavioral healthcare consultants aid in developing and implementing behavioral health programs specifically suited to the requirements of communities or organizations. They offer their knowledge and experience in creating treatment protocols, guidelines, and practices that support efficient service delivery and fruitful results.

Training and Education: Behavioral healthcare consultants offer training and education to professionals and staff members on various mental health-related issues. They might also provide presentations, seminars, or workshops on crisis intervention, mental health awareness, trauma-informed care, and substance abuse prevention.

Clinical Supervision and Support: Behavioral healthcare consultants can also offer clinical supervision to ensure mental health practitioners follow ethical standards and best practices. They provide direction, criticism, and support to assist clinicians in developing their skills and delivering high-quality care.

Quality Improvement and Outcome Measurement: A behavioral health consultant assists companies in applying quality improvement programs to improve the efficacy and efficiency of their mental health services. Hence, they help create data collection systems, evaluate results, and determine improvement areas.

Policy and Regulatory Compliance: A behavioral health consultant keeps up with the industry’s most recent laws and guidelines and helps companies comply. They also offer direction on billing and coding specifications, documentation standards, and privacy and confidentiality issues.

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Why Do You Need Behavioral Health Consulting Services?

You might need the services of behavioral health consulting firms for many reasons. But we’ll cover a few of the most common reasons in this section.

1. Keeping up with industry changes.

We’ve already spoken about how the mental healthcare sector is expanding significantly, but you must remember that change always comes along with growth. Thus, professional behavioral consulting firms will know about these changes and will know what to do to maintain your facility or practice in compliance with new laws and up to date with current market trends. Although mental healthcare constantly changes, you don’t have to fall behind.

2. Assistance with vital tasks.

Of course, the most crucial job of mental health consulting firms is to concentrate on their clients. What happens if the people who depend on you are put on the back burner in favor of the intricate processes involved in running your company?

This could result in a drop in your success rate, fewer new clientele as news spreads, and a clientele base that is generally dissatisfied. So, the most crucial aspect of your practice cannot be neglected, but you cannot abandon other incomplete tasks. However, you can better manage these tasks with the assistance of a behavioral health consultant.

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3. Planning for the future.

Without thinking about the future, running a mental healthcare facility daily can be challenging enough. Finding the time to consider and plan your business’s future moves can be complex. However, a behavioral health consulting firm can assist you in controlling that specific challenge.

When you collaborate with mental health consulting firms, they’ll examine your current techniques and procedures to determine what’s effective and what could be improved. Therefore, a firm frequently needs a new viewpoint to identify the areas that can be improved.

4. Expert guidance.

Behavioral health consulting services provide access to experts with specific knowledge and expertise in the industry. They can offer professional guidance on clinical best practices, regulatory compliance, quality improvement, and program development. And this guidance guarantees that people and organizations make wise decisions and get the best assistance.

5. Enhanced service delivery.

Behavioral health consulting firms can aid in enhancing the delivery of mental health services. Hence, behavioral healthcare consultants evaluate existing programs, identify development opportunities, and offer recommendations for improving service quality, efficacy, and efficiency. Additionally, they could help implement evidence-based practices, optimize resource allocation, and streamline workflows to improve overall service delivery.

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Overview of The Best Behavioral Health Consulting Firms

Below is a list of the best mental health consulting firms: These organizations offer incredible behavioral health consulting services. So, you can pick from these selections if you need their expertise:

  • Modern Health
  • Digbi Health
  • LeggUp
  • 2Morrow Inc.
  • Magellan Healthcare, Inc.
  • Impact Suite
  • CuraLinc Healthcare
  • Optum
  • Spring Health
  • Headspace Health

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What Are The Best Behavioral Health Consulting Firms

This section will explain the top mental health consulting firms highlighted above.

1. Modern Health

Modern Health is an international organization centering on scientific principles and streamlining how employers offer mental health benefits. Further, Modern Health adopts a Stepped Care strategy to guarantee that employees receive the appropriate level of support at the proper time, with the most significant level of sustainable care.

As one of the best mental health consulting firms, it provides apps and web-based applications to efficiently treat mental health issues for individuals in distress and prevent the emergence of more serious mental health issues for those not clinically distressed.

Employees first undertake a well-being assessment and a care recommendation depending on their distress level. Modern Health also provides individualized care plans using various modalities. Within the organization, employees can explore group sessions, browse and match with mental health providers, book visits, talk with providers, and do video sessions.

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2. Digbi Health

Digbi is a streamlined and unified virtual care platform for those with various weight- and gut-related mental & physical ailments. To treat the underlying causes of illness, they provide individualized, simple, whole-person therapy that incorporates clinical, genetic, gut microbiome, SDOH, and behavioral signals.

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3. LeggUp

LeggUP is a platform for wellness and professional coaching made available to companies of all sizes as an employee perk. The behavioral healthcare consultants at LeggUP support people and organizations in growing within the 12 aspects of productivity and well-being through one-on-one virtual professional and mental health coaching.

Further, their well-being dimensions assist people in identifying workplace-related stressors that affect their physical, mental, and emotional well-being and develop new habits and skills to function well. LeggUP also serves as a very effective support system for persons with behavioral disorders like anxiety or depression to help them understand how their symptoms are affected at work and how to minimize adverse effects.

Again, their productivity dimensions are a collection of behaviors that help them perform at their desired levels. For instance, you must listen intently, maintain eye contact, comprehend and relate to what the other party is saying, and reply correctly to communicate effectively.

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4. 2Morrow Inc.

2Morrow Inc ranks fourth among the best behavioral mental health consulting firms. It provides behavioral health treatments supported by scientific research to help people achieve their goals.

Furthermore, they develop their programs with behavioral scientists, researchers, medical professionals, and business leaders. And the strategy has been proven successful in numerous clinical trials and research, including a Phase 3 Clinical Trial.

So, wellness programs, health plans, and employees use 2Morrow Inc’s services to assist their populations in achieving their health objectives. Meanwhile, these products have a unique back-end system that provides organizational, corporate, or coaching accounts distribution management.

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5. Magellan Healthcare, Inc.

Magellan Healthcare, Inc (Magellan) offers extensive, empirically supported employee assistance programs and behavioral health care management to improve the quality of medical care. They deliver results by providing cutting-edge solutions to members, providers, and clients. Meanwhile, Magellan founded Magellan Complete Care (MCC) in 2013, the first Medicaid program in the US designed specifically for those with serious mental illness.

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6. Impact Suite

Scalable solutions and direct help are required when the prevalence of behavioral and mental health issues is rising quickly. Impact Suite has developed award-winning tools using the most recent, groundbreaking research on long-lasting recovery from compulsive-addictive habits, depression, and anxiety.

More than one-third of employees face addiction- or mental health-related difficulties. So, their behavioral health consultant assists employees in achieving more profound healing and recovery by selecting evidence-backed digital wellness apps, one-on-one coaching with certified lifestyle experts, and on-demand teletherapy sessions with a qualified therapist.

Also, their average adoption and use rates are 5–10 times higher than the industry norm at a fraction of the cost since our technologies provide accessibility and perfect anonymity.

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7. CuraLinc Healthcare

CuraLinc Healthcare engages, empowers, and supports employees to provide transformative mental health care powered by connection through programs that have a demonstrable impact on wellness, engagement, productivity, and emotional fitness. Furthermore, CuraLinc has redefined the modern EAP by approaching mental health treatment from a more human-centric perspective and enabling support through Engagement, Access, Advocacy, Support, and Outcomes.

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8. Optum

Optum is among the leading behavioral mental health consulting firms with the best healthcare consultants. It is on a mission to enhance the lives and general well-being of the individuals they serve.

Further, the organization blends technology, data, and clinical experience to enhance the delivery, quality, and effectiveness of its population health and total wellness solutions. At the same time, Optum provides continuous, sustainable support and performance to meet the demands of the modern diverse, tech-savvy, global workforce while assisting employees and their families with everything life throws.

They also work with people on their terms, providing them with the support and direction they need to overcome challenges and achieve their most important goals.

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9. Spring Health

This is a complete mental health solution for employers. It can also be seen as an improvement and substitute for EAP. Spring aims to remove all barriers to mental health by fusing AI, clinically tested technology, and high-touch care navigation to provide each member with quick and straightforward access to the appropriate care at the proper time.

Moreover, Spring Health is built around the cornerstones of science, facts, technology, and human direction. This behavioral health consulting company uses Precision Mental Healthcare’s approach, which leverages data to avoid trial and error and gives each individual a specific treatment plan tailored to their current needs.

And this encompasses everything from therapy to coaching, on-demand self-guided digital exercises (based on CBT), self-help materials, medication management, and more, all promoting quicker results, more engagement, and more.

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10. Headspace Health

The goal of Headspace is to make mental healthcare accessible to everyone at all times, including at work, at home, and in between. Their interactive, evidence-based care options include on-demand, virtual, telephonic, and in-person modes and are self-led and guided.

Thus, with a solid scientific foundation, innovative technology, and a focus on providing human-to-human coaching, counseling, and psychiatry for every mind and every emotion at any given time, all of your mental healthcare is available in one location.

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How To Choose The Best Behavioral Health Consulting Firm

Before choosing a mental health consulting firm, you should consider a few factors. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect behavioral health consulting firm:

  • Begin by evaluating your company’s needs. What are your specific objectives for mental health consulting? Consider your budget constraints. Afterward, begin researching various behavioral healthcare consultants.
  • Find a company with a solid track record of success. The company should have an experienced team of experts who know the latest behavioral health industry trends. They should also be able to narrow their services to your specific needs.
  • Get references from other companies that have worked with the firm. This will help you to better understand the firm’s overall performance and its ability to deliver results.
  • Interview the organization’s team members to understand their expertise and experience. Ask about their particular areas of expertise, their experience working with companies like yours, and their strategy for behavioral health consulting.
  • Request testimonials from other firms that have worked with the firm. This will give you a more concrete sense of the company’s work and its impact on other firms.
  • Ensure the company is suitable for your organization’s culture and values. The firm should be able to understand your organization’s unique needs and goals, and they should be able to work collaboratively with you to achieve those goals.
  • Get everything in writing, including the scope of work, charges, and timeline. Doing this will help to ensure that there are no surprises down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which consultancy is best for healthcare?

Deloitte Consulting
IQVIA (formerly IMS Consulting Group)
ClearView Healthcare Partners.
L.E.K Consulting
McKinsey & Company

What type of consultant is paid the most?

Management consultant.
Financial consultant.
Systems consultant.
Senior consultant.
Software consultant.
Business consultant.
Security consultant.

What are the Big 4 consulting services?

Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and EY are the world’s largest consulting/professional service networks, providing services in different business areas. The most common among which are: auditing and accounting; advisory and consulting; tax, risk, and legal advice

Which country is best for consulting?

Europe, Australia, East Africa, and Singapore are the best countries to work as consultants.

Bottom Line

Behavioral health consulting is a fast-growing field, and many organizations provide services in this area. And picking the right behavioral mental health consultant/consulting firm for your needs can be challenging. However, there are some key factors to consider.

First, you must evaluate your company’s needs carefully. What are your specific objectives for behavioral health consulting? What are your budget constraints? Immediately you understand your needs, you can start to research various firms.

Working with a behavioral health consulting firm can greatly enhance your company’s mental health and well-being. And you can get the most out of your consulting experience by choosing the ideal firm for your needs.

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